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Yellowstone Catastrophe and US Lebensraum Conspiracy.

Yellowstone Catastrophe and US Lebensraum Conspiracy.

Andre Willers
7 Feb 2015
Synopsis :
A convincingly high probability of the Yellowstone Supervolcano rendering the North American Continent uninhabitable has the USA and Canada desperately scrambling for Lebensraum for 400 million people . This is driving the seemingly irrational US policies  This is a proper conspiracy theory .
Discussion :
1.The hard evidence :
See Appendices A to E below .

2.Circumstantial evidence : The Conspiracy Theory :
Between global warming and a Yellowstone eruption , there are not many suitable pieces of rich agricultural land for 400 million people .
The Lebensraum (pop density if 300 million americans relocate to 600 000 sq km Ukraine ~500/sq km about the density of New Jersey now . Uncomfortable neighbours , but if they are nuclear armed and desperate , who is going to say no ?)
The Ukraine fits the bill , and to a lesser degree Belarus .
Now you see what is driving US foreign policy in the region .
Russia is aware of this (see Appendix B) , but is scared to push a desperate US by refusal , but is willing to take the biggest pound of flesh it can get away with . Hence the blocking Crimean action denying sea-access .
3. The Middle East Strategy .
A spoiling action to keep the region in turmoil . This will prevent volke-wanderung problems across the Black Sea as global climate changes grow worse . The oil will keep , as proven in Gulf war II .

4.QE and Fracking :
The whole QE story was to furnish cheap credit to enable large scale fracking .
Not for the oil or gas , but for the stimulus to small earthquakes to ease the build-up of large tectonic stresses .
What is worrying is that effort seems to have been abandoned .
The major eruption then seems imminent .See Appendix A and B .

5.More desperate easing techniques like the Israeli techniques of explosives on faultlines or cracking the Yellowstone dome using US nukes will probably be used . What have they got to lose ?

6.Militarising of Police :
Necessary . Enormous disruption in the US is implied .
A draconian state of emergency will be necessary .
Evacuation is possible (2.8 billion passengers carried by airlines in 2011.) , but material possessions ?

7.De-regulation of Space travel .
As is happening now .
DARPA is merrily stoking the pot .
The best is still to get off-planet .
Expect Orion nuke bang-bangs to get really large tonnages into orbit .
The environment will be shot anyway in North America.
They are probably building them right now .
See “Footfall” by Larry Niven .

8.How long has this been going on ?
My best questimate from the ripple-effects is that the threat has been steadily updated and increased since the Reagan Era .
Deregulation was a response to “skunk-work” things  to speed up response times .
Essentially , DARPA is now running the North American continent .

9.And where’s the gold of the various nations that entrusted it to the US ?
The US has it , all right , but might need it desperately . It probably has already been moved to some secure destination in Europe . Hence the secrecy . I hope they watch their daughters more carefully than their gold .

10. US – Russia collaboration .
Good cop , bad cop routine , with the EU playing the fall guy .
Remember once again , in every major crisis Russia and the West were allies (Napoleon , 1914,1939)

Vasili Arkhipov refused to initiate WW III
I salute him .

Isn’t Conspiracies fun ?

Appendix A
A grim report prepared by Commander-in-Chief of the Air ForceLieutenant-General Viktor Bondarev on the just completed scientific mission of North America carried out by 4 Tupolev Tu-95 strategic aircraft and 2 Ilyushin Il-78 aerial refueling tankers that “electronically swept” for “magnetic anomalies” from Alaska to California warns that a “catastrophic event” may be nearing for this region.
US officials, it should be noted, characterized this purely scientific mission as a “bombing run” that came within 50 miles of California, but which their Air Forces were able to repel by their launching of F-15 fighter jets.
This report, however, states that this scientific mission was necessitated by a “severe mysterious magnetic anomaly” detected by the Kosmos 2473 satellite on 3 June occurring in the Yellowstone region of the Western United States which resulted in what is called an “earthquake swarm.”
Most important to note about the 3 June Yellowstone “magnetic anomaly”, this report continues, are that satellite measurements show it being precipitated by the mysterious earthquake swarm hitting the Brooks Range mountains in Alaska, and which seismologists are still at a loss to explain.
The information relating to the linking of these two “events”, this report says, was further verified by the United States Geological Survey (USGSmagnetic anomaly maps and data for North America showing a strange magnetic “disturbance/ripple” emanating from Brooks Range and ending at Yellowstone on 3 June, both of these areas, it is important to note, being part of the Rocky Mountains that stretch more than 4,830 km (3,000 miles) from the northernmost part of British Columbia, in western Canada, to New Mexico, in the southwestern United States.

Of grave concern to Russian military authorities relating to these “events”, General Bondarev says in his report, was the “catastrophic effect” they had on the advanced “magnetoception” inertial navigation systems employed by many US-NATO-Russian warplanes which use these highly sophisticated aircraft flight devices.
Though no Russia military aircraft were near the “disturbed magnetic zone” emanating our from Yellowstone on 3 June, this report says, two US military aircraft were at its “boundaries” in the Southern California region on 4 June while this “event” was still “active” causing them both to crash.
The two US fighter jets crashing on 4 June, this report continues, were identified as a US Navy F-A-183 that went down when the pilot was attempting to land aboard the carrier Carl Vinson, and a US Marine Harrier AV-8B jet that crashed into a residential community in Imperial, about 90 miles east of San Diego, both of them occurring within hours of each other.
This report notes that no civilian aircraft would have been affected by this “magnetic anomaly” as only the most advanced military aircraft employ these “geomagnetic-satellite” coordinated flight systems which enable them to “hug the terrain” not unlike the magnetic systems used by birds and insects to navigate.

Russian concerns relating to “magnetic anomalies”, it is important to note, are related to the rapidly shifting north magnetic pole which since 2005 has been moving at a rate of 40 kilometers (25 miles) a year from Arctic Canada toward Siberia.
Frightening independent research from last year (2013) further warns that this shift is still picking up speed and according to this researcher should reach Siberia in at least within 2 years. [See video HERE(banned in US)]
One of the effects of the rapidly shifting magnetic north pole being noticed the most, this report notes, are the airport runway systems being disrupted because of it, and as we can read one such 2011 example which occurred in the US:
“Tampa International Airport was forced to readjust its runways Thursday to account for the movement of the Earth’s magnetic fields, information that pilots rely upon to navigate planes. Thanks to the fluctuations in the force, the airport has closed its primary runway until Jan. 13 to change taxiway signs to account for the shift, the Federal Aviation Administration said.

The poles are generated by movements within the Earth’s inner and outer cores, though the exact process isn’t exactly understood. They’re also constantly in flux, moving a few degrees every year, but the changes are almost never of such a magnitude that runways require adjusting, said Paul Takemoto, a spokesman for the FAA.”
The most chilling aspects of General Bondarev’s report relating to these “events” are the equations he uses in postulating that what is now occurring in North America with these “mysterious magnetic anomalies” occurring over a large expanse of the Rocky Mountains, and when combined with the rapidly shifting magnetic north pole and growing evidence of global climate change, give “huge credibility” to what is called “The Expanding Earth Theory”.
The expanding Earth or growing Earth hypothesis asserts that the position and relative movement of continents is at least partially due to the volume of Earth increasing and stands in contrast to that of plate tectonics, but which new findings relating to “aether theories” and dark matter, General Bondarev summarizes, means “grave consideration” must be given to the words of University of California, Davis, cosmologist Dr. Andreas Albrecht who warned: “We’ve hit some really profound problems with cosmology Ð with dark matter and dark energy, that tells us we have to rethink fundamental physics and try something new.
Or in simple terms, this report ends, “We may be on the verge of a catastrophic North American “event” that could possibly change the world forever, we should be prepared.”

Appendix B
The "Yellowstone Threat"
Of course, there is this Yellowstone threat - I mean the super-volcano. That could completely change the rules of play at any time. The super-volcano could solve for the Western elite the very problems which they've been trying to solve for the last 50-60 years and have been unable to. An eruption of the volcano could solve those problems. But that's another subject.
Appendix C

ANC sê nee vir R1000 miljard rand uit vrees vir ‘te veel witmense’

Die Yellowstone-kaldera onder die Yellowstone-nasionale park. Die warmbronne in die gebied is te wyte aan die reuse- lewende vulkaan onder die oppervlak
Die ANC-regering het ‘n versoek van die VSA van die hand gewys om deel te wees van ‘n Amerikaanse rampbestuursplan waaruit Suid-Afrika $10 miljard per jaar (ongeveer R100 miljard) vir tien jaar sou ontvang. Luidens die plan sou tydelike huisvesting vir miljoene Amerikaners in Suid-Afrika gebou word ingeval die Yellowstone-supervulkaan in dié land een of ander tyd tot uitbarsting sou kom.
Lande wat wel aan die Amerikaanse noodlenigingsplan gaan deelneem, is Brasilië, Argentinië en Australië. Volgens ‘n woordvoerder van die departement van buitelandse sake, dr. Sipho Matwetwe, sal Suid-Afrika nie “deel van die plan wees nie omdat daar ‘n risiko bestaan dat miljoene wit Amerikaners in ‘n noodsituasie na die land gestuur kan word en dit kan ons nasionale kultuur en identiteit bedreig”.
Amerikaanse wetenskaplikes hou reeds jare lank die supervulkaan onder die Yellowstone-nasionale park in die VSA dop. ‘n Supervulkaan is honderd keer so kragtig soos ‘n gewone vulkaan en kan nie net miljoene mense laat omkom nie, maar ook ‘n hele beskawing uitdelg. Indien Yellowstone sou uitbars, sou die hele Noord-Amerika verwoes word en die aarde mag enkele jare lank in ‘n “vulkaniese winter” gedompel word.
Die laaste bekende supervulkaniese uitbarsting het blykbaar ongeveer 70 000 jaar gelede plaasgevind langs die Toba-meer in Soematra, Indonesië. Dit het ‘n vulkaniese winter veroorsaak wat ses tot agt jaar geduur het, asook ‘n tydvak van aardverkoeling ingelui wat ‘n duisend jaar geduur het.
‘n Onlangse wetenskaplike ontleding van die gesmelte rots onder die Yellowstone-nasionale park in die Verenigde State van Amerika het onthul dat ‘n uitbarsting sonder enige eksterne invloed moontlik is.
Wetenskaplikes het voorheen geglo dat vele supervulkaniese uitbarstings eers deur ‘n aardbewing ontketen moet word om die aarde se kors oop te breek vir die magma om te ontsnap. Maar nuwe navorsing toon dat dit spontaan as gevolg van ‘n toename in druk kan plaasvind.
Supervulkane verteenwoordig die tweede grootste gevaar vir lewe op aarde, ná ‘n botsing van die aarde met asteroïdes, en hulle was in die verlede verantwoordelik vir massa-uitsterwings van spesies op aarde, langtermynklimaatsveranderings en korter “vulkaniese winters” wat veroorsaak word as vulkaniese as die sonlig afkeer.
Amerikaanse wetenskaplikes het Suid-Afrika geïdentifiseer as ‘n gebied waar mense sou kon oorleef tydens die vulkaniese winter wat Yellowstone sou veroorsaak. Hoewel die Amerikaanse regering geensins paniek onder sy burgers wil veroorsaak nie, is op ‘n “gebeurlikheidsplan” besluit indien die ergste wel sou plaasvind en Yellowstone tot uitbarsting kom.
Die vulkaan word tans deurentyd deur seismograwe by 45 punte gemonitor en waarskynlike sou die VSA oor enkele weke of dae se waarskuwing beskik om groot getalle van sy burgers oorsee en veral na die suidelike halfrond te stuur.

Yellowstone in die deelstaat Wyoming het 600 000 jare gelede ‘n uitbarsting beleef en meer as 1000 kubieke kilometer as en lawa in die atmosfeer ingestuur – omtrent 100 keer meer as die Berg Pinatubo-uitbarsting in die Filipyne in 1982, wat ‘n merkbare tydvak van globale verkoeling meegebring het.
Hoewel die Suid-Afrikaanse ministeries van buitelandse sake, asook wetenskap en tegnologie, volledig oor die Amerikaanse plan ingelig is, tesame met die groot bedrae geld wat betaal sou word om tydelike huisvesting vir Amerikaners in die Karoo en in die Kalahari op te rig waar hulle sou kon oorleef, het die kabinet besluit om die Amerikaanse versoek van die hand te wys.
Die R100 miljard sou van 2014 af elke jaar vir tien jaar aan Suid-Afrika betaal word, waarna die plan hersien sou word.
Dit kan tot tien jaar neem vir druk om in die magmakamer van die supervulkaan op te bou. Volgens dr. Jean-Philippe Perrillat van die Nasionale Sentrum vir Wetenskaplike Navorsing in Grenoble, Frankryk, “is dit die verskil in digtheid tussen die gesmelte magma in die kaldera en die omliggende rots wat groot genoeg is om die magma vanuit die kamer na die oppervlak te laat styg”.
“Die uitwerking is dieselfde as die ekstra dryfvermoë van ‘n sokkerbal wat onderwater met lug gevul word, waarna dit na die oppervlak styg omdat die omringende water digter is,” sê dr. Perrillat. “As die volume magma groot genoeg is, behoort dit na die oppervlak te styg en te ontplof soos ‘n sjampanjebottel wat ontkurk word.”
Volgens dr. Sipho Mathetwe, het die Suid-Afrikaanse regering “simpatie vir die Amerikaanse uitdaging (challenge) met Yellowstone, maar ons het ons eie uitdagings in Suid-Afrika. Daar is 200 miljoen witmense in Amerika en as te veel van hulle Suid-Afrika toe vlug, kan dit ‘n groot probleem veroorsaak, selfs al is daar genoeg huisvesting en infrastruktuur beskikbaar. Dit sal die land destabiliseer en kan selfs apartheid laat terugkom. Suid-Afrika is nie te koop nie.”
Die Amerikaanse ambassadeur in Pretoria was nie vir kommentaar beskikbaar nie.

Appendix D
Apocalyptic supervolcanoes can suddenly explode ‘with no outside cause’
Appendix E
The U.S. plan for relocation was formulated after a recent scientific analysis of the park revealed that Yellowstone’s supervolcano has the potential to violently erupt within the next 10-years as noted by others including the famous astrophysicist Michio Kaku.

Scientists have discovered Yellowstone National Park supervolcano is two-and-a-half times larger than previously thought, and it could erupt with 2,000 times the force of Mount St. Helens — a blast that would devastate North America   along with Western Canada.

According to the report, “Brazil, Argentina and Australia” jumped on the bandwagon, accepting the request from Washington.


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