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Healing Hands.

Healing Hands.

Andre Willers
3 April 2007

Synopsis :
An exploration of the properties and theoretical basis for Healing Hands .

Discussion :

The concept is well known through anecdotal evidence .
Laying on of hands , green thumb , killing touch , the healing touch , etc , etc .

Getting hard evidence is difficult , because it is seen as para-normal . But , the one defining characteristic here is that of touch ( or at least closeness) . True paranormal phenomena are not bound by normal space-time considerations .

So , what we are looking at here seems to be a real phenomenon that can be explained in our present world-view , but has got a bad press .

Evolutionary overview :

An organism that can disrupt a competitor or prey by proximity has an obvious advantage . Examples would be plants with lethal or hallucinogenic chemicals , your friendly neighbourhood skunk , growth promoting hormones , etc .

Equally obvious , the target organisms would have evolved defense mechanisms .
Skin would have evolved the equivalent of a Faraday Cage . But a window in the defence would have evolved as well , since any disruption can be bad or good .

Avoiding the bad would be the first evolutionary response , then fine-tuning to use the good would evolve after that . (This is a general definition of evolution as a iterative algorithm .)

The main defense is Skin :
The boundary condition of “touch/closeness” limits the types of mechanisms .

Types of mechanisms involved would be electromagnetic radiation ( infrared , light , ultraviolet) , electric fields , some magnetic fields , dielectrics (oils) , insulators(dead silicon cells) , antennae (hairs) , hot air envelopes , commensal bacteria on skin , the list goes on and on and involves the whole ecosphere .

The Immune System evolved after cellular boundaries (prototype skin) . A major problem here is how life evolved past the trap of self-replicating proteins ( scrapies , etc ) Another problem not covered here .

The interesting thing here is that the immune system should be seen as a part of the Skin .

Indeed , the whole body can be seen as support structure for various skin manifolds in the brain and surface . The body and being can then be described as a membrane surface in an n-dimensional space . Interesting .

The skin would be external (the body’s outside) and the internal (guts , lungs , etc) .

As expected , most of the inside immune system (80% – 90 % ) lies right under the internal skin .

The immune system outside the external skin is in a more precarious position . Like the internal immune system , it consists mainly of symbiotic bacteria modified to depend on energy and materials from the body (body oils , glucose) . A major threat is soap and overwashing , since this simply washes away the bacteria after dissolving their protective oil coating . Check if there is a correlation between soap usage , oil intake and diabetesII .

While previously postulated (see
that malign skin bacteria could jam the glucose cellular transport to ensure greater glucose concentrations on the surface of the external skin , it seems more likely from an evolutionary viewpoint that benign bacteria (ie the external immune system) would have access to this mechanism .

This would would argue that soap is really next to godliness , since it would encourage diabetesII epidemics .

Soap up and see the hereafter !

A closer examination of the outer skin :

From the outside in :
Magnetic field
Electric field
Layered hot air envelope (cf Kirlian)
Malign organisms (baddies)
Benign organism ( external immune system)
Hairs (used to communicate with external immune system via electromagnetic spectrum)
Oily layer (support stratum for benign organisms , but can be highjacked)
Insulating substrate of outerskin (dead siliconaceous layers , with unknown properties , but note that your computer’s microchips are silicon)
The rest as per textbooks . (Ie smells , MHTC sweats , etc, etc)

As can be seen , this is a hellaciously complex defense-in-depth that one would would expect after an arms-race of about 3 billion years .

Note that individual cells (human and bacterial ) have been proved to exchange information via infra-red , ordinary light or ultra-violet . The effects of magnetic and electric fields are well known (fMRI , bone-healing,etc)

Healing Hands .

Now that we have cleared away some of the brushwood , we can see the outlines of how healing hands work .

The Defense Shield :
Every human has a Faraday Cage against weak EMP built into the skin oils of the external skin . This can be neutralized by washing the skin with soap/detergent , then applying baby oil .

Why Baby oil ?

From the evolutionary argument above , defense is not sufficient . The phenomenon has to be able to be used in positive way . The most vulnerable stage of humans is babyhood . So the mother extrudes skin oil that negates the infant’s defenses against malign subversion of cellular communications . This makes the infant open to the benign influences. Interestingly enough , this gives sufficient proximal reward to ensure continual selection for this trait .

It also ensures ferocious protection of the baby against any contact the mother feels as bad . This seems to be a genuine human instinct . The mother is close enough to the threat to analyze that he is a threat , then gets all upset without knowing why . Her instincts (literally , an inherited knowledge) is usually correct .

It seems that an important part of the epigenetic heritage is transmitted via this process .

This is really important .

The information content of the Human Genome is insufficient to explain the complexity of development . Culture or self-assembly was assumed to carry the missing data . But a baby has not the mechanisms to translate culture .

The self-assembly route is not nearly robust enough . Even theoretically , self-assembly has too many isomer-points . The observed failure rate is too small to fit the large number of equipotential routes . Something from the outside is supplying a schema .

The data for the complex brain development is transmitted via epigenetic and skin/light/molecules from the mother to the infant .

Where did the mother get her data from ? Why , from her mother , of course , via the same channel .

The memory is like repeating something to yourself over and over . If you stop repeating , you are extinct . But that is the definition of extinct , when nobody repeats your patterns anymore.

It is an elegant solution , but it locks the species irrevocably into a social pattern . Feral children are not just feral because of lack of social interaction . Their brains and bodies literally have not received the signals to form the body into a functioning unit of that society .

An interesting question is whether a human infant can be epigenetically programmed to exceed the boundaries of it’s parents .

The form of the question immediately suggests that the answer is “Yes” . Remember , a normal circa 2000 AD baby already exceeds the default gene boundaries via epigenetic programming by his mother .

The corollary , of course , is that we can force a super-human if we knew exactly how the epigenetic programming worked . This knowledge is already partially available .

There is some good news and some bad news .
The good news is that we can make superman .
The bad news is that nobody wants to be superman .
(Or vice versa)
(Substitute “roach” for “man” in the above and see why .)
A superchimp is not a man .

Another corollary is that human nature is not constant at all . The bias towards mild Asperger’s in western systems have been noted before .

Intelligence (in the Western sense of solving problems) have been increasing . ( A well known effect)

Another epigenetic marker that has been increasing in concentration is female hormones and their mimics . (The well known effects of pesticides and herbicides) . The question is , why do these plant and insect killers induce epigenetic feedbacks
that result in less aggressive end-users ?

The question answers itself (like any good question) . Plants and insects have had a really long time to refine their animal-controls . Killing a lot of plants and insects triggers some markers that reduces male aggression in dinosaurs ,birds and mammals (fishes?) . This reduces the birthrate .

Usually , the female had evolved that only the toughest , most aggressive male could impregnate her . Now , suddenly she is faced with a wimp .

Their devolution is out of synch .
She is quoting Byron , and he Keats .

The result is that the birthrate falls drastically .

Humans are not immune .

The first level of these markers are estrogen mimics , but I am afraid that there are many more .

Humans are just one case where vital epigenetic information is transmitted via the web of life .It’s such a neat trick that I think all life systems use it . Remember , bacteria are not even limited to the same species .

Insects and plants have been manipulating this system hundreds of millions of years .

To get back to Healing Hands .

The Critical elements:
The Body Faraday Cage is true for the healer as well as the patient .

The Doctor usually has healing hands (natural selection )
He washes his hands with soap (getting rid of his shield on his hands)
He gloves . The gloves are coated with something like sterilized baby oil.
Doctors prefer gloves that leads to better recovery in their patients . At this level of ignorance this translates “my lucky gloves” , or “these are better” . Hence the selection of gloves which are shield-neutral .

The healer’s “emanations” for lack of a better word , can leave his hands and reprogram the cells of the patient . The emanations is simply another word for a complex of electromagnetic radiation and cell-docking .

Another ho-ho.
The population explosion that started circa 1700 AD was fuelled not by better hygiene or medical knowledge . The reason was that the Little Ice Age was getting into full swing . Hence Olive Oil was unobtainable . Oils like this were applied to the vagina and the baby’s head as lubricants .

The problem is that olive oil is nearly as good a Faraday Cage as natural human skin oil .The reason : it burns easily . In other words , the electrons can move about easily to combine with oxygen . Electrons moving about easily is the definition of a faraday cage .

As you would expect , we also have evolved oils that don’t do that .

Lack of them means that the birthrate rises .

The alert reader will notice that that all parts of the Roman Empire that had access to olive oil had low birthrates , while those outside it bred like rabbits . None of the old writers mentioned a low rate of conception , but the baby-deathrate and mother death-rate was horrendous .

What to do :
1.Wash your hands with soap .
2. Touch an earthed tap to reduce relative electrostatic charge .
3 . The same for patient
4. Put baby oil on hands and affected patient areas
5. Do procedure.
6. Put olive oil over hands and patient’s area to prevent any further interaction .

That’s it.