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Andre Willers
25 Nov 2008

Gourmet flavoured salts on the surface of foods can replace or complement sauces .

Discussion :

Health benefits :
1. Less salt is used , as the taste-buds are activated by the surface salt-flakes .
Only the surface of the food need to be coated (where the rubber hits the tar)
Precise intake of salt can be effectively done by salt-spoon (1 ml at a time).

2. Sauce-replacement .
Fats and carbohydrates in normal sauces can be replaced .
Really effective for those on Atkins diet or restricted fat-diet .

But , the killer is that better , more concentrated taste is possible .
It is a feedback mechanism . Too much salt taste is too salty , but other tastes can be orchestrated .

Unique tastes .
See http://andreswhy.blogspot.com "HyperTaste"
This can be done economically and effectively via HyperSalt .

The Social scene .
Most of the enjoyment of food in affluent societies is in the social ambience .
Discussing and comparing various flavours .
Adding another dimension like salt and all the different flavours , as well as hyper-flavours adds extra complexity .

This has already happened . Google "gourmet salt" and see what is on offer .
Woolworths(SA) has some nice gourmet salts in pressure sealed containers .

What is difficult to get are the salt spoons . (About R15 each at ceramic shops.)

Fleur de sel , sel gris and so forth . Like the wine scene .
This is in .

Below the salt .
This was used to denote social standing in medieval societies . But how to do it when there are many flavours of salts ?

Tom is below the Olive Salt , but above the Thyme Salt , but poor Dick is below the Garlic Salt . And Harry is below the HyperAllSpice .

The pretentious jargon overwhelms even the wine chatter .

Sachets of HyperSalts .
Like sachets of salt and pepper now .
This would be a real money-spinner .

Initially this would mean an increased salt intake , but later on the manufacturers would cut out the salt in the basic food (less expense) .

Animal feeds
Most salts are used as animal licks . Flavouring it would enhance value at little extra cost . Buy oak-smoked karoo veal straight from the womb.

Isn't biotechnology wonderful ?

Methane Burps and Salt .
Salt in solution is displaced by methane .
The result is massive salt deposition after methane burps .
This is especially noticeable in landlocked seas .
The cycle is dead organic matter to the bottom , anaerobic bacteria makes methane , a burp occurs and salt deposits on large scale . If there is oceanic inflow , the salinity approaches ocean norms . If not , fresh water results . Your attention is drawn to large fresh-water bodies (American lakes ,etc) . They all have layers of salt deposits at the bottom .

What about mid-oceanic burps in currents ?
The picture is then completely different .
A clathrate burp (like on the continental shelf of Eastern America) will precipitate the salt layers , but the effect will move with the current . At the moving edges , eddy currents will churn up nutrients from the bottom and cause an explosion of algae , plankton and even krill population growth .
Bio-mass increases exponentially .
Really good fishing .

Mini-burps .
The clathrates are held down by the weight of the dead bio-mass drifting down , but also increased by it . This leads to a cyclical process of mini-burps .
Increased fishing decreased the biomass drifting down , advancing the timing of the process . The disappearance of cod from the Newfoundland banks are then due to the fishes sensibly moving out as the methane concentration rises and the salinity decreases . An evolutionary survival switch .
A mini-burp need not be a catastrophic event . Slow and steady will do the job . This has probably been incorporated into fish life-cycles .

The last mini-burp was around the 10-12 centuries AD . Warmer climates due to methane release . Lots and lots of fishes , as discussed .

Has human actions made much of difference ?

Doubtful . We are in a mini-burp now . Nobody is looking at methane and salinity concentrations . They do notice the lack of fishies in their normal haunts , but with typical human hubris imagine that it is their fault . In the meantime , the system hardly notices them .

And so it goes .


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs.
Andre Willers
23 Nov 2008

Discussion :

Overview :
Hieroglyphs consist of
1.Ideograms (logograms (the pictures) and determinatives(silent organizers like our commas and punctuation marks , but a bit more extensive.)
2. Phonograms (alphabetic signs , biliterals (ie two sounds combined) , triliterals (ie three sounds combined) ).
3. Vowels e , o ,u were not catered for .
4. Consonants L and V were absent .
(Notice the dichotomy about L and R also seen in Chinese . This has an actual neurological root cause . During the paring-down phase of neural child-development , the tendency is toward either L or R . )

Evolution of Hieroglyphs :
Ideograms (picturograms) developed first , grouped in boxes .
Then the more efficient alphabet . But unlike Microsoft , they had to cater for backward compatibility of previous writings literally carved in stone over thousands of years .

The single quotation mark ( ' )
They did this by putting a vertical slash determinative in front of the glyph to denote that the hieroglyph must be taken literally (ie as a picture , not an alphabetical character) .
What is truly amazing is that this convention is still followed today after about 5 000 years . It is the single quotation mark . The closing single quotation mark developed later . The double quotation mark developed to handle an inflation of quotes .

This meant that the alphabetical system (30 characters) was a simple subset of the hieroglyphs , stable across literally thousands of years .

Ditto .( " )
Another survivor , beloved by bureaucrats . Two vertical slashes below a character denoted a duplicate . Exactly the same as today .

Reading/writing from the right .
The default was from right to left (still is for Arabic and Hebrew) .
This was determined by human handedness : only about 15% of humans are left-handed .
A right-handed person will hold the hammer in his right hand and the chisel in his left hand .
To accurately position the chisel-point , he has to work from the right to the left . (Try it and see.)
This bias was literally cast in stone .
When barbarians like the northern Greeks learned to write for commercial purposes , they used papyrus or skin with inked quils. It is much easier and more accurate to drag an inked-point from left to right than to push it the other way . (Ask any poor left-handed guy that grew up with pen-nibs) .

An interesting speculation :
It is too easy to spoil (by chipping) a whole stone-block by chiseling from left-to-right at the right-hand edge , and the other way at the left-hand edge . Thus , there was a niche for left-handed chisellers to close inscriptions on the left-hand edge of blocks .
The same would be true for any expensive material used as base .
There would be specialist openers and closers , with more journeymen in the middle .
The very term journeyman means this .
Cf Book of Kells .

This helps to explain the survival of handedness
It also means that there must be a roughly equivalent population percentage with extreme right-hand skills . Easily missed , because no is looking .

Stencils .
Important stones or documents were done with stencils .
A highly skilled scribe would plan and map out the lay-out . He would form a stencil of a line of hieroglyphs and transfer it to the stone . Skilled first-cutters would make the first cut . Then a horde of openers , middlemen and closers would descend on the slab and chisel out the rough cut , under the anxious supervision of the foreman . This is where a good opener and closer earned his keep . A single mistake could chip the edge and spoil the whole block .
Then bow-grinders smoothed the grooves . Finally , hand-polishing gave a professional finish . The whole process took a few hours per line .
The important thing to note is that once the stencil is laid in , the rest is by rote by many men of who need not be very highly skilled . None of this nonsense of one guy laboriously chiseling each glyph one-by-one .

Mistakes .
It depended on how important the client was . Mistakes were fudged . But if it was somebody important , the whole surface or block had to be re-sawn
(see http://andreswhy.blogspot.com “Ancient Egyptian Technology” )
Vellum could be scraped (but not for important legal documents : like tippex today) . Papyrus thrown away .
Clay tablets used in the Middle-East were cheap , but also easy to alter until they were baked . Security was an ever-present problem .
“Many a slip between the stylus and the oven” was probably an old Babelonian proverb .
Exactly the same problem as with encryption today .
A special class must have evolved to deal with this problem (like notaries) .

Imperial Language .
Like Latin , Egyptian Hieroglyphics was an Imperial language .
Subjects were forced to deal with it , but pidgin adaptations of the alphabetical-subset became the basis of Phoenician , Hebrew ,Arabic Greek ,Roman alphabets .
The radiative spread of the concept of an alphabet via mercenaries is well-known .

A very good question is : what about Minos ? The evidence suggests that Greek forms developed from Minoan forms . Thus , that Egypt and Crete had a master-client relationship .

Religion .
Religious concepts likewise radiated outward . Even today , many religions originating on the Mediterranean seaboard show heritages of Egyptian influence .

This is a contentious subject , so the following is pure speculation .

EL – the Middle Eastern name for God .
Egyptians could not pronounce L , so this was probably in resistance to the Egyptian imperialism . Egyptians would have pronounced “El” as “eeru” .
(The long ee is inferred from present pronounciations of “Isra-eel” by local populations .)

Babel would be b’abeeru .
The glyph they used for L was a lion crouching down .This can still be seen on the walls of Babel (the meaning is “City of God (B’ab’eeL)” ) .
Which came first is moot .
The concept of the Lion as King probably comes from this . It was conspicuously absent from the ancient Egyptian pantheon , probably because it is a less efficient predator than the hyena . (As the Sahara dried up , lions would have been squeezed between humans and hyenas . The lion-social structure is not as survival-fit as the hyena . There are still many more hyenas than lions around .
They are better at hiding and does not need such a large territory to survive .)

Another interesting omission at the top is the leopard , specifically the hominid hunting variants like Dino Felis .

But note cats and cheetahs . Egyptian favourites , but very watered-down versions of the wild article .

Remember , Egyptian religion was a very practical , ecologically orientated religion . Each significant animal had its own priesthood dedicated to its preservation .

HH , Tetragrammaton and Monotheism .
This might be controversial and is purely speculative .
(see http://www.touregypt.net/featurestories/heh.htm )

The Egyptian gods (or principle) of Infinity were written as HH , with two forms : active (male: as in going on indefinitely ) and passive(female: as in enduring) .

An Egyptian would have written in a square block :


This original tetragrammaton ( a pleasing symmetry) would be shortened to

" " (read ditto)

In Hebrew from right to left : " H " H
The second-from-right ditto sign , when written cursively in the Hieratic form between letters morphed to the Egyptian glyph for W (it looks like an extended question mark) .
The last-from-right ditto sign is not between any two letters and morphed to the Egyptian glyph for Y (it looks like two forward slashes ie // )

Hence YHWH .

But why monotheism ?
Arguing in language , an infinite god can only be one and one god must be infinite . Thus , HHHH must be monotheistic .

Arguing in mathematics , refer to Kantor , Weierstrass , Dedekind (all 19 th century AD) . May you have joy of it , since the Omega-infinity argument brings you straight back to the original language point .

The Israelites .
It might thus be argued that they were not so much an ethnic group as a sect that skipped town just in front of the Egyptian equivalent of the inquisition .

Palm-fronds .
HH is shown with a palm frond as a headdress , and a palm frond in his hand . The palm frond symbolizes infinity . Hence the use of palm leaves in the New Testament to indicate either the God or a representative (ie a priest) .
Laying down palm-leaves for Jesus to walk on was a direct challenge to the Sanhedrin and the Romans , and they responded accordingly .



Appendix A .
Personalities with obsessive-compulsive tendencies trained in the Roman , Greek , Hebrew or Arab alphabets can (and have been) sucked into spiraling compulsive study of Egyptian hieroglyphs .
The reason is that these alfabets all descended from a subset of the hieroglyphic system .
This not-too-big difference is sufficient to trigger that “tip-of-the-tongue” feeling : ie it activates the predator-prey response . This is , of course , a variant of the obsessive-compulsive system .

So much for that .

Sources :
An excellent introduction is
"Discovering Egyptian Hieroglyphs" by K . Zauzich
ISBN 0-500-27694-3
This is the second English reprint of the German original .
This means that quite a number of people have been sucked into this compulsive behaviour .

And of course , the Internet . But do serious cross-checking .


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Hibernation and Cryogenics

Hibernation and Cryogenics
Andre Willers
19 Nov 2008

Discussion :
Jessica Palmer pointed out on the 16th Nov 2008 that the primary problem with cryogenics seems to be in the re-establishment of metabolic processes after un-freezing .

But we have an already existing template for doing exactly that .

Hibernation .

See Appendix A

The evolutionary explanation is that during the transition-phase from methane/sulfur to oxygen atmosphere (circa 1.5 bn years ago) , there was a major advantage in suspending oxygen-driven systems if the organism found itself in a non-oxygen environment . It went into hibernation .

At the same time , alcohol was being excreted as a poison (like oxygen) . The ancestors of mitochondria (who could use low concentrations of oxygen or alcohol ) sought refuge in cells whose cell-walls were resistant (but not impervious) to alcohol transition .

Remember , alcohol is completely soluble in water , but oxygen is not . This difference drove the process . Alcohol concentrations in water could grow large , but oxygen-concentrations could not .

Mitochondria earned their keep by mopping up alcohol first and later converting oxygen to ATP . (The glucose and ketone metabolism came after this) . The ketone metabolism has never been very popular , because of the high loss-rate in excretory products , but has been kept as a third string on the bow . (Utilization of fat and protein-muscle reserves during low-glucose periods. )

Mitochondria thus has an exclusive preference of usage : alcohol , glucose , ketones in that order .

From experimental evidence (see Appendix A) , there is a genetic switch sensitive to the concentration of H2S to bring both the host cell and the mitochondrium to a state where all programmed molecular activity is suspended . (The power is switched off) .
But , of course , random beth(0) molecular activity due to temperature does not cease . Uncontrolled and anaerobic reactions still occur .

We get rid of most anaerobic organisms first .
Lots of sulfur , VitC and alcohol (fermented berries or carbohydrates in the stomach . A low acidity is required in the run-up to hibernation)
Then freeze .

Starting the contraption up again is a bit of a problem .

1. The power-plant :
The mitochondria needs to be primed with their preferred fuel (alcohol)
Oxygen needs to be infused .(Hyperbaric chamber)

2. Garbage disposal
The cellular garbage-disposal systems need to be activated . ATP from the powerplant needs to be allocated to breakdown-product disposal before the ATP is allocated to DNA/RNA production processes .

The garbage-disposal uses mechanisms that use sulfur to create the various vacuoles and ropes (cf mitosis) . Enough sulfur is vital .

Once again , oxygen and alcohol is used . Both are recognized by all systems as poisons to be removed as a first priority . They activate a quite sophisticated garbage-disposal system as H2S concentrations decrease .

3 . Flushing
All that garbage has to flushed away , preferably not through the kidneys or liver .
Use machines .
As H2S concentrations decrease , damage might occur due to PH fluctuations . Acidity (H2SO4 , etc) Buffering would be advisable .

4. Temperature:
Lots of water at 105 to 107 Fahrenheit for mammals , pulsing at pulserate(about 90 cycles per minute .)
This is to activate the chaperone systems and discourage opportunistic viruses .

5. Music
See http://andreswhy.blogspot.com “Music”
Play harmonious music so the vibrations can be felt throughout organism being thawed . This enhances timing-procedures by orders of magnitudes . Emergent order .
(A Beth(0.x) effect . )

The de-hibernization process must have an exact program at molecular level to reboot the cellular metabolism . Precisely what you need after a cryogenic procedure .
But its efficiency (ie your chance of survival) can be boosted by orders of magnitude by using the steps above .

Interesting notes:
1. Do hibernating animals like bears use alcohol-producing cells in their bloodstream to time hibernation? This can be tested .
2. Are there cold-chaperone molecules ? There should be .
3. Hibernation is easy . Nature has done all the hard work . Keeping the mechanism ticking over at a very slow rate enables cellular-garbage clearing for a relatively short period (6-8 months)
4. De-cryogenics is a bit harder , Beth(1) intervention is needed .
5. Alcohol-concentrations : we are talking about 1% to 2% imbibing . About 0.06% inside the cell . Ie , the cell-wall protects by a factor of about 30
6. Pulse-Cryogenics : alternate freezing and hibernation to get a better survival factor . For those who are too stupid to design a zero-entropy system .
Try : Life=negative entropy . Non-life = positive entropy . Design it so the sum is zero .



Appendix A
From http://andreswhy.blogspot.com “ Birdflu Update-4” dated 29 Oct 2005
Suspended Animation (the real thing!)
In 2005, Mark Roth and other scientists from the University of Washington and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle demonstrated that mice can be put into a state of suspended animation by applying a low dosage of hydrogen sulfide (80 ppm H2S) in the air. The breathing rate of the animals sank from 120 to 10 breaths per minute and their temperature fell from 37 °C to 2 °C above ambient temperature (in effect, they had become cold-blooded). The mice survived this procedure for 6 hours and afterwards showed no negative health consequences.
Such a hibernation occurs naturally in many mammals and also in toads, but not in mice. (Mice can fall into a state called clinical torpor when food shortage occurs). If the H2S-induced hibernation can be made to work in humans, it could be useful in the emergency management of severely injured patients, and in the conservation of donated organs.
As mentioned above, hydrogen sulfide binds to cytochrome oxidase and thereby prevents oxygen from binding, which apparently leads to the dramatic slowdown of metabolism. Animals and humans naturally produce some hydrogen sulfide in their body; researchers have proposed that the gas is used to regulate metabolic activity and body temperature, which would explain the above findings
Dosages of H2S:
Treatment involves immediate inhalation of amyl nitrite, injections of sodium nitrite, inhalation of pure oxygen, administration of bronchodilators to overcome eventual bronchospasm, and in some cases hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
Exposure to lower concentrations can result in eye irritation (because of the high alkality of the SH- anion), a sore throat and cough, shortness of breath, and fluid in the lungs. These symptoms usually go away in a few weeks. Long-term, low-level exposure may result in fatigue, loss of appetite, headaches, irritability, poor memory, and dizziness. Higher concentrations of 700-800 ppm tend to be fatal.
· 0.0047 ppm is the recognition threshold, the concentration at which 50% of humans can detect the characteristic rotten egg odor of hydrogen sulfide [2]
· 10-20 ppm is the borderline concentration for eye irritation.
· 50-100 ppm leads to eye damage.
· At 150-250 ppm the olfactory nerve is paralyzed after a few inhalations, and the sense of smell disappears, often together with awareness of danger,
· 320-530 ppm leads to pulmonary edema with the possibility of death.
· 530-1000 ppm causes strong stimulation of the central nervous system and rapid breathing, leading to loss of breathing;
o 800 ppm is the lethal concentration for 50% of humans for 5 minutes exposition (LC50).
Concentrations over 1000 ppm cause immediate collapse with loss of breathing, even after inhalation of a single breath.


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The End of the Arms Trade

The End of the Arms Trade
Andre Willers
12 Nov 2008

In http://andreswhy.blogspot.com “Financial Crisis 2008 : Exchange Rates. The Arms-Trade “ it was noted without proof that this crisis means the end of the arms-trade .

Why ?

Credit is the life-blood of the arms-industry .

There can be no trust . Payment has to up-front in cash (small fry) or guaranteed by large financial houses . But this credit has now dried up .

The inhibition of recovery in the arms-trade results from the strict international credit controls being formulated and implemented as we speak . Being international , it will be much more difficult to circumvent than the old “end-user licence” protocols .

But , more important , under Social-Capitalism , the long-term costs of messes like the DRC for the short-term gains of a few interested parties , is contra-productive .

It is extremely ironical to note that the entire industry is Collateral Damage .

Sovereign States .
US , Britain , France , Russia , China and India are the largest arms-dealers , using third-world countries as entropy-dumps to offset some of their costs . Most of their arms-deals would not pass even a cursory creditcard-check . They ignored each other’s transgressions in the past .

But now the whole credit business is bound up in much larger concerns . Now it will pay them to watch each other like hawks to see that no one gets an illicit advantage .
The system has shifted into a new attractor basin .

An unintended consequence will be the enhancement of the Military-Industrial Complex . The loss of minor income from the sale of obsolete equipment will be more than compensated for by the great increase in monitoring credit-compliance , which will be necessitated by the new international protocols . No state will trust each other . There will be huge scope for International Security Firms (our old Military-Industrial Complex in a new guise .) Ecological compliance will be thrown in for good measure.

Short-term consequences .
At first ammunition and spares , then arms gets more expensive , then unobtainable . Bandit-groups and “on-spec” revolutionists will get increasingly desperate . They must attack and win immediately , or perish . So there will be surge of violence . Like in the DRC now . All sides are feeling the pinch as ammunition is drying up .

What about the huge stockpiles of AK47’s and ammunition ?
Gone . The ex-USSR stockpiles were all dumped into the third-world during the 1990’s . The present supply are newly manufactured , subject to the credit provisos .

An example :
In a Reuters report dated 12/11/2008 the Russian Deputy Prime Minister of Defence (Sergei Ivanov) stated that Russian arms manufacturers are experiencing cash-flow problems . The liquidity crunch left some unable to meet payrolls or contracts .
They will need loans from state banks .

This is happening to all arms manufacturers . A highly risk-averse credit system will not deal with manufacturers who sell to the risky retail trade .

Note the “disarmament” in the 1930’s depression . Companies with state-contracts (like Hurricanes , Spitfires) survived . But many others did not . This appeared on statistics like a disarmament .

But it was only a concentration on quality .

In the 1990’s it was the USSR only in the crunch . Now it is the whole world . They might be desperate to sell , but there is no credit . And no stockpiles . Manufacturing costs will have to met from credit .

The whole system is reacting differently .

Organised Crime
They have the skills . But there are other factors .

See in http://andreswhy.blogspot.com “Money : Human Growth rates”
Beth(-1) can be described as Fear-Command economies .
Growth rate is less than 0.8%
Feudalism and Organized Crime can be described as Beth(-1) .

The only ones that do survive for a time are ones that use bubble-technology . They let a group bubble up , create wealth , then conquer them . But this has to be finely judged . Sooner or later they make a mistake , and the bubble takes them .

In any case , Organised Crime is highly unstable , since they can make more money by going legitimate (the bubble subsumes them) . Their normal growth rate is pitiful (all that control and squashing of initiative eats up profit)

But it flourishes in Beth(0) societies , where the growth rate is not much higher .
South Africa is a good example .

Feudalism is more like Pure Socialism . The Aristocracy is the State , and everybody works for them . But they can’t compete against societies with a higher growth-rate (ie beth(n>0) ) . Cf Sparta and Athens , Incas and Spaniards , USSR and US .


Friday, November 07, 2008

Hoag Ratings and Hoag Futures Markets

Hoag Ratings and Hoag Futures Markets
Andre Willers
7 November 2008

“Everyone’s a critic .” Pre-Big Bang saying .

The Hoag rating is a rating of how well God is doing His job .( Scale 1 to 5)
Named after “The unpleasant profession of Jonathan Hoag” by Robert Heinlein .

Discussion :

God knows what every creature’s opinion of Him is .

But fellow creatures do not know what each other’s Hoag Ratings are .

What do you really think of the Boss ?
Dare you let anybody else know ?

The optimal strategy is to lie according to the perceived power-base of fellow humans.

Does this sound familiar ?
This results in organised religions and other hierarchical structures enforced by violence . A violent minority can enforce compliance because the other majorities cannot communicate and unite . If they do communicate , they lie .

To counteract this effect , we need to neutralize the lies and enhance communication to find allies .

1 .Getting rid of the lies .
Futures markets are good at this .
(Hint : look for futures markets in the immune system . Or create ones.
This is really interesting .
What does a futures market in the immune system look like ? See previous posts on tumurous clumps of cells . )

Futures markets on decision points have evolved where special interest groups (“the lies” ) can be identified . Once identified , they can be discounted .

Any market is by definition an anonymizer . Every interest is squashed down to a few dimensions .

A Hoag-futures Market on Hoag Ratings will certainly transform the way organised religious groupings are perceived by other humans .

This will enable Governments to have a reliable quantifiable handle on the social effects of religious opinions .

2. Communications :
2.1 The present Internet , Facebook-type systems and the
convergence AI(3.09999…) ->AI(3.1) as previously discussed , is a public system . Allies can easily be found .

2.2 The historical mind-computer interface (circa 1980’s) is secret , and plays little role here .

2.3 Quantum-computing should be commercially available in about 2-3 years time .
See the interesting development in metamaterials in “Know your anyons” , NewScientist , 4 Oct 2008 p40 .
Quasi-particles with fractional charges are created using the fractional Hall quantum effect . The important thing is that these particles are capable of superposition , and are very stable as regards decoherence .
Decoherence instability has been the only factor keeping quantum computing back .
All the other factors are in place .
Once this dam wall goes , there will be flood of quantum computers and applications.

Microsoft has been sponsoring this research since 2003 . Publishing now means that a prototype has been manufactured .

2.4 AI(4) is thus around the corner . This will force rapid development of AI(3.9999…) effects . This means the explosion of mind-computer interfaces (like the present explosion of games with mind-controls) or large , multiply connected networks of the same .

What do the Religions think ?
What does the Vatican think ? The Church of England , Russia , American South Fundamentalist , Islam , Buddhism , Shintoism , Hinduism , etc .

This is where the Hoag Futures Market comes in .
Even organized religions will have an interest in this . Subsidies will be pro-rata to market performance .

Besides which , it is only fitting that in the future religions compete with other socio-economic systems .

Can they avoid this ?
No .

Singularity Dates .
A futures market on this seems extremely desirable .
This will be obviously closely related to the Hoag Futures Market .

A single singularity date for all becomes less likely .
Different groups will go into the singularity at different times .
There are too many convergences from different directions .
AI(n+1) or AI(n.99999…) for various n .

You can identify which group you feel more comfortable with by watching the Singularity Futures Market .

See previous posts on posthuman money to see that this does make a difference .

Date Estimates :
1. 2012-2013 Early ones
2. 2015 – 2029 Most in groupy dribbles .
3. By 2030 all , except stay behinds .
This is where we need a Singularity Futures Market to get a better idea .

Singularity Lottery .
Possible , and interesting .
I mention this because of the possibility of refusal . An ordinary run-up to Singularity has about zero chance of refusal . Later , the post-singularity entity might choose to return , but this is like the author rewriting some pages . The past is lost .

But a winner of the Singularity Lottery is in a superposition state of non-Singularity and Singularity states . If the individual chooses either alternative , the other manifests in alternate times and personas .
If he forsakes mortals , his conscience (love) bothers him . If he doesn’t , his connection to the singularity warps anything around him in any case .

This is a niche that needs to be filled , but no post-singularity entity in his right mind will volunteer for this . Hence this graduated run-up to the singularity , with various beth-bubbles to populate this niche with enough chaperones to do the job .

Think of it as future payment . Our language does not have the correct terms .
Our person has already moved into the singularity , but he had to borrow from various futures and alternates and pasts to do that .To repay that , aspects of his being had to do his duty , at the same time learning the missing lessons and earning the “money” to repay his debts .

And you thought God did not operate on a deficit . Check the argument on exchange-rates again .

What does this mean to us now at 0046 on 8 Nov 2008 ?
The present so-called economic crisis is meaningless .
We are four years away from the first large elements of Terran society entering the Singularity . Ecological concerns are meaningless . The planet will either be replenished or destroyed .

By 2030 , there will be no humans left on the planet except stay-behinds .
The planet will be replenished , and the sun reduced in output .

Stay-behinds .
A problem .
The Singularity mechanisms operates from AI(3.1) levels (mind-computer interaction) .

What about AI(1) : illiterate persons and even more problematic , AI(2) and AI(3.0x)?
We can induce an upgrade , essentially without consent . In other words ,
Can a stay-behind really make an informed decision without knowing what he will be missing ?
No .
We will have to upgrade , then downgrade if the person decides against it .
The stay-behinds , will , like in the past , be really determined .

Will you be forced into upgrading yourself against your will ?
The answer is essentially yes .
You might choose to downgrade yourself again after this , but be honest , will you ?

Who knows ?

They dug up Aida’s tomb and found nothing except a cell-phone with a caller-id of “Lara”


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Music and the Singularity .

Music and the Singularity .
Andre Willers
4 Nov 2008

Why is such a large proportion of resources spent on music ?
It is not a new thing either . (Ref Homer , bards , minstrels , operas , etc)
But the percentage has been growing .

The iPod drove entire new electronic industries .

A Personal music player is also the single one item that has not even a vague precursor in previous predictions or science-fiction .

Why ?
To see this we must understand what functional role music plays on a neurological and societal level .

The tools :

New tools:
See http://andreswhy.blogspot.com “New Tools”

1.Orders of Randomness
Randomness of order stronger than the flipping of a coin exist .
See http://andreswhy.blogspot.com “Orders of Randomness” et al

2. Infinite Probes
Universal optimization of reserves , markups and profits
See http://andreswhy.blogspot.com “Infinite Probes” et al

3. Exchange Rates
Symmetry-break in delineated phase spaces a characteristic of this Universe .
See http://andreswhy.blogspot.com “Financial Crisis 2008:Exchange Rates” et al

4.Artificial Intelligence
The definition of sapient intelligences , with an appropriate notational system .
See http://andreswhy.blogspot.com “Artificial Intelligence” et al

Add standard known knowledge:

5.Mirror Neurons

6. Fingertip pressure calculation for branch harmonics in proto-apes to determine position and fleeing direction .

7. Synchronization of time/identity of different mirror-neuron network sub-identities via brain waves of various frequencies .

Add them all together and shake .
Let them self-assemble

Developmental description of a being or society :
Identifiable mirror-neuron networks form (paras 4,5,6,7).
Interaction is possible because of para 7 .
They interact via exchange-rates (para 3) to form entities with profits( reserves) (para 2) , ie with identity . A reserve can be described as inertia .
Paras 1 and 4 combine to create higher AI states (The x in AI(x) increases , and is maintained by paras 2 and 3 .)

Time-dependant :
Paras 3,6 and 7 .

Para 6 (substitute the axiom for the species of your choice , but a generalized axiom is probably not possible , without tinkering with para 1)

Music .
As the number of mirror-networks with a reserve(ie identity) grows , the number of interactions grow factorially . But they have to interact (be synchronized ) in a meaningful fashion . Both in the brain and the society .

In the primitive brain , (AI(0)) , this is done by the various brain-waves (alpha , beta ,etc) . But as the x in AI(x) grows , to synchronise these would require significant hard-wire adaptations in the brain .

AI(1) Instead , music (AI(1)) , an adaptation of sound , is used to synchronize various mirror-neuron-networks to create AI(1) . Ref entrainment .

Music can thus be seen as an essential concomitant with language .

AI(2) Likewise , poetry (a rhythmic written form) , together with music forms AI(2) .
Novels? I suggest software that casts a novel into increasingly exotic metre-formats .
But this is something humans can compete with (ref Shakespeare) . But a translation might need a metre-translation .

AI(3) is formed by adding visual media . Visual rhythmic formats . Soapies , operas , sitcoms , etc . This is now a major way of how people define themselves .
Facebook , etc .

AI(3.099999…) -> AI(3.1)
This implies that a large number of facebook systems will become indistinguishable from a mind-computer interface system .

Likewise AI(3.99999…) ->AI(4)
This implies that a large number of mind-computer interface systems will become indistinguishable from a parallel-processing quantum computer .

And so forth .

Harmony and discordance .
This depends on the beth level of the system . Harmonies at higher beth levels can sound discordant to an observer at a lower beth level .
See boredom below .

Boredom .
Staleness , ennui .
This is intimately linked to the Reserve mechanism .
After about a third of anything , the system gets bored because it estimates the reserve has been met .

If you want to say anything significant , say it in the first third . But the rest of the 2/3 has to be filled in .

An example :


Notice only the first third is remembered .

Note that the human mind has only three short-term memory registers .
This is because it is a trinary computational system . Having more than three actually degrades performance . But , by using synchronization systems like music it can expand the size of each register on a very basic level . The mirror-neuron network comprising each register can be kept coherent by resonance effects . Ie music .

The way to avoid boredom is to promise N repeats , then change at about 0.27xN .
This has been perfected in music . A sequential theme is interrupted and changes into a new one about a quarter way into the sequence .
TV show-producers still have to realise this .

This is a result from Infinite Probes (para2 above) and is always true , regardless of society or art or anything .

As can be seen , music is essential for humans to co-ordinate networks of mirror-neurons and remain sane . Hence iPods are music distribution nodes , not music composition nodes . The computational capability is sufficient to compose .
But that is not what humans require . They need slight variations on a theme to co-ordinate beth(1) neural firing rates .

Internal music .
All people can hear and compose music in their heads . From the above , this is a necessary skill to exist as humans . By utilizing the simple mechanism of composing a sequence promising N repeats , then seguing into something else repeatedly at 0.27N points , and closing with one of the well-known shut-down sequences , will dramatically increase brain effectiveness .

Of course , your iPod can be programmed to this too .

Ideally , it should pick up the internal music and embroider on that for the desired effect . Co-ordinating with all the other iPods on the planet . Can you see where this is going?
About 5-7 years in the future .

Rock on


New Tools

New Tools
Andre Willers
4 Nov 2008

For convenience , I will summarize new ways of thinking about things developed in these discussions:

New tools not found anywhere else :

1.Orders of Randomness
Randomness of order stronger than the flipping of a coin exist .
See http://andreswhy.blogspot.com “Orders of Randomness” et al

2. Infinite Probes
Universal optimization of reserves , markups and profits
See http://andreswhy.blogspot.com “Infinite Probes” et al

3. Exchange Rates
Symmetry-break in delineated phase spaces a characteristic of this Universe .
See http://andreswhy.blogspot.com “Financial Crisis 2008:Exchange Rates” et al

4.Artificial Intelligence
The definition of sapient intelligences , with an appropriate notational system .
See http://andreswhy.blogspot.com “Artificial Intelligence” et al

These , combined with existing knowledge and understanding , enables us to probe deeper .



Sunday, November 02, 2008

Ball Joints : a Critical Invention

Ball Joints : a Critical Invention
Andre Willers
2 Nov 2008

Summary :
Controllable internal locking of ball-joints combined with low-cost , small-tolerance manufacturing made possible by 3D printers , combined with Velcro-technology makes possible an enormous number of low-cost applications not possible before .

Want a configurable skeleton ? Now you can .

Quote from “Popular Science : Oct 2008 p41 : “Lock and Roll”
Werner O . Merlo’s device (called Robo-Flex) is attracting attention because it solves the classical problem of ball-joints : they swivel easily , but requires constant force to stay in position .
Merlo’s solution was to cover a small titanium ball with nubs . The ball rolls smoothly in a socket lined with retracted stainless-steel pins . Extend the pins and they interlock with the nubs to prevent the ball from moving .
Up to about 500 pounds force .

Titanium steel is too expensive : It is only used because of the mechanical strength . But we have Velcro , where the strength of the nubs will be dependant on the strength of the Velcro-loops . The Velcro-loops can be regenerated by bio means .

The ball joint can then be manufactured in any 3D printer . The critical thing is low tolerances , which 3D printing can do cheaply .
These are now commercially available .
A RepRap 3D printer costs about R6 000 (It can also replicate itself too .)
And you thought interesting times are over . It is only starting .

The backbone of vertebrates is an interesting compromise : there is some flexibility , but the system compromised on high-bandwidth in the internally protected nerves , with a low-bandwidth bypass (the original system) .

But the low-bandwidth bypass has a problem with timing .
In other words , a person paralysed by central spinal injury can rapidly relearn functionality re-establishing timing with the brain , provided allowance is made for the time-difference due to light-speed . The local system is not smart enough to compensate , and the originating brain-timer gets no feedback to learn to compensate . The doctor has to create the time-delay .

The wireless-organism
Imagine a human chassis where all the bones have been replaced by repetitive successions of ball-socket joints which can be locked individually or in any desired sequence .
The internal controls using nerves would be too complex and vulnerable .
If chemical controls(like hormones) are used , the response time would be slow . It is doubtful if a non-designed evolutionary system would get a viable organism .

A designed wireless organism using radio or entangled-pairs is possible . Radio has two problems : a receiver(requires a receiver at each site , and at least light-speed transmission from each receiver to each molecule site ).

Entangled–pairs can be made as small as one atom , and is limited to light-speed .
Ie the recipient can react after enough time has elapsed that a light-speed signal could reach it . But then it reacts as if the signal has reached it .
It makes a magnificent wire-less information channel . It has a tiny problem that entangled-pairs is a limited resource , and has to continually renewed between the brain and the rest of the body .(at least at light speed)

This begs the question of how the immune system regards such entangled pairs being sent through the circulatory system .

It’s own activation is sent through this channel . A good analogue is an information packet . A sender address and receiver address is necessary . If the immune system receives in transit large numbers of entangled pairs without addresses , it treats these as corrupted messages to it . It activates at best guess , but it is not very smart .\
Immune quorum systems spring to mind .

Where is the smarts ?
See http://andreswhy.blogspot.com : “Artificial Intelligence”
AI(0) is the basic state of the organism , subject to purely Darwinnian processes .
AI(1) is AI(0) plus language .
AI(2) is AI(1) plus writing .
AI(3) is AI(2) plus electronic media .
Visualization is a AI(0) process .

If you are AI(3) , your immune system is bombarded by packages which are not properly addressed . Not only are addresses not right , but the system does not allow for light-speed delays . It is rather embarrassing to the Immune system to mount a response to a threat that did not make it past the first hurdle . The next one gets treated more leniently . The bugs have learned to exploit this .

What to do ?
Visualize it (AI(0) )
Speak it aloud (AI(1))
Write it on paper (AI(2) )
Input it into your computer (AI(3))

This is not trivial .
Each process activates different levels of the mirror-neurons that comprises your mind. You have to do it exactly as prescribed . Intentions are not good enough .

Vizualize it , speak it ,write it , input it .

Programming the Immune system .
Do exactly as above .
This will give about a 0.333 probability of success .
To boost this , use the Wishing Machine .
Prayer is about as good .

This uses Beth(0) random processes to convert 2/3 of probability of failure to 1/3 of a probability of success . The probability of success is then 1/3+2/3x1/3 = 5/9 (slightly more than 54%)
This is actually a beth(1) process . Ie humans are involved .
In other words , being beth(1) positive (Positive Thinking) actually works . To the tune of 4% above beth(0) chance .

We expected something of the sort from the symmetry-breaking as described in previous posts about exchange-rates .

The conclusion is inescapable : Positive Thinking (ie using the Wishing Machine in a primitive form) adds about 2% to the probability of success (ie growth rate.)

Being realistic is less than the 4% of the expected , and is thus interpreted as being negative .

To be seen as realistic , add 4% to your estimates and be hailed as a guru .

Being relentlessly optimistic , pays .
Between 2% to 4% across any society , comprised of any sapients .

How does this translate ?
It is actually a description of beth(1) directed probabilities .
Any society with language and writing will end up here .

And what does this have to do with ball-joints , after all ?
Everything .
The reason why you have ball-joints in your shoulders and hips , but not your elbows and knees .

Why “slap-chips” will describe certain cyborgs in the vernacular ,

Nano-balljoints controlled by entangled pairs will be really interesting.

And so it creeps .