Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gulf Oil Spill update

Gulf Oil Spill
Andre Willers
1 Oct 2010

An update : what is happening ?

Discussion :
I was horrified to learn from a cursory Google search that Kevlar materials were routinely used as material sleeves . The new bacteria thus had plentiful templates .

And here I thought it would take some time . Instead , bio-kevlar is already being created . This is going to have some major ramifications .

Global cooling :
A pulse of increased oxygen and decreased CO2 will result , as small organisms get armoured up faster than predators . This can already be seen in the decreased temperature of the GulfStream . Europe can expect some interesting weather .
The effect is non-linear . An awful lot of Kevlar-butterflies .
Expect more forest fires as O2 spools up .
Expect an ice age .

Remember , Kevlar is higher energy than calcium . The White Cliffs of Dover will become the Kevlar cliffs . (I do not know what color Kevlar biological deposits will be like : most probably grey )

And the deposit rates will reflect the heightened biological activity . Very fast .
Humans will be lucky to survive outside of the shore-ranges .

This has not happened before , so there is no DNA memory mediated by heat-shock proteins to fall back on .

The ass-holes who did this will typically try and correct it , making things worse .

This is happening as we speak .

Interesting times .
At least the fishing will be good. The question is for whom .


Friday, September 17, 2010

Fever .

Fever .
Andre Willers
17 Sep 2010

Hot stuff .

Discussion :

We know that chemical activity doubles with every 10 degree Celsius rise in temperature . But see what this does for even a moderate fever .

Temp Activity=2^deltaTemp
37 1.0
38 1.017
39 1.148
40 1.23
41 1.319
42 1.414
43 1.515

Organs literally starve to death .Especially the brain , the heaviest energy user .
They need fuel !
It is not the high temperature that kills the bugs . (Else they would have evolved past them . )
It is the body's defense systems going into overdrive .
For that it needs fuel . In order , Alcohol , Sugars , Proteins , Fats .
(Irish coffee , anyone? )

Cooling the Brain:
Cool packs of about 12 degree Centigrade around the neck should give optimal results
Once again we use the minimal error argument : about 1/3 of the range between 0-37 Celsius.

But why does it need cooling ?
Those pesky neurotransmitters . They take energy and materials . Higher temperature stimulates production , but not recirculation .

Intelligence :
A simple test .
Measure the heat-shock proteins inside the brain . This should show the level of activity in the brain for present humans .

The Shower :
Cools the brain , but keeps the body heated .
The recipe of Western dominance .

Global warming will decrease average human intelligence .

Keep cool , Man!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Music Notation and the Abacus

Music Notation and the Abacus
Andre Willers
15 Sep 2010

"No stave , no symphony ." Christopher Page

Synopsis :
The synthesis of music with the abacus by Guido of Arezzo (circa 1010 AD) led to the Stave Musical notation . This opened up entire new ecologies of music composition and reproduction . Architecture and religious memes were severely affected .

Discussion :

1.History :
Without a musical notation , large groups of humans are limited to chorus effects or individual artistes . Complex coordination is not possible .
Examples are the Greek theatrical chorus , any chorus like work chantys , anthems ,etc .

This was the state of play around 753 AD , when Pippin of France and Pope Stephen II signed a "pacis foedera" at Pippin's Farm Palace near Ponthion in the Champagne . A mutual aid pact .

Included in this deal (probably much against his will ) was Simeon (of Greek or Syrian descent) , who was second in charge of the Roman Schola Cantorum .
(Nobody remembers the name of number one . The dangers of academic politics .)
The Gregorian Chant (Frank-Roman chant) rose from Simeon's teachings .

Fast forward to the early 11th Century AD .
The climate and civilization had improved . Populations exploded . Useless younger sons were sent off to the capital to get some polish and out of underfoot . Many of them ended up in the Choir , to the music-master's despair .
This person was Guido of Arezzo .
At first , he could only teach them by exposing them to all the thousands of tunes that had accumulated and requiring them to memorize them .

His students had no talent , lots of money and an aristocratic hauteur , but he had to deliver people who could sing in tolerable harmony . The usual academician's nightmare .

But many of them came from commercial backgrounds , and were intimately familiar with the Abacus . Some of them started using the positions of the counters on the abacus to represent tunes as an aide-memoire .

Guido gratefully seized on this . To give him his due , he never claimed that he invented the notation , only that it gave his students more time for " prayer , for the recitations of Psalms , for nocturnal vigils and other duties they can perform cum puritate" .("Epistola ad Michahelem" ) . Right .

It was a communal academic effort , and their academic master seems to have been a fairly nice guy in not grabbing all the glory for himself (as would happen today) .

The signature is that there is no fixed date . (Processes never have fixed dates , but glory-hounds always have.)

What happened then ?
His students spread all over Europe , returning to their roles as minor aristocracy , but still remembering having being part of something grand and world-changing . Symphonies and Orchestras flowed out of this . Also Cathedrals and Opera houses .
A tradition of Culture .
Still lasting to this day .
Not bad .

Printing and Composers :
There was an insatiable demand for new tunes . These could be printed . The bread and butter of printing houses and composers . The underlying demand that made moveable-type printing profitable .

New Instruments :
This led to demand for new instruments like the clavier .

The explosion of cathedral building was a direct result of heavenly choirs in huge acoustic environments . The choirs were only possible because of the musical accompaniment . And this was only possible because they read the music .

But notice the role of the dirigent . Rieux , von Karajan and backward to Guido of Arezzo .

Opera Houses:
Culture with a vengeance .

The concept of Heaven :
Playing the harp in concert with the chorus .
I presume the electric-guitarist playing "Bad moon arising" must be a Protestant .

The Algorithms :
1.Music-to–Abacus .
The abacus would be decimal , with Roman subsections on V . Hence the 5 staves on left and right .Call the Set of Rules Alg(M,A)
A musical tune can be expressed as a single number by using the abacus number algorithm . (Eg 67387665) (ie treating the notes on the bars as numbers )
Cf Godel numbers .

2.The inverse:
This is a typical trapdoor function .
A single number cannot easily be translated back into a tune . But it is handy for indexing purposes . Hence the later habit of calling new compositions by number .

Generating new tunes:
Generate a set of numbers from popular tunes from the Set of Rules Alg(M,A).
Inverse it with a Genetic algorithm to give appealing tunes .
Add a small spice of random mutation , and the we have new tunes of life .


Friday, September 10, 2010

Mexican Gulf Oil Spill.

Mexican Gulf Oil Spill.
Andre Willers.
10 Sep 2010

Synopsis :
The biological agent responsible for eating 80% of the spill seems as man-made as the original spill . The agent has to be biodegradable . Hence , fishing is going to be very good in the Gulf of Mexico for the next decade .

Discussion :

Plan 9:
A last ditch plan involving the US Govt , BP , Venter and others who created an artificial organism that incorporated pre-oxygen molecular machinery ( archaeo-bacteria ), together with some newly designed ones .

Using principles as set out in "The Beauty of the Genetic Code" 22 Feb 2010
Reminiscent of the Manhatten Project .

When the previous plans failed , the cultivated organism was bubbled out alongside the oil-spill . It performed better than expected .

It’s population exploded exponentially , not decreasing the oceanic oxygen level below fish survival concentrations .

The lack of oxygen depletion is a signature of human intervention .

The organism grows by replicating itself , using the oil , but very little use the of oxygen in the surrounding sea-water . (Think gun powder) . Hence the explosive growth (Probably a design requirement , given the low O2 concentration in seawater.)

But this means that the products of the organism (itself or it's excretions) are high energy . Since a bio-organism was used as a chassis , these are nearly certain to be usable by other organisms in the food-chain .
An explosion in the number organisms in the food chain can then be expected .

Really , really good fishing can be expected .

Safety :
As expected , this has been kept secret , since few of the safety protocols have been followed.

From a purely environmental viewpoint :
The organism (call it Vee) will persist , purely from evolutionary principles . If Vee can flourish in the wild , it will stay and evolve in the wild . Not a problem . Oil fields can be insulated . It will be spread by ships like any other contaminant

If archaeo-bacteria have been used as part of the gene-structure (as seems likely) , oxygenation should prevent most problems involving hydrocarbons in fishes and mammals . This has been going on for hundreds of millions of years .

This means that Vee would be handled like a normal infection .

Remember , this has happened before . Only , now it is faster . Predator species will switch on unknown genes .

Interesting times .

A much less probable scenario :

That a natural organism did this .(Spin doctor scenario.)

Counter-arguments :
1.It has not been observed in other oil spills .
2.Extreme speed of propagation . Even if existing organisms switched on oil-eating genes , there are simply not enough of them in the clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico .
3.Lack of oxygen depletion . (The kicker) Not possible in a natural system .

Long-term Safety .
This intervention seems to have gone down quite successfully .
This opens the gates to more dubious endeavours .
Exactly my fears , as expressed in "Apology"
Humans should not have learned to stitch together codons of different numbers of coding amino acids before understanding how these are translated .
Now , anything can happen . And will .

A Personal Note:
I did not expect such a drastic , large scale application so soon . But , I suppose , needs must .
The Intervention will be a mix of :
nAminoAcids + nStops + nStarts = 1/3 * 4 ^ 3 = 1/3*64 for mammalian DNA
nAminoAcids + nStops + nStarts = 1/3 * 5 ^ 3 = 1/3*125 for mammalian DNA
nAminoAcids + nStops + nStarts = 1/3 * 4 ^ 4 = 1/3*256 for archaeo-bacteria DNA
where the prefix n denotes "number of"
Designer molecular structures will need this relationship , especially the 1/3 , since this incorporates the reserve infinity arguments to ensure stability .( Stability is the biggest problem in ephemeral DNA events .)

This will be reminiscent of the post-Cambrian on fast-forward .
The Gulf of Mexico will have high-energy food sources available , combined with
Vee and Vee-evolutionary results .

Expect some weird , but also very useful things .

Biological Kevlar armor is a near certainty .
Your nearest friendly crab would need a armour-piercing missile to eat it .
Very Green , but I doubt whether they had that in mind .
Worry if it gets into grasses .
Human predation would ensure that very strong structures survive ,
We are breeding our own survivors . Look at the numbers .

The bleed-through into human genetical structures is a certainty . Is already happening .

It cannot be stopped , either , without sterilizing the whole planet .

Gumbo anyone ?


Monday, September 06, 2010

Crocodile High .

Crocodile High .
Andre Willers
6 Sep 2010

Your old school about 200 million years ago .
Crocodile fat lowers the threshold of the triggers of THC receptors .
Receptor sites are on the tongue and around jaw hinges .

Discussion :
1. Marijuana effects are amplified by using very small dabs of crocodile fat on the hinges of the jaw and the tongue . (Effective even without Marijuana )
2. See "Crocodiles"
3. The reason is that THC receptors evolved as a priviliged communication channel in early times . Plants evolved THC stimulants as a hijack .
4. The jaw-bone hinges are the most conservative genetical elements of the animal . Gotta eat . Old receptor sites lurk here , well , like crocodiles .
5. Reproduction sites (like the groin) is not nearly as conservative .
6. Music: an even older system lurks here . Rhythmic and percussion elements are inherent in the THC receptor sites , as they interface between pressure and chemical concentration events and the neural system .
7. Ho ! Fishes should see croc fat as a hyper-real stimulant !
8. No wonder crocs survived so long . Crocs would leak croc fat as a lure .Easily tested . The fishes would go mad .

New Teeth :
A dab of croc fat on chewing gum and behind the jaw-hinges should mobilize stem-cells even in humans .

Do crocs get diabetes ? Yes . I refer you to the croc deaths in the northern provinces .Something is blocking the metabolic pathway utilizing fats , allowing the fats to decay .
Crocs from more northern parts have the genes to solve it . Dumping them in the river will solve the problem .This begs the question whether there is a pathogenic signal forcing human fat into pathogenic fat .

The crocs are singing like canaries , but very belatedly .

It seems like a denial-of -service attack
Crocs should have a defense , basically a banding (a simplification ,ie a fluctuation in the amygdala. ) . Them dying is simply the way the croc system works .

Think of them as the macro-antibody .
Them dying is the defense . Watch the small ones .
The number of interactions are not particularly large (15!) , but challenging to human systems without guidelines .

Beware of low-flying crocodiles .

Andre .

Friday, September 03, 2010

Financial Crisis 3 Sep 2010

Financial Crisis 3 Sep 2010
Andre Willers
3 Sep 2010

Synopsis :
Will rising food prices trigger another financial crisis like in 2008 ?
See "Financial Crisis 14 Feb 2009"

No .

The old bubble was fuelled by future expectations , which was determined by the Hysterical Focus at the time . (Which was fuel)

The Hysterical Focus is the mechanism whereby Humans determine large-scale directions of collective effort .
See "Inside the ignition of an hysterical focus"

Internal revolution is a much more likely route .
See RSA , Mozambique , at present .
Eastern states will follow .
Then Europe , then USA .

The Hysterical Focus has changed .

Green is Good , like Dollar notes .

The desire is the same , but the Focus is different .

Notice that it is only two years since the last crisis . Yet even politicians are scrabbling to keep up .
They think that greed is a universal . It is actually an add-on .(1/3)

And so it goes .

And where do you put your money ?
Immaterial .
Money is becoming more and more worthless as the resources of the society grows .
Within 50 years most of the present concerns or share of communal wealth will be meaningless .

Which is why I keep on publishing on this blog .


Zero Point Energy .

Zero Point Energy .
Andre Willers
3 Sep 2010

Energy release is not explosive .

Quantum Zeno and Casimir effects measured in a chirping Riemannian-orbital way releases usable energy on a macroscopic scale , without resorting to quantum metamaterials .

Discussion :

1.Quantum Zeno effect :
The frequency of observation defines the quantum wave collapse .
("Nature" vol464 p967)

2.Casimir effect :
Netto energy effects between two parallel metal plates . This can be biased by choice of materials of plates (see "Nature" vol457,p170)

3.Riemannian-orbitals :
The Zeta function :
Zeta = Sigma(1/j)^z , z = a+ib , a complex function and j=1,2,3,… and i=(-1)^0.5

Interpret Zeta as a two dimensional graph in (j,Zeta) . It forms bands if a >2 .
These are Riemann Orbitals , found especially in nuclear processes .(ie strong interactions )

4.Chirping .
Perform measurements between two plates by chirping measurements (ie EM waves) in the proportion of (1/j)^(k) , where j=1,2,3 and k = 3,4,5,..

This biases measurements performed in the space between plates . Hence there are netto energy remainders . These sum according to the bias . The backlash is absorbed by the plenum (ie space-time) .

Macroscopic energy and momentum releases results .

You have tapped zero-point energy / momentum .

And off we go , chirping like finches .

Andre .