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Rife and the Histone code

Rife and the Histone Code.
Andre Willers
31 Dec 2010

Synopsis :
R.R. Rife developed a trial-and-error method of manipulating the Histone code in the 1930's , but without a theoretical underpinning , repeatability and Establishment acceptance were problems .
He also seems to have developed a meta-material optical microscope .
But meta-materials were totally unknown then .

The establishment duly crushed him .

Discussion :
1.Pleomorphism :
The Histone-code necessitates pleomorphism .
See "Epigenetics and PTSD"
DNA-code expression is controlled by the Histone-code .
Bacteria and viri see themselves as similar expressions of DNA-code , typed by some Histone-code of origin , one of ten .

2.Why ten ?
There are 10 Histone-code generators .
See "Epigenetics and PTSD" Addenda .
Hence 10 pleomorphic organisms : see Appendix A below .

The 10 Histone-code generators can get tacked onto 5 DNA bases . Hence , there are 50 fundamental resonances . These can be calculated from first principles .

Resonances can be used to stimulate or disrupt Histone-codes . Any rhythmic energy pulse will do . Radio , sound , light , tapping , chemical timing pulses , etc .

By using harmonics , precise stimulation can be applied to any particular member of one of the Ten Families at any stage of it’s life .

This is what Rife did .

Unfortunately , it leads to large tables , and hinders basic theory .

4.How many pleomorphic forms in each Family ?
The number of sub-harmonic nodes for each fundamental resonance is independent of the metric . These can be classified by prime and non-prime characteristics . So a first estimate would be the number of primes in a fundamental resonance .
This is what Rife did .
Stimulation at prime or factorised frequencies would have different results .

5.Chirping :
We can chirp frequency intervals around a prime number or factored number at will .

6.Interpretation :
These processes are the resultants of long evolution . Thus , we can apply principles set out in "NewTools Reserves" .
Optimal frequencies are at (1/3)^n of a fundamental frequency .
Chirp around these .

7.Mortality Oscillatory Rates (MOR)
Kills bugs and the disease .
Note the difference . Each of the ten families are still tagged with a harmonic identifier . Stimulating this enough will destruct them (apoptosis ) .
But the cellular system generating them must also be inhibited from creating more . Not apoptosis .Discouragement . Chirping around apoptosis frequency should do the trick .

8. Virtual Metamaterial Optic Microscope (V-Mom)
A magnificent achievement .
Rife used a large number of optic materials (quarts , etc) to create a virtual metamaterial . Twistors, optical delays , interference ,etc were used to create a virtual negative refractive index . This enabled magnifications up to 60 000 X . This was repeatable , but he got seduced by the Light-side .

This can be repeated immediately once it is known to be possible .Any PC can do the calculations .
Hint : reverse metamaterial's optics .

9.Spoilers .
For the conspiracy theorists .
The technology of Rife meant that mortal diseases could be broadcast via radio wave in a virgin field . This was 1939 . The technology was suppressed by the USA until the airways were full of spoiling signals .
The mishmash of electronic signals actually protects the ordinary person .
TV is bad for you .
No TV is even worse .

The USSR spent significant amounts on this technology , only to be defeated by advertising . Notice that most of the present Rife-technology for sale is manufactured in the old USSR states . By the same people who would have used it to zap you .

Of course , you could use an orbital EMP to increase a certain disease incidence , but why bother . If you had that capability , secondary effects would not play a role .
Typical Empire overreach .

And so it goes .
Andre .

Appendix A

Dr. Rife discovered that there were 10 groups of micro organisms. His investigations found that the
members of each group were all pleomorphic forms of the same organism. By changing the substrate they
grew upon, one could cause the organism to adapt and take on a different pleomorphic form. The
classification of the organisms that belong to the 10 groups is unknown. What is known are most of if not
all the members of one of the ten groups. This one group importantly contains the BX and BY virus. Dr.
Rife considered the organism to be a primordial cell and discussed this organism in a paper entitled
“ History of the Development of a Successful Treatment for Cancer and other Virus, Bacteria, and Fungi”
– December 1, 1953.

There are twelve organisms that all belong to the same group and may be considered as different
pleomorphic forms of the same organism. These are: BX virus , BY virus , B. coli rod, B. coli virus,
Streptothrix, B. typhosis rod, B. typhosis virus, Poliomyelitis Virus, Tuberculosis rod, Tuberculosis
Virus, Streptococcus, and Staphylococcus. There may be other members of this one group, but they are
presently unknown.
Now if these are all different life cycles of the same organism, it might stand to reason that there are CRF
BX – 17033662 and 1604000
Carcinoma 17033662/2127.06 = 8008.07
Staphylococcus 17033662/727 = 23420.07 478000/727.5= 657.04
Streptococcus 17033662/880.02 = 1935.99 720000/880.09=818.09
B. Coli rod 17033662/802 =21238.98 417000/802 = 519.95
B. coli virus 17033662/1552.04 = 10975.01 770000/1552.41=496.00
Sarcoma 17033662/2007.5=8485.01 Unknown
B. Typhosis Rod 17033662/721 = 23625.05 (NT?) 760000/721=1054.09
B Typhosis Virus 17033662/1862 = 9149.06 1445000/1862 = 776.04
Tuberculosis Rod (803) 17033662/830 = 21238.98 541142/830=651.97
Tuberculosis Virus (1600) 17033662/ 1600= 10646.03 Unknown
Streptothrix 784 17033662/784.02 = 21726.05 186554/784= 237.95
Polio Myelitis 17033662/unknown
NT = Numeric Transposition

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Why do they hate Americans ?

Why do they hate Americans ?
Andre Willers .
22 Dec 2010

Synopsis :
Non-Democratic Systems hate Democratic systems .
Why ?
Non-Democratic Systems see Democratic systems as perfidious .
Democratic shifts in interests is seen as betrayals by Non-Democratic systems . Hardwired unfairness memes kick in . Repeated broken promises are seen as belonging to the entire democratic society , instead of just factions .
Americans are just the latest in long series of Democratic systems labeled as treacherous and hated accordingly .

Discussion .
This is an old phenomenon .
Does "Perfidious Albion" ring a bell ?
Old Roman Republic had the same reputation .
Vikings (from whom most modern British institutions derive) had the same reputation for treachery . But , from their viewpoint they were quite law-abiding .
It is just that the laws changed with every Allthing .

1.The Advantage to Democracy :
1.1 Errors can be corrected without too much waste of blood or treasure .
1.2 Flexibility to exploit changes . A human specialty .
See "Megafauna Extinctions"

2.Symbiosis with Technological change .
Democratic societies cause and flourish with technological change , because they can handle the sociological changes . This is a positive feedback system . As seen for the last 400 years .

Democratic systems became dominant .

The Russian experiment in Communism failed .

The verdict is still out on the Chinese experiment . There is an emerging synthesis , but Democracy in this sense means more than just voting with your feet .

Present Democratic societies have at least two parties . What Party A promises is frequently reversed by successor Party B , then reversed again when Party A returns to power . And so forth .
This thoroughly confuses non-democratic systems .
The nation gets a reputation for being perfidious . Betrayal is one of the stronger human memes , fuelled by hardwired fairness concepts .

Sigh .
Most humans would rather be consequent than right .
This sums it up in a nut shell for nuts .

Remember , Non-Democratic Systems is shorthand for a small , dominant population group that can bullshit the majority by manipulating the Unfairness mechanism .

4.Fractal Politics .
New modalities of human interaction bypassing the old 150 person boundary (Facebook) means that political parties will proliferate .
See "Facebook , Friends and disciples" 12 Nov 2010

5.Economic consequences :

General rule of thumb :
Large scale concentrations of economic resources is inversely proportional to the number of political parties .

This means :

Large companies love Emperors .

Fractured political systems means fractured wealth concentrations .
A more effective Democratic system increases the number of alternatives , thereby decreasing the concentration of resources on a single item . Ususally a Good Thing .

Large companies unbound by Reagan-era deregulation will become bound again .
Commercial control of the legislature becomes more fragmented .
The pendulum swings back again .

The Budget Model of allocating resources becomes less relevant as the number of political parties increase . This is independent of regulation .
An emergent self-organization system .

Intriguing reversal to some of the Outpost Models of colonial times as technological differentials increase in the run-up to the Singularity .
See "Fuehrer Prinzip" 5 Oct 2009

Academia :

The success of the present Western Civilization can be largely ascribed to the Universities , which published knowledge freely and was funded from the public purse .

The commercializing and politicizing of Academia has led to the unfortunate compartementalizing of streams of information .Most fundamental research is now being done by companies or defense establishments , which do not share their findings .

This leads to a hatred of democracies , as they profess one thing and commercially do the exact opposite .

The dreaded intellectual property rights , enforced by the Empire's Military and Economic clout .

See what happened to the Spanish Empire vs England and Dutch in an analogue situation .

Do not give an order that you know will not be obeyed .

Can this survive the fragmentation of authority inherent in the increase in the number of political parties caused by Facebook ?

See effects of WikiLeaks . Assenge is like a modern-day Francis Drake . It is only a matter of time before the emphasis changes from political to commercial .

What does this mean ?
Political systems will adapt , but will be much less monolithic .A phase change in economic-political systems from profit to (profit + green profit) becomes more likely ,
where Green profit is in an extra currency . See previous posts .
See carbon trades .

Compliments of the equinox to all .


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Smart , Strong Material .

Smart , Strong Material
Andre Willers
21 Dec 2010

Synopsis :
A cheap , smart , strong material can be made by 3D printing process producing threads using Aragonite , clay or a suitable brick-material , mortared by a suitable conducting polymer . Present , mature weaving technology can weave a super-strong material with embedded chips for smartness . (Not to mention TV screens .)

Discussion :
See NewScientist 13 Nov 2010 p46 "Feat of clay"

In the biological clam , the Mother-of-Pearl (Aragonite structure) is achieved by slow growth . It is also stronger than steel . Optical output is random , but appealing .
Similar materials have been made on small scale using clay .

Scaling-up has been hampered by a slow "curing" process , necessitating slow growth .
We are not limited by biological growth . (But keep it small .)

The Process
(My Xmas Gift for 2010 : Free according to all freeware protocols)

A very thin thread looping past an ordinary ink-jet printer with different heads printing Aragonite and a polymer , then through an ageing environment (ie mild heat , acidity , etc ) will build up into a thread of desired thickness .

The thread can then be further treated .
Eg the original starter thread can be dissolved out and replaced by a conducting superglue , giving a really , really tough thread .

The existing , mature weaving technology can then be used to weave any desired material . Eg armor , TV screens , invisibility clothing , temperature suits .

Smart chips can be cheaply implanted at this stage , but a neural-net of some type would be needed for the cheaper materials . Connections between the material and the chips would be rather haphazard and some learning would be required .

Strength :

A preliminary look indicates that cables woven from the threads would have a sufficient strength-to-weight ratio to function as space-elevator cables .

Military armor should outperform present specs by factors of 10-100 .

Even everlasting razorblades or tyres should finally be possible .

A new occupation :
Taking the clothes to school .
Armor will need to be trained .

Expensive materials might try for programmed interactions , but this is not advised for armor . Neural networks are more robust in case of damage .

TV screens:
An optical-conducting thread-core and a meta-material brick opens up some intriguing speculations .

A true invisibility cloak is possible . Smart , too .

Extreme heat-insulation or heat-dissipation become possible .
Note the similarity of thread-structure with polar-bear fur .

LED's in the material can give any camouflage output .

Including your favourite TV program .

This is then a cheap , printable , flexible TV screen .

Inverse camouflage .
Wear your favourite soapie .

How Smart can the Clothes be ?
Given the present rates of progress of processors , a suit of clothes soon might be smarter than the wearer . Something long suspected , in any case .

So what will happen if the owner dies ?
Gives an entirely new meaning to "Second hand clothes"
And what if one of a pair of socks wants a divorce ?

(Note the mystery of the vanishing single socks .
Time-traveling socks looking and finding for adventure and a savage mate ?
Gloves do not bear thinking about .
But only the truly perverted will wonder about crotch-straps . )

All this with an ink-jet printer and some software off the internet .

Ho-Ho-Ho !

Merry Xmas !

Santa Andre

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Megafauna Extinctions.

Megafauna Extinctions .
Andre Willers
18 Dec 2010

Synopsis :
Mainly America , Australia .
Humans did not cause the extinctions , but exploited the ecological gaps opened by the extinctions . Hence the temporal uncertainty . Extinction first , then quick human exploitation , stabilizing the ecosystem . Human guilt is over-driven .

Discussion :
1.Human conceit .
Humans think they can just walk into an existing ecosystem in it's full maturity and upset the applecart with a few puny tools .

Marketing analogue :
A new organism entering an established ecosystem face the same problems as a new product being foisted upon an existing economy .

Ask any foreign marketing executive how difficult it is to break into a fully developed local economy . Deep pockets and sustained effort is needed . The mathematics and economics have been exhaustively studied . I see no reason to re-invent the wheel . Look it up .

(Look at how tenuous the hold of the early settlers in North America circa 1600 AD really was .)

The human family-groups trickling into North-America or Australia over long periods went extinct or hung on by their fingernails .

2.The Extinctions :
Something drastically altered the ecosystems . Suddenly , humans could survive in more numbers . They enthusiastically exploited the gaps . This might have caused some extinctions , but the initial impetus was external .

2.1 North America
Humans trickle in via Bering strait , but hang on by their fingernails .
Extinction event : Comet fragments impact circa 13 000 ya .
Evidence of impact craters and impact sphericules have been found .
Ecosystem drastically affected .
Human numbers explode as competition for niches decline .
Surviving megafauna hunted to extinction .

Note that diseases would not have played a major role , as the Bering-landbridge allowed contact .

2.2 Australia
Humans trickle in via North Australia , mainly hunting parties .
With them comes rats , birds and marsupials from the Asiatic mainland . As Jared Diamond would say , they had no guns or steel , but germs they had . The Australian continent had been isolated from the pestilential breeding-grounds of Asia . Now these diseases sweep through the Australian continent over a period of thousands of years , severely impoverishing the local ecosystems . (Circa 70 000 – 45 000 ya)
Humans then move in and hunt the few survivors to extinction .
But the local ecosystems remain impoverished till today .

2.3 Africa
It is usually pointed out that it did not happen in Africa because of some mutual adaptation between humans and animals . (Diamond)

Rinderpest .
Unfortunately , it did . Called Rinderpest . (Circa 1890 AD)
A bovine disease that followed an Asia->Europe->Africa route that killed more than 90% of African bovines . This was an event whose ramifications are still working its way through the African ecosystem.
The human effect was of genocidal proportions .
Easily on par with the Australian extinction event .

Notice the speed , ferocity and effectiveness of the reaction . Rinderpest has been eradicated . Killing cattle activates some very old memes (Celtic , Bantu , etc)
Humans can do something right if they really , really try .

2.4 Euro-Asia
The same thing happened on an accelerated timescale . Every time a Virtual Continent was created and isolated (ie an Empire) , a Plague of some sort comes along , breaking the borders .

3.Summary :

3.1 As a Strategy , better communications with localized quarantine seems superior to prevent a large scale Extinction-level events . Chop it up into little Events . The present strategy .

3.2 Human guilt :
Overdone , to put it mildly .
A good argument can made that humans actually prevented a deeper collapse of the eco-systems by aggressively moving into and managing the vacated niches .

Nothing could have saved the megafauna of North-America or Australia once their ecosystem had fallen below a certain level . This was not caused by humans .

A quick eradication of top-level herbivores and predators enables a fast recovery to a less complex ecosystem . At least there is something , not just a desert , as could easily happen as top-level organisms battle for sustenance in an already impoverished ecology .

As for the bacteria and viruses , might as well blame Life or Gaia . Things change .
Humans are just better at exploiting and managing change .

Intriguing speculation :
The mass-shooting of game in Southern Africa circa 1900 AD might have been necessary to stave off a collapse of the grass-lands . These grasslands depend on herbivore dung to fertilize them . Needless to say , large numbers of herbivores are needed . But there is a theoretical maximum of herbivores , derived as follows on a first iteration :
Dung ~ nHerbivores
But also Dung ~ (nCarryingCapacity – nHerbivores)
Thus , Dung ~ nHerbivores *(nCarryingCapacity – nHerbivores)
This gives a quadratic equation on nHerbivores , with a maximum .
This means that you can always find an optimal number of herbivores for any given grass feeding ground .
Herbivores = game + cattle .
Rinderpest hit cattle far harder than game . In the short term it meant less dung from cattle , hence smaller carrying capacity of the land . In the long-term this would have been compensated by increased births of game . But these were managed farms . The niche for future births had to be left open to cattle . Thus game numbers had to be reduced .

In other words , if it had not been done , large parts of south Africa would now be desert .
The real argument is much more complex , but this is the gist of it .

Did collapse of the grasslands happen in other parts of Africa ?
I do not know , but suspect that many aspects of desertification can be traced to this cause . The effects are still working through .
Just another result of Rinderpest and human attempts to manage the effects .

4. Surprising Verdict :

Not Guilty !

Amerindians and Australian Aborigines were Not Guilty of killing off their Megafauna .

Instead , for sheer survival , they had to run around and cobble up a workable eco-system out of the ruins , with very few tools and little understanding . They did a fair job .

This resolves quite a number of niggling inconsistencies between the way the Amerindians and Aborigenes saw themselves (as custodians and sharers ) , contrasted to some other interpretations .

Fiat iustitia coelum ruat .


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Epigenetics and PTSD

Epigenetics and PTSD
Andre Willers
13 Dec 2010

Important , but transient , events are tacked onto DNA , but not into DNA .
These lessons are expressed through logic gates formed by activation/repression of genes :This forms the Histone Code . It also regulates transcription of short-term memory into long-term memory .
Methylation is only one of these methods. (See Annexure A)

A traumatic memory (like Famine) for an individual can then be transcribed into a PTSD memory , but also into an Epigenetic memory affecting later generations of cells and children .

Ordinary memory works the same way , but with less emphasis .

Note the beautiful elegance of multiple usages for the same mechanism .

The switch and intensity for different usages is encoded into the same structure .
The Histone Code has 10 known modifications (see Addendum A) . From basic principles , only 4 are needed for primary data storage . The others are usage switches and intensity gauges . (Note the correlation with number of dimensions needed in String Theory – for the same reason)

Medium-term Structure , continuity and memory is conferred on the DNA by the Histone Code , which itself is of a different transience (time-span) than DNA . This makes the whole complex more stable , since mutual error-repair is (in theory) possible .

The DNA Code and the Histone Code are in mutual symbiosis .

Truly elegant .

Attack Points :
1 Coding
For this type of compression
See "Unpacking and Packing Information" 19 Jul 2008
See para 3.1 and 3.2 below .

2 Methylation reduction :
See "BetaBlockers and Trauma memory" 30 Apr 2010
Extensively used .

2.2Comfort foods : theobromine (Chocolate)
Recent studies have indicated that about 6 gm of cacao mass per day reduces blood overpressure by about 46% . The indications are that it clears blood-vessel memory of stressor events (ie wiping an epigenetic memory) . De-methylation . .

Had a scare ?
Take two squares (about 7 gm) of 85% Cacao chocolate .
Maybe more is better ? Be a devil and take another two .

2.3 Alcohol
A proven method , with some undesirable side-effects .
Chocolate liqueurs , anyone ?

2.4 Other drugs work to some extent (see Wiki) , but without at least an outline of the function of the Histone Code , intervention has to proceed with some trepidation .

3 Bacteria
From Wiki :
"Histones are found in the nuclei of eukaryotic cells, and in certain Archaea, namely Euryarchaea, but not in bacteria. Archaeal histones may well resemble the evolutionary precursors to eukaryotic histones. Histone proteins are among the most highly conserved proteins in eukaryotes, emphasizing their important role in the biology of the nucleus"

Note that the above implies that bacteria can have no sense of identity , but swap genetic (ie DNA) material in all directions . As is observed . An offshoot expressing all the possibilities of life .

3.1 Thus , we can use the techniques discussed in
See "The Beauty of the Genetic Code" 22 Feb 2010

3.2 These have been refined for use in the Gulf Oil Spill .
See "Mexican Gulf Oils Spill" 10 Sep 2010

Archaea bacteria can be used to probe the Histone Code , then usable bits can be stitched or expressed .

Some intriguing corollaries :
1. Humans with no diabetesII and very good natural long-term memories should patent their skin bacteria and sell them .
2. Proven and benchmarked PTSD individuals will have a marketable commodity .
3. Genealogy will become really important . Many mental problems (like schizophrenia ) can be reclassified as Epigenetic disorders . It has been shown that the methylation can come equally from the male or female for at least three generations. Thus the patients can now blame their Great-grand parents , grand parents or parents . This should ease the load on the parents , as most of the others should be safely dead .
4. Future Genealogy : Equally , present living progenitors would be anxious to avoid future blame and law-suits that they are not the source of the epigenetic handicap . A lawyer's paradise . Contracts do not void gross negligence . An interesting time for large , inherited estates . And the State will want it's share of health costs , as well . The mind boggles .
5. Class Action Suits by victims of wars , famines and other mass-traumatic events will become commonplace . See Tobacco . This should be extremely interesting in the case of Global Warming .Eg :The descendants of the victims of the Ethiopia Famine (caused by European atmospheric pollution) will have a class-action against the EU for damages suffered due to epigenetic factors .
6. Very good long-term memories will become commonplace .
7. And so forth

If this is too big a shock to your system , take this chocolate pill .
Dr Gaia will see you soon .

Andre .

Annexure A
From Wikipedia

Compacting DNA strands
Histones act as spools around which DNA winds. This enables the compaction necessary to fit the large genomes of eukaryotes inside cell nuclei: the compacted molecule is 40,000 times shorter than an unpacked molecule.
Chromatin regulation
Histones undergo posttranslational modifications which alter their interaction with DNA and nuclear proteins. The H3 and H4 histones have long tails protruding from the nucleosome which can be covalently modified at several places. Modifications of the tail include methylation,acetylation, phosphorylation, ubiquitination, SUMOylation, citrullination and ADP-ribosylation. The core of the histones H2A, H2B and H3 can also be modified. Combinations of modifications are thought to constitute a code, the so-called "histone code".[9][10] Histone modifications act in diverse biological processes such as gene regulation, DNA repair and chromosome condensation (mitosis).[citation needed]
The common nomenclature of histone modifications is:
§ The name of the histone (e.g. H3)
§ The single letter amino acid abbreviation (e.g. K for Lysine) and the amino acid position in the protein
§ The type of modification (Me: methyl, P: phosphate, Ac: acetyl, Ub: ubiquitin)
So H3K4me1 denotes the monomethylation of the 4th residue (a lysine) from the start (i.e., theN-terminal) of the H3 protein.

Annexure B
From Wikipedia

Histone methylation
Histone methylation is the modification of certain amino acids in a histone protein by the addition of one, two, or three methyl groups. In the cell nucleus, DNA is wound around histones. Methylation and demethylation of histones turns the genes in DNA "on" and "off", respectively, either by loosening their tails, thus, allowing transcription factors and other proteins to access the DNA or by encompassing their tails around the DNA, thus, restricting access to the DNA.
This modification alters the properties of the nucleosome and affects its interactions with other proteins.
§ Histone methylation is generally associated with transcriptional repression.
§ However, methylation of some lysine and arginine residues of histones results in transcriptional activation. Examples include methylation of lysine 4 of histone 3 (H3K4), and arginine (R) residues on H3 and H4.
For many years histone methylation was thought to be a permanent modification. Very recently two families of histone demethylating enzymes were discovered.
§ The first was Lysine Specific Demethylase 1 (LSD1) which is an flavin-dependentmonoamine oxidase which can demethylate mono- and di-methylated lysines, specifically histone 3, lysines 4 and 9 (H3K4 and H3K9). This enzyme cannot demethylate tri-methylated lysines and for a short while it was thought that tri-methylated lysines may indeed be permanent modifications.
§ In late 2005 the Jumonji domain-containing (JmjC) histone demethylases were discovered which are able to demethylate mono-, di-, or tri-methylated lysines thereby disproving the theory that histone methylation is permanent once and for all. Although this conclusion has since come into question.[1] Two specific JmjC histone demethylases are PHF8 andKIAA1718.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wrist-watch Straps and Disease Protection.

Wrist-Watch Straps and DiseaseProtection
Andre Willers
11 Dec 2010

Synopsis :
The ubiquitous wrist-watch strap acts as a reservoir for benign skin-ecosystem bacteria that greatly impedes malign bacteria populations .
Repeated and regular removal (ie nightly) of the wrist-strap promotes diabetesII .
A simple cure for DiabetesII is proposed.

Discussion :
The strap acts as an external appendix veriformis .
During normal wear , nutrients ( like oils ,fats , salts ) and skin bacteria accumulate in the crevices of the strap .
Hand washing , even with alcohol rubs , removes bacteria from the hands , but the strap is never sterilized .

The hand bacterial ecology then repopulates from the strap .
Hence the asymmetry between left-hand and right-hand bacterial ecologies . Nearly all watches (even for lefties ) are worn on the left arm .

Why is the repopulation benign ?
It is usually benign , unless there has been a prolonged period of illness . Straps worn during this period of illness should be discarded . Do not try to sterilize them , as this cannot be done .
During healthy periods , only benign bacteria make it to the surface . Some immune system elements also survive into the strap , leading to warfare between malign invaders and benign immune-system elements .
The influx of benign immune-system elements is limited , while the reproduction of malign elements are not .

This leads to the conclusion that a strap material that inhibits the reproduction of bacteria favours the benign side of things .

Luckily , we know that leather , wood , roughened silver or gold has this effect.
(Hint :stickles)
I do not know about other materials (research needed .)

Historical :
This might be urban legend :
In WWI young women packing machine-gun bullets into belts rubbed the belts on their thighs (cf Cuban cigars) . This was for good luck to their young men .
Machine gunners (especially the trusty old Vickers) hands were frequently raw or bloody as the belt rips through . Germans did not use women labour . The incidence of 1918 Flu was lower by two orders of magnitude on the English side . This would be because their hands were repopulated from pristine bacteriological sources . and Flu's are propagated mainly by hand to face contact .
An interesting speculation .

More important , flu epidemics are less frequent and not as serious as expected .
The major reservoirs of flu in the far east now all wear wrist watches . As expected , the flu epidemics are shorter and much less severe .

Babies :
Babies really need continual refreshment of their skin-ecosystem . Contact with the mother's skin helps , but frequent washing , especially of the nappy regions , removes benign bacteria . Most of the high death-rate of orphans without TLC can be ascribed to lack of repopulation by benign skin-ecologies . The malign bacteria win and eats the baby alive .

Baby Helpers :
Leather straps above the nappy around the middle .
Leather arm straps slightly above the wrist .
Leather strap loosely around the neck .

These function as reservoirs for benign skin-ecosystems . Do not wash them with the baby . Don't worry , the bacteria will find their way.

I use leather because I do not know of a better material .
There has been insufficient research on the long-term effects of metals and synthetics

Lifetime of a strap :
Look at the argument .Organisms survive in the strap , but if they are cut off from a source of nourishment (ie contact with the skin) , they are genetically constrained to switch on lethality genes in their competition for resources . The strap turns into a source of contagion and toxins . Sterilization will not remove the toxins . An acid and alkali bath should do the trick .

Logic indicates that items worn on the skin should be put into a freezer when taken off .

At room temperature , I can only estimate that an item unworn will spoil at the same rate as meat . About two weeks .
If you have not worn a skin-item for two weeks , really , really sterilize it or discard it .
Meta-study possibility : nurses and sisters on duty wear lapel watches .
Sigh . So much for that big study about nurses and diabetes .
See also "Problem with Randomization"

Wrist-watch strap and DiabetesII
The incidence of wrist watches and DiabetesII match very exactly .
The reason is that most people take their watches off at night .
The bacteria in the strap use up their food resources during the night , but are still alive and hungry in the morning .
When the watch is put back on , demand signals are sent back through the skin for more energy (ie sugar) .
The demand signals have evolved to lie :they use methylization methods to increase the priority of their resource demands . This persists for 3 generations of demands .

The body obliges , but cannot pinpoint the source of demand . The general sugar output is increased .

This would also hold for any jewelry routinely worn against the skin .

Epigenetic systems are involved (methylization is the signal sent back) .
Only items worn for a long time will elicit this effect .
To add insult to injury , this will affect 3 generations after you .

Evolutionary argument:
Decaying matter under fingernails . If not replaced , leads to hunt-generation and predator-selection switches going to hair-triggers .

This deserves a double Argh! . For stupidity .
All I needed to do was to wear my watch on a sleeve , not in contact with the skin and the sleeve daily washed . No diabetesII .
Oh well .

Once the system has stabilized , use Baby Helpers .

Caution :
Do not do this without medical supervision if you are on diabetic medication to reduce blood sugar levels . Drastic fluctuations are possible .

Sweet .

Andre .

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Predator Switch

Predator Switch
Andre Willers
9 Dec 2010

"The Prey is a lonely Hunter" Zen saying .

Synopsis :
A first iteration points out ADHD , Aspergers , Hyperactivity and Learned HelpLessness , with some suggested solutions .

The existence of a Predator Switch delineating chosen prey causes all sorts of consequences in existence or non-existence of delineated neural and psychological effects .

Discussion :

PredatorSwitch :
This is a very old mechanism . Fixation on a designated prey has major advantages for any organism with motility . Probably played a major role in the evolution of mobility and concentration(ie attention) .

Mirror Neuron Networks evolved from these concentrations of Activity and Attention. This led to Fairness (a nice little optimization problem)

Postulate a clump of neurons , which by it’s architecture classifies output as prey or non-prey .

A . The Logical Architecture :

1.Attention :
Attention (+x) <…………..> PredatorSwitch <………..>Attention(-x)

Where x is the degree of attention . (+x) would translate in extremes as Aspergers , while (-x) would translate as Attention Deficit Syndrome .

2.Activity :
Activity (+x) <…………..> PredatorSwitch <………..>Activity(-x)

Where x is the degree of attention . (+x) would translate in extremes as hyperactivity , while (-x) would translate as learned helplessness and depression .

MirrorNetwork(+x) <……….> AttentionSwitch <…………….> MirrorNetwork(-x)
Where x is the degree of attention mediated by feedback processes initiated by the PredatorSwitch . (+x) would translate in extremes as Saintliness , while (-x) would translate as Sociopathy .

See how it fits into a related spectrum around the Predator Switch ?

Attention Deficiency , HyperActivity , Aspergers (Hyper Attention) , Learned Helplessness (depression , lethargy) are all related and the system can shift between them with bewildering rapidity . Sociability follows .

Hunting the PredatorSwitch :
A nice little three-patch problem .
The twists and turns of the arguments are too long to show here (an exercise for the Dear Reader)
The results are simple :

PredatorSwitch is a distributed switch .
1.The Master Switch is the Pituitary . (Note Melatonin)
Subsidiary switches are
2.Hypocampus (neurotransmitters)
3.Amygdala (neurotransmitters and hormones)
4.Visual system (interruptors and glial signals) (Note research on toad-eyes)

These four delineated systems are the minimum necessary sufficient to handle contiguous dimensional transforms of data .
(See "The inside of zero" et al )
This is geek-speak for being able to form a continuous sensorium .With these four centers operational , an entity can make sense of an environment utilizing neural-nets with quantized parameters . (Cf " What it like to be a bat")
It is bounded at first iterations by ever-decreasing observational limits , culminating in the Planck limits of space and time .

Subsequent iterations gives sub-Planck dimensions . Also called Infinitesimal Calculus . Mathematics .

Studying infinities should have observable effects on fMRI .Cf music .

Interventions :
Most human problems can be described by various values of x in the three major parameters shown in A (The Logical Architecture) above . Interventions are individually known , then equally obvious in aggregates of three .
Try thinking a little .

I have thought of many algorithms to ameliorate most conditions covered by variations in the three basic variables in A above .
But who am I to prescribe to you ?
Do it yourself .

These give a 3x1 matrix for an individual and a 3x2 matrix for two individuals . The matrix rules of interaction are derivable .

Virtual individuals : (Children)
The first child slots into the 3x3 matrix willy-nilly . And so forth .It is a pity that sometimes this does not work out .

These calculations are fairly accurate to Beth(1) levels

"The Prey is a lonely Hunter"