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Do gods proliferate ?

Do gods proliferate ?
Andre Willers
21 Nov 2010

Synopsis :
Proliferation in the number of gods , each one with a commemorative day in a limited set of 365 days places an unbearable strain in societies in decline . This contributes to revolution or collapse .

Discussion :
Facebook :
Facebook enables humans to bypass the old limitation of 150 persons .
The question is : how many friends on facebook can you have to give a probability of 99% that every day of the year will be a birthday .
According to wikipedia it is 21 170 ( = 58*365)

Now do the same for gods or saints .
Being virtual , they do not share the 150 limit .
This number of commemorations puts an unbearable strain on primitive economies .
Especially if they are in decline .
Vested interests (priesthoods and god-kings) demand ever greater percentage of resources , until the very fabric of society tears .

See what happened to
The ancient Mayans , Egyptians , Roman-Greeks , Angkor-Wat , ancient Arabians , to a certain extent Bronze-age societies , France in medieval times , etc .

Even today , modern societies utilizes the various commemoritive holidays as reserve mechanisms (about 1/3 of a year) . See previous posts .
Going over this 1/3 optimum eats away at the society's competitiveness .

The economic appeal of mono-theism .
A point not exactly emphasized by religious historians .
Having one god is far cheaper than having a lot of them .
Especially in decline phases .

Roman Empire example :
Most emperors were made gods . They had commemorations , enforced by the priesthood and the Roman Army , who took a big share of the offerings . And the number of gods increased with each new emperor .
This was a tax .This became unsupportable as the economy and population declined .

A classical Hegelian Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis ensued .
The Roman Catholic Church (being , well , catholic) , imported the old gods and called them saints . This proliferated the number of entities needed to be honoured by adding human historical figures .

But the synthesis was that commemoration was not obligatory .

A very important point . It limited the support a religious order could extort . Neatly short-circuiting the whole priesthood problem into a voluntary thing . Also ensuring the break between State and Religion . (The State is a legal person , a virtual person in our terms . What is sauce for the gander , is sauce for the duck ) If religious liability for persons is limited , so is the liability of the state .

It is then possible to rebel against the priesthood without rebelling against the mono-theistic deity . (eg Protestants vs Catholics in Middle Ages) .

This is what happened .

Variations of this played out over the millennia .
In Eastern countries Buddha was conscripted into the same monotheistic role (something that would have amused him tremendously) .
Just look at all the Temples !

Theistic Drag .
The cost of the religious establishment .
Is it worth it ?

It cannot be zero . (Because A plus ~A See Toba and WWII . (Crux points : Altruism has a higher survival value . Proven the hard way .)
But too much altruism stultifies and destroys .(See above)

Optimal Religious Investment .

It exists , but shifts .

As an exercise for the Dear Reader , calculate the optimal investment of a society in religious establishments , in general and in particular for various civilizations and era's .
Show the effects of uncertain data on the error boundaries of the solutions .(to the nearest 3% )

Hints :
1.Use Pairs (to keep infinities to manageable levels)
3. "New Tools" , "TSP and QG" , "Problems with Randomization" , et al
4.Actual example : Judaic systems . A monotheistic system with a stripped down priesthood . Proven survivors .
Any explanation of Optimal Religious Investment must be able to explain this survivor . Note the size of Schules : about 150 . Are there Facebook schules , and how do they adapt to the larger virtual congregations ?

For those with too few or too many gods .


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Traveling Salesman Problem and Quantum Gravity

Traveling Salesman Problem and Quantum Gravity
Andre Willers
19 Nov 2010

A short , fast solution to the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) is deduced and a potential application to quantum Gravity proposed .

Discussion :
1.Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP)
While I solved this problem in May 2005 , it was a curiosity until I saw the article in NewScientist of 25 Sept 2010 " Dimensions vanish in quantum gravity" (p14) , which can easily be related to the Suburban solution of the TSP . Hence this article .

2.TSP :
A salesman travels from city to city . Calculate his minimum route .

This is described as a Hard Problem , since the brute-force approach involves all possible combinations of n cities . In other words , the PowerSet of n .
This approaches Aleph(1) as n grows large
(see "Problems with Randomization" , "Randomness2" et al)
This is normally translated as uncomputable (though I do not agree) .

Constraints :
2.1 The salesman and the cities are delineated . ie Have boundaries
2.2 The salesman arrives and departs only once per city .
2.3 The salesman ends up in his starting city (the classical , circular form)

Algorithm :
Overview :
Calculate distances between pairs of all cities .
Sort the pairs of connected cities in ascending order (The Trick !).
This is only n*(n+1)/2 in speed-size . Sort algorithms are very fast .

This is a reduced PowerSet .
Do you see why our universe runs on a reduced PowerSet ?
Reducing to pairs (which the constraint or Axiom of Delineation makes possible) enables us to keep things below Aleph(1) levels .
That is why the Algorithm below is possible .
Notice the cunning use of this by Nature in Sex , DNA pairing , immune systems et al.
Anywhere you see a pairing system , it means the PowerSet is reduced and humans can understand it .

Each city can have only one Arrival and one Departure . Go down the list of increasing distances , eliminating impossibilities until all Arrival and Departure slots are filled . Then stop . The cities not eliminated are the minimum route .
The arrival and departure slots are analogous to quantum states .
Only one available is analogous to the Pauli-principle .

Detail :
Let there be n cities .
Calculate the distances between pairs of cities .
Constraint 2.3 means there are only n-1 cities for calculation purposes because city(begin)=city(end) .
There are thus numL1 = (n-1)C2 = n*(n-1)/2 combinations .
These are distances between cities .
Sort them in ascending order , smallest first .
Every Length L has a city at each end .
Let each city have a dimension City(nID1,nID2 ,nArrivalFrom , nDepartureTo)
Total of dimensions required is numL1* n^4 = of order n^6

The simple algorithm :
Let every length be different . The cities are at different distances from each other . Then the solution is simple (which is why we mention it) :
Start with the shortest length L .
Eliminate all subsequent cities with the same departure ID as first Departure city .
Eliminate all subsequent cities with the same arrival ID as first Arrival city .

Proceed to the second length and iterate .

Stop when all Arrival and Departure slots have been filled .
Identify route You have it in a very short time , as the list reduces .

This can be considerably shortened , but I keep it simple to show the principle .

More complicated :
Aha !
What if there are multiple duplications in the distances between the cities ?
Then we can easily be stuck back in the brute-force approach . If the ratio's are wrong , we might even be stuck in a Aleph(1) situation .

The Suburban Solution .The elegant Solution .
We use the constraint as set out above :
"2.1 The salesman and the cities are delineated . ie Have boundaries"

Instead of traveling from city-center to city-center , our Salesman only needs to travel to a Suburb . We arbitrarily assign the distance of the suburb from the center , so we can have unique distances . We can then use the sorting mechanism .
This is The Trick !

We know what the minimum distance between any of the cities are (we calculated it at step one) . We know how many cities there are .

We can then calculate a distance dBurbMax from the city center that , no matter what distance we assign the Salesman's suburban target offset from the city-center , the sum of these n distances cannot exceed the minimum distance between any of the cities .
Recommended :use Random walk , but make sure it is Random !

We then simply iterate the Simple Algorithm above , which gives a boundaried solution , but the biggest boundary is smaller than smallest distance between cities .

Computations :
This leads to problems if dBurbMax < Planck length or number capability of computer .

Thinking out of the circle .
(The box is so passé)
Sub-Planck lengths can be approximated by looking at elements outside the circle , but that interact inside the sub-planck circle .
Shades of the Mach principle !

Which , of course brings us to Quantum-inertia and quantum-gravity .

Inertia :
This should be manipulable by letting dBurbMax straddle the Planck-length .
Be careful of the radiation release !
(A form of Hawking radiation)

However , gravity would need manipulation of dBurbMax at sub-Planck lengths and in Beth(1+) modes .

FTL communication :
This is implied by the above . Manipulation of inertia .

FTL travel :
Maybe a bit further . A higher order of technology required .

For literary worrywarts :
Death of the Salesman will really knock things asunder .
What happens if the Postman only knocks pi times ?

Pity .
I was hoping for easy anti-gravity .

Oh well ,

Andre .


Appendix A
From AW VB program TSP.vbp dated 24/5/2005
Rough programming notes for the Simple Algorithm.

Public Sub s_Doc()
'Symmetrical Travelling Salesman Problem Documentation
'1. Problem: n Nodes (Cities) are given .
'Find the minimum distances from any point returning
'to the same point,visiting each node once only.
'Symmetrical means A->B = B->A .
'Returning to the same point means that every node must have one
'arrival and one departure.
'There are m=n*(n-1)/2 links between nodes .
'For the minimum distance , n links must be chosen , ie n arrivals
'and n departures , one each per node .

'2. Algorithm
'2.1 Calc distances of links .(=set L1)
'2.2 Sort links in ascending order, keeping track of nodes involved.(=set L2)
'2.3 starting at left-hand(smallest link) , proceed link by link
'until every departure- and arrival node has been included at least once .
'2.4 This is the collection of minimum round-trips possible .(=set L3)
'2.5 The trick is now to eliminate as many of the longest distances possible.
'2.6 Starting at the right-hand of the collection L3 formed in para 2.3 above,
'goto the left hand (smallest)of L3 . If node(x) is in arrival at the
'furthest right-hand , try to find departures for the same node in the
'left-hand . Do the same for departures .
'Loop to the right-hand until number of arrival and departure
'nodes in RH are 1 or bigger.
'2.7 Goto the next one on the left of L3 and repeat .
'This gives set=L4
'2.6 The end result is the minimum distance by going from node 1 to n
'in collection L4
'2.7 Duplicate possible pathways means there are duplicate minimum lenghts.
'2.8 This is exact .
'2.9 Calculation time :
'Minimum:if there are no duplicate distances betwen any two nodes ,
'the calculation time is the sort time of L1 (para 2.2)
'Maximum:if maximum duplicate distances in every instance in L3.
'This has upper limit of ~n^4 using para's 2.6 onwards , plus minimum
'sorting time.

End Sub

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Problems with Randomization .

Problems with Randomization .
Andre Willers
16 Nov 2010

Synopsis :
Any random number of delineated items can be described as a non-random set .
What appears random , is not .

Discussion :
See "Randomness2" et al .

A quick derivation:
Let a delineated set of elements A() have Aleph(0) elements , ie countable .
Aleph(0) : A(1),A(2), A(3), … , A(Aleph(0) ) with n=Aleph(0) elements .

The Powerset of this is all the possible combinations C of the set of n elements .
This can be counted as : nC0 + nC1 + nC2 + … nCn = 2^n (Binomial expansion)
Where nCk=n! / { (n-k)! * k! }
But the PowerSet has (n+1) terms .

Now , pair each term nCk with a term in Aleph(0) set . We ignore SuperCounting . There will always be one left over . This means that the Powerset cannot be counted in terms of Aleph(0) . It must then be of a higher order of infinity . ie Aleph(1) .

This is iterated to give higher orders of Aleph .

Important note :
The meaning of repetition of terms in the basal Aleph(0) set .
Each successive Combinations involves the original terms . This denotes feedback processes or causal relationships .
Think feedback descriptions without the time-dimension .
They clump together .

Randomness :
Let Beth(m) denote the Order of Randomness of Aleph(m) .

Any finite selection of once-only combination of terms in Aleph(0) can be expressed as a term in Aleph(1) . (By definition)

If there can be more than repetition of an Aleph(0) term , then we can always (by definition) find a Aleph(x) term that incorporates these terms . But the true randomness is then expressed only relative to this particular term .
This can be exactly calculated , since the Aleph(0) items are delineated .
The numbers can be large , but ratio's and countability can be used .

The problem :
Randomization in medicine , marketing , etc is routinely used with naïve randomization on Aleph(0) items . But these are never random . Results can be extremely misleading .

How to choose a truly random set :
We use the trusty old diagonal proof :
Write the transfinite set as
Aleph(0) : A(1),A(2), A(3), … , A(Aleph(0) )
Aleph(1) : S(1,1) , S(1,2) , …
Aleph(2) : S(2,1) , S(2,2) , …
Aleph(w) : S(w,1) , S(w,2) , …

Where S(j,z) is Powerset of previous S(j-1),k)
Now do a change on each element of the diagonal and designate this diagonal set as Aleph(w+1) . This cannot fit any previous Aleph (by definition of diagonal Process)
This is an iterative , transfinite process , but it can be truncated at any stage to give a randomness with exactly calculated , finite boundaries .
(This is done all the time in Quantum Physics , to avoid those pesky infinities.)
What does all this mean ?
Sigh . All those nice little studies using random assignations of groups without taking into account feedback processes will have to be redone . At best , they are meaningless . At worst , they are harmful , giving false positives or negatives .
It is like doing a gene-analysis , and ignoring all the gene-repetitions . You see ?
Beth has many rooms .

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gaia Strikes Back !

Gaia Strikes Back !
Andre Willers
14 Nov 2010

Synopsis :
The success-rate of angiosperm reproduction has fallen due to reduction in Gaiean non-angiosperm reserves . This has major consequences for human food supplies .
(Indeed , alarm bells should be ringing loudly.)

Discussion :
See :
NewScientist 11 Sept 2010 p6 "Pollen crisis" : "The Flower , the Dinosaur and Puff" , "Tunneling Nanotubes ." and "Death of the Dinosaurs"

The effects of the decrease in Gaiean non-angiosperm reserves (mainly gymnosperms and fungi) was discussed at length . The decrease in pollinator numbers (ie bees and dependant species like frogs) was expected .

However , a new effect has appeared from 1999 onward .
(See "Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B , vol 365 ,p3187)
Naturally pollinated plants fared consistently worse compared to artificially pollinated plants (the effects of insect scarcity was eliminated : there was no pollinator scarcity in the test system .)

There are three possible explanations
1.Plants are producing less pollen .
2.Angiosperm double-fertilization has been reduced .
3.A combination of both .

The second possibility is truly worrisome .

The mechanism :
Some factors produced by gymnosperms and/or fungi were in balance with the angiosperm double-fertilization trick . The balance was at the discussed 1/3 non-angiosperm , 2/3 angiosperm level . This was the level about 90 million years ago .

(Typical evolutionary would be : inhibitors (A) of angiosperm double-fertilization would be inhibited by gymnosperm inhibitors(B1) and fungi inhibitors(B2) .
The success of angiosperms would then occur if B1<>B2 .
Angiosperms sort-of wriggled their way into exploiting the inequalities between the two systems .)

As the gymnosperm forests shrink (eg human deforestation , global warming) and fungal mass shrink (eg draining of marshlands , sequestering of sulfur-bearing biomass) , double-fertilization becomes rarer . B1 and B2 both shrink , leading to increased inhibition A .

The effects should be more pronounced at the borders of the three biomes .

Quorum mechanisms .
These most likely have been established , as this process has been around for about 130 million years .

This means that a sudden , catastrophic reduction of angiosperm reproduction to gymnosperm reproduction is not only possible , but likely .
Crop yields would fall by factors of 100 – 10 000 within a season .
(Something like a natural version of Monsanto's Terminator gene)

The resultant die-off of over-successful dependant species would re-establish business-as-usual from Gaia's viewpoint .

Artificial pollination in agricultural enclaves (like agricultural towers) is possible if they survive the warfare . (Cf ants and termites , who seem to have been here before)

Or else , the genetic- and bio-engineers could get off their duff .

It is doubtful if any political solution except war is possible . (Tragedy of the Commons argument)

We could awaken Gaia .
The Sleeping Princess with a vengeance .
It is definitely possible (probability about 80% in 2010)
This might happen in any case given present technology . Humans would be part of the gestalt .
(As discussed in : "Death of the Dinosaurs" )

This might seem like a political solution , but is it really ?
Does a weed negotiate with the gardener ? Only if it is smart weed and can be useful .
But autonomy would be limited .
(On the other hand , I have had spirited negotiations with crabgrass , and usually came out on the losing end.)

Interesting times in the gardens of Sol .


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Facebook , Friends and Disciples .

Facebook , Friends and Disciples
Andre Willers
12 Nov 2010

Synopsis :
Facebook and similar self-organizing systems are forcing a change in very basic human societal perceptions and interactions .

Discussion :
1.Let us put some numbers on it .
We know that 150 is the optimum human grouping . (Clan)
This in turn is grouped in pairs . (Families)
This gives N= 150*149/2 = 11 175 as the number of groups of two in the clan .
But 2^x = 11175 if x=13.447
The 2^x is interpreted as all possible combinations of 13 individuals will give the same number of combinations of families in a clan .

Hence the 12 Apostles+1 . This is a standard configuration because it is stable .
Cf ministers and cabinets .

Fractally , 2^y = 13 if y= 3.7

The inner circle will be 3 . The old Triumvirate .
This pattern has repeated over and over in history .

Why three ?
Because of humans having two sexes .
The family is 2 parents plus the successor child .

Back generation: do the inverse .
Lower boundary as first approximation = Sqrt( 2^(2^3) ) * 2 = 32
Upper boundary as first approximation = Sqrt(2*(2*4) ) *2 = 516

What does this mean ?
The smallest survivable human grouping is 32 .
The necessary sufficient human grouping for survival is 516/3 = 172 .
This is close enough to 150 for government work .
See "New Tools reserves"
See also Celtic Rule of 1/3 for expansion/expulsion .

So , humans configured around this , not the usual rather doubtful communication boundaries .

Facebook :
Facebook does not have an acquaintance setting . It is either Friend or nowhere in truly Aristotelian fashion . But humans dislike to say "No" . So they maneuver around it by increasing the number of friends , but only pay attention to a few (as calculated above) . But the Devil is in the decimals . If you interpret the decimals in the numerical arguments above as "Casuals" , then the acquaintances rapidly escalate above the necessary sufficient human grouping for survival of 172 .

Facebook is forcing a fundamental societal change , not seen since Toba.

Remember , pre-Toba the social structure was a cloud of hyper-smart males around a core of females and children .

Facebook is essentially a female tool . What the sites show are clouds of female relationships .

But now we have an even larger cloud of acquaintances , each one which can elevated at will to "More Friendly status" .

Think clouds of relations . Your brother's keeper with a vengeance .

Where is the Dark Side ?
It is inherent in the Dark Side that it cannot share an advantage .
No more need to be said .
It has inherent , self-imposed limitations .

Where can Darth Vader hang out with the boys , slurp up a few beers and brag what he will do to Princess Leia ? But you see , he cannot even do that . He is limited to his own few paltry neurons .

What to do ?
Facebook works best in large scale , exponentially increasing number of connections . Check in privacy and embarrassment at the door . You will never get them back .

Or creep into your shell and watch the universe go by .

The number of disciples needed :
After 12+1 the next stable number is 6653+1 . Maybe possible with Facebook . But to get 6653 humans to agree on anything is nearly impossible .
Or another way of thinking about it , this is the upper boundary for religious congregations . Things fall apart after that .
After that , it is 2^6654 , and good luck to you .

Conclusion :
You have to join in , or miss the fun . Also , if you don't you will have to repeat the lesson in the aftermath .

Ie Clean up the shit on your own doorstep . Teachers are never fair .

And so it goes .



Andre Willers
11 Nov 2010

Synopsis :
Updates of previous posts based on articles in the 14 Aug 2010 NewScientist.
This is a highly interesting edition .

Discussion :
1.This is an interesting edition of NewScientist
Not all editions are equally interesting.
All are equal , but some are more equal than others .
Note that the interesting-article distribution per weekly edition follows a power law (as expected with higher-order randomness)
This is fractal (ie , true regardless of field(s) of interest .
See "New Tools" , "Orders of Randomness" et al .

See "Sunspots" , "Sunspots2" Jan 2008

See 14 Aug 2010 NewScientist p14 "Frozen jet stream,violent weather"
Northern hemisphere Jet stream shows sunspot-induced stasis or accellarated changes near resonance frequencies . Relevance to Global warming .

3. !Click Language
See for !Click references around Oct 2009

See 14 Aug 2010 NewScientist p43 "Ear today , eye tomorrow"
MRI evidence of the neural mechanisms underlying the capability .
General acceptance and increasing research .
Electronic translators greatly speed up the process .
But be careful of TransCranial Magnetic Induction . This can severely disrupt working mechanisms .
Mechanical reading of subsurface rock "sonic paintings" and "sonic inscriptions" now possible . Very interesting . Try Pyramids ?

4.Evolutionary trauma handling .
See "Climate change,heat shock and evolution" and previous posts on the subject (referenced inside the article or Search)
See "Hibernation and Cryogenics" , " Birdflu update-4" Oct 2008

See 14 Aug 2010 NewScientist p46 "Heal thyself"

Very briefly : SIRS is a two-stage process .
(According to Singer , University College , London)
SIRS : Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome .
SIRS(1) : Fight mode . Fever .
SIRS(2) : Decrease metabolism . Switch off major organs .
SIRS(3) : Recovery . Switch everything back on .

(SIRS : a coarse outline according to AW's previous posts)

SIRS(1) : Fight mode . Fever . Switch off lethality genes in body-bacteria . Pasteurise the body . Keep new sources of infection out . Do not use mitochondrial inhibitants . Vit C in megadoses (+- 7gm/day) to mobilize immune system .

SIRS(2) : Decrease metabolism . The body switches off major organs into hibernation
Induction from high fever can be done by H2S (80 ppm) as discussed.
(Interesting aside : are there any old treatments for very high fever involving rotten eggs? )
Melatonin additives ? Sleep .
The immune system is another organ that is put into hibernation . New sources of infection (ie bacteria with lethality genes switched on) must be kept out .

SIRS(3) : Recovery . Switch everything back on , but in stages . Think of an electrical grid coming back up after a blackout .
This process starts with the beginning of SIRS(2)
Essentials :
1.Replace Gut bacteria (to enable nutrient absorbtion . Remember , most gut bacteria have been pasteurized during SIRS(1) to free the immune system guards hanging around on their butts surrounding the gut . See previous posts on "Gut" .(Hence Vit C megadoses) )
2.Raw materials (food) , especially Sulfur and Iron .
3.Mitochondrial stimulants.
4.Graduated Mental stimulation . For evolutionary reasons , brain demands on consumables have overrides on repair processes . The whole system's recovery priorities are governed by the brain . The switching on of various genes and organs are balanced with the switching on of various brain processes . So , do not interfere with the brain processes unless you really know what you are doing .
5.Pure water . Pasteurized at least .
6.Stay out of hospitals and go light on the antibiotics .

"Don't you love it when a plan comes together , especially if it is Plan 9 ." AW Team .


Friday, November 05, 2010

Flightrage and betablockers

Flightrage and Betablockers.
Andre Willers
5 Nov 2010

Synopsis :
Betablockers exacerbates fight-or-flight reflexes from quick altitude changes , due to activation of adrenal glands .

Discussion :

Example : Capetown to Johannesburg flight .

Aircraft cabins pressurize to 8 200 feet equivalent very soon after takeoff as plane reaches cruising altitude of around 30 000 to 40 000 feet . (Wikipedia)

This is calculated to be right at the edge of the 95% Gaussian distribution , since this costs less . If you fall into the 2.5% of the remaining upper end of the sickly , elderly or pregnant , too bad .

The passenger subjectively goes from sea level to 8 200 feet in a matter of minutes .

This causes the heart to try and speed up and increase its stroke in a linear fashion to get more oxygen to the organs .(Altitude sickness)
This is noticed as a shortness of breath as the blood alkaline level falls due to CO2 exhalation . Feelings of claustrophobia and constraint are experienced .
Oxygen deprivation will be experienced by individuals on the tail end of the statistical distribution , with all the attendant symptoms (Google "Altitude sickness")

Betablockers :
However , if the passenger is taking betablockers , the heartspeed cannot compensate. The control mechanism via the brain is interrupted .

The system then initiates a more general hormone system , namely large-scale adrenal activations . Fight-or flight on a systemic scale .
The passenger goes ape . Mostly cowers , but some will go ballistic .

This is Flightrage .

Anxiety attacks :
The signaling molecules for amygdala and physical stressors are the same (unfortunately) . They have a feedback pattern that has to be disrupted . (Use alcohol)

Reduced oxygen supply :
The partial pressure of oxygen reduces linearly . Most organisms compensate by inducing endorphous melatonin release and going to sleep .
But this does not happen to all of them .

Notice that this means that you can get jet-lag even on a Capetown-Joburg route . The body interprets the varying oxygen supply and demand fluctuations as temporal fluctuations . And the inverse , of course .

Reduced oxygen demand : Melatonin supplements .
Melatonin supplements , combined with disruptors like betablockers and alcohol , will reduce oxygen consumption to compensate for subjective altitude .
Take a fast release Melatonin pill (Solal , 3 mg) about 30 minutes before flight .

What to do :

1.Two to three stiff drinks : 50 ml of 40% alcohol (a double) times 3 will be sufficient to interrupt 95% of anxiety attacks . No more , as this will erode self-control
This should work for a short flight of 2 hours . About 30 to 0 minutes before takeoff .

2. Melatonin :
Take a fast release Melatonin pill (Solal , 3 mg) about 30 minutes before flight .
For longer flights , combine with slow-release melatonon .

3.Smoking :
Smoking increases red-blood cell concentrations (Carbon monoxide effect) . The turnabout is quite rapid (24 hrs - a heritage of millions of years of fire) . Stopping smoking about 8 hours before the flight should optimize systems nicely .
Take iron supplements .

4.BetaBlockers :
Take an extra one about 30 mins before the flight . The anti-anxiety effect outweighs the fight-or-flight effect for 67% of humans 95% of the time .
Other anti-anxiety drugs like Activan can be tried .

5.Do not eat beans .
Or any gas causing foods for at least 48 hrs before flight . The sudden decrease in cabin pressure on going to cruising altitude will cause major abdominal discomfort as the gas pockets expand . Farts and belches .
(You will not see this caution on any airline website)
Mexican flights must be a culinary adventure .

6.High blood pressure medication .
Do not take 12 hours before flight .
This includes diuretics .

The sudden decrease in cabin pressure from sea-level to 8 200 feet reduces blood pressure drastically . This should be ok for a healthy young individual , but older ones with obstructed blood vessels can easily get the bends . Also euphemistically known as Deep Vein Thrombosis . The vein expands faster than the blood can rush in to fill the gap . A thrombosis results as the clotting agents lose contact with quorum anti-coagulants . Gases reverse osmosis from tissue into veins , forming microscopic thrombosis spicules . It also screws up the O2/CO2 sensor mechanisms .

7 Aspirin:
Anti-coagulents taken about 45 mins before take-off .About 3x300 mg Disprin . The pulse of concentration of the anti-coagulent is important.

8 Hydration :
At 8 200 feet , there is significant CO2 loss through breathing (Google "Altitude sickness") .The blood becomes more alkaline , causing major metabolic shifts , especially in the CNS .

So , drink Coke or Soda water .
Soda water with a dash of salt and vinegar will go down well .(Old Roman recipe)
This should be done continously about 12 hrs before takeoff and during flight .

9 On Landing :
Biological systems will be in a state of reverberating shock (ie oscillating) . Do not take any medication except alcohol for about 12 hours after landing .(The alcohol dampens shock effects . Do not use caffeine in any form )

10. Epigenetic effects .
Obesity and diabetes
A flight on a aircraft pressurized at 8 200 feet from sealevel triggers starvation mechanisms . The body thinks it cannot get enough energy , but thinks it is because of a lack of food (not oxygen) . Epigenetic markers get switched on , as if the person had lived through a famine . Fat deposit mechanisms are switched on .

Anybody who has been on a commercial flight in the last three generations will have fat children or be at risk of diabetes .

Hence the present epidemic of obesity/diabetes . The system is simply trying to compensate for a perceived repeated famine (and getting very confused in the process) .

11. Chicken fat .
See previous posts . A source of merriment to many .
However , eating chicken fat about about 6-12 hours before takeoff will significantly reduce epigenetic markers .

There is even the prospect of reversing the process :
Use pulses of sound to compress tissue . ie Really heavy beat music .
During the compression phase , the rate of chemical activity is significantly enhanced.
This convinces some quorum systems to unmark some epigenetic systems .

Why ?
Reinforcing success is an old strategic principle . About 500 million years of evolution must have developed the same at genetic level .
A failure at first is overwritten by a success later .
Therefore , there must be a method on cellular level of doing exactly this .

12.The Chicken Stomp .
Sip chicken fat soup in rhythm to the heavy beat .
Systems will compensate to switch off fat-deposit markers .
An easy way of losing weight .

After all , birds are the champion weight-watchers .