Monday, December 21, 2009

Vertical Farms

Vertical Farms
Andre Willers
21 Dec 2009

Synopsis :
Create more food-producing acreage by using skyscraper technology .

Discussion :
Scientific American Nov 2009 p60 " The rise of vertical farms"

This is an old idea .
Laube and allotments are two dimensional variants . Seafarms and vertical skyscraper farms are three-dimensional variants .

Seafarms are as old or older than land agriculture .
Cf sea-weirs on stoneage seasites .
Cf Chinese fishfarms .
Skyscraper farms were inherent in the multistory lake-dwellings in Europe . Note the grassy roof , for intense cultivation . (Now being reintroduced)

Why the present reluctance to invest capital ?
Collapse Sensitivity is the main reason .
After a number of collapses (over thousands of years) , the surviving systems are very sensitive to single-points of failure .

While present agro-business is just as vulnerable to failure as Vertical Farms , the people in control of capital allocation do not see it that way .

They invest in the model that has the shortest distance to subsistence farming , the failsafe of our civilization .
However , with the present overpopulation , an agricultural failure will not leave subsistence farming as a failsafe fallback .

A heavily defended vertically integrated farm is more viable . Something like this has already happened in the form of monasteries during the Dark Ages .

The Key:
Package every Vertical Farm with a certain acreage of organic farms .
This should unblock the unconscious reluctance to allocate capital .

Some speculations:
1.Cyborg trees .
Much has been made of cyborg humans .
What about cyborg trees ?

We already have vertical farms: Palm trees and coconut trees can be completely utilized (100%) . But we want something hundreds or thousands of meters high , that grows quickly but durably , with fruits all year round .

A cyborg tree . Part organic , part steel , concrete and electronic . Largely self-regulating . A Druid's paradise or hell .
Monkeyform humans .

2.Underwater cyborg mangroves .
Real seafarming in enclosed mangrove-root pockets .
Merman humanoforms .

3.Orbital Forests .
Put the trees in orbit and have roots that dangle into the atmosphere to soak up the CO2 .

Cf aerial forests .

The cyborg tree (carbon and diamond fibre) would be shaped like a hairy bola , spinning with the rotation of the earth in Low Earth Orbit . Solar energy differences would supply power . The roots would be nearly stationary relative to the planet at the lowest point inside the atmosphere .. Nutrients like CO2 , water , volcanic debris , etc would be combed out of the atmosphere .

Intelligence would be supplied by humanoforms and AI's . This would have to be integrated with the planetary ecology , else this system will strip the planet bare .

4.Cyborg Tree Space Habitats .
This has been discussed in science fiction . Wood makes an excellent vacuum construction material . Interlaced with waterbearing veins , it is a good shield against radiation . All you need is carbon , water , some trace elements and intelligence.

A good space habitat . But you will have a lot of birds , exploding into all the habitat niches .

You can't keep a good tweety down .


Friday, December 18, 2009

Peripheral Neuropathy .

Peripheral Neuropathy .
Andre Willers
18 Dec 2009

Synopsis :
Chronic neuropathy results from the inability to activate the "Off" switch in microglial and astrocyte bodies in the dorsal root ganglion .
See Scientific American Nov 2009 p 33 .

Discussion .

These bodies monitor the frequencies of pulses of neurotransmitters from the neuron . If there is neural damage (like with acrylamide cf) , they detect this and increase the sensitivity of the neurons , while also releasing cytokines and some interleukins for repairs . (ie inflammatory response .)

The "Off"-switch for these systems could do with some redesign .
The off-switch is related to the percussive frequency of the heartbeat . And this has harmonics with the length of the spine . And this changes with posture .

The percussion changes the densities of fluid inside the dorsal ganglion , influencing the pulses of neurotransmitters . Note that microglia are responsible for re-uptake of neurotransmitters . Cf prozac. Cf yoga .

If they kick in , fewer neurotransmitters are recycled . Boosting the signal .

If the heartbeat returns to normal , fine .

But , stress .

The kicker is the length of the spine .

This changes the resonances inside the dorsal root ganglion . The microglia and astrocytes do not switch off . Neural sensitivity is enhanced , and typical peripheral neuropathy symptoms ensue .
Like when you lie down to sleep .

What to do .

1."Put a bolster under the bum , mum ."
Compress the spine mildly by putting a cushion under the bum , while having high cushions for the upper torso . This enables the off-switch .
This actually works . (like sitting in small gravity)

Percussions , either by mouth , or mechanical , can modify synapse responses .
Cf all those relaxing massages .
Some skill needed .

3.Retrain the system .
Even more skill needed .

A note on the Gate-theory of Pain .
Using something like capsaicum is a very short-term solution . From the argument above , the system will habituate as the microglials and astrocytes compensate for the storm of incoming signals .
Ditto for more powerful pain stillers .

Some intriguing speculations:
1.Phantom limb pain .
Try compressing the limb in imagination . The chronic pain switches should then at least have a chance of switching off .
Do it even with existing limbs .

2.Alcohol .
The energy systems powering the microglials have the same imperatives as the rest of the mitochondria : alcohol has to be metabolized first .
A prolonged pulse of alcohol then causes an absence of pain . The pulses simply do not happen , and upstream consequences in the amygdala does not occur .

This causes an interrupt/reset in the microglial system . Which is why it so popular with humans .

The microglial system is the memory of pain . A little bit is good , but too much leads to learned helplessness and catatonia .
And the off-switch is interrupted by lying down .

Delicious !

Shaken or stirred .

Andre .

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Factoring the product of primes .

Factoring the product of primes .
Andre Willers
14 Dec 2009

Synopsis :
Iterative systems are needed to get results .

Discussion :
The physical solution .
Take a number N . Make a circular mirror where Circumferance=N. Shine a sharp light from anywhere on the inner rim and rotate it , shining the light around the circumferance. Have a light-sensor at the back of the light-source . If the sensor shows a maximum , stop . The factors can then be calculated .

The Point :
This is an in principle argument .
Anything that can be done like this should be possible using mathematics .
This is a fundamental assumption in present society . Not even mentioned , usually .

Yet , RSH and other systems use the difficulty of factoring the product of large primes as secure systems .

But if a known physical solution cannot be described in mathematical terms , we are in deeper doo-doo than a few encryption problems .

Iterative systems .
See "The inside of zero"
The multiplicative system can be described as :
Sin(pi/(n+2)) = Sin(pi/(n+1)) + n^2/N *tan(pi/(n)) … an iterative process .
Where N is the number to be factored , and n a factor .
This can be stated by
Y = Sin(pi/(n+2)) –Sin( n(pi/(n+1))) - n^2/N *tan(pi/(n))
Using Newtonian approximation . AsY->0 , n->factor .
Any N can be factored .

This is a double application of iterative processes , using the interchangeability of n and the counter . (A neat cheat.)

But what does it mean ?
At least two infinite processes are needed to get some meaningful results that a physical experiment gives immediately .

It means that no theory of everything is possible . Any description will always be two infinities behind . Regardless .

As expected .

Andre .

Friday, December 11, 2009

Medical Masque Effect. (MME)

Medical Masque Effect. (MME)
Andre Willers
11 Dec 2009

An artifact of successful medical intervention .
Some Disease X evolves to masquarade as Disease Y . Medical intervention is for Disease Y , leaving the field clear for Disease X . Common in rapidly evolving pathogens like fungi . The system invariably becomes more contagious .

Discussion .

Example :
Eczema of the skin on the hands .
This is ascribed to stress , based on work done decades ago . In the meantime , some fungi , whose symptoms initially appeared similar to the stress-eczema , were positively selected by differential diagnosis .
Contagiousness was also a positive selection criteria .
The result is a veritable epidemic of old-fashioned fungi-based eczema , but misdiagnosed .
Treating the eczema with something like Daktarin gives rapid relief .

The intriguing thing :
The disease evolved into the niche created by a successful medical treatment .
It relies on the masquerade for a mis-diagnosis .
How many others are there ?
And how big a danger is it in future ?

The more successful the medical intervention , the greater the selection pressure for a masque .
This is old-fashioned Darwinnian selection in action . Nothing fancy .

New Building Syndrome .
I observed this first-hand (so to speak) after moving into a brand-new corporate headquarter building . Suddenly I got eczema . Then I observed (in the lift and in conferences) that about 30%-40% of my colleagues also had the same problem . Nobody wanted to talk about it , and the company had a good medical aid . They went to their private doctors and the data was not correlated from an epidemiological viewpoint .

What happened ?
The new building did not have an existing ecology of skin organisms transmitted by surfaces like lift-buttons , door handles , tap handles , air conditioning , etc .
And brand-new ablution facilities .

Masquerading fungi with some contagious element were strongly selected . The result was an epidemic of eczema , incorrectly treated as stress symptoms .

Later on other organisms populated the building and incidences returned closer to normal .

Medical staff more at risk .
Scrubbing up or using alcohol handwashes leaves the hands more vulnerable to these masques .

What to do :
I wrote about this previously . The ecology of the skin is a fairly hot subject at the moment .

Malign organisms find it 1 000 to 10 000 more difficult the get a foothold in an existing ecology .

What we need is an appliqué of benign skin-ecology organisms . Something similar to pro-biotics for the intestines .
I do not know of any now .
A huge commercial opportunity . A really large market . (About 10 billion hands a few times a day)

Quick and Dirty :
After an alcohol handwash to decrease harmful bacterial imports from supermarket trolley-handles , computer keyboards and the like , simply rub your hands across your belly under your shirt , palms and back . I would not recommend permanently moist sites like the arm-pits , groin or fatfolds if your immune system has been compromised in any way .
The aim is to reinfect the hands with benign skin organisms , to counteract the destruction of both benign and malign organisms on the hands .

Commercial opportunities :
Individuals with tested benign skin-ecologies will be able to sell them . Can sell them right now .
Like perfume .

By gad ! A new Miss World category ! Highly marketable .
"All our skin wipes are from Miss Purity , rated 9.9 for the Skin Benign."
"Our toilet paper is from Miss Baby Bottom , rated 9.9 for the Skin Benign."

1.It is patentable.
2.It has an actual beneficial effect.
3.It is fashionable (amenable to mass-media) .

This is worth many billions of dollars .

As a side effect , many chronic skin diseases and other diseases will disappear .

Weight loss .
This is speculative .
Certain weight disorders (anorexia , diabetesII , big bums and thighs , etc) have fractal epidemiological aspects . Exactly like the skin disorders .

Wrinkles especially ditto .

This is even more speculative .
Note the common element of very rapid mutation .

What would HIV be the masque of ?
Answer: Adjuvant block by lead poisoning .

Bushmeat only became deadly after the introduction of firearms : ie lead pellets .
Shotguns . Lead pellets were cooked and ingested . Lead is a rare metal .
Cf Roman and Greek plagues .
But the effect is subtle . An adjuvant is blocked , leading to lessening of the auto-vaccination effect .
The immune system is hobbled .

The adjuvant can be added (probably something simple .These are not complex systems . Like gout) . A simple cure is possible . The disease is a masque .

Or simply remove the lead . Pb can be chelated out .

Note the correlation of HIV with lead additives in petrol or in shotgun pellets .

Get the lead out , Mac!


Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Sign Language and Mental Stability.

Sign Language and Mental Stability.

Andre Willers

9 Dec 2009


Sign language by-passes the amygdala because of muscle memory . Traumatic memories are not triggered . This happens at synapse level . Feedback from sign-level mentation bypasses and even moderates amygdala responses.

Discussion :

Amygdala memories can be edited via processes like Propranolol + good therapist .

But they can be simply bypassed .

Internal mental dialogue between mirror-neuron networks normally include the amygdala , and give rise to PTSD responses . A totally unrelated language like sign-language or Click bypasses the amygdala and can actually be used to reprogram some amygdala memories .

This means greatly enhanced stability, as the system learns to use systems not involving the amygdala .

Why ?

The amygdala has a ferocious memory system evolved to trigger on even one repeat of a previous traumatic episode . Note auto-immune responses , which fall in the same class .

(Hint : treat auto-immune with propanolol and edit immune system via amygdala )

In typical synaptic fashion it is of the nature

IF x(1),x(2),x(3),…,x(n) THEN Response . Every time .

The Response feedbacks into the amygdala , initiating the well-known stress-responses .

Such a system is difficult to retrain .(To put it mildly)

There are hardwired trapdoor functions which seem to have no reverses (except propanolol and it’s like)

Bypassing it is easier , then modify Response .

The system will then modify eventual response , but not amygdala memory .

Bypassing the Amygdala:

Muscle-memory is classified as part of Response . If it was a part of the Input in amygdala memory structures intolerable feedback-loops would lead to uncontrollable spasms (some diseases) .

Sign-language (body language)

This is then independent of the amygdala .

This is partially independent , because any initial trauma has first to be translated into Click , then passed through amygdala TraumaCentral .

Few natural sounds are Clicks .

Differentiation is an essential requirement for a signal .

This also bypasses the amygdala , but extreme caution is advised .

Keep your fat fingers out of the gears unless you really know what you are doing .

The mental stability bit :

You can see where that comes from . Having a feedback loop not involving the amygdala damps down the uncontrolled feedback loops from the amygdala . It would be interesting to see the stats on psychotics in sign-language populations . My guess is that it will be very low .


Music is like Click . It normally bypasses the amygdala , but can be written to initiate partial feedback loops .

Hence compulsive bestselling tunes , the Suicide Walz , Wagner , etc.

Used by humans in the twentieth and twentyfirst centuries as counter-propaganda mechanisms . For every ad there are twenty ipods .

A mechanism for mental stability .

Dancing and Muscle Memory , mit music and all .

See previous posts on fingertapping and fundamental local computing networks for rapid muscle reaction .

Singing .

Does this bypass the amygdala ?

No . But you can load any number of extras on to have a partial stimulation and moderate via dancing or sign-language .

Note that musical instruments and singing techniques were the only elements that were never lost over the ages . Civilizations may come and go , but the musicians and singers remain .


The amygdala mechanism exists to prevent physiological lying . The lockout-mechanism prevents extreme events except if warranted . By bypassing them , we sign mother natures little warranty . You have been warned .

Summary :

If you want a second handle on life , learn sign language and take up dancing

I could have danced all night .

Andre .

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Myopia .

Myopia .

Andre Willers

4 Dec 2009

Synopsis :

Progressive myopia is driven by the peripheral focus being slightly longer than fovea focus . The eyeball elongates to compensate , making the fovea focus myopic .


See important article in NewScientist of 7 Nov 2009 p49 "Generation Specs"

Progressive myopia .

Peripheral vision is the evolutionary driver . It is more important for the organism to have good peripheral focus than good central (fovea) focus . Sheer geometry dictates this . The peripheral vision covers a much larger area than the fovea . It is critical for the organism to notice any small change in this peripheral space . (ie predators) . Fine focus is thus more important in evolutionary terms for the peripheral vision .

While we normally think of the eyeball as static , it actually adapts in length to keep the peripheral vision in focus . This makes the central fovea part blurry . Myopia results . To make matters worse , corrective lenses tend to shift the peripheral focus back . The system then tries to compensate by lengthening the eyeball more . We get progressive myopia . You need stronger and stronger glasses .

Myopia and open-air .

A strong correlation was found between time spent outdoors and myopia .

The study was done on about 1200 Chinese children in Singapore and Australia .


Sydney children : 14 hr/week outdoors led to 3% myopia.

Singapore children : 3 hr/week outdoors led to 30% myopia

The critical factor seems to be time spent outdoors . It is theorized that light intensity (influencing dopamine production , which reduces eyeball–growth) and distance focusing and peripheral vision have the major effects . Excercise seemed to have very little effect .

Optimization :

From the above rather sparse data , a first approximation is

MyopiaRate = k / OutdoorRatePerWeekSunlight

Where k = 0.007857 +- 36%

Rather iffy data , but at least the error rate is below 38% (a critical Reserve Rate See "New Tools" )

This gives an optimal OutdoorRatePerWeek of about 19.88% .

About 17 hours of sunlight per week .

Optimal :

About 2.5 hours of visual exposure per day to sunlight will give you the best return on minimizing myopia . (for children , at least)

If dark glasses are used , they should ideally be darker towards the center and lighter to the periphery . The higher intensity light should be on the peripheral vision receptors .

Cheap and Nasty :

Dip your finger in a clear fat (preferably chickenfat) , but ghee or olive-oil will do . Trace three concentric circles around the center of the glass-lens .

The oily circle-lenses will sharpen focus on the peripheries .

A primitive Fresnel lens .

You can smudge the center of the lens slightly to reduce light intensity .

Note that long-term wearers of glasses always have oily finger-smudges around the rims . I used to think that this was laziness to clean , but now it seems it is an adaptive response to give better vision .Note that the whorls of fingerprints give micro-lens effects .In effect , miniature fresnel-lenses . Personalized , nogal .

An interesting effect:

If the lenses are clear , the person perceives a dizziness as the head is moved side-to-side . If the edges are smudged , this effect disappears . (I have just tried it , and it works)

The Rim-effect .

This brings us to the boundary effect of the edges of glasses . This is a discontinuity . Neural-networks are not good at discontinuities , especially varying ones like moving your head rapidly while wearing small glasses .The peripheral vision and the central vision does not match up , and the sensorium battles to keep up .

Hence the effects of smudged glasses .

A delicious example of stochastic resonance . Increasing randomness increases the quality of information .

We artificially smooth the quality of information around the rim and then rely on hardwired stochastic resonance effects to build a fairly reliable picture in the sensorium .

An obvious application would be in bi- or tri-focal lenses . Smudge the interfaces . Not a phasing of lightspeed , but a randomization (ie smudging) of information around the interface of the lenses . If it is built in , the eye will soon not display the smudge in the sensorium . But the effect will last .

Reversing myopia .

The elongation of the eyeball is a response to an environmental stimulus and should be reversible . Special glasses refocusing the peripheral vision should do the trick .

Glaucoma .

This should be monitored , especially if a quick and dirty method like smudging is used . The glasses should stay smudged . Cleaning them occasionally will lead to glaucoma as the system gets confused as to whether the eyeball should contract or not.

Tubular lenses .

It has long bothered me that the top predator on the planet has such a seemingly inefficient optical system as blood veins in front of the of the optical receptors , like in the human retina .

But it is more efficient in the peripheral view areas . The slightly out-of–focus image is focused by the tubular fluid blood vessel , which is transparent . The resultant data is assembled and stripped of extraneous data (like red-blood corpuscles) , then the resulting composite is more accurate . Note that this relies heavily on off-site computation in the visual brain . Why humans can use it .

Click .

The percussion compression effect of a Click from the mouth travels through the upper-palate to the eyeballs . The pulse is from underneath , and slightly lengthens the eyeball . Myopic individuals can perceive a slight increase in clarity (I have done it) . I would estimate it at about 5% . Not much , but noticeable . The neural networks do notice . The trick is to enhance it into a training regimen . More anon .

Itarin .

I will have to strip it down and rewrite it . It worked fairly well to postpone myopia by about 10 years . But it was built on the supposition that the fovea was the driver . Since the peripheral vision systems seems to be the driver , a rethink is in order .

Here's looking at you .


Sessile Women .

Sessile Women .

Andre Willers

5 Dec 2009

Synopsis :

Increasing head-sizes in babies is leading to a post-pubertal human female population unable to walk .

Discussion :

This is already happening . Compare pre-pubertal female running ability with post-pubertal locomotive capability . The growing bones in the pubic area is shifting the load-bearing pivots of the leg-joints so far apart that walking is becoming a pain .

Tractor-thighs and big behinds sneak into the gaps left by the expanding bone-structures .

Males find the wiggle attractive , since it signifies a wide enough opening for easy child-birth and higher child-survival rates . Ditto for surplus-storage .

The male sexual response is split between pre-pubertal or in-between forms and adult forms . One for fun and the other for children . Does this sound familiar ?

Extrapolate this further .

Females differentiate into three types :

1.Pre-pubertal motile form .

2.In-between . It takes time for the bones to widen . Semi-sessile . Or semi-motile , as you prefer . Presently about 6 years , but later probably about 10-12 years .

3.Adult female , sessile form . She cannot walk .The sessile form .

The social and psychological adaptations are fascinating . I use "are" deliberately , since these are already happening .

Civilization .

The teensy-weensy problem is that this sessility is only possible in a civilized society , where movement is not essential to survival . Sessile or semi-sessile women then have a vested interest in civilization (the status quo) . Since these are the mothers and grandmothers you can see why civilization and technology is so enduring.

Most technology is sessile . Metallurgy , bowayering , agriculture etc.

Cities .Writing .

Elderly human females running for their lives is not conducive to civilization .

Get married and settle down . With a vengeance .

Andre .

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Campo Flegrei Supervolcano.

Campo Flegrei Supervolcano.

Andre willers

2 Dec 2009

Synopsis :

An eruption is likely , especially given ill-advised human intervention .


Back we are with the Northern-Anatolian fault , and the 2004 9-Richter event ,

The super-volcano at Campo Flegrei can be described as a three-dimensional series of magma bubbles above a plume . The plume can be described as a resonant system around 30 degrees longitude .

See "Earthquakes and Volcanoes"

Note that Naples is exactly 90 degrees longitude from Southern Sumatra .

Naples is nearly exactly 15 degrees longitude from Istanbul .

The super-volcano at Campo Flegrei (near Naples)

This last erupted circa 39 000 YA . One of the factors that led to the isolation and eventual extinction of the Neanderthals . See "Death of the Neanderthals"

See NewScientist 7 Nov 2009 p18 " Piercing the heart of a fiery colossus"

Starting in Jan 2010 they will be drilling short , weakening holes in the pressure-containment vessels . But the squeezing effect of plate-movements caused by the really massive Sumatra-quakes in 2004 are still working through . Furthermore , the Nothern-Anatolian fault and the super-volcano at Campo Flegrei are linked . If one goes , the other one will go as well .

Think "Squeezing a pimple" . The plates are squeezing the magma-pockets . Any weakening of the pressure-containment will have major positive-feedback effects .

A really dumb idea , especially taking in consideration other deep-drilling experiments that had to be halted because experienced energy releases that exceeded predicted parameters . (Spin for "They did not know what they were doing , and it blew up .")

What to do ?

Most of the planetary and ecological damage is done by high-pressure spurts from the magma-chambers . Ripping them open with nuclear explosives to allow a magma flow instead of a spurt will save most of Europe . This need not be catastrophic .

Line-patterns of multiple 5 kiloton explosions should be sufficient for a small supervolcano like Campo Flegrei . Could even be done with TNT .

See Naples and die .