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Erdos Conjecture

Erdos Conjecture
Andre Willers
30 Sep 2011

Synopsis :
A trivial special case of Riemann's Zeta function and Kantor's Infinities .

Discussion :
Erdos conjecture :
 It states that if the sum of the reciprocals of the members of a set A of positive integers diverges, then A contains arbitrarily long arithmetic progressions.

This sounds difficult , but is actually very simple .
Arbitrary here means even two . An arithmetic progression means that the difference between any two term anywhere in the sequence forces the sequence into divergence (ie the sum will go to infinity)

If Z= 1/(s1)^n + 1/(s2)^n + …
where Z =0 if and only if n=2 (Discussed previously) Riemann when the irrational component is zero .
If any two terms s1 ,s2 in the infinite sequence are in arithmetical sequence (ie there is a finite difference between them ) , the difference is of the form 1/s^t , where t>=n-1 .
1. Multiply each side of the equation by an Aleph(0) infinity and the right-hand side becomes infinite ,while the left hand side remains zero if n>=2
2. There are some nice little fractals in between .

Physical significance :
Any logical system is unstable . Any stable system has infinitesimals forced on it .
Real systems fluctuate between them in chaotic attractor fashion .

Bah !
Things are supposed to get simpler .



Did Stalin and Hitler meet in 1913 ?

Did Stalin and Hitler meet in 1913 ?
Andre Willers
29 Sep 2011

Synopsis :
They certainly met .
Shaw would have loved to write the play .
It would make a fantastic movie and TV series .
Pity the Reality Show involved 50 million dead .
But that's Show Business .

Quote from
==late.Jan-late.Feb > ~Stalin visits Vienna, arriving disguised as a Greek peasant - he writes the pamphlet Marxism and the Nationality Question, which advocates national/ethnic autonomy under socialism (which he privately calls “all sorts of rubbish”) - he first encounters Bukharin and Trotsky (to whom Stalin only grunts) - he uses the pseudonym ‘Stalin’ for the first time, on Jan.25  “

The young Hitler was there , moving in the same circles . Impoverished , vociferic socialists hanging around in the same cafe's . While Vienna was a large city , the social strata were clearly defined . A small circle .

Stalin was evading police interest , but not too energetically . At the time , he was a charismatic individual (think Che Guavara) , who was a strong advocate of socialism . Spending a lot of time in the cafe's , talking and chatting up the girls . He was very attractive to women . He was a romantic poet of some note , as well as a dashing revolutionary .

“Stalin published all of his work anonymously and never publicly acknowledged it. WhenLavrenti Beria secretly had Boris Pasternak and other noted translators prepare a Russian edition of Stalin's poems for the ruler's 70th birthday in 1949, Stalin had the project stopped.[1] “

Stalin was 33 years old (b1879) , a veteran revolutionary , a charismatic figure of socialism .
Hitler was 23 years old (b1889) , a person of inchoate passions , opinionated , intelligent but undirected . Ideal recruitment material .

Did the two meet ?
Hitler almost certainly saw Stalin around , in the charmed circle where he desperately desired acceptance .

Now note the pamphlet Stalin wrote then :
“Marxism and the Nationality Question, which advocates national/ethnic autonomy under socialism (which he privately calls “all sorts of rubbish”) “
This is textbook definition of National Socialism .
It made a huge impression on Hitler .

Did Stalin remember Hitler ?
Almost certainly yes . Even at 23 , Hitler was no callow youth , but a seasoned survivor of the slums of Vienna . Full of passionate fury . You know the type . Pushy .
A possibly useful tool .
Hence Stalin's continual underestimation of Hitler .

Stalin believed that nationalism was a spent force . Hence the non-national structure of the USSR.
Hitler believed in National , Ethnic Socialism , partly because of Stalin's pamphlet .

Both started as romantic idealists (the poet and the painter) and ended up as cynics of the blackest kind , settling matters in other people's blood .

Oh , well . Things could be worse . One of them could have won .



Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Neutrino mirrors using PASEM

Neutrino Mirrors using PASEM
Andre Willers
27 Sep 2011

“Mirror , mirror on the wall , who is the most energetic of them all?”

Synopsis :
Information is mirrored .

Discussion :

Particle Amplification by Stimulated Emission via Mirror .
1.1Postulate a finely ridged surface with very narrow slits between the ridges .
1.2Have a particle flux on ridged side A . Particles with information to be amplified .
1.3Have a high intensity , concentrated flux of the same particles on side B
1.4Have an entanglement laser shine on side A .
1.5Multiple entanglement occurs on particles coming from side B through the slits .
1.6The effect is that information in the A-side incident particles are indistinguishable from reflected particles , but at any desired intensity .
1.7This can be done at nearly any temperature
1.8Reminiscent of PCR information amplification .
1.9Fluctuations may be needed (ie it might be pulsed in earlier forms )

2.This can be done with any particle , including neutrinos .
3.Organic molecules would make a suitable medium-temperature PASEM-mirror for neutrinos.
4.Cascades can be assembled to give concentrated fluxes of particles .

The same can be done with protons .
High-intensity of protons can be focused through the PASEM mirror.
This means low-temperature fusion .
Tokamaks can be used , with suitable inorganic PASEM mirrors .
The anomalous cold-fusion can probably be explained via this process .

Have fun !



Saturday, September 24, 2011

Riemann's Theorem , Lightspeed and Survival .

Riemann's Theorem , Lightspeed and Survival .
Andre Willers
24 Sep 2011

“I expected this , but not so soon” Epitaph on tombstone

Synopsis :
Discrete maximum signal speeds requires a much deeper insight into Riemann's zeta function .
Recent findings of neutrino speeds exceeding lightspeed will require mathematicians getting up of their duff.
At stake are fusion processes , antigravity and assorted other goodies .
Basically , survival .

Discussion :
Appendix A only discusses Beth(0) , ie orders of randomness associated with aleph(0) .
A mixture of speeds at physical level can then be described in Beth(-x) terms .

Is Beth(-x) conserved at negative levels ? I strongly suspect that it is , unless a Beth(1+) observer interacts .
Then it is described as the wave-function collapsing . Ie probabilities changing abruptly , requiring a re-balancing of energy levels .

Psionic machines
These can be constructed using the above principles .
I was in two minds about releasing this , but as far as I can see the bottoms are limited , while the tops are open . Abuse is possible , but temporary .

In any case , psionic abuse suppressors have been active for centuries on Earth and it's Locale .

Neutrinos have been engineered to interact with psionic machines .

The rest is either obvious or laborious .



Appendix A
Orders of Randomness 2
Andre Willers
15 Aug 2008
See : “Orders of Randomness”
I have been requested to expand a little on orders of Randomness and what it means .
Please note that human endeavours at this date use only randomness of the order of flipping a coin ( Beth(0) )
Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew Alphabet . It was used by Cantor to denote
Classes of Infinity (ie Aleph(0) for Rational numbers , Aleph(1) for Irrational Numbers , etc
Beth is the second letter of the Hebrew Alfabet . It means “House”
I will first repeat the derivation of Orders of Randomness from : “Orders of Randomness” because it is so important .
Start Quote:
First , simple Randomness .
Flip of a coin .
Heads or Tails . 0 or 1
Flip an unbiased coin an infinite number of times ,write it down below each other and do it again .
All possible 0 and 1’s
An example : Beth(0)
Flips(1) 0,1,1,1,1,… etc
Flips(2) 0,1,1,1,0,… etc
Flips(infinity) 0,0,0,0,0,0,…etc
This describes all possible states in a delineated binary universe .
“delineated binary” means a two sided coin which cannot land on it’s side .
Now draw a diagonal line from the top left of Flips(1) to Flips(infinity) .
At every intersection of this diagonal line with a horizontal line , change the value .
The Diagonal Line of (0,1)’s is then not in the collection of all possible random
Horizontal coin-Flips(x) .
This means the Diagonal Line is of a stronger order of randomness .
This is also the standard proof of an Irrational Number .
This is the standard proof of aleph numbers .
Irrational numbers ,etc
Since any number can be written in binary (0,1) , we can infer that the order of randomness is the same as aleph numbers .
This means we can use number theory in Randomness systems .
Very important .
Google Cantor (or Kantor)
Define coin-flip Randomness as Beth(0)   , analogous to Aleph(0)
Then we have at least Beth(1) , randomness an order stronger than flipping a coin .
Then we can theorize Beth(Omega) <->Aleph(Omega) .
End Quote
Cardinal Numbers .
The cardinal number is the index  x of Aleph(x) .
Cantor proved that
Aleph(n+1) = 2  ^ Aleph( n )
Where n is the cardinal number of the infinity .
Tying them together :
He also proved that
P(A) = 2^ n
Where A is any set , P(A) is the  PowerSet of A and  n is the cardinal number of set A
Thus , Cardinal Number of P(A) =(n+1)
The PowerSet of A = the Set of all subsets  of A .
This sounds fancy , but it is simply all the different ways you can combine the elements of set A . All the ways you can chop up A .
You can see it easily in a finite binomial expansion (1+1)^n = P(A) = 2^n
See : “Infinite Probes”
There we also chop and dice , using infinite series .
Can you see how it all ties together ?
Why 2 ?
This derives from the Delineation Axiom . Remember , we can only talk about something if it is distinct and identifiable from something else . This gives a minimum of 2 states : part or non-part .
That is why the Zeta-function below is described on a 2-dimensional plane , or pesky problems like Primes always boil down to 2 dimensions of some sort .
This is why the irrational numbers play such an important part in physics .
Z=a+ib describes a 2-dimensional plane useful for delineated systems without feedback systems
Its in the axiom of Delineation , dummy .
But we know that Russell proved that A+~AThe difference can be described as the Beth sequences . Since they are derivatives of summation-sequences(see below) , they define  arrows usually seen as the time-arrows .
These need not to be described a-la-dunne’s serial time , as different Beth levels address the problem adequately without multiplying hypotheses .
Self-referencing systems and Beth sequences .
A Proper Self-referencing system is of one cardinal Beth number higher than the system it derives from .
Self-referencing systems (feedback systems) can always be described as sequences of Beth systems . Ie as  Beth(x) <-> Beth(y) . The formal proof is a bit long for inclusion here .
The easiest way to see it is in Bayesian systems . If Beth(x) systems are included , Bayesian systems become orders of magnitude more effective .
Life , civilization and markets are such . See below .
Conservation Laws :
By definition , these can always be written in a form of
SomeExpression = 0
Random (Beth(0)  Walk in Euclidean 2-dimensions
This is a powerful unifying principle derived from the Delineation Axiom .
In Random Walk the Distance from the Center is = d * (n)^0.5 . This is a property of Euclidean systems .
(Where d = step , n=number of random beth(0) steps)
Immediately we can say that the only hope  of the Walker returning to the center after an infinity of Beth(0) steps is if d ~ 1/(n)^0.5 . This is the Riemann Hypothesis .
Now , see a Universum of 2-dimensional descriptors  z=a+ib
Sum all of them . Add together all the possible things that can be thus described .
This can be done as follows :
From z=a+ib Raise both sides to the e
e^(z) = e^(a) . e^i(b)
Raise both sides to the ln(j)  power where j is real integers.
j^(z) = j^(a) . e^(b/ln(j))
Now , sum them :
Zeta=Sum of j^(z) for j=1 to infinity
Now we extract all possible statements that embody some Conservation Law . Beth(1)
This means that Zeta is zero for the set of extracted statements if and only if (b/ln(j)) is of the order of Beth(0)  and a=(-1/2)
Tensors .
The above is a definition of a tensor for a discontinous function .
Riemann’s Zeta function.
This can describe any delineated system .
If Zeta = 0 , conservation laws apply .
Zeta = Sigma(1/j )^z for j=1,2,3,…,infinity and z=a+ib , where z is complex and i =(-1)^0.5
The z bit is in two dimensions as discussed above .
This function has a deep underlying meaning for infinite systems .
If you unpack the Right-Hand side on a x-yi plane you get a graph that looks like a random walk .
If every point is visited that a random walk would visit over infinity (ie all) , without clumping , then Zeta can only be non-trivially zero if a=(-1/2) .
Why (x – yi) plane ? See “Why 2 “ above . The system is fractal . Two dimensions are necessary in any delineated system .
Remember , randomwalk distance from origin = step*sqrt(number of steps) .
So if the steps = 1/ ( sqrt(number of steps) ) , then the Origin might be reached if and only if a= -1/2
This is easily proven .
If a= - 1/2 , then b can be any real function . This would include Beth(0)  and Beth(1) , but not higher orders of beth .
If a= -1/2 and b is an unreal number , then a cannot be equal to  -1/2 anymore . Conservation cannot hold at any level .
Conservation Laws can only hold for Beth(0) and Beth(1) systems .
This is forced by the two dimensions of delineation .
Mathematically , this means that Beth(2+) systems of feedbacks can only be described in terms of attractors or/and fractal systems (ie not in isolation)
Physically , conservation of energy and momentum need not hold for Beth(2+) systems .
This has an interesting corollary in decryption (unpacking) . A Beth(2) mind unpacking Beth(0) or Beth(1) encryption is functionally equivalent to Non-Conservation of Energy .
Some other consequences :
If a< -½  , then Riemannian Orbitals are described . Beth(any)
Also described as nuclei , atoms .
If a> -½  , then a diffuse cloud is described . Beth(any)
Also described as magnetic effects .
What does this mean?
Present technology uses Beth(x) technology in a rather haphazard way .(Quantum physics) .
A better understanding will bring about a  sudden change in capability .

Light Speed

Light Speed
Andre Willers
24 Sep 2001

Synopsis :
Why is the neutrino speed so low ? Only (1+10^(-4) ) times Lightspeed .

Discussion :
1.The CERN results can be seen at the links below .

“The OPERA result is based on the observation of over 15000 neutrino events measured at Gran Sasso, and appears to indicate that the neutrinos travel at a velocity 20 parts per million above the speed of light, nature’s cosmic speed limit.”

The collaboration’s result is available on the preprint

2.What is lightspeed ?
In Relativity , it is the speed of propagation of the effects of an oscillating electric charge in a vacuum .

The effects are propagated in the form of oscillating electric and magnetic fields and affect only other charges . The “in vacuo” part has never been experimentally tested , because we have never found any space-time without some matter , Indeed , some theories suggest that it is not possible .
See spacetime foam .

3.What is neutrino speed ?
It is the speed of propagation of the effects of an oscillating muon-tau neutrino . Affects mass only .
Note that the oscillation is rare (ie not 50-50 like EM)

4.Hidden Assumption in Relativity :
A signal can only be transmitted in some Electro-Magnetic form .
But , it seems that it can also be transmitted in a chargeless form (the neutrino)

5.Hypothesis :
The Ratio of Neutrino Speed(n) to EM speed(c) is proportional to their frequencies of oscillations between respective forms . The Neutrino speed is higher because it's energy is lower .
See para 7 below , as to why .

The oscillations :
EM :Electric field<->Magnetic field : 1 in 1
Neutrino Tau<-> muon : 1 in 10 000 from other experiments .

That gives n/c=(1+10^(-4) ) , which is consistent with above CERN findings .
Note the upper ceiling of n= 2*c if neutrino muon-tau oscillations are 50-50 .

6.See previous discussions concerning these topics : "Universum" Nov 2006
The importance of delineation . "P vs NP" Feb 2011
A simpler , computational recipe can always be found . "Topos 4" Sep 2007
Arith I discussed . Relevance to string theory. "The inside of zero" Aug 2009
Arith I discussed . Relevance to string theory. "Universes" Mar 2011
An overview

7.Causation .
Does this mean major problems for causation and Relativity ?
Not at all . It just makes them a bit more complicated .
Signal speeds now allowed :
7.1 c = Old lightspeed
7.2 n = Neutrino speed ( c to 2 * c)
7.3 ent = entanglement speed (up to infinity)
This gives 2^3 = 8 possible interaction spaces . Back to Octonions (Google it)
The poor physicist must now look at 8 possible explanations for any event .
But it opens lots of exciting possibilities .
A Theory of Quantum gravity should at long last be realizable as those pesky infinities melt away using neutrino speeds .

8.Neutrino Mirrors:
A piece of fluff spun off in “Dino burning Bright II” Jul 2011
but suddenly relevant .

9.Cold fusion and fusion catalysts :
These suddenly much more attractive using n .

10.I can go on and on .
All over the world lab lights are staying up late ,
but some are staying up late earlier than others .
Exciting times !

Thursday, September 22, 2011

World War 2.5

World War 2.5
Andre Willers
22 Sep 2011

“We must all indeed hang together , or most assuredly , we shall all hang separately” . Franklin
“Here we go again .” Tomb of the Unknown Soldier .

Synopsis :
Euro financial dynamics gives the first major nation (Germany,France,Italy) to leave Euro zone major advantages . This will force the other big nations to follow suit , leaving the rest of the Euro partners with the baby .
Within five years this will lead to regional armed conflicts .(From history)

Discussion :
See the scenario's for “Rush for the exit” and “Prisoner's dilemma” .
Essentially , the collective cross-subsidization breaks down and the devil takes the hindmost .

Logically , Germany should be first , since it has most to gain . But France has nearly as much to gain , and it's major banks are very exposed . Limiting it's losses would be a major consideration .

Ironically , I would estimate Italy the most likely to trigger the process .
A good 40% of it's economy is Black , outside the tax net , but can be mobilized in other ways .
In other words , they have a productivity reserve . Exiting the Euro to the New Lire and mobilizing the reserve would leave them in a better relative position , paying off their debts in devalued Euro's and doing internal financing via New Lires .

This will force Germany and France to do the same , or face a taxpayer revolt .
If Germany tries to support the Euro singlehandedly , it faces hyperinflation nightmares , something it's citizens will never tolerate .

This will crash the Euro , since the only nations remaining in it will be debt-ridden , low-productivity Eastern European states , Greece , Spain , Portugal , Ireland .

Strategic Considerations :
This will be a long-term disaster for Europe .

1.Regional warfare is inevitable (WW2.5) . Yugoslavia was a foretaste .
2.Russia will regain control of some former satellites .
3.Turkey as a regional power will swing away . See “Goeben-affair” in WWI
4.British influence will show a resurgence .
5.Ancient British-French rivalry will resume . (Not again!)
6.Strong US isolationism . ( “Three times is a bit much !”)
7.Strong Chinese influence (“New Chinese-Marshall Plan .”)

All this coming to you during the next week in a country near you !


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Jet engine Paradigm .

New Jet Engine Paradigm
Andre Willers
20 Sep 2011

Synopsis :
The energy generation phase is separated from the propulsion phase .
Speed enhancements are of the order of 300%

The old-style jet engine is broken up into the combustion stage and the propulsion stage .
The combustion stage is the old turbine or piston system .
The propulsion is electrically driven fans .
The combination with smart systems gives about 1/3 of the cost , and enables cheap supersonic systems .

As usual , Burt Rutan has been ahead of the pack .
See Burt Rutan's Flyng car .This would actually work .
Notice the tiny primary powerplants (2 X 450 cc) .

Why was it not done before ?
They couldn't .
It requires materials and control systems not available before .


Apple III - Serotonin Crash

Apples III – Serotonin Crash
Andre Willers
20 Sep 2011

“Ape who gets his virtual tail caught in the gears will see his ass” - AW

Warning : Withdrawal after Willers Zapper usage as set out below can cause serious depression in individuals susceptible to depression or on anti-depressants .

Discussion :
See “Apples II” Sep 2011

I tried it . (Fri 16 Sep and Sat 17 Sep 2011) and saw my ass .


The Willers Zapper .

Recipe :

1.Cleanse mucal receptor sites of mouth and gums by quickly rinsing with juice of crushed garlic.
Allicin's half-life is long enough for it to have significant effects on the bacteria competing for access to receptor sites . This results in a large percentage of open receptor sites .
The apple cream-crush is to be applied immediately afterward . The timing is important .

2.Crush small chunks of apple (including skin) into foamed cream using a garlic crusher .
Rinse mouth with milk (to establish oestroegen presence)
Smear the cream onto the gums .
There is an immediate calming effect . The tranquilizer kicking in .
This is quite strong . Like being on Prozac for two weeks .

A serotonin re-uptake inhibitor is generated , and a powerful one .
This is produced via an epigenetic effect on the histone windings of the DNA .
The serotonin levels in synapses soar .

3.Alcohol chaser :
A tot or two (about 25-50 ml of commercial liquor ) seems sufficient to crash the production of the tranquilizer as the alcohol shuts down the epigenetic tranquilizer production .

This has an extraordinary effect .
As the system compensates , colours are brighter , shapes are clearer , alertness increases
You are much more on the qui vive .
A very strong effect , not quite hallucinatory , but combat level .
Really remarkable .

4.Finish with a teaspoonful of peanut butter and cream cheese mixture .
This is supposed to re-establish some equinamity for normal humans .


The Crash :
I spent the next three days in severe depression , frantically dosing with serotonin enhancers like 5HTP and alcohol , trying to figure out what went wrong . Churchill's Black Dog was in a chewing mood .

The Problem :
I am one of many people who have the two short forms of the serotonin re-uptake gene .
This means that serotonin is being too rapidly removed .

What happened :
The Willers Zapper whipsawed the system between rapid increases and decreases in serotonin levels (as well as some other neurotransmitters) .
Systems with high serotonin re-uptake rates promptly crashed on withdrawal (because of homeostasis) , leading to a prolonged period of deep depression .

Super-charging horses :
Give the horse a handful of garlic cloves , a bit of milk and some apples before a race and it will be a Wow ! Although depressed afterwards .

Does a horse-whisperer's breath smell of garlic ?

Is there some safe way to use this ?
The genetic serotonin re-uptake mechanism for each individual has to be taken into consideration .
The power seems to be in the synergistic effect between the Garlic and Apples on the mucosal membranes .
Scaling down of the alcohol component should also be effective by decreasing the whipsaw effect .
(ie a teaspoon of liquor instead of a tot .)

Summation :

I thought this would have a weak effect . Instead , I nearly had my head ripped off .

It needs some thinking .

Be careful in there .



Thursday, September 15, 2011

Apples II

Apples II
Andre Willers
15 Sep 2011

“Stay me with flagons , comfort me with apples : for I am sick of love” Bible

Synopsis :
Major endorphin systems are in play . Apples are playing humans via horses .

Discussion :
Bears love apples .
Horses love apples.
What is the connection ?
See : “Apples.horses and domestication” Sep 2011
See Appendix A for ease of reference .

Apples are rich in methionine amino acids . This suggests epigenetic effects .
Garlic was easy : Alliciin and Alliciinase required large concentrations of the relevant chemicals .
See “Garlic and the Plant-Herbivore Wars” Apr 2011

Epigenetic triggers take much smaller amounts , and are much more potent .
Hence the keeping it inactive in binary components .

The problem is that nobody has looked for them . So I can't find them on any search engine .

It will have to be done ab initio by looking at peripheral effects .

Preservation of apples :
Dried ,whole apples should keep the vesicles intact . A major trade in Mongolian times .

Cider , juices ,etc involves breaking the vesicles .

Cider will have none of the active ingredients . .They are stored in binary form , interact when 
the apple is crushed . Very shortlived . Absorbed through linings of mouth .

I think subgroup of domesticated horses became domesticated because they had some enzymes in their mouth that delayed the breakdown .
Note the habit of pubertal human females letting horses nibble apples from their mouth .
Some transfer must take place . This hints at some oestrogen related compound .
The human would experience an endorphin high and relaxation .

French-kissing Dobbin gives a new meaning to bobbing for apples .
A new perversion ?

I shudder to think if it is not .

Horse Nomads :
Rather amusing to think that all that sound and fury was simply horses looking for a fix .

Evidence of apple cultivation at about 11500 BC has been found .

Every Mongol carried dried apples with him , and planted the seeds whenever they could .

Note the oestrogen effect .Drinking mares milk after the mares had eaten apples would have had a calming effect , making civilization possible . But drink it after it has fermented , with an alcohol level , it would have shut down the loosening of the histone DNA winding , preventing the expression of tranquilizers and endorphins . (Alcohol ameliorates methylation , a well-known epigenetic effect in memory and genetic systems .)
Also note the see-saw effect . Essential for civilizations .

What does this mean?

The Willers Zapper Cocktail :

Tranquilizer effect :
1.Rinse mouth with full cream milk(to establish an oestrogen presence )
2.Crush apple piece into a cream foam and smear onto gums and tongue .
3.Rinse with full cream milk .

Zapper Effect :
Follow with a shot of your favourite liquor . This will rapidly shut down the tranquilizer effect .

This whip-saw effect is essential to human function .

The net effect is a shock to the system .

What humans like . Swirling around the chaos-attractors .

You definitely will not be bored .

Appendix A

Apples , Horses and Domestication .
Andre Willers.
15 Sep 2011

Apples contain binary chemicals that drastically reduce aggression when mixed by crushing .
There is also an endorphin enhancing effect .

Discussion :

Originally evolved in what is now Kazakhstan to spread seeds of apple-berries via bears , it was adapted by humans for domestication purposes , notably horses .

A really powerful tranquilizer , with endorphin effects , packaged in a binary form .
Degrades very fast in contact with oxygen or mixing .

Use the same method as for Garlic (Allicin) .
Crush an apple piece into cream foam to capture some of the binary components before they can degrade .

An apple a day keeps the doctor away .


Hi-Tek Burgers

Hi-Tek Burgers
Andre Willers
15 Sep 2011

Burgers using liquid nitrogen or ordinary freezing .

Discussion :

Liquid nitrogen :
From Nathan Myhrvold (SciAm aug 2011 p12)
1.Slow cook burger to medium rare .
2.Dunk briefly in liquid nitrogen(to freeze thin layer on outside)
3.Deep fry (creates brown crust , but does not overheat interior)
A lot of hassle and expense .

Freezer-microwave (my version)
1.Freeze two thin layers of mince-patty on stiff plastic ,after dipping in water (or misting)
Spices can be added .(Yummy!)
2.Cook the rest of the patty till rare .
3.Put this between the two layers of frozen patty .
4.Microwave . Not too , long , so the interior does not overcook .
5.Stand (5-10 min)

Freezer-oven (my version)
As above , but instead of microwaving , wrap in aluminium foil and oven bake at high temperature (220C) for a short while(try increments of 5 minutes)

Freezer-grill (my version)
As above , but instead put only one frozen layer on top , grill it , flip it, then put the other frozen layer on top and grill it .
Stand .

Cheese :
Can be frozen or not . Some cheeses are better after frozen (the strong sorts)
Add between the layers . Helps to meld them together .

The result is a juicy burger close to the liquid nitrogen model , without all the hazard and hassle .

Here's to champagne tastes and beer incomes.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Apples , Horses and domestication .

Apples , Horses and Domestication .
Andre Willers.
15 Sep 2011

Apples contain binary chemicals that drastically reduce aggression when mixed by crushing .
There is also an endorphin enhancing effect .

Discussion :

Originally evolved in what is now Kazakhstan to spread seeds of apple-berries via bears , it was adapted by humans for domestication purposes , notably horses .

A really powerful tranquilizer , with endorphin effects , packaged in a binary form .
Degrades very fast in conact with oxygen or mixing .

Use the same method as for Garlic (Allicin) .
Crush an apple piece into cream foam to capture some of the binary components before they can degrade .

An apple a day keeps the doctor away .


Monday, September 12, 2011

Refrigerators and Plagues

Refrigerators and Plagues.
Andre Willers
12 Sep 2011
Synopsis :
Some bacteria form proteins that freezes water at super-zero temperatures . These create portholes in the gut for intrusion of harmful malware DNA .
Discussion :
Pseudonomas Syringae and various forms of Yersiniae Pestis can do this trick .
This is why the Black Plague spread along temperature gradients .
Eating infected cold food enabled spots of freezing in the gut . This negated the normal shutter defense . Vulnerable ports were left open .
The same happened in the lungs in cold climates .
Pomanders hastened the process by opening the airways .
Chilled cucumbers :
Expect Crohn's disease .
Cool as a cucumber . This means freezing at super-zero temperatures .
Airport systems with chilled air-conditioning will test positive for Yersinia contamination .
They were cold adapted over a long period . Exactly . The bugs adapted as well ..
The hardest hit areas by the Black Plague were population groups with a high percentage of Neanderthal blood (North-West Europe) . These are also the groups with the highest resistance against CCR5 penetration .
Eat ice and die .
Therapeutic usage :
Cooled cucumber in probiotic yoghurt blasts beneficial DNA or other chemicals into the gut .
The cucumber pieces causes local freezing , keeping portals open .
Athletes :
A super boost can be achieved by eating chilled cucumbers sprinkled with sugar .
Diabetics II
Blasting sugar past gut portals should bypass insulin resistance mechanisms . But I do not know this . Only experiment will tell . At best it will reset some mechanisms . At worst , sugar levels will rise .
An interesting experiment .
Take refrigerated cucumber . Sprinkle with sugar and a bit of salt. Eat it  Monitor blood sugar levels before and after .
An interesting putative corollary :
Sugar is a more powerful blocker of CCR5 than anything else . Sweets have kept humans disease free .
So , there should be an optimal level of sugar intake , at optimal temperatures .
Salt is involved .
Epigenetic short-circuit :
The Spanish Flu in 1917 correlates closer with lack of sugar than anything else .
And for two generations afterward .Except for those who ate chilled cucumbers sprinkled with sugar and salt
Cucumber cold sweets , you old diabetics you ?

New Energy I

New Energy I Andre Willers 12 Sep 2011 Synopsis : New , cheap , non-fossil fuel energy sources have been developed and are being employed . Discussion : As previously mentioned , this underlied the German decision to go non-nuclear . See Prototypes and working units have been built and tested . The licenses have been bought by US companies , licensed to European nations , notably Germany and France . Presumably after thorough testing . Germany has bet the future of it's society on this technology . What does this mean ? Another peak . See "Peak Car " and "Peaking Resonance in Human Networks" Sep 2011 The Oil price is fluctuating according to short-term demand , not long-term expectations . Oil is not nearly as expensive as it should be . Ditto the price of gas . Of major interest to Russia . So they are also into the new technology . Ditto the price of water . Ditto the price of air , notably the futures market in CO2 . Ditto the price of human energy (food) . Food is not nearly as expensive as it should be . Ditto price of spaceflight . (LEO , at least) . Private firms can afford to compete because of low capital costs . Why haven't you heard of it ? Major players are trying to optimize their options (including burying it) But the ripple effects have been leaking out . A tsunami is a ripple on the open sea . Andre

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Peaking Resonance in Human Networks

Peaking Resonance in Human Networks
Andre Willers
8 Sep 2011

Synopsis :
Sets of maxima and minima move in echelon where network node capacity is limited .

Discussion :

Peaks rise or fall together . The interactions seem chaotic (and are) . The peaks are outliers of attractor basins . They are inherently connected .

A major shift in peaks means a major shift in the social and technological paradigm .

It is easy to chart , and futile to fight .

The Growth Paradigm is dead .
See "Peak Car" Sep 2011

What is amazing is that it has taken so long to percolate through .
Green and sustainability is the game . This can be leveraged by about a factor of 3 .

For example :
See "NewTools" Nov 2008
A reasonable sustainable reserve is 1/3 from infinite basic principles.
The equation
1/3 = 1/r –1
gives r= ¾ as a useful Sharia or Christian Bank Fractional Sustainable Reserve .

The major reason for China's monetary success is that they micro-managed the fractional bank reserve rates . These are now edging up from about 0.5 to a sustainable 0.75 . European and American rates are much lower (5%-15%) and induces instability .

Delicious !
Big banks that relied on a r<0.75 to grow are history . Small banks are taking them over , and staying small . It is more profitable . The paradigm has changed .

Big is not beautiful anymore .
Ask Rupert Murdoch . Really look at the factors that led to his downfall .

The Fashion has changed .

European bank crisis :
This can be stopped in it’s tracks by fiat : make r=3/4 . This will have a bad effect on the bonuses of the bank bosses , but not much on depositors . They will have a sustainable debt as an investment .


Peak Car

Peak Car
Andre Willers
8 Sep 2011

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana

The Peaks are interconnected . One system peaking means others will as well.
We are heading for a major deflationary cycle . Unless the Banks are bypassed , no amount of stimulus will help .
Cash is king .

Discussion :

Peak Cars :

Briefly :
1.Peak Cars:
A tipping point had been reached well before 2008 (start of current economic crisis ) where people were less willing to go into debt for cars and the associated infrastructures .

This contributed to a large degree to the present economic crisis .

2.Social Networks and Car Networks are in direct competition .
The cost of social networks are about 1/100 of a car network , and decreasing , while the cost of car networks are increasing .
Guess which is winning .

Cars in China , India , etc.
It a characteristic of emerging markets to follow mature markets in that they recapitulate the development process much faster . In other words , the emerging markets car systems will peak quickly (may have already peaked) , then leap-frog the developed world into the next generation (like cellphones in Africa)

3.Peak Airtravel
There are no hits on Google . Nobody seems to have realised (like with cars) that Peak Airtravel has already been reached . The industry is declining , as seen in the large number of busts in low-cost airlines . Invariably blamed on the cost of fuel . But the fuel price has been going down . It is the ancillary infrastructure costs and sociological changes that has peaked airtravel .

4.Peak Tourism :
Cost of credit has eroded discretionary savings . Mass tourism travel has peaked .
Rip-offs at destination has permanently soured the market for the middle- and lower classes . Really bad news for lots of emerging countries .

5.Peak Oil

Do not confuse this with peak oil prices . At a rough estimate , a fair oil price would be about $95 a barrel at peak demands . The rest is speculative excess .
As peak demands fall , oil prices will fall .

6.Peak Food Costs:
Dare I say it ? Food production costs have peaked .
Centers of large demand (China,India) have brought less productive agricultural areas in Africa and elsewhere into about 40 –fold increase in productivity .Populations have stabilised or grown wealthier . Food prices will fall .

If peak demands fall , (Peak Car , Peak Airtravel , Peak Oil Costs , Peak Food Costs)
Deflation would be the problem

7.Double Dip Recession :
This deflation is disguised as a Double Dip Recession .

The economies will slow down , but things will get cheaper in real terms .
Earn less , but buy more.

Peak Credit demand
Social networks are so much cheaper .

8.Peak Banks
The demand for credit has peaked and collapsed .
The smart operators got out of hedge funds long ago (cf Quantum)
Banks are still under the misapprehension that they only control the credit taps .
Fractional Reserves in banking has been responsible for most of the present troubles .
This is at an end unless Westerners want sharia banks to buy them with their own money .

9.Sharia Banking :
This is gaining ground because of the large fractional reserve (usually 100%)
Expect equivalent Fundamentalist Christian Banking .
A replay of the situation after the end of the Roman Empire's banking system .

Feeling peaked ?


Thursday, September 08, 2011

Virtual Haptics

Virtual Haptics Andre Willers 8 Sep 2011 Synopsis : Haptic systems are very resistant to suggestion . This is because most of the information processing is done on site , before the resultant is sent to the CNS . But powerful feedback processes are possible . The Haptic Golfer illustrates this . See: Discussion : The Haptic Golfer : The Algorithm is simple : 1. At tee-off , have imaginary smart superstrong strings connecting your hands and feet to Anchor points in a recognizable roughly square around you . Next , have a superstrong string connecting your head to the hole . 2. Imagine that each string is connected to a smart motor that will correct your swing . You do not have to concentrate too hard . The system is pre-programmed by evolution . Think like an inverse puppet . 3. Practise and play . Learning will happen much faster . What is going on ? Evolution has armoured the physical systems against self-deception of the hypnosis and suggestion varieties , but there is a chink-hole using mirror-neurons . Each Anchor point is a nexus of mirror neurons . Suggestion is a narrowing of focus (ie the superstrong cable and Anchor) . The Systems interact more efficiently than a top-down central command system . Therapeutic usage : Elderly persons where fine control has gone due to death of too many cells , can benefit by a simplification of this nature . Just imagine cables pulling them everywhere .It does not matter if they are paranoid . The effect is the same . This is so simple , I am going to try it on the Putt-Putt course this weekend . Inverse gods , anyone ? Andre.


Andre Willers
8 Sep 2011

Fingerprint Biometrics became obsolete with the identification of the SMARCAD1 gene .
Fingerprints are unique except for the class of humans with no fingerprints .
Lack of sweating on the hands is a feature .
This has survival benefits in a metal-using culture in very cold climates .
The gene (an instability in the mini-SMARCAD1 gene) seems to be an epigenetic dominant . It has spread far and wide from the original 5 families and will make biometric fingerprint usage valueless in the near future .

Discussion :

1.Already widespread .
It even has a name : "Immigration-delay disease" . Means there are a lot .

2.Why ?
Evolutionary advantage :
"the eccrine glands that are present in friction ridge skin,"
These are the sweat glands clustered on the ridges .

Without the ridges , the hands and fingers do not sweat or sweat very little .
In sub-zero temperatures , people with this mutation can handle metals (like ploughs , rifles , swords ,etc) without freeze-bonding . There is also much less heat-loss through the hands .

3.Epigenetic :
The instability in the Mini-SMARCAD1 gene seems to be triggered by a traumatic episode in a mother or grandmother during pregnancy .
This gives the system an evolutionary flexibility . Quite elegant .

The instability seems to be dominant , but whether it is only epigenetically so I cannot say .

Metals , warfare and culture in the cold climates seem to go together . So there was heavy selection for this trait . (On a very small anecdotal sample , I could find four individuals of two distinct families.)

4. Genetic Engineering .
Creating instability in the Mini-SMARCAD1 gene in the fingertips has probably already been done . They need not create a specific fingerprint , only change the old one .

It is only a matter of time before you can buy "Design-a-Fingerprint" as a fashion accessory . Tie in sound and become exquisitely tactile sensual .

Build in some OLED's from the DNA template , and a visual and electronic unique identification could be at your fingertips . About two years .

Did Neanderthals bite their nails ?

See Appendix A for the thrilling answer .


Appendix A
Human Nails .

Andre Willers
23 August 2007

Synopsis :
Human fingernails are intimately linked to rhythm and pattern recognition neural systems . It is also the third most important element in human sexual selection .


Evolutionary roots:
Hominid bipedalism evolved quite early .
Moropithecus (16 to 25 MY ago) showed adaptations to upright posture .

They walked on branches and clutched other breast-high branches for stability .

Science DOI : 10.112 / science.1140779
New Scientist of 9 June 2007 p18 “Four legs new ,two legs much older” “The Squat and the Wobble” )

This adaptation was lost in some streams of homonids , but retained in the homonin (ie our) ancestors . This means that for significant evolutionary time our ancestors clung to thin branches with their fingers curled around the branch and their fingertips pressed against the wood ..

The branch is not only a mechanical support , but also transmits information . The branches are elastically resilient , so waves caused by any large organism walking and stalking about can be picked up by suitably sensitive sensors and the type of organism identified by a neural-network .

The canopy-network is an information-rich network because of it’s resilience . Similar type of signals can be carried by the ground (cf elephant feet ) , but the damping and bandwidth is totally different .

Small wonder that homonins have recreated the canopy in the Internet .

An Internet created by elephants or whales would look completely different .

The finger :
The sensor-network is the pressure-receptors below the nail . The finger part in touch with branch is liable to tissue destruction , abrasion and calluses . Any sensors here are degraded by wear-and-tear .

But , hydraulic pressure transmits around the finger bone to compress the pressure receptors in the nail-bed against the unyielding nail , giving quite fine detail to a neural-network .

Some Corollaries:

1. IFF (Identification Friend or Foe)

This evolved literally at the start of the dinosaur/mammal split , derived from reptiles and has been refined ever since .

Any predator has a particular rhythm caused by putting it’s feet down in particular sequence (gait) .

If the predator is on a branch (or any resilient surface) , the rhythm is transmitted .
Soil can also be a medium , but less efficient (cf elephants)

This neural-network for IFF evolved under the fingernails .

In other words , a lot of rhythm recognition (ie pattern-recognition) takes place in the nerve-plexus under the fingernail .

The survival advantages are obvious .
The primary advantage is in recognizing non-hostiles . False alarms are extremely wasteful , especially in hard times . A trinary classification at neural level of hostile , neutral and friendly would evolve as an optimal solution .

There are circuits directly stimulating flight-or-fight mechanisms . There is a direct tie to the hippocampus and amygdala through stress proteins . There is a direct neural tie to muscles in the arm (from fingernails) and the legs (from toenails) .

This enabled the prey to identify a predator creeping or galloping up to it and take immediate reflex action .

Hyper-length neurons is the latest fashionable term to denote really long nervous connections without synapses .

The rich nexus of nerves under the fingernails have long been a target of human torture . But notice the aversion to nail-less humans or nail-biting . Notice how your attention is drawn to a nail-malformation (like a blue-nail)

2. Grooming.
Unarguably a defining social element in homonins .
But every human is complex of pressure waves .
Heartbeat , breathing , peritalsis are only a few of the passive pressure-waves that can be sensed by fingertips . More active palpations enables joint-crackling , lung and abdominal spaces to be felt by fingertips . Ask any doctor .

By definition , some females would be better at fingertip sensitivity than others . Since most infant mortality involves the gastro-intestinal system , which can be felt , sick babies allowed to be handled by the more sensitive woman are much more likely to survive . No language for this is needed initially .

Nursing and handling babies need sensitive touch .
Those females better at it ( ie well-shaped fingernails) evolve into midwives , since they reduce infant mortality for the group .

The midwife is the first professional .

Indeed , the medical round has not changed much in about 70 000 years .

The dominant female shaman , surrounded by a cloud of students , stalks from infant to infant , subjecting them to tactile examination . Easily remedified complaints (like blockages) or tried and true herbal plants are used to reduce infant mortality . This information is transmitted to the students .

Note self-medication by chimps and gorillas .

3. What drives this language development ?
The problem with previous language-development models was that there is no really , really compelling evolutionary reason why language should evolve .

Hunters do not need it . Noise is contra-indicated . Modern warriors like the SEALs use sign language in combat .

Small-woman groups might have the tendencies , but how does being top-woman of a small , isolated group translate into a planetwide meme-and-gene dominance ?
We have to have a mechanism whereby local dominance is transmitted .

The Answer :
Old-Fashioned Darwin .
The reduction in infant-mortality is the driver .
The transmission of information (ie language) then has an extremely direct relevance not only for a small tribe , but larger groups .

A tactile sensitive female with some language skill creates a positive feedback environment for higher infant survival rates . The language element enables her to teach students that scatter and repeat the process . The tribes that accept or send students to the college outbreed those that that don’t .

There is a crux point here relevant today :
Matriarchs (ie doctors) who tried to keep this advance in-tribe got overwhelmed by those that made it freely available .

Females , following an ancient imperative , would bring sick infants to the friendly neighborhood clinic .

The Matriarchal-Medical societal group outbred all others . And language was essential to the information transmission .


A bunch of doctors huddling together and exchanging jargon is the origin of language. The jargon was expanded to include terms for social competition for resources and status . Language was born in all its glory .

Note that the invention of Peace
(See “The origins of war and Peace”)
is a logical consequence of the above scenario during a stress episode like Toba .
Not to mention the College / University idea . Which morphed into Organised Religion .

The Dark Side .
The Rite of Passage (ie to qualify to be seen as human and worthy of procreation ) was an invention simultaneous with the invention of Peace . Youths who could not subordinate their impulses (to fairness , pain , boredom ) to the society , were expelled from the procreational pool , or even killed .

This mechanism (meme-structure) is still active today . (Flunked Varsity ? You’re drafted.) Can’t stand the fraternity initiation ? You are not human . Go flip burgers .

This works fine as long as the governing society is in charge . But by expelling it’s mutants , the society builds up a pool resentful beings of various degrees of humanity.

A sudden change (climate , plague , technology , etc) reduces the defenses of the original system sufficiently to bring about a revolution

Ie the climatic stabilization about 12 900 years ago that made profitable agriculture possible .

4. Snakes .
The alert reader would have noticed that a reliable , sensitive temperature sensor is lacking in the human sensorium . The most sensitive ones are in the elbows and the back of the knees , and these hardly lend themselves to easy usage .

So they bred snakes . Remember , these are the people that domesticated through selective breeding all our present domesticated species .

Snakes then would have been the very first domesticated species .

A living thermometer .

The infra-red sensors of snakes are more sensitive than present thermometers used in hospitals .

The specially bred snakes would have been bred not only for thermo-sensitivity , but for chemo-sensitivity as well .

The forked-tongue could detect not only breakdown products of illnesses exuded through the skin or breath , but location as well . (That’s why it’s forked.)

A basket of specialized snakes would enable a medical practitioner of the era
70 000 – 12 900 BC to give first level medical care equivalent to that of country clinic in our era . Diagnostics would have been superior , since specialized snakes would be doing this . Think programmed bio-chips .

Problem cases would be referred to the local College center .

Poisonous snakes was bred for medicinal aspects of their poisons (still being done today) .

So where are these snakes today ?
Traces of their genetic material should be found in garden snakes in Western Europe .
Obviously , nobody has looked for genetic bottlenecks from this viewpoint .

So this is a verifiable test .
Evidence of deliberate breeding (especially in mitochondrial snake DNA ) should be found . It is doubtful that really highly specialized snakes could survive in the wild (think feral Jersey cow or Merino) , but some would have gotten lucky . Their genetic traces should be traceable .

Cultural remnants :
The Caduceus is a cultural remnant . (Intertwined snakes is still the Western symbol of medicine .) Not bad for a symbol about 30 000 years old .

Legends , statues and inscriptions of dragons .

Bible : Eden . The snake got the starring role as the baddie , since the victors wrote the history books .

Also note Isis , purging of Ireland of snakes , Feng Shui , etc

Spirals : in rock engravings , etc . Which way does a snake coil up ?

Midwives .
The memes for this civilization is coiled up inside the one set of humans that had to survive : the midwives .

Remember , they thought biologically . The concepts of seeds inside reproducing systems came naturally to them .

The Matriarchs had thousands of years to see their demise coming and to plant seeds

Ho-ho-ho !
The New World Order is guaranteed to be completely different from the Bilderbirger vision .

So , there were some good ones matriarchs and some bad ones .

The good ones tried to ensure the survival of what was good in their civilization .

The bad ones tried to ensure their dominance .

The ensuing civil wars destroyed almost everything .

Most of the good got thrown out with the bad .

The planet is littered with the ruins of their buildings , bioforms and still-active
bio- weapon systems .

Some meme markers that have survived the wars :
Bio-warfare vs numbers . Fear the disease-ridden stranger . If you are not for us , you are against us . Any writing or symbol is dangerous , since it can contaminated with mind-altering vectors by touching it .

Some remnants of these have survived in central-europe : psychotic and schizophrenic inducing chemicals in basic foodstuffs like rye (ergot fungi) . Some very localized near the original labs .
(One particular variant of psychosis inducing behavioural change organisms was localized within about 50 km radius in central Europe : symptoms : fear of persecution : paranoia with very definite cut-off points . A weapon .)

Your attention is drawn to plasmodium induced behaviour changes where the carriers are cats (and dogs as well) .
This would be a civilizing influence in a mild form ( taking risks by trusting ) , but a mind-control form in a strong form (trust unconditionally) . (Oxytocin stimulation)

A horrible thought is that the sites of the Nazi extermination camps (and the very idea) came from people picking up extermination bio-weapon contamination from old weapon sites . Note that the Nazi camps are on a line that would be a natural defensive line about 9 000 years ago .

Old weapons that kill and kill again .

Why the sudden sanity in the late twentieth century ?

Acid rain .

The vectors of madness were in the fungi (forest rhizomes) in the ground .
The weaponized mind-altering fungi , bacteria and viruses were obviously spread as widely as possible over the defensive lines . The ones that could survive thousands of years would be in the old fungi structures underground . These (because they were carrying a non-survival payload) were the first to die in acid-rain .

Remember , they thought like biologists .
They would not pick up a rock and bash you on the head . They would breed some organism that makes you vulnerable to their memes . You then would pick up a rock and bash their enemies ‘ heads in .

Can these organisms recover ?
Of course . They doing so now . See the latest history .

Why did this civilization nearly vanish ?
(See “The origins of war and Peace” , “Costs” , “Nazca” , etc)

Your attention is drawn to the putative small comet impact on North America about 12 900 years ago . See New Scientist 26 May 2007 “Firestorm from space wiped out prehistoric Americans.”

This resulted in a short-term planetary climatic stability
(alas , now coming to an end ).

The resulting climatic stability led to usable , profitable , large-scale agriculture .

This led to an explosion in human numbers .

The Matriarchy tried to keep the lid on . Things got ugly on both sides .

The sub-human mutants (partially our ancestors ) won and extirpated their enemies . The late bronze-age cataclysm was but the end stages of a 7 000 year old clash of memes , and was correspondingly bitter.

Think Paris Hilton vs Bill Gates .

5 .Rhythm .

Rhythm is then a very ancient IFF mechanism .

Music is used as a cultural defining mechanism . Era’s and societies are defined by ephemeral harmonies .

If you like my rhythms , we are pals .

6. Musical instruments:

Nearly all human instruments are characterized by causing compression waves around fingertips in sequences and cadences .

Guitar , piano , flute , etc .The reason why they popular is that they are easy to play . The reason why they are easy to play is that pattern-recognition takes place in the fingertips .

A hardwired threat is a cat stalking along slender bough . The cadence of a four-footed stalk is known . The damping of vibrations along a bough of decreasing diameter is known . The speed of the approach of the predator can then be calculated .

In music this translates as impending threat or doom . Can you see how it goes ?
Now you too can design threatening music that operates at instinctive level .

Finger tapping .
This is a variant of “Counting to ten” .
The pressure impacts on the nail-beds causes interrupts in the amygdale , hippocampus and lower stem . Hence the success of some stress therapies using fingerclicking .

You got rhythm if you fingertap and foot/toe tap with the music .

Fingertip to forearm tapping .
You will not find this little item anywhere else .

Endorphin release is proportional to fingertip-to-forearm cadences .

Instead of tapping your fingers on the table , tap them on and around your forearms instead in time to the music . Notice you will automatically start waving your forearms about .

Endorphin release is increased by orders of magnitude .

Why ?

Your forearm is like a branch . You are tapping your fingertips and moving your hands and forearms in a way that signals “ Only friendlies and non-hostiles” about .

Monkey’s joy .

Listen to some music that has a beat . Put your right hand on your left forearm and vice versa . Tap your fingers on the forearms as if you are conducting like mad . Go mad .

Try it .

Notice the flatness if you stop . This is endorphin production being stopped . (Especially with semi-classical music)

Notice that you move your fingers about 3 times as frequently as your thumbs . To be more exact , e=2.718… more frequently . The reason is obvious .

Notice that all musicians move their instruments if they can . The pianist moves his head and torso as he moves through the virtual canopy . Notice the contortions of a violinist . What does the virtual monkey-mind cluster of a violinist see as she contorts and gyrates ?

7. Counting .
The relationship between mathematics and music is well known .

But why ten fingers? Many different variations have been tried .
The answer is simple : 4 fingers + 1 thumb on each hand .
The thumb gives a better grasp on the branch . The 4 fingers at roughly equal distances split the harmonics of the wave on the branch . This is a physical optimization , inherent in the nature of vibrations . A physical and mathematical law of vibrations .

4=2^2 , 8 = 2^4 . Can you see it ?

A little prediction : the spread of thickness of 4 fingers in homonids will optimize natural harmonies in branches of varying taper .

This means that the thumb is not strictly necessary for rhythm recognition . Notice that most instruments do not require the thumb except for grasping . (Eg the guitar : the right thumb is usually replaced by a plectrum.)
This also means that the thumb could be used for something else , and that is what evolutionary systems did . Thumb systems specialized in acting as reference point for the other fingers . A weight-lifter , javelin-thrower , tennis-player , golf-player , violin-player , etc all do the same thing : their hands analyze the vibration-characteristics of their instrument to find the sweet-spot relative to the other fingers .

8. Golf:
The monkey swings through the air and grips a branch .
The 4x2 fingers hook over to top . Immediately , IFF is done in the fingertips . If no enemy is detected , the thumbs hook underneath . By this time , the branch has deformed under the weight and vibrations set up . Using the positions of the thumbs as reference points , the vibrational characteristics of the branch is analyzed . If the monkey wants to stay and have a firm grip , it must move to a vibrational node of the branch (ie where the standing wave caused by it’s weight cancels out . Usually called the Sweet Spot .) . notice that one hand must get there first , usually overshooting . The overshooting hand is adjusted closer to the sweet spot , then the other hand . This approximation process is repeated until the monkey is satisfied (inside the parameter.)

It moves its hands , the fingers frequently and the thumbs less frequently (ratio of about 3 to 1) until it feels happy .

Now do the same to the golf club .
If right-handed , cradle the club lightly at balance point in the left hand with the fingers underneath and the thumb over the top , the handle to the right . The right hand has a light overhand grip .

Hold the club horizontal (like a branch ) , waggle it gently up and down . With the fingertips on the club , shift your hand alternately to the right until it feels correct . Jiggle the right hand back to correct for overshoot .

Then lock the right thumb in . (Note , locking the thumb is characteristic of all golf-grips . Now you know why .)

This is the interesting bit . While locking the right thumb in place , wriggle the left fingers and thumb until they feel ok . The right fingers can be wriggled as well , but not the right thumb . Do not wriggle the fingers more than 3 times the thumbs at this stage .

9. Piano

An interesting corollary is that you will learn the piano better and faster if you tape the thumbs out of the way .

10 .Birds .

So why doesn’t birds have ten toes ? They have 8 = 3x2 + 2.
Birds can fly , so they don’t have to stick around and develop enhanced harmonic analysis .

11. Stochastic resonance .

The Stochastic resonance mechanisms which evolved in the brain and hands to deal with random branch movements due to weather was essential to the development of language .

Lying and an honest error cannot be distinguished from each other . And it does not matter in the long term .

12 .Sexual Selection.

Men look at women and see at a subconscious level :
1. Her middle/hip ratio is about 0.75 . Enough room for babies head
2.High , conical breasts . They will not smother baby while suckling and running .
3. Well-kept nails . Tactile sensitivity for baby care and nursing .

Women look at men and see at a subconscious level :
1. A taut bum . Good runner . Essential for good hunter .
2.Muscled arms . Good hunter and protector .
3. Symmetric face . Behaviour not too weird .

That’s it . The systems can only count to three .

If you want to overcome any negative impression on any one of these factors , you will have to work hard at it .

I was surprised to see nails pop out as an important sexual selection criterion . Females are always buffing , colouring , shaping , hardening , etc nails .

Shaped nails .
Refer to magnetrons . Shaped guides to various wave-forms can magnify the effect million-fold . Women with wave-guide shaped nails are remnants of the old order . Good or bad ? Unfortunately , nobody can tell . But if you run into one , run like hell .

The groove is only quantum deep , but it is coupled across all time .

So much for this space-time .



Wednesday, September 07, 2011

LA Big One

LA Big One Andre Willers 7 Sep 2011 "I would rather be right than consistent" Winston Churchill Synopsis I was wrong , and glad of it . Discussion : Needs some work . Like right back to basic principles . Humble pie comes with it's own sauce . Andre

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Ragnarok II

Ragnarok II
Andre Willers
5 Sep 2011

There is some good news and some bad news .

The Good News:
SOLAR FLARE: on Sunday morning at 1145 UT, an active region on the sun's western limb unleashed a strong M3-class solar flare. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the flash of extreme ultraviolet radiation
Although the blast site was not directly facing Earth, radiation from the explosion nevertheless ionized Earth's upper atmosphere. This altered the propagation of radio signals around Europe, where it was high-noon at the time of the flare.

Hence the problems with Skype , wrongfully ascribed to increased magma activity .
We are not facing an Extinction Level Event due to planetary magma activity .

The Bad News :
Major magma derived earthquakes are still on track for Western USA and Mideast Europe . Shit . Now we have to worry about the SuperVolcano at Campo Flegri (NE of Naples) This is like Yellowstone . The magma chambers have to be ripped open and vented in the least harmful direction . The Med in this case . Worse than Santorini
Then there are the supervolcanos in India and Siberia .
Hopefully the effect won't stretch that far . But a rapid response would be needed.
A really difficult call .

Unless the human race is very lucky , millions are going to die in the next week .

But most will survive .



Major Earthquakes Warning
Andre Willers
5 Sep 2011

Synopsis :
Magma activity has increased to such an extent that internet-data packages are affected by changes in the Earths magnetosphere . Major eruptions expected on 6 Sep 2011 .

Discussion :
Google "magma movements 2011"
Europe has been hit by earthquake swarms . Never a good sign .
See "Seismic-to-sound transducer" Jul 2011
Don't you wish you had a working one now ?

Increased magma activity has been recorded all over the planet .

Calls over Skype had a reverboratory effect (on 3 Sep 2011) , with lots of service dropping .

Caused by Symmetrical time-retardation with lots of packet degradation .
But there is no anomalous Solar activity . This leaves anomalous Terran activity . The only thing that can have this sort of effect is disturbance in the magma plumes on a planetary scale .

Geologically , Europe is like the face of an old woman who has never heard of botox . (with apologies to Gaia)
If there are major disturbances in Europe , Verde is almost certain to go .
Vesuvius , Etna , Hekla , Rift valley will erupt .
Expect major eruptions in Arctic and Antarctic, with accelerated ice-melting and possible ice-surges .

Merde .

What humans can do :
Use nukes to remove major dangers like Yellowstone , Verde , Antarctica , Greenland , Iceland . Hope that this will relieve magma pressure on heavily populated areas .
Get your useless academics to focus less on in-fighting and more on solving the problem .

Pray .

Sadly , I think that Gaia is simply tired of humans . (The trigger of this whole episode is the rapid melting of the icecaps , resulting in longitudinal expansion of the magma tubes .)

Humans are about to join the dinosaurs .
At 13h00 US Eastern Time on 6 September 2011

Ragnarok , anyone ?


Tails II

Tails II
Andre Willers
4 Sep 2011

Synopsis :
Some effects of virtual tail usage .

Discussion :

See "Tails and psychopaths" Sep 2011-09-04

It sort of swung at me from nowhere .

Points to ponder would be childhood developmental intervention effects once hyper- or hypocultural biases are determined .

TransCranial Magnetic Stimulation is a possible tool .

Tail-configurations as a sign-language for Click

Juvenile transgressions of a hypocultural nature to be sentenced to a term of SecondLife in a fixed avatar with a tail , with rewards for using tail .

Expect major effects on musical talents .

I can go on and on .

But some basic research needs to be done .
But there are probably already suburbs in SecondLife for tail users (Furry subculture)

Humans , as usual , will tinker with the engine while pedal-to-the-metal .

Let's hope they can keep their tails out of the gears .


Thursday, September 01, 2011

Tails and Psychopaths.

Tails and Psychopaths .
Andre Willers
1 Sep 2011

Synopsis :
Apes traded tails for culture .
Pathologies at neural level resulted in hypoculture (psychopathy , sociopathy) or hyperculture (autism , Aspergers ,extreme shyness).
This suggests diagnosis and therapy at neural and virtual levels .

Discussion :
Briefly , the neurons controlling the tail became mirror neurons , mirroring actions of other proto-monkeys . This enabled the proto-ape to mirror the others.
This is Culture . But , this meant loss of the tail from evolutionary pressure .

The location of these Tail nerve-nexi are known .
See "Why are you not an octopus" Jun 2011

Diagnosis :
Tail nerve-nexi can be measured by fMRI , indicating hypoculture or hyperculture .


1.Virtual :
Imagine having a prehensile tail . Use it . There are templates that activate . Extremes are ameliorated . (Cf "Furries" sub-culture)

2.Real .
Dock the tail (like with aggressive dogs:bulldogs , Dobermans,etc) . This enables some measure of domestication .
Or control it (stallions or S&M extremely violent human apes ) . The butt-syndrome . Attempts by hypoculture individuals to become more "normal" .

Combining Real and Virtual can be hazardous to your health .

Converting a psychopath's Tail nerve-nexi to mirror-neurons is challenging ,to put it mildly .

Isolating the Tail nerve-nexi of a hyperculture (autism , Asperger) can lead to a fluctuation of extremes . The prognosis is much better . A cure is possible .

4. Honeymoon Effect .
For Norm humans :
Imagine you have a prehensile tail . Entertwine it with your partner's tail in a prehensile fashion . Feel it .
Mirror neurons get amplified .
Very deep mechanisms kick in to enable and amplify empathy from mirror-neurons .
The effect is deeper than the short-term compulsions of "Love" or "Sex"

What a tail !