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The Ostrum Game.

The Ostrum Game
Andre Willers
30 Oct 2011

“One Game shall bind them all .” , ( with apologies to Tolkien)
“This time , we know for sure the grass is greener somewhere”
“A Revolution , any Revolution.”

Synopsis :
A Game for Grown-ups .
The Eight Ostrum Design Principles are Meta-rules that generate self-consistent sets of rules that encompasses competition , co-operation , catastrophe , hierarchies and other systems undreamt of , all between discrete , interacting , self-organising systems .
Your avatar can go from SecondLife to Simworld , to War Worlds , to any desired locale .
Reality becomes a subset .

Discussion :
1.An incredible amount of money can be made .While money still has some meaning .
Without too much work . See Para 8 in Appendix A
Each Game Company is a base nested institution .
They bind easily together , releasing a lot of energy and money .
Explosive Feedback Synergism .
A run-up to the Singularity .

2.Feedback between Games and Reality :
The Meta-rules make no differentiation between Game-characters and Real-characters .
Indeed , many Real-characters have been spun into Game-characters , and vice-versa .
Think Sherlock Holmes , MacGyver , Gauss , young Werther etc
See “mirror-neuron networks” , any soap opera , etc .

Real-life problems get treated the same way as Game problems . The more diverse and sophisticated the Game interactions become , the more effect on any real or Game system .
Eventually , they become undistinguishable as technology progresses .

3.The Grass is provably greener somewhere .
Long known as a wishful thinking fallacy , until Ostrum published the Design Principles in 1990 .
This was the trigger event of under-the-surface knowledge about Ostrum Rules building up .
Suddenly , it became possible .

A Phase-change in the noosphere occurred .

It meant that a Disaster of the Commons or an Empire was not inevitable . Grandchildren could survive .


Enormous tensions began surfacing . These effects are still playing out now .
A really , really major Hysterical Focus started forming , and is still intensifying .

Now , are you surprised that 1990 was the year of huge revolutions , when the USSR collapsed ?

The Ostrum Game beat the Ring of Power .

And you have not seen anything yet .

The pace of Revolutions is intensifying .
A good thing , if Homo wishes to escape extinction .

4.Automating Ostrum Rules :
They might be Meta-rules , but they are still rules .
We can certainly write programs that can serve to guide past most of the pitfalls and suggest alternatives .

5.Multicellular Bodies as Commons :
We can certainly analyze bodies in terms of Commons . The Dear Reader will find many interesting things if he does that .
Note the emphasis on communication .
Talk to your body . Aloud . And listen in the silences in between .
Create a virtual body and note the interactions .
Use the Ostrum Design principles .

6.Singularity :
It is immediately obvious that humans are then not limited to Real biochemical definitions of personality . The emphasis on communication means that personalities are distributed across Real and Game spaces . The Game space personality segments are only limited by internal non-contradictory rules . That can be done via Ostrum Design principles .

Not exactly instantaneous , but I can intuit that the time can be calculated . It would be less than real time .
The putative developing system would have ethical constraints on abandoning Real-part personalities under Ostrum Rules .
Told you it would be kindler , gentler .

7.Phase Change :
The system has already undergone an irrevocable phase change in 1990 .
You can fast-forward the rest .

8.Did Ostrum know what she was unleashing ?
The Revolutionary aspects , nearly certainly .
In her quiet way , she is one of the greatest Revolutionaries in Homo Sapiens history . Worthy of being called a Matriarch .

The Singularity aspect is more uncertain . She certainly knew that she unleashed major fairness , but the phase-change in the Noosphere I do not know .
Still , a tour-de-force .

How do feel like being a pet of your avatar ?

Andre .

Appendix A
To quote from Wiki : (comments in brackets are my own ).

“ Ostrom identifies eight "design principles" of stable local common pool resource management:[10]
1. Clearly defined boundaries (effective exclusion of external un-entitled parties;
2. Rules regarding the appropriation and provision of common resources that are adapted to local conditions; (Equal sharing of debts and rewards)
3. Collective-choice arrangements that allow most resource appropriators to participate in the decision-making process; (Consensus decisions-no leveraged hierarchies)
4. Effective monitoring by monitors who are part of or accountable to the appropriators; (Policing)
5. A scale of graduated sanctions for resource appropriators who violate community rules; (Opportunity to learn from mistakes )
6. Mechanisms of conflict resolution that are cheap and of easy access; (Fair and Fast Justice . See how Inquisitorial Justice systems like Chinese , French or Sharia does it.)
7. Self-determination of the community recognized by higher-level authorities; (Autonomy within clearly defined levels . Something like a Federation.)
8. In the case of larger common-pool resources,organization in the form of multiple layers of nested enterprises, with small local CPRs at the base level. (Clear and quick relations with others. A potential sticky point with states.)
Governing the Commons: The Evolution of Institutions for Collective Action Ostrom, Elinor, Cambridge University Press, 1990 “

The most important book in the Twentieth Century .
Try to read it .


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Superfast athletes

Superfast Athletes -The Chirp Effect .
Andre Willers
25 Oct 2011

“We can do it , because it has been done.”

Synopsis :
The terminal buzz .
Chirp Focus .
A peak of up to 200 contractions and relaxations per second of the bat's sonic muscles vs 40 Hz for hummingbird wings . It has been done with mammalian muscles .

Discussion :
All mammals can sense this crescendo (ie chirp)
The muscle cycles is timed to the sensory system .
The boundaries for sustained activity is not energy supply (this is more than sufficient – see previous posts on mitochondria) , but the removal of wastes , particularly those that govern the fat storage mechanism (ie the garbage system)

This means that a good athlete will be fatter after strenuous exercise .

Let's go batshit .
Guano , to be more precise .
This contains some genes , amino acids , what you will , that breaks down fat cells (ie takes out the garbage) better than anything we have at present . Probably a symbiote in the guano .
Bats need a closed space like a cave to accumulate a sufficient density of the symbiote to generate high enough muscle contractions (200 Hz) to hunt .

Dinosaurs and bats
Finding this x-factor seems difficult , until we remember that dinosaurs could not afford to get tired . A requirement for being large , Inversely , dinosaurs did not get tired . This is a plus in an energy rich environment , but a minus in an energy poor environment

See http://andreswhy.blogspot/com “The Flower , the Dinosaur and Puff” Dec 2008

Bats utilized some genes from the skin ecology of dinosaurs to get these high frequencies .

A Fat cure for Humans
This is trivial . Trawl through the guano and find DNA sequences not common to bats .
Chirp in from there . Craig Venter could do it an afternoon . But the consequences ….

Fungi death of bats , bees , etc
This is trivial . You have been warned against this in previous posts . Disturbance of Gaia's Reserves on non-angiosperm systems have been noted . Mammals, never mind Humans , are an amusing experiment on Gaia's part . If core reserves are touched , swift consequences follow .

Kindly look at planetary biomasses , especially the inversions in the ocean systems .
Humans might think they are the cat's whiskers , but they are actually teetering on the edge of extinction at the present moment .

Never mind .As a mammal you are entitled to get tired of this crap .
Andre .

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Tuberculosis(TB)

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Tuberculosis(TB)
Andre Willers
26 Oct 2011

“Bright star , would I were as steadfast as thou art” John Keats (died of TB)

Synopsis :
This is not medical advice . Consult your doctor .
ADD and TB are linked by a deficit in Vitamin D , with very important threshold effects .
UV blockers , clothing and buildings have cleverly created whole populations of ADD and TB susceptible children . Not to mention other lurking nasties .

Discussion :
Melanin concentration :
The color of the skin .Usually erroneously associated with race . Evolved as a balance at any particular latititude between the VitD production from UV and Folic acid destruction .

This has been unbalanced mainly by Fashion .
Clothes and cosmetics .
Cosmetics are the oldest (cf Blombos caves in South Africa) .
Skin paint would reduce folic acid destruction , leading to higher viable fetus survival .
A literal matter of life-or-death to a small community .
Clothes ditto .

Ironically , clothes then evolved not to keep warm , but as shielding from too great Folic Acid destruction . This enabled the paleolithic Volkewanderung .

The women could match their fertility to the latitude . Remarkable .
The reason for Homo's great colonization success .

Flux :
The essence of the system was flux , as , indeed , it still is today .

Fashion goes too far , disturbing everything , necessitating everybody to run around like like mad to keep up , never mind get ahead .

Isn't Culture wonderful ?

Especially when this happens at genetic and epigenetic level .

What does this mean ?
This post was triggered by the finding that All Coloured TB sufferers in the Western Cape of SA had a deficiency of VitD . They had the correct skin color for the latitude , but too much clothing
This led to ADD. Which led to Gangs and Tik (Methamphetamine) , both concentration enhancers .
What a terrible trap .

Giving them Vit D supplements might help prevent future recruits , but the the present momentum remains .

The same is true for the ADD epidemic in the far northern or southern latitudes where they wear a lot of clothes and live in buildings .

Sports :
I really don't want to do this , but the evidence compels me .
Sporting activity in open sunshine with exposure to UVB is essential to physical and mental development of Homo Sapiens . There are also certain thresholds of UVB that must be exceeded .
If not , VitD below certain thresholds lead to Seasonal Affectional Disorder (SAD) which leads to ADD , which leads to cognitive concentrators like Methamphetamines(Tik , Ritalin) , too much alcohol, too much anything .

Riches , Fashion and Disease :
“Even the peasants wear clothes !”
Sigh . This simply means that their immune system's balance are disturbed . They are are more prone to diseases , unless supplements are given .
The balance is irrevocably disturbed . There can be no going back .But the bad effects can be ameliorated . There will be no New Balance .

But we all knew that when Fashion was invented .

Toujours , mes enfants .

And give a helping hand to the small ones .



Appendix A
TB and Vitamin D .
Google “vitamin d tb” for latest findings .

The crucial point is that a certain threshold of Vitamin D concentration is necessary to trigger innate and learned immune system responses against TB and other nasties .
Thresholds , not just presence .This is why further studies are necessary to determine the critical levels .


Appendix B
Andre Willers
24 Nov 2007
Key Concepts:
MkIII and MkIV humans
Four states are possible:
1.NoAttentionDeficitDisorder and NoHyperActivity
-> MkIII human -> desultory concentration -> lack of long-term application.
2.NoAttentionDeficitDisorder and HyperActivity
-> MkIV human -> obsessive concentration .
3.AttentionDeficitDisorder and NoHyperActivity
-> Learned helplessness -> neural weights are randomized ->apathy
4.AttentionDeficitDisorder and HyperActivity
-> HyperActiveFlea -> hop around ->fads utilized by state 1 and 2 humans .
Problem states:
State 3 is pathological , while State 4 is generally associated with children and juveniles of various ages .
State 4 to State 2.
Note that it is easier to shift State 4 to State 2 . This is one of the major driving forces in the epigenetic explosion of MkIV humans . HyperActivity can be left intact , while AttentionFocussing is conditioned .
The conditioning is social (schools , etc) and chemical (Ritalin , etc) .
A less problematic way would be to increase interest at a neurological level .
CamelType is one such way . (“The humps , the humps in the walls” a-la-HPLovecraft)
Originally evolved as adspeak , it is a way of increasing attention at a basic neurological way by alternating lower and upper cases in a pseudo-random way . This can be done dynamically on-screen , or better , on smart paper .
For example :
I TalK SenSe
i taLK sEnSe
i tAlk seNsE
There are 2^n ways of CamelTyping n letters in a sentence .
If in groups of three , a sense of order is engendered .
A neural-network mind looking at a screen where the upper and lower cases change pseudo-randomly is seduced into trying to deduce the rule .
Even if there is no rule , partial sequences of threes will be used and defended as rules
The neural-network cannot help it  . It HAS to try and find correlations .
This is a well-known mechanism in horse-races , casinos and lotteries .
See also Sudoku , Chess , Go , Bridge , History , Science , etc .
State 3 to State 4.
State 3 is learned helplessness . This is  Extremely difficult to work with , as there is no handle . The line of least energy is to convert State 3 into state 4 (AttentionDeficit stays the same , but induce hyperactivity) , then convert State 4 into State 1 or 2 .
State 4 seems to be a way-station for juveniles and other emotional cripples .
This is a favourite pathway for religious systems or armies .
Note that the most difficult pathway is from State 4 to State 1 . This can be observed in history .
This translates into “The weirdos seem to control all the committees.”
Where does  , Melatonin , Serotonin , VitD fit in ?
VitD (or to be more exact , one and only one metabolic breakdown product (1,25D) is essential to trigger the expression of a large number of genes . Literally thousands of proteins cannot be formed without the intervention of this chemical . It is generally systemic . This means that you need it all the time . Gross shortages lead to things like rickets , but long before that metabolic abnormalities like auto-immune diseases strike , as juvenile immune responses are prolonged . The body cannot mature .
The genes expressing serotonin require VitD (hence Winter Sadness) .
Surface animals like humans have retained the capability of manufacturing VitD in their skins . Subsurface animals like fish (cod) have retained the necessary genes without solar input . Refer Esquimeaux.
The dosages : where the ping hits the plenum .
One healthy bikini clad girl needs about ½ hour of sunlight at median latitudes to get enough VitD (about 10 000 units) . A tbs of cod liver oil will give her about 1 000 units . Wearing clothes just leaving the face exposed is insufficient to generate enough VitD for procreation .
What a beautiful trap .
Humans in the high latitudes either have to migrate once in a lifetime to an latitude where there is enough sunshine (UVB) for enough VitD for essential gene-triggering to ensure fertility , or they had to eat fish products like codliver , caviar , salmon , etc to ensure the maturity of their own cell-cycles .
When neither is possible , human fertility rates fall . As what happened in the last century . What this stirs is ur-volkewanderung . All to be prevented by a VitD supplement .
The turnaround in Russian birthrates can be ascribed to the re-establishing of the Black-Sea holiday resorts .
And so it goes .

Appendix C
AttentionDeficitDisorder 2
Andre Willers
8 Dec 2007
Key Concepts:
AttentionDeficitDisorder (see previous post)
Biologically active sulfur for the skin
Essential Fatty Acids
I hereby give the overview and sources not mentioned in the previous post on AttentionDeficitDisorder .
Vitamin D
An excellent overview given in November 2007 issue of Scientific American “ Cell Defenses : Sunshine Vitamin”
“1,25 diHydroxyvitaminD3 is a direct inducer ofAntimicrobial Peptide Gene Expression”  by Wang et al Journal of Immunology vol 173 p2909-2913,2004
“The Pleiotropic actions of vitaminD” Lin BioEssays Vol26 .p649 March 2004
“Vitamin deficiency” by Holick “New England Journal of Medicine , Vol357,no3,p266-281.july 19,2007.
Biologically active sulphur .
I have discussed this before . It is sufficient to note that animals whose skins we want to use for things like shoes and furs , need additional supplements of sulphur to be usable . (Google “MSM animal feeds”)
This means that humans are also deficient in biologically active sulphur .
Sulphur is essential in the normal deployment of skin organelles .There is a synergistic effect  .
The less sulphur , the less Vit D.
Cheap clothing and urbanization means that most humans only expose a small part of their body for small periods to UVB . A general shortage of sulphur exacerbates the effect , as the skin cannot function optimally .
The net effect is a chronic shortage of Vitamin D .
In Utero effects:
Switching on and off of genes are especially important during gestation . If there is general shortage of 1,25D during this period , the available supplies are switched to the most important systems . (This is a very ancient system) . Certain later genes do not get switched on . This leads to immune problems . Notice the dominant effect of VitD vs Folic Acid .
Can this be rectified?
Yes . During growth spurts . The puberty+ stage is important .
As discussed before , AttentionDeficitDisorder and HyperActivity is not only normal in the spurt of growth in neuromass after puberty , but essential . Every human goes through this stage .
Intervention :
Northern latitude Europeans used to have a cheap source of VitD and Essential Fatty Acids in oily fish . They have destroyed these fish stocks and are now paying the price .
The problem is not only an on-going shortage of 1,25D , but an accumulated shortage of gene switches which did not happen .
Which is why there is an upper limit to VitD dosages . Too much , and the accumulated by-products of long-delayed gene-switch-on’s poisens the organism .
Why do these delays build up ? Because these steps are essential in maturing sperm and ova cells . The corrollary is , of course , that fertility rates in far northern latitudes are very low . This is borne out by evidence (Laps , Mongols , Esquimeaux,etc)
Actual Case study:
A male youth entering puberty with symptoms of chronic VitD deficiency .
Certain gene-sets do not switch on (extended neotony) . This is observed as babylike behaviour: hyperactivity and inability to concentrate for long periods .
Puberty makes this much worse .
Available resources of VitD , Essential fatty acids and Sulphur are stretched to breaking point by development imperatives .
Intervention is simply making these building blocks available.
The dosages :
Sulphur is critical . Cells divide ,especially brain and muscle-cells .
Give a lot of MSM : 10 gm /day
VitD uptake will be enhanced , if sunshine exposure of about ½ hr per day is followed . You will tan rapidly and skin will be smooth .
 If this is not possible , supplementations should be done . But note upper limit .
Essential fatty acids : the building blocks of the brain . Two tablespoons of flaxseedoil and codliveroil a day
If you plan lots of MSM and sunshine , be sure to include antioxidants .Make sure the exposure is logarithmic : a little at the start , then increasing rapidly . You will notice that you tan more rapidly (1/2 hr instead of days) . You are also more sane . (Less unstable)
Pak protector .
A theoretical construct by Larry Niven . Also known as grandmothers .The genetic effect is real .
Surviving Grandmothers are all Pak protectors  to some degree .
Grandmothers like fish (all the ones I know) . Essential fatty acids etc .
Adding megadoses should be interesting .
Pak protectors on the female line are well known and real . But are there male Pak protectors ? We know that it would be an ancient system . The females groom the male into being the Pak protector . The effect is real . The male lives longer and is dominant . But the females are also caught in the same trap .The planet might have only one male Pak protector , and millions of female Pak protectors . Yet the females cannot co-ordinate without a nominal hierarchical head .
Any male can declare himself Pak protector . This has not been done for about 4 000 years . Interesting times indeed .
The Grandmother Party can indeed sweep the planet .
Who , after all , keeps the whole shebang together?
A toast to the Pak Party .

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Peanut Allergies .

Peanut Allergies
Andre Willers
22 Oct 2011

This is not medical advice . Consult your doctor .
Roasted peanut allergies seem to be generated by a properly vigilant immune system acting against neurotoxins like acrylamide .
Diabetics or persons allergic to peanuts should avoid aspartame , or foods high in aspartic acid/asparagine . They should not do desensitization training without awareness of the risk of peripheral neuropathy .

Discussion :
The Peanut is a Wonder-plant .
 Hypogaea means "under the earth", after pollination, the flower stalk elongates causing it to bend until the ovary touches the ground. Continued stalk growth then pushes the ovary underground where the mature fruit develops into a legume pod, the peanut – a classical example of geocarpy
 it has two sets of chromosomes from two different species, thought to be A. duranensis and A. ipaensis.
Archeologists have dated the oldest specimens to about 7,600 years, found in Peru.[8

 China is the world's largest peanut producer. A major factor in this increase was the household-responsibility system, which moved financial control from the government to the farmers

Antarctic expeditions thus settled on peanut butter as the ideal foodstuff .

According to a 2003 study, roasting peanuts, as more commonly done in North America, causes the major peanut allergen Ara h2 to become a stronger inhibitor of the digestive enzyme trypsin, making it more resistant to digestion.[25]Additionally, this allergen has also been shown to protect Ara h1, another major peanut allergen, from digestion —- a characteristic further enhanced by roasting.[25]

Acrylamide :
A potent neurotoxin .

Raw peanuts have 3.5% by weight of aspartic acid (compared to 4% for smooth , organic peanut butter)
But roasting the peanuts converts a large percentage of the aspartic acid into acrylamide . “Peripheral Neuropathy of Legs:a cure” Apr 2010
In fried or baked goods, acrylamide may be produced by the reaction between asparagine and reducing sugars (fructose,glucose, etc.) or reactive carbonyls at temperatures above 120 °C (248 °F).[
Asparagine can also be presented as aspartic in acid in food .

The WHO and FAO established that the safe limit of 0.5 mg/kg body weight/day pertainsonly to neuropathy. There has not been an established safe dietary limit of acrylamide as it pertains to causing cancer, since there is limited relative data. . A good overview .

Aspartame :
Aspartame is a methylester of the aspartic acid/phenylalaninedipeptide
Like caffeine , aspartame affects such a small percentage of genetically susceptible individuals that the 5% significance rule in randomized , blind experiments simply ignore them .
But the evidence of a real effect is overwhelming , especially diabetic or peanut allergy individuals .

Refining :
In the United States, refined peanut oil is exempt from allergen labeling laws
 In a randomized, double-blind crossover study, 60 people with proven peanut allergy were challenged with both crude peanut oil and refined peanut oil. The authors conclude, “Crude peanut oil caused allergic reactions in 10% of allergic subjects studied and should continue to be avoided.” They also state, “Refined peanut oil does not seem to pose a risk to most people with peanut allergy.” 
As long as it is not mixed with peanut generated acrylamide or aspartame markers .

What gives ?
Cold refining (virgin or raw) should give a product stripped of sugars .Neurotoxin markers will not form . Should be fairly innocuous . (but don't take my word for it)
If you are diabetic or have insulin resistance , eating roasted peanuts while drinking a beverage sweetened with with aspartame is a big no-no . Expect peripheral neuropathy , and maybe the big C .
Does this promote diabetesII ?
I don't know , but suspect that it does .
If there is a causal relation , the usual double-blind , randomized tests will give contradictory results . This is because of the 5% significance level built into most of these tests at a deep level .
Once again , see Caffeine . Http:// “Caffeine Tolerance II” Jul 2011
It can easily be tested : Peanut allergic individuals should have a much lower incidence of diabetesII and peripheral neuropathy .

Am I nuts ? Only if roasted .


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Hysterical Focus and Ostrum Commons .

Hysterical Focus and Ostrum Commons
Andre Willers
20 Oct 2011

Synopsis :
Hysterical Foci spontaneously self-assemble if there are a critical number of Ostrum Commons Rules present .
There are Eight Ostrom Rules . General theory of Reserves suggest that any 1/3 of them (ie any 3 rules ) will lead to Self-assembly of an Hysterical Focus . Regardless of consequences .

Discussion :

1.Hysterical Focus :
See “Inside the ignition of an hysterical focus” Jun 2010
Humans are an hysterical species . This was turned into a powerful advantage .
It evolved from early monkey and ape stages .

The attention and energies of the whole troop is co-opted (ie involuntary) and co-ordinated onto one single subject . This happens in the amygdala and hippocampus .

Fast forward to humans , and you have fashion (a mild form) or an Hysterical Focus .
All the resources of the group is devoted to the problem in an involuntary fashion .
No human is immune .
Individual considerations are overridden at very deep levels .

The stuff Revolutions are made from .
A highly successful method of breaking false optimal peaks

2.Ostrum Commons :
The system formed a Commons , resolvable in three ways :
2.1Tragedy of the Commons (Communism) Cf Aral Sea
2.2Private ownership(Capitalism) Cf Economic crashes
2.3Ostrum Commons .
This lost out in competition because it is essentially a fractal Small-system , dependant on good communication . It kept bubbling up in peasant revolts , but could never self-cohere .
This changed with electronic communication systems like facebook , twitter, telephone ,etc .
Unstoppable now . Over a certain quantitive threshold , the network changes quantitively.

3.Self-Assembly :
Any three Ostrum rules present will result in the spontaneous self-assembly of the other Rules .
The Dear Reader can prove this himself/herself .(Hint:look at overlapping dimensionalities of the Rules)
Or they can cheat and look at “New Tools” Nov 2008 .
If there is a sufficient density of communication , an Hysterical Focus will form . And we are off to the races . A fertile field of future research .

4.Some interesting properties of Hysterical Foci :
4.1They don't stop . Once ignited , the Focus continues until the goals are met or the information links have been smashed (not possible today , even with a nuclear war). Hunkering down and waiting until it dies down does not work .
4.2There are no leaders initially . Decoying the structure into an hierarchical system has been an old counter . Not possible with a large number of alternate information pathways , or the awareness of Ostrum Rules .
4.3The individual members of the Hysterical Focus follow group rules , not self-interest .
Your old-fashioned Revolutionaries .
4.4Nobody is immune . It is as deep as your genes .
4.5Politicians , PR and advertising firms have become aware of the effect and are trying to harness it .
Sigh . It is a Beth(2) system , and it will always turn in their hands .

Hysterically yours

Appendix A
A powerful example :
China :
Politicians did not initiate the household-responsibility system : local villagers developed it as an experiment later applied nationwide.
Allocating farmlands to individuals or to families rated as a crime during the Mao era in China, but the low-level productivity under collective farming and drought forced villagers ofXiaogang, Fengyang to do so in 1978. They implemented this system secretly, and signed a contract, "if any one of us is put to prison as a result, others shall be responsible for taking care of his children until they reach 18 years of age".
The secret experiment proved very successful. In 1979 similar experiments began inSichuan and Anhui provinces, both seeing dramatic increases in agricultural productivity.Deng Xiaoping openly praised these experiments in 1980, and the system has been adopted nationwide since 1981.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Paradigm of Plenty .

A Paradigm of Plenty
Andre Willers
16 Oct 2011

Synopsis :
The fruits of production are distributed according to the Scarcity or Plentitude thereof .
The Competition Paradigm handles scarcity . But we need a Plenty Paradigm to handle the problem of too much . Luckily , Ostrom has provided a framework for the future (see para 4 below)

Discussion :
1.Scarcity :
The Human Competition Paradigm developed as result of the invention of agriculture .
The key is that the fluctuations between good times and bad times were magnified .
In good times , population expanded to carrying capacity in Malthusian fashion .
There were no reserves in goods , time or space .

In bad times ,
Not enough water , food , clothing , shelter , etc gives rise to competition for these resources .
Social systems , usually hierarchical , evolve to distribute these , usually involving some power-law in the numbers of individuals in various strata .
Empires , feudalism , capitalism , communism , socialism are all facets of this process .
Taxes become involuntary and controlled by top end of the social structure , giving also control of the armed forces of the collective (normally called the State)

2.Plenty :
The exponential increase in wealth since Jethro Tull invented the planter in 1700 AD has led to major changes in the underlying structures of human socio-economic institutions
2.1Malthus : Wealth grew faster than even geometrical human population growth .The largest population groups (China , India , Europe , America ,Africa) all have been affected.
Their population growth is falling while their wealth is growing .
2.2Resources are growing more plentiful through science and technology , and the pace is higher than that of population growth . The GDP per capita in any state is the highest it has ever been , and set to grow .

3.What does this mean ?
3.1Less than 10% of the workforce is needed to produce all the Maslow basic needs for any society.
3.2That means that 90% or more are essentially unemployable .
3.3They cannot earn an income according to the Scarcity Paradigm .
3.4They essentially have no credit , since they cannot promise a repayment from a future income stream .
3.5Yet the wealth continues to accumulate at ever increasing rates into the the few hands at the top of the hierarchies .
3.6The relative disparities (cf Gini ) lead to unbearable strains .
3.7A destructive war making everyone poorer (like WWI) is no longer an option , because of the power of nuclear weapons .
3.8The same technology that enables the plenty also gives an alternative option : peaceful protests ,escalating into controlled armed conflicts where necessary . (Happening now)
3.9Organized via social media like cellphones , facebook , etc . There are no leaders .
Just the sea rising up like a tsunami .
3.9Controlled in the sense that it is a world-wide class conflict , not triggering nuclear responses.

4.What does a Plenty Paradigm look like ?
Luckily , for a change , academia has something useful to say

A Society of Plenty like this is a rich Commons .
Like the cod fisheries of the North Sea and Newfoundland before mismanagement destroyed them in a Tragedy of the Commons .

Like the air you breathe is right now . The CO2 level is already being mismanaged , and oxygen levels are not far behind . These are planetary Commons .

How this can be established and governed without turning it into a Tragedy of the Commons has been done by Elinor Ostrom , who received the the 2009 Nobel for Economics for this work

To quote from Wiki : (comments in brackets are my own ).

“ Ostrom identifies eight "design principles" of stable local common pool resource management:[10]
1. Clearly defined boundaries (effective exclusion of external un-entitled parties;
2. Rules regarding the appropriation and provision of common resources that are adapted to local conditions; (Equal sharing of debts and rewards)
3. Collective-choice arrangements that allow most resource appropriators to participate in the decision-making process; (Consensus decisions-no leveraged hierarchies)
4. Effective monitoring by monitors who are part of or accountable to the appropriators; (Policing)
5. A scale of graduated sanctions for resource appropriators who violate community rules; (Opportunity to learn from mistakes )
6. Mechanisms of conflict resolution that are cheap and of easy access; (Fair and Fast Justice . See how Inquisitorial Justice systems like Chinese , French or Sharia does it.)
7. Self-determination of the community recognized by higher-level authorities; (Autonomy within clearly defined levels . Something like a Federation.)
8. In the case of larger common-pool resources,organization in the form of multiple layers of nested enterprises, with small local CPRs at the base level. (Clear and quick relations with others. A potential sticky point with states.)
Governing the Commons: The Evolution of Institutions for Collective Action Ostrom, Elinor, Cambridge University Press, 1990 “

5.A very probable Scenario :
Humans are an hysterical species , and uses this hysteria to great effect .
See “Inside the Ignition of an Hysterical Focus” Jun 2010 and others

5.1An Hysterical Focus is forming .
To a lesser extent (Rupert Murdoch et al) , it already has . But the extent is growing exponentially in typically Small-world Network fashion .

The whole planet's resources will be used to examine the question of whether the Scarcity Paradigm is still applicable , or even desirable . It is unstoppable .
Some wars (ie Libya) have already started , but note the limitations .

The end result will very likely be a Plenty Paradigm , based on Ostrom's Principles .

5.2How fast ?:
Very fast . 2-3 years from Jan 2012 .

5.3How bloody ?
Not very .The plenty paradigm is not competitive .

5.4Are there examples ?
There is the formation of the EU or North Africa at present .
A good illustration is the nationalization of all water in the Republic of South Africa . All water resources , above or below ground , on public or private property were turned into a Common Good in 1995 . The rules they followed were very similar to the Ostrom rules above .
The interesting thing was that there was no resistance on the ground from the farmers .Nothing . The reason was that the farmers knew that the resource had to rationally controlled , but the previous regime was too much under the influence of rich vested interests to make the necessary laws .

An Hysterical Focus causing a paradigm shift from Competition to Plenty will leave many top executives rather exposed . Since the new regimes will not be competition based , they will be much more lenient . They should cut deals early on . Ditto for dicey national leaders , banks and sundry others .
A planetary revolution does not leave many hiding places .

5.6Share Markets .
The “Growth at all costs” and the Quarterly performance appraisal will be casualties . Growth will be much more sedate . Shares with high P/E's and bubbles will tank .
Hedge funds and derivatives not doing plain commercial duty will fare badly .
Speculation in general will have tough time .

Surplus capital will be channelled into planetary reconstruction .
See “Work for All” Aug 2011

5.7A milder , gentler place .
There will be many more woman executives .
If you want to drive an overpriced , overpowered sports car at suicidal speeds on public roads , I suggest that you do it soon .

Ironically , the space-program will get much bigger and more effective . If NASA survives , it will be severely shorn . They will not put all their eggs in one basket .
Besides , all those hyper-competitive males have to some place without killing each other .
Risky space endeavours seem ideal

Any large , overgrown institution or company will be broken up .
Competition has not gone away . It will just be managed .

5.8The Military
The military traditionally was a construction Corps , fighting against the elements or other humans (cf Roman Legions) . Plenty of work for them in repairing the planet and going off-planet .

A nice place to bring up children .
The Matriarchy wins .


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Aspergers and eye-contact

Aspergers and eye contact.
Andre Willers
14 Oct 2011

Synopsis :
The problem is too much information , mainly via pupil fluctuations .
Overgrown mirror-networks evolve very effective rules that is interpreted as being invasive or aggressive.
This can be lessened by decreasing information from incoming pupil : a simple black spot on glasses.

Discussion :

Too much empathy :
Aspergers (aspies) genetic traits has been strongly selected from 1700 AD (invention of planter) .
People who can concentrate intensely for long periods of time on repetitive tasks were very valuable . Exempt from being cannon-fodder . Well-paid . This attract mates . They have more offspring . Classical Darwinism . There are epigenetic effects as well , speeding things up .

The neurological mechanism is that general mirror-networks overgrow genetically programmed mirror networks concerning empathy .

The aspie deduces rules from interactions which are more acute than the instinctive ones .
But these rules usually have no buffers in untrained individuals .

A Poor man's telepathy :
The effect is hypersensitivity and or a feeling of aggression .

An aspie making eye-contact feels aggressive , since he thinks that the other party can perceive the same . Therefore he avoids it , or becomes hyper-aggressive.

Hearing :
See all Click posts . The same for hearing . This leads to the suspicion that aspies will be hard of hearing . The equivalent of avoiding eye-contact .

Interventions :
Numerous ones are available .
I will mention two :

1.Reduce information flow from other person .
The easiest low-tech way is simply to paint a black spot on glasses . About 0.02-0.5 mm in the center of the spectacle . This reduces the information from the other person's pupil .Instead of looking sideways , the aspie will look face-on , with full eye-contact , and still have good sensitivity

An amusing side-effect is that hearing will improve .

2 Disrupt mirror-networks using Trans-Cranial magnetic stimulus
See NewScientist 27 aug 2011 p6.

Physical clumsiness :
This seems a contradiction . The selection procedure is for fine , repetitive motor control
But the bad habit of looking away affects physical behavior and surfaces as clumsiness on gross motor activity . The aspie looks away at the last moment , spoiling control

This is easily remedified by training :

An aspie playing golf with spotted spectacles will be a menace .
Indeed , most playing golf for the love of it would be fairly strong aspergers .
A spot in the center of their glasses should improve their game considarebly .

Less is more .



Thursday, October 06, 2011

Valdoxane and Melatonin

Valdoxane .
Andre Willers
6 Oct 2011

Synopsis :
A mild selective stasis generator.Good for anti-depressants .

Discussion :
See “Melatonin and dinosaurs” Jun 2011
Repeated in Appendix A for ease of reference.

Valdoxane is simply melatonin crippled in very specific ways .The limitation on possible receptor sites enhances some effects like anti-depressants .

Remember , melatonin is the Great Disruptor of feedback effects . That is it's function .

Valdoxane does this , but more effectively .

Rather ho-hum .


Melatonin  and Dinosaurs .
Andre Willers
14 Jun 2011
"Sleep that knits up the ravell'd sleave of care " Shakespeare
Synopsis :
Melatonin ended up in various evolutionary roles because of it's powerful , terminal antioxidant effect . Many neurotransmitters (especially NO classes) can be seen as free radicals . (See Appendix A)
Melatonin is Nature's Terminator . (See Appendix C)
A handy Terminator got roped into being the Enforcer for various feedback systems that had to be kept from repeating  .
Examples :
1.Cancers (eg breast , prostate cancers)
Interruption of signaling molecules .
2.Circadian rhythms of the brain (sleep)
Dismantling runaway feedback systems before they corrupt long-term memory irreparably (sense of self) See Appendix C
3.Gut rhythms :
A separate system Melatonin excretion by various cells and bacteria .
4.Bile :
Funnily enough , a separate system . Why ?
Tied to the energy system and things like diabetes .
5.Mitochondria :
A sophisticated auto-governor on rates of activity relative to intra-cell position .
Really simple . Really cool . (Think a steam engine's governor) See Appendix B.
As expected , such a powerful terminal antioxidant will also be on the ramparts against foreign invaders (like in the gut)
7 Immune system
Basically a memory system , with potentially unlimited feedback .
Melatonin will terminate this as well , especially in localized , concentrated doses .
But note the correlation between blue-light and HIV .
Very high-intensity pulses of blue light (484 nanometers) or UV should disable the HIV virus .
Contradictions :
This is only seven usages  .There are probably more . The same concentrations of melatonin cannot serve all .
Hence , melatonin receptors evolved to meter and control cellular responses .
As well as dopsin receptors in the visual systems .
Loss of UV Dopsins
About 100 MYA for mammals . Remnants (melanopsins) are still responsible for nervous system entrainment , but some biological adaptability (ie getting melatonin from diet) was lost .
It also means that humans are especially vulnerable to depression of melatonin production by light in the Blue Wavelengths (484 nanometers) . CFL and LED lights .
This means that you should only use blue lights if you want to be alert . The effect is very strong (about 100 times) .
Interesting , this should be able to be hyperreal . Diffraction patterns (as with insect , bird and reptile scales) could give blue-to UV light that the mammalian optical systems will interpret as hyperreal .And hyperactive .
Speculation :
Mammalian loss of these dopsins are thought to be the result of low level of light on the forest floor .
But what if the scaly animals had evolved to use Blue and UV as a weapon ?
It would have reduced melatonin production even in darkness .
Imagine huge , impregnable Dinosaur behemoths with a skin ecology of luminescent bacteria , the light diffracting from their scales into the blue and UV .
A magnificent sight !
Remnants :
Birds with brilliant UV plumages should have DNA of the lumenifages in suppressed state . Or you can do it the hard way from the skins of late-stage dinosaurs .
Light-flash Extinction :
An amusing thought . The extremely bright flashes of the meteors would have burned out the skin ecology of the dinosaurs , the subsequent darkness sending them into a terminal melatonin deep sleep . See FireFall .
This can be tested . Since melatonin is a terminal antioxidant , the breakdown products should be measurable even after 65 MY .
Chickens and flu's
The diseases can be seen as stripped-down versions of skin-symbiotes of the old dinosaurs . The worst thing you can do is subject them to UV  Like in brooders . Self-assembly of old sequences will follow . A very old revenge .
What is a poor mammal to do ?
Because of the very many uses of melatonin , there is no single solution .
Sometimes you need more , sometimes less . The trick is to know when .
Also , the sources depend on light (especially blue light or UV) , gut , immune system , brain , pills(slow release or fast release) etc .
The basic principle is that it stops things dead . Slowly or quickly .
There is a tie-in with the sulfur mechanism that is responsible for the immobilization of all molecular cellular activity (concentrations of H2S about 80 ppm)
Melatonin stops the H2S blockage  . At extremely low concentrations .
Look at the molecule  .
This is a typical life-system . Blockages of blockages of blockages leading to a system with graduated responses .
Too little melatonin , and H2S is not sufficiently blocked and the organism goes into stasis . Sleep .
Evolved into hibernation . The long light periods led to depletion of melatonin , leading to H2S hibernation . Neat .
SAD is a direct consequence . Too much melatonin leads to neurotransmitter depletion (especially serotonin)
A berserker has to generate high levels of neurotransmitters internally .
Take a pill !
As seen above , the system has many variants . Endo- and exo- just to start with . There are adjuvants (valerian is one) . Epigenetic variants are possible , but this system is so basic that I think adjuvants would give better results .
So , take a pill with timing and accompanying chemicals .
Each one should target a separate system .
The H2S system freezes things . The melatonin system unfreezes it .Pulsing the system enables living and repairing . Sleep with very carefully metered SO2 will enable a very long life for those interested .
Who wants to live forever ?
Appendix A
Besides its function as synchronizer of the biological clock, melatonin also exerts a powerful antioxidant activity. The discovery of melatonin as an antioxidant was made in 1993.[85] In many less complex life forms, this is its only known function.[86] Melatonin is an antioxidantthat can easily cross cell membranes and the blood-brain barrier.[6] Melatonin is a direct scavenger of OH, O2−, and NO.[87] Unlike other antioxidants, melatonin does not undergoredox cycling, the ability of a molecule to undergo reduction and oxidation repeatedly. Redox cycling may allow other antioxidants (such as vitamin C) to act as pro-oxidants, counterintuitively promoting free radical formation. Melatonin, on the other hand, once oxidized, cannot be reduced to its former state because it forms several stable end-products upon reacting with free radicals. Therefore, it has been referred to as a terminal (or suicidal) antioxidant.[88]  "
Appendix B
" A potential mechanism is that melatonin promotes the recruitment of brown adipose tissue (BAT) as well as enhances its activity.[48] This effect would raise the basal metabolic rate by stimulating thermogenesis, heat generation through uncoupling oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria."
Appendix C
"PRC in neurons
Phase response curve analysis can be used to understand the intrinsic properties and oscillatory behavior of regular-spiking neurons.[8] The neuronal PRCs can be classified as being purely positive (PRC type I) or as having negative parts (PRC type II). Importantly, the PRC type exhibited by a neuron is indicative of its input–output function (excitability) as well as synchronization behavior: networks of PRC type II neurons can synchronize their activity via mutual excitatory connections, but those of PRC type I can not.[9]
Experimental estimation of PRC in living, regular-spiking neurons involves measuring the changes in inter-spike interval in response to a small perturbation, such as a transient pulse of current. Notably, the PRC of a neuron is not fixed but may change when firing frequency[10] or neuromodulatory state of the neuron[11] is changed."

Optimal Stretching.

Optimal Stretching .
Andre Willers
6 Sep 2011

Cold stretching can cause as much damage or decrease in performance as actual cold exertion .
Why ?

Briefly , endorphins release the muscle fibres from a locked , stasis state .
The mechanism derives from evolutionary states as described in Appendix A.
The lock-down can be released either by rage or endorphins .

Endorphins are preferable .
Note anecdotal references to relaxed drunks (ie high serotonin)

How to do it :
Just before starting stretching exercises , think of a pleasurable experience .
Your Beloved is good .
Then stretch , but slowly .
The stretching then generates endorphins to unlock the muscle fibres further in a feedback reaction .
Increase intensity .
This should do the trick .

Sex before an important sport event .
Unfortunately , this seems contra-indicated .
See Appendix A .
Being in a post-coital depression locks in the muscle fibres in a triste .
Rage like in a short sprint might be advantageous , but for something like a rugby match lasting 90 minutes , endorphins would be better .
Even sprints take long preparation .

The Effect :
Cold exercise without an endorphin warming decreases performance by about 5% .
Enough to kill you or lose the game , whichever is greater .

Optimism actually pays .

Oh well .



Appendix A

Post-coital Depression Syndrome (PDS)
Andre Willers
24 Sep 2003 
An evolutionary arms-race defense against sperm-displacement by other males is male quiescence close to the female ( with rapid male aggressive arousal response to threats ) . This easily overbalances into depression (monogamy can be described as an extended mild depression from the male viewpoint) . Stable dual systems evolve where the male quiescence trigger female nurturing instincts . In extreme cases this forms a dual pathology : a repeating cycle of  aggressive coitus , male depression , female nursing , recovered male aggressive coitus , etc.
Hominids have had a long period when physically preventing other males from coitus with his lady love was the only way to ensure that only his genes were being transmitted .
Experiments done by G Gallup (shades of nominative determinism !)  of New York State University showed that the coronal ridge on human penises are 90% efficient in displacing semen in one deep thrust . (Evolution and Human Behavior vol 24 , p277 or New Scientist 9 Aug 2003 p16 )
Surveys indicated that human males employed deeper thrusts after a separation or if infidelity was suspected .
In the arms race of gene replication , the evolution of the coronal ridge must have accompanied the evolution of counter-actions , the most obvious being that the male must stay with the female until egg fertilization , while fighting off competitors if necessary .
One way of doing this is by reducing certain neurotransmitter concentrations , notably serotonin . This would have the effect of a mild depression ( the storied “little death” ) in males .
Anecdotal evidence : post-coital cigarettes ( nicotine stimulates serotonin production )  , as well as alcohol usage .
Of note here is the evolutionary tie-in between the depression and the rapid aggressive response . One would suspect that a rapid rise in serotonin concentrations would also lead to the easy triggering of extreme aggressive responses . ( Note side effects of Prozac)
Ie: the quiescent post-coital male is challenged and has to go to a fully aware state as quickly as possible . In most cases a blind rage will suffice as a defence , so that is selected for . This is not always sufficient against a canny opponent , so  males will also be selected for a balanced aggression response .
The Dual Pathology:
 As can be seen from the evolutionary argument above , it would tend to favor depressive males with homicidal rages .
The depressive stage is caused by lowering the serotonin levels below a certain threshold . Feedback mechanisms lower it further : ie trigger a full-blown depression .
The depressive stage triggers the female nursing response . The female nurses the male until the normal sexual aggression is restored , whereupon the cycle repeats . The components of the pathology are genetical  and learned response .
The effect is a stable relationship of misery . Each partner fulfills a deep genetic need , but neither is close to their maximum potential .
There is also no evolutionary stopper to prevent too low serotonin levels .
For normal humans:
The male should take some serotonin precursors ( 5HTP or Tryptophan) immediately before or after coitus .
Intervention with serotonin precursors at the start of a depressive episode should prevent most episodes .
Intervention like this would raise general serotonin levels . Additional serotonin stimuli (like alcohol , nicotine ,etc) might trigger a rapid aggression response .

Sunday, October 02, 2011

USA Revolution .

USA Revolution
Andre Willers
2 Oct 2011

Synopsis :
A USA Revolution seems on track for Jan 2012

Discussion :

1.Root Causes :
1.1Elected officials represent the interests of their campaign contributors , not that of the voters
1.2Significant armed forces under the control of oligarchs , but not the State , have been allowed to build up

2.Budget cuts effect the official armed forces , but not not the mercenary forces like Blackriver .
(The USA has been stable because Congress controlled armed forces' budgets)

3.The Wall Street Occupation seems to be on track to spread everywhere .
This will give legitimacy to the State army . Look at what happened in Egypt .
I have seen a number of people signing themselves as “Semper Fi”
Do you see the problem ?

There is a widespread perception of “Unfairness” . This is hardwired into any social species at neural level . They will even harm themselves to punish unfairness . This is the root cause of revolutions , when even middle-class people go crazy .

5 The Sequenceof budget gridlocks .
A geometrical series :Aug , Sep, Oct extension of 1.75 months leads to a unresolvable gridlock in Jan 2012 .

6.Replay of End of Roman Republic .
The Olicharchs in control of large private armies think they can win (like Sulla)

7 What is different :
Social Networks . The present protests will escalate very quickly , giving a nucleus of legitimacy to the Official State Armed Forces .

8.Can Civil War be prevented ?:
Yes . It depends on the Executive(Obama) .
8.1 Private armies have to be suppressed
8.2 Unfairness in the banking system has to be ended .

9 FDR did it the last time around .

10. If not , I am afraid the USA is in for a Second Civil War .

If you cannot run your affairs in a reasonably orderly fashion , somebody else will do it for you .
Somebody like Stalin .

You have been warned .

The Meaning of Life and Sorting .

The Meaning of Life and Sorting.
Andre Willers
2 Oct 2011

Synopsis :
A Nerd's view of the Meaning of Life .

Discussion :
Assume that nobody knows the Meaning of Life (a fairly safe assumption)
But also assume that there are some who are closer , also a fairly safe assumption .
Then we can adduce that sorting all the systems will give at least some indication of ranking.
(This is also known as “Seeking for the Truth”)

The Problem of the initial conditions :
You have a fairly large set of systems .
Where do you start ?

Optimal start for Beth(0) and Beth(1) random systems :
Start at 1/3 of the set .
See “New tools” Nov 2008

See also Combsort Algorithm for a practical application .
This is an old optimization problem . But the initial data has to be random only of the order
Beth(0) and Beth(1) , ie sourced from randomness of the order of flipping a coin .
There are many sorting algorithms depending on the randomness of the initial data and the first cut .

Of course , different sorting engines will give different results , depending on inputs .

But humans insist winner takes all .

Enjoy your religious wars about initial conditions .