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The Long Revenge

The Long Revenge .
Andre Willers
24 Aug 2012
Synopsis :
A society that exports the most ethical and smartest of it’s members eventually self-destructs . A Disease of Empire .

Discussion :
Ethics and Empire are an explosive mixture.
Ethics is another name for fairness , which is hardwired in all organisms with a neural-network .

1.Britain and India :
After the Indian Mutiny of 1857 , the British took a leaf out of the most successful long-term empire at the time (China) and instituted an extremely rigorous set of examinations to find the smartest and most ethical in their population to rule India . To be exact , 1000 of them . This was the Imperial Indian Civil Service . The most effective Civil Service ever known .
While smart people are a dime a dozen , ethical people are scarcer . So , the final selections were made on the basis of Ethical Character . The British cleverly exported the most ethical persons , leaving the scoundrels at home . These stay-at-homes were just as smart , but had fewer scruples . This lasted from 1846 -1942 . Leaching out morals .
These remainders went into the British Civil Service (hence the term “Mandarins”) .
It gets worse . Those not quite making the grade made nice careers in lesser parts of the empire (like South Africa , Canada , Australia , etc) , depleting the ethical pool in Britain even more .
Of course , ethical men teach their children to be ethical .
Eventually , the scoundrels ruled at home and the good men were scattered at the peripheries .
The lack of ethical leadership at the top in Britain cost them their empire .

2.The Roman Empire .
The same thing happened , with an added twist . Competent , ethical persons got assigned to the peripheries in engineered wars . Cheaper and better than civil wars .
3.China .
Here it happened over and over again . A corrupt center that uses the Mandarin examinations to identify highly ethical individuals and pulse them out . They , or their descendants eventually return and take over the center . The pattern then repeats . A little unintended consequence of Confucianism .
And so it goes .

4.USA Empire
A wannabe repeat of the Chinese Dynasties , only not as smart . Having correctly identified the class of ethical persons (roughly the Reserve Officers Training Corps ROTC ) , and lacking the expertise to identify the really ethical elements among them , manufactured wars in distant , small places was judged sufficient (in typical short-term basis) to distract them . This is about to explode in their faces . Something like Constantine the Great . See (
And of course , social media and Ostrum principles (like Christianity) will be right there . We can only hope that the Battle of Milvern Bridge is not nuclear this time around .
5. Meso-American Empires .
The Mayans had no long-range animals , so their empires were small and concentrated . Their ethical elements could not be sent far-away , so they were in constant state of turmoil . Reserves could not be built up , so when prolonged droughts hit , most died and the survivors fled to the forest , were they still live . Decivilization .
Troubles not exported , come home to roost .

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Rinderpest and the Boer War

Rinderpest and the Boer War
Andre Willers
14 Aug 2012
“The Fifth Apocalypse Rider was an Ox-Rider.”
Rinderpest killed 90% to 96 % of all cattle and many game after 1896 AD in Southern Africa . An Eco-catastrophe . Famine and warfare resulted .
Discussion :
Cattle turned grass into human-edible protein , fats and vitamins . Oxen were primary sources of energy for ploughing and transportation .Without them , the ability of the ecology to support large numbers of humans was drastically reduced . Famine resulted . Food prices for those with access to markets , rocketed .
This impoverished the Boers , already living from sub-optimal portions of pastural ground (due to subdivision on death of the patriarch) . By 1899 , large percentages of boers were living off the Dole . They called it something else . Charity , grants , etc .
Blacks were equally affected , except subsistence farmers who ramped up production when a market suddenly appeared . But transport was severely affected by the same plague .
Still , starving people will find a way .
Now add a half-million miners to this mix (See Appendix I) . The goldminers outnumbered the locals at least 2-1 in the Witwatersrand . They all were essentially dependant on the cattle ecosystem . When the cattle died , the miners still could live barely on expensive imported food paid for by gold , but the locals had a choice of dying of starvation or taking the necessary resources by force .

This was the Boer War . Kruger knew he would lose , so did Smuts . But they reckoned it was the lesser of two evils . A short , sharp war and the British Empire would not let them starve .

The law of unintended consequences struck again . The Bitter-Enders and Kitchener .
The Famine still struck in the concentration camps for whites and blacks . This is the bit I don’t like . The concentration camp inmates still got more food than they would have gotten in a full-blown famine .
Removal of a third of the population (the men) to internment camps outside of South Africa lessened the stress on food supplies . A local camp still has to be supplied from local resources . I thought this was the original Milner-plan to get rid of local men . But Kitchener saw deeper .
He moved mouths , not food .
Legs will always find their own way .
This is why they judged it cheaper to ship POW’s to far-off places . The South-African ecology had collapsed due to the Rinderpest and could not support the same numbers of humans . Imported food was very expensive and most of the cost of the South-African Campaign was basically bully-beef . Not only the troops , but all the civilians in all camps . And they had to shoot the cattle and game , to prevent the spread of Rinderpest (still active) .

Kitchener never bothered to explain his thinking (typical Asperger) , but he saved most of the Boer and Black nations .
I can’t believe I am writing this . But the logic leaves me no option . He despised Churchill and Milner and made sure that their genocidal machinations never reached fruition .
The Lesson :
1.In ecodistress , remove the mouths .
3.Restore the mouths .

Then scream .
Andre .
Appendix I
Some numbers .
From the venerable “Atlas of world population history “ by Colin McEvedy and Richard Jones . This is the best source at present for this sort of information .
P260 of the 1978 edition .
At 1850 populations in SA were
100 000 Cape whites
8 000 Natal
30 000 Boer
1.85 Million Black
Between 1850 and 1900 , the number of miners and fortune seekers grew to 500 000 , of which 70% were British .
They all had to eat . From local supplies . Basically , cattle . The Rinderpest meant that there was not enough food for the locals , never mind 500 000 rapacious miners with money in their pockets . Food prices rocketed .
Professional Hunting Companies
Not the fancy ones . The bread-and-butter ones that tried to make up for the lack of cattle by hunting the few surviving game after the rinderpest .
By the start of the Boer War (1899) very little wild game was left .
This was an eco-disaster .

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Optimizing Text Communication .

Optimizing Text Communication
Andre Willers
3 Aug 2012
“One Superimage is a disaster , a thousand is business as usual” AW

Synopsis :
Metaknowledge of the text concerned primes the attention and reward mechanisms of the brain to assign sufficient resources in terms of mirror-neuron networks for rapid dissemination and assimilation . Saccade resources of the eyes are similarly focussed .
Discussion :
Sounds fancy . But what does it mean ?
First , get at much knowledge about the Text as you can . The Metaknowledge .
A Book :
1.Pick it up . Feel it’s weight . Turn it around and around and examine it from every angle . This activates some very deep proto-hominin neural structures . Neural resources (attention , focus) are preliminarally allocated .
2.Sniff it . Even deeper neurological levels are activated . (ie “old/new is better” . More resources are allocated .
3.Riffle through the pages , assessing the stiffness and thickness of the pages , the size of the text and the number of blank pages .
4.Look at the binding . Is it expensive ? Expensive binding ups the value assigned by the brain of the information . (All those show-libraries with calf-skin binding)
5.Look at the back pages . Is there an Index ?
6.Look at the front pages . The history and origin of the publication . How many editions there have been . Who is the publisher . (“Playboy” is not the same as “Nature” )
7.We now know quite a lot about the book without reading a word in it .
8.Chapter Index : a short organizational summary .
Important things here are the start pages and the end pages . Unfortunately , I know of no textbooks that give end pages and the number of pages in the section . Yet this is vital for the brain to assign adequate resources . It has to be explicitly told . Unless trained , the brain does not know how .
Luckily , the student can simply calculate them and pencil it in the margins . He will notice an immediate relaxation of stress . This is a real effect . Open ended systems means that Readily Accessible Memory (RAM) systems have to held in reserve . The system has a lower energy state if it can assign these early on , and change them later on . There is a teensy-weensy problem that if the initial allocation was wrong , it becomes difficult to change .
Reading a technical article :
@Look at the start . Page through it till the end , counting pages . Look at the end , and subsequent references . Read any boxes (usually summaries) first . Then read the article .@@
Then repeat from @ to @@ above at least three times .
You will find that each repetition will be more rapid as more resources are allocated , especially eye-saccade resources . The iterations go faster on the integrated parts , so only the bits that you don’t understand is “highlighted” by the saccade effect . If you feel a “stickiness” , just repeat . The brain will allocate more resources until it feels “smooth” . This gives understanding , but not necessarily long-term reproducibility .
Long-term memory :
So , now you understand the article . But do you “know” it ? Ie , has it been passed into long-term memory ? Can you reproduce it in an examination ?
It takes about ten minutes to potentiate the neurons concerned . So , if you want to really remember it , repeat the exercise once more after 10 minutes , then once more after 10 minutes if you have been drinking even moderate amounts of alcohol .
This iterative cascade is called “Studying” . Each iteration should suggest more and deeper connections .

Saccade Amplification :
See Appendix 1 (ADD) below .
The ADD can be seen as simple failure in moving memory from short term to long-term storage , surfacing as boredom . (Been marked as stored , but not actually stored) . That is why using a simple LED headlamp acts as a catalyst , enforcing saccade feedbacks to push information data of the visual object in focus over longterm-memory potentiating thresholds .
This actually works on books and paper texts . (I have tried it . So can you .)
You can study faster , concentrate harder and remember more on books by using a LED headlamp .

Computer Screens :
Saccade Entrainment : Fascinating !
I’ve been using a 2-LED cheap white light . Initially , I saw the reflection in the PC screen as four light foci , separated into two pairs . Each eye was seeing each LED separately , and each eye was separately co-ordinating the saccades to present one image (of two LEDs)per eye in the sensorium . Then after about ten minutes , the two pairs vanished , replaced by one pair brighter than any individual previous pair . I could not unlearn it , either (without glasses) . After stopping for 10 min , when I put the headlights on , there were only two . I will try again tomorrow , but I suspect that the eye-saccades have permanently entrained up to sensorium level . Within 10 minutes . Must be an old mechanism . (Dappled leave-shadows ?)

Effect on vision .
This was done without my reading glasses . I immediately checked and found that unaided vision had improved considerably , as expected . The co-ordinated saccades are simply presenting more information to the sensorium in a co-ordinated fashion . Equivalent to stochastic resonance in more primitive sytems . But it is not stochastic in Beth(0) or Beth(1) sense here . It is Focussed Stochastic Resonance .
When trying it with glasses , I found that initially the double pair of foci were back , but then very rapidly (3 minutes) resolved back into one pair of foci . Even rapid variation (over the top of the glasses) made no difference to the sensorium .
Superimage :
The entrained saccades create a superimage in the sensorium . It cannot be unlearned without some sophisticated biochemical help (depends how widespread) . But can be ameliorated by competition .
One Superimage is a disaster , a thousand is business as usual
By gad , another way of programming the amygdala !
See Appendix 2( Rull) below .
Compulsions can be implanted by visual means .
As can anti-compulsions of such a large variety that the surviving organisms develops immunity .
Advertising is good for you .
Andre .

Appendix ADD
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) – A simple Remedy .
Andre Willers
16 Jul 2012
Synopsis :
Saccades and a LED headlight is used to train eye-brain systems into focussing and concentration .
Discussion :
This is not medical advice . Consult your qualified medical practitioner .

Basic Principles :
1.Neural systems evolved to maximise information density .
2.Saccades are rapid eye movements , building up a picture of the environment in the sensorium , using various memory systems . See for a good summary .
3.Saccades have various steering mechanisms , but they have one overriding one : they steer away from the dark .
4.ADD is a spectrum disorder . Everybody has it to some degree , from fidgeting in class , glancing out of the window , surreptitiously reading , losing focus on a golf shot , etc
5.It is most noticeable during neuronal reorganizations (ages 0-5 , 15 , 25 ,55+) See Appendix Alpha below . Some organisms get trapped in an aversion-attraction loop (ADHD) or some forms of autism . (Anti-saccades)
6. The Training Mechanism :
Wear a LED headlight (commercially available) while reading in a dim (but not dark) room .
7.How does it work ?
Reading involves heavy saccade work . The eyes are flicking all over the place , but not at random . They have been trained by decades of schooling .They mostly read ahead of the focus , storing and interpreting images .
But they “rebound” from the dark edges of the headlamp circle , increasing the resolution of images in the light-circle . These are then emphasized by sheer repetition in the neuronal interpretation centers (ie the Sensorium) . This is Focus . The mechanism that does this is called concentration , and can be learned .

8.Virtual Darkness .
These are the images the saccade systems steer away from . They are never presented to the sensorium . (“I didn’t see that cyclist , your Honor”) . Note PTSD .
9.Reversing it : REM sleep .
Saccade memories stored in short-term memory structures can overflow the buffers and have to be processed for useful intel or clutter up real-time processes .
A fancy way of saying that organisms that have saccades have to sleep . The REM enables access to memory pointers . A poor design . There should be a general memory erasure mechanism wthout sleep limited to this area . It should be possible , since the existing system has to clear the buffers after REM activity .
There is a general memory erasure (ZIP : ScientificAmerican May 2012 p45) , but that is like curing a headache by decapitation .
A better model would be read some semi porn of the Mills and Boone variety (with suggestive , but not explicit pictures) using a LED headlamp just before going to sleep . The theory is that the Good will crowd out the Bad in the REM flushing . Worth a try .
10 Induced REM .
You can flicker your eyeballs rapidly (I can) . A common capability . There is a multiplier . About a factor of ten .And this can be broken up into virtual naps .
REM sleep in adult humans typically occupies 20–25% of total sleep, about 90–120 minutes of a night's sleep.
REM can also be induced by mechanical means (computer screens) See Itarin
Think good thoughts , look at a pretty girl and flicker your eyes rapidly . This will reprogram a part of your amygdala .
Steerable lucid dreams .

11.Reading faster and better .
I noticed that my reading speed and comprehension jumped noticeably since I started reading paper text with a LED headlight . I wish I could take credit , but in reality we had a power cut . Swearing and cursing , I had to resort to these emergency headlights . Then I noticed that speed of reading and comprehension had a quantum jump . Hence this explanation .
This is a very fast effect , and will get more pronounced on a permanent basis the more you use it .
12. An interesting aside :
Being old , I have to wear reading glasses . But using a LED headlamp I can read even small ,close print without glasses . I initially thought that it is simply the higher intensity of light , but on reflection realized that it is the saccades providing extra information , which the sensorium cleans up and presents . What is truly interesting is that the effect seems to be pervasive . The system has learned to use Virtual Darkness to sharpen important images . (Something I tried with moderate success in Itarin)
13. Laser pointers
Taping a low power laser pointer to the LED light will give you a very definite center . This should give a saccade center . But I have not tried it . If ADHD is spectrum , it might be contra-productive . Work well with with norms (especially on computer screens , where LED light circles does not work very well .)

14. Combat Training .
Peripheral threats .
Situational Awareness .
A Virtual Darkness and Concentration System won’t survive long if it does not have way to detect and recognise threats .
Start the training in a dim room with the combatants wearing fairly wide focus headlights. Then progressively darken the room and focus the headlights narrower until you have a pitch dark room with combatant laser pointers .
Dot-Fighting .
This is quick . You are using mechanisms millions of years old .
15. An Interesting Aside :
Candles .
The Flickering of a candle (or any open-air lamp) is ideal to program a saccade system . Why restaurants use them , but the flame should flicker . Induced REM strikes again ! .
16 An Interesting aside :
Too much light .
Our civilization prides itself on light . There is light everywhere , and few shadows .
But our visual saccade systems require shadows to give concentration and definition .

Too much data and too little ignorance .

Appendix Alpha
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) Update
Andre Willers
3 Jun 2012
“Nothing concentrates the mind like a sneeze”
Synopsis :
ADD is largely a deficiency disease , caused by Vit D , Sulfur and Omega 3 deficiencies . Once established as an amygdala pattern , it is difficult to correct .
Discussion :
This is not medical advice . Consult your qualified medical practitioner .

1.Vit D et al : see Appendix IV below , repeated for your ease .
2.Sulfur and Omega 3 : chemical bricks in insufficient concentrations in present diets . See previous posts ad nauseam .
3. ADD and Diabetes :
See “Cure for diabetes” May 2010 . (I am not going to repeat it here)
ADD is simply another cluster of ways in which the control systems fail because of overstretch .
4.Evolutionary control systems .
Evolution normally proceeds in small adaptations of existing structures .
Thus a Tree-topology results . If something goes wrong in the branch close to the trunk , all subsequent structures flowing from that branch go wrong . The symptoms at the ends of the various twigs are usually very diverse and very difficult to diagnose . But there is a single root cause .
When the control systems become unstable , they collapse in literally trillions of different ways . A trap-door function . See “Cure for diabetes” May 2012 .
These dysfunctions look like clusters of symptoms (ie Syndromes or Diseases) viewed from the top .

ADD can thus be seen as but another cluster of symptoms as a result of Diabetes .
Adding Precursor chemicals means these chemicals just after the catastrophic break .
Things have to be fixed as close to the root-trunk as possible .
See Appendices I ,II ,II and IV below . Connect the dots .
There are many clusters of symptoms (Peripheral neuropathy , immune deficiency , etc ,etc) , but outside this remit

5.What to do :
This is where that qualified medical practitioner bit comes in .
Fix the deficiencies and reprogram the amygdala .
5.1Deficiencies :
5.1.1Vit D :the major culprit in western societies . Vit D3 supplements are cheap .
(especially for individuals with blotchy skin : check the alpha-lipoic acid level while you are at it)
5.1.2Sulfur : MSM supplements
5.1.3 Omega 3 supplements (flaxseed oil)
5.1.4 Add peppers (or some capsaicums) .( See Appendices below ) . This can be done in the diet , or directly via the mucosal membranes in the nose .
6.Reprogramming the Amygdala :
Not easy , but we have an entry through piperines (see Appendices II ,III) .
6.1Sneezing is known to use the same neural nexi as orgasm
(The ejaculatory mechanism come hell-or-high-water goes way back in evolutionary history)
It also concentrates the mind wonderfully , even more than hanging (apologies to Raleigh)
So , sneezing is a way of teaching the amygdala’s and associated neural networks to concentrate . Which is what we are looking for . It is independant of the reason for sneezing .
Interesting enough , it will also improve your sex-life . Train your orgasms !
Pepper snuffs. The amount is tiny (more is not better). Just sufficient to induce a sneeze .
(Tobacco snuffs used to be popular , but the tobacco companies killed them as insufficiently profitable . Probably will make a comeback , with anti-nasal irritants)
Other capsaicums in the diet will be synergistic .
In brief , when your attention is wandering , induce a sneeze with a tiny bit of pepper powder .
If there are no deficiencies or incipient diabetes , this should retrain the amygdalas .
A word of warning : do not take pepper or capsicums together with Loperamide(Imodium) . The Synergystic effects can lead to oiopd addiction (see Appendix III)
Just to sum it up (low cost and simple ):
1.Take Vit D (1000 mg/day , more if blotchy skin)
2.Take MSM (3000 – 500 mg / day tapering )
3.Take Flaxseed oil (1 Tbs/day)l
4.Sneeze (pepper) (Very little )
But do consult a really qualified doctor . The above recipe cannot hurt , but if the damage is closer to the trunk , it might have only symptomatic effects .
You are welcome to add in all sorts of precursor chemicals , but if they are further away from the damaged branch , only temporary relief will occur .
An interesting aside :
Hankies :
The ejecta of the sneeze has to go somewhere . Flu and cold organisms have hijacked the sneezing mechanism to replicate themselves (appropriate , given it’s ejaculatory evolutionary history) .
Still , the ejecta on your hanky is made up of active infectious agents (viruses or bacteria) , primed to look for a new host .
But what about the material already mangled by the host’s immune system ? Deactivated , with immune system markers and all . Your immune system really needs these as templates for the dendritic cells .
How to optimize this response :
Simply blow-dry the hanky , but do not wash it .
The rationale is simple : the infectious agents are destroyed or has to shut up shop (ie form spores , which resets their quorum mechanisms) . The already fractured cell-fragments of the infectious agent are not affected by low temperatures or small dehumidification .
Essentially , the balance between re-infection and immunization shifts in favour of the immune system .
Typical . Here I used tissues when I have flu , and threw away the recipe for shortening my misery .
Ignorance kills , but stupidity makes you feel bad .

Apendix I
Methylphenidate (Ritalin, MPH, MPD) is apsychostimulant drug approved for treatment of ADHD or attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder,postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome andnarcolepsy. It may also be prescribed for off-label use in treatment-resistant cases of lethargy,depression, and obesity. Methylphenidate belongs to the piperidine class of compounds and increases the levels of dopamine and norepinephrine in the brain through reuptake inhibition of the respectivemonoamine transporters. Thus, Methylphenidate possesses structural and pharmacological similarities to cocaine, though MPH is less potent and longer in duration.[1][2][3]

Appendix II
Capsaicin is being explored as a cure for diabetes by researchers in Toronto, Canada. Early work curing diabetic mice looks promising. Capsaicin was injected into pancreatic sensory nerves of mice with Type 1 diabetes because of a suspected link between the nerves and diabetes.
The American Association for Cancer Research reports studies suggesting capsaicin is able to killprostate cancer cells by causing them to undergo apoptosis. [4] The studies were performed on tumors formed by human prostate cancer cell cultures grown in mouse models, and showed tumors treated with capsaicin were about one-fifth the size of the untreated tumors.
Another study carried out at the University of Nottingham suggests capsaicin is able to trigger apoptosis in human lung cancer cells as well.[5]
Appendix III
Loperamide ( /loʊˈpɛrəmaɪd/; R-18553[clarification needed]), a synthetic piperidinederivative,[2] is an opioid drug used against diarrhearesulting from gastroenteritis or inflammatory bowel disease. In most countries it is available generically and under brand names such as Lopex, Imodium,Dimor, Fortasec, and Pepto Diarrhea Control.

Many physicians and pharmacists believe that loperamide does not cross the blood–brain barrier. In fact, however, loperamide does cross this barrier, although it is immediately pumped back out into non–central nervous system (CNS) circulation by P-glycoprotein. While this mechanism effectively shields the CNS from exposure (and thus risk of CNS addiction) to loperamide, many drugs are known to inhibit P-glycoprotein and may thus render the CNS vulnerable to opiate agonism by loperamide.[6]
Appendix IV “ADD and TB” Oct 2010
Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Tuberculosis(TB)
Andre Willers
26 Oct 2011

“Bright star , would I were as steadfast as thou art” John Keats (died of TB)

Synopsis :
This is not medical advice . Consult your doctor .
ADD and TB are linked by a deficit in Vitamin D , with very important threshold effects .
UV blockers , clothing and buildings have cleverly created whole populations of ADD and TB susceptible children . Not to mention other lurking nasties .

Discussion :
Melanin concentration :
The color of the skin .Usually erroneously associated with race . Evolved as a balance at any particular latititude between the VitD production from UV and Folic acid destruction .

This has been unbalanced mainly by Fashion .
Clothes and cosmetics .
Cosmetics are the oldest (cf Blombos caves in South Africa) .
Skin paint would reduce folic acid destruction , leading to higher viable fetus survival .
A literal matter of life-or-death to a small community .
Clothes ditto .

Ironically , clothes then evolved not to keep warm , but as shielding from too great Folic Acid destruction . This enabled the paleolithic Volkewanderung .

The women could match their fertility to the latitude . Remarkable .
The reason for Homo's great colonization success .

Flux :
The essence of the system was flux , as , indeed , it still is today .

Fashion goes too far , disturbing everything , necessitating everybody to run around like like mad to keep up , never mind get ahead .

Isn't Culture wonderful ?

Especially when this happens at genetic and epigenetic level .

What does this mean ?
This post was triggered by the finding that All Coloured TB sufferers in the Western Cape of SA had a deficiency of VitD . They had the correct skin color for the latitude , but too much clothing
This led to ADD. Which led to Gangs and Tik (Methamphetamine) , both concentration enhancers .
What a terrible trap .

Giving them Vit D supplements might help prevent future recruits , but the the present momentum remains .

The same is true for the ADD epidemic in the far northern or southern latitudes where they wear a lot of clothes and live in buildings .

Sports :
I really don't want to do this , but the evidence compels me .
Sporting activity in open sunshine with exposure to UVB is essential to physical and mental development of Homo Sapiens . There are also certain thresholds of UVB that must be exceeded .
If not , VitD below certain thresholds lead to Seasonal Affectional Disorder (SAD) which leads to ADD , which leads to cognitive concentrators like Methamphetamines(Tik , Ritalin) , too much alcohol, too much anything .

Riches , Fashion and Disease :
“Even the peasants wear clothes !”
Sigh . This simply means that their immune system's balance are disturbed . They are are more prone to diseases , unless supplements are given .
The balance is irrevocably disturbed . There can be no going back .But the bad effects can be ameliorated . There will be no New Balance .

But we all knew that when Fashion was invented .

Toujours , mes enfants .

And give a helping hand to the small ones .



Appendix A
TB and Vitamin D .
Google “vitamin d tb” for latest findings .

The crucial point is that a certain threshold of Vitamin D concentration is necessary to trigger innate and learned immune system responses against TB and other nasties .
Thresholds , not just presence .This is why further studies are necessary to determine the critical levels .


Appendix B
Andre Willers
24 Nov 2007

Key Concepts:


MkIII and MkIV humans

Four states are possible:

1.NoAttentionDeficitDisorder and NoHyperActivity
-> MkIII human -> desultory concentration -> lack of long-term application.

2.NoAttentionDeficitDisorder and HyperActivity
-> MkIV human -> obsessive concentration .

3.AttentionDeficitDisorder and NoHyperActivity
-> Learned helplessness -> neural weights are randomized ->apathy

4.AttentionDeficitDisorder and HyperActivity
-> HyperActiveFlea -> hop around ->fads utilized by state 1 and 2 humans .

Problem states:
State 3 is pathological , while State 4 is generally associated with children and juveniles of various ages .

State 4 to State 2.
Note that it is easier to shift State 4 to State 2 . This is one of the major driving forces in the epigenetic explosion of MkIV humans . HyperActivity can be left intact , while AttentionFocussing is conditioned .

The conditioning is social (schools , etc) and chemical (Ritalin , etc) .
A less problematic way would be to increase interest at a neurological level .

CamelType is one such way . (“The humps , the humps in the walls” a-la-HPLovecraft)
Originally evolved as adspeak , it is a way of increasing attention at a basic neurological way by alternating lower and upper cases in a pseudo-random way . This can be done dynamically on-screen , or better , on smart paper .

For example :

I TalK SenSe
i taLK sEnSe
i tAlk seNsE

There are 2^n ways of CamelTyping n letters in a sentence .
If in groups of three , a sense of order is engendered .

A neural-network mind looking at a screen where the upper and lower cases change pseudo-randomly is seduced into trying to deduce the rule .
Even if there is no rule , partial sequences of threes will be used and defended as rules
The neural-network cannot help it . It HAS to try and find correlations .
This is a well-known mechanism in horse-races , casinos and lotteries .
See also Sudoku , Chess , Go , Bridge , History , Science , etc .

State 3 to State 4.

State 3 is learned helplessness . This is Extremely difficult to work with , as there is no handle . The line of least energy is to convert State 3 into state 4 (AttentionDeficit stays the same , but induce hyperactivity) , then convert State 4 into State 1 or 2 .

State 4 seems to be a way-station for juveniles and other emotional cripples .

This is a favourite pathway for religious systems or armies .

Note that the most difficult pathway is from State 4 to State 1 . This can be observed in history .

This translates into “The weirdos seem to control all the committees.”

Where does , Melatonin , Serotonin , VitD fit in ?
VitD (or to be more exact , one and only one metabolic breakdown product (1,25D) is essential to trigger the expression of a large number of genes . Literally thousands of proteins cannot be formed without the intervention of this chemical . It is generally systemic . This means that you need it all the time . Gross shortages lead to things like rickets , but long before that metabolic abnormalities like auto-immune diseases strike , as juvenile immune responses are prolonged . The body cannot mature .

The genes expressing serotonin require VitD (hence Winter Sadness) .
Surface animals like humans have retained the capability of manufacturing VitD in their skins . Subsurface animals like fish (cod) have retained the necessary genes without solar input . Refer Esquimeaux.

The dosages : where the ping hits the plenum .
One healthy bikini clad girl needs about ½ hour of sunlight at median latitudes to get enough VitD (about 10 000 units) . A tbs of cod liver oil will give her about 1 000 units . Wearing clothes just leaving the face exposed is insufficient to generate enough VitD for procreation .

What a beautiful trap .
Humans in the high latitudes either have to migrate once in a lifetime to an latitude where there is enough sunshine (UVB) for enough VitD for essential gene-triggering to ensure fertility , or they had to eat fish products like codliver , caviar , salmon , etc to ensure the maturity of their own cell-cycles .

When neither is possible , human fertility rates fall . As what happened in the last century . What this stirs is ur-volkewanderung . All to be prevented by a VitD supplement .

The turnaround in Russian birthrates can be ascribed to the re-establishing of the Black-Sea holiday resorts .

And so it goes .



Appendix C
AttentionDeficitDisorder 2
Andre Willers
8 Dec 2007

Key Concepts:
AttentionDeficitDisorder (see previous post)

Biologically active sulfur for the skin
Essential Fatty Acids


I hereby give the overview and sources not mentioned in the previous post on AttentionDeficitDisorder .

Vitamin D
An excellent overview given in November 2007 issue of Scientific American “ Cell Defenses : Sunshine Vitamin”
“1,25 diHydroxyvitaminD3 is a direct inducer ofAntimicrobial Peptide Gene Expression” by Wang et al Journal of Immunology vol 173 p2909-2913,2004
“The Pleiotropic actions of vitaminD” Lin BioEssays Vol26 .p649 March 2004
“Vitamin deficiency” by Holick “New England Journal of Medicine , Vol357,no3,p266-281.july 19,2007.

Biologically active sulphur .
I have discussed this before . It is sufficient to note that animals whose skins we want to use for things like shoes and furs , need additional supplements of sulphur to be usable . (Google “MSM animal feeds”)
This means that humans are also deficient in biologically active sulphur .

Sulphur is essential in the normal deployment of skin organelles .There is a synergistic effect .

The less sulphur , the less Vit D.

Cheap clothing and urbanization means that most humans only expose a small part of their body for small periods to UVB . A general shortage of sulphur exacerbates the effect , as the skin cannot function optimally .

The net effect is a chronic shortage of Vitamin D .

In Utero effects:
Switching on and off of genes are especially important during gestation . If there is general shortage of 1,25D during this period , the available supplies are switched to the most important systems . (This is a very ancient system) . Certain later genes do not get switched on . This leads to immune problems . Notice the dominant effect of VitD vs Folic Acid .

Can this be rectified?
Yes . During growth spurts . The puberty+ stage is important .
As discussed before , AttentionDeficitDisorder and HyperActivity is not only normal in the spurt of growth in neuromass after puberty , but essential . Every human goes through this stage .

Intervention :
Northern latitude Europeans used to have a cheap source of VitD and Essential Fatty Acids in oily fish . They have destroyed these fish stocks and are now paying the price .

The problem is not only an on-going shortage of 1,25D , but an accumulated shortage of gene switches which did not happen .

Which is why there is an upper limit to VitD dosages . Too much , and the accumulated by-products of long-delayed gene-switch-on’s poisens the organism .

Why do these delays build up ? Because these steps are essential in maturing sperm and ova cells . The corrollary is , of course , that fertility rates in far northern latitudes are very low . This is borne out by evidence (Laps , Mongols , Esquimeaux,etc)

Actual Case study:
A male youth entering puberty with symptoms of chronic VitD deficiency .
Certain gene-sets do not switch on (extended neotony) . This is observed as babylike behaviour: hyperactivity and inability to concentrate for long periods .

Puberty makes this much worse .
Available resources of VitD , Essential fatty acids and Sulphur are stretched to breaking point by development imperatives .

Intervention is simply making these building blocks available.
The dosages :
Sulphur is critical . Cells divide ,especially brain and muscle-cells .
Give a lot of MSM : 10 gm /day
VitD uptake will be enhanced , if sunshine exposure of about ½ hr per day is followed . You will tan rapidly and skin will be smooth .
If this is not possible , supplementations should be done . But note upper limit .
Essential fatty acids : the building blocks of the brain . Two tablespoons of flaxseedoil and codliveroil a day

If you plan lots of MSM and sunshine , be sure to include antioxidants .Make sure the exposure is logarithmic : a little at the start , then increasing rapidly . You will notice that you tan more rapidly (1/2 hr instead of days) . You are also more sane . (Less unstable)

Pak protector .
A theoretical construct by Larry Niven . Also known as grandmothers .The genetic effect is real .
Surviving Grandmothers are all Pak protectors to some degree .

Grandmothers like fish (all the ones I know) . Essential fatty acids etc .
Adding megadoses should be interesting .

Pak protectors on the female line are well known and real . But are there male Pak protectors ? We know that it would be an ancient system . The females groom the male into being the Pak protector . The effect is real . The male lives longer and is dominant . But the females are also caught in the same trap .The planet might have only one male Pak protector , and millions of female Pak protectors . Yet the females cannot co-ordinate without a nominal hierarchical head .

Any male can declare himself Pak protector . This has not been done for about 4 000 years . Interesting times indeed .

The Grandmother Party can indeed sweep the planet .
Who , after all , keeps the whole shebang together?

A toast to the Pak Party .


Appendix Rull
Rull Mind-controls
Andre Willers
15 Jun 2008

Background :
AE van Vogt in the 1950’s postulated an alien species whose understanding of the human nervous system was so profound that they could compel certain behaviours by sketching lines on surfaces .
He called them the Rull .

Is this possible with humans ?
Yes . It is called writing .
Orders . The Truth Revealed . The Law , etc .

The Rull .
Let us postulate that the Rull communicates by exchanging scent molecules and have no concept of writing . They then have a language surpassing any human by factors of thousands . They would not even recognize human language as communication , the same as humans do not recognize the chimp cries .

In analyzing human communication , they would take the entire organism into account .

The visual sub-section would involve hard-wired responses from the human evolutionary ancestry and more recent neural-network learned behaviours .

They desire to induce a compulsive state . One is available in the “Falling-in-Love” syndrome , an obsessive-compulsive state essential to human survival . There are even hard-wired triggers : body-shapes (hips , breasts etc for males , legs ,shoulders for females , etc.)

They would notice that most human neural activity takes place at a sub-conscious level .
Many mirror-neuron networks compete to present a composite to the sensorium .
This provides scope for iteration . This is essential for compulsion .

An image with a fractal pattern , but a different pattern at each iteration leading to the desired neural configuration .

A good one will take eyeball saccades into account .

The person looking at the pattern will not even be aware that neural cascades are building up into the pre-programmed firing sequences .

Until Wham! The obsessive-compulsive complex is activated .

The human visual system is acute enough to make fine fractal differences of this nature possible .

An example :
Take “Drink Coke” . Assign each pixel to a fractal pattern and spread them according to a most probable saccade pattern . With each iteration of the eyeball movement and successive integrations in the brain , the elements of the slogan is assembled and eventually recognized consciously . But , before that , elements of it are evaluated by the amygdala in a google-type friend-or-foe reaction . This is where the Rull would tie in a “friend” reaction using old evolutionary paths .

Note that the amygdala plays a role analogous to the immune system .
But it has an Achilles heel . It has to allow obsessive-compulsive behaviour (“Falling in Love”) , otherwise the species will die out .

Note Mk IV humans . Glasses allow both fine-detail obsessive compulsive behaviour (the definition of MkIV) and more “normal” behaviour .
People with glasses also fall in love forever . The obsessive-compulsion is , well , obsessive .

Men who want to marry should make passes at girls who wear glasses .

This made the grand Chinese Experiment of one-child families possible .
The 85% wearing of glasses by Chinese means that they love their spouse and child obsessively . This rather changes the dynamic . There are no spare males for military adventures . If the leadership tries human-wave attacks , they will face revolt .
There might be a lot of them , but everyone is two citizen’s only son .

This leads to an intriguing speculation : does wearing glasses lead to a fundamental change in human perception (the way the neural cascades are assembled) ?

The answer is yes .

It is because of peripheral vision .
In the natural state , peripheral vision is unbounded : there is no clear demarcation .
But with glasses there is .

The visual system adapts , but the Friend-or-foe amygdala reaction takes place before the visual assembly is done . Varying the size and strength of the glasses then gives an easy and powerful way of reprogramming the amygdala !

I draw your attention to the “-isms” : patriotism , nationalism , communism , capitalism etc and ad nauseam etc . These became common as the use of glasses proliferated .

But why did organized religion like Catholicism or Protestantism then decline?
This is ironic : because they were too broad . The same thing is happening at the moment to sciences like physics .

Glasses have a focusing effect on the mirror-neuronal assemblies . Vague theories without any backup remain out of focus and are treated like peripheral vision items outside the rim of the glasses .

You can rid of phobias easily .
Create your own phobias or philias !

The Rull strikes again!