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Andre Willers
30 Dec 2014

Synopsis :
Further evidence of the Matriarchal war .

Discussion :
Came to some conclusion  around 3 000 BCE .
Garrison withdrawal

Major victory for one side .

2.Now , evidence of another underground fortified position (like Malta) , abandoned in the same time-frame .
Nevsehir . See Appendix A .
Since it is newly discovered , we can test the Matriarch Hypothesis by predicting features we would expect :

3. Predictions :
3.1  Acoustic properties of magnification and detection . Chambers and channels .
3.2 Acoustic channels leading from Nevsehir (might seem like drains)
3.3 Orderly withdrawal . No debris . Like Orkney . Likely one huge party  before disbandment .
3.4 Weapon systems still intact , but without some critical parts , notably the operators .

3.5 If a Saflieni-type event occurred , there should be a bone-field . If there is not , then it is probable that the fortress was on the winning side and simply stood down (like Orkney)

3.6 Hard Evidence :
Apps are available that can see into walls . Just connect them with pattern recognition software .
The operation instructions of the fortresses are encoded in the walls . !Click-speakers can access them .
But so can we with teraherz scanners .

Look for Schumann resonances . See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schumann_resonances
Basal  7.83 Hz. And the acoustic weapons coupling that did in the matriarchs .

Critical components were probably buried nearby .
Everybody was sick and tired of war .

4. The Treasure .
It seems the Matriarchs lost . Their treasure was biological . Things like precious metals did not count for much .
Still , they liked jewelry and shiny things .
Losing meant deaths in the thousands . Also tons of precious worked metals and jewels .

Where ?
A good candidate is Sedlec  in the Czech Republic .
See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sedlec_Ossuary . Building on a an already existing reputation .

Note the mound . Really interesting things to be found at 3000 BCE levels .
If you have the courage and a good biohazard suit .
The whole place was booby trapped to hell-and-gone .

Definitely a job for Lara .

Happy digging .


Appendix A
Estimate of population :
From above ,  45 hectare with 7 levels (7 because this is roughly the limit of hydraulic water elevators)
gives about 50 000 people . (150 x 45x7 = 47250)

It far outmatches any contemporaneous cities .

This is a true anomaly .
This is a metropolis for its time . 
But why is it underground 5 000 years ago ?

Happy new year wandering.

Massive ancient underground city discovered in Turkey's Nevşehir
Erdinç ÇelikkanANKARA
An underground city newly discovered in Turkey’s Central Anatolian province of Nevşehir, which is located under the Nevşehir fortress and the surrounding area, may be the biggest archeological finding of 2014, which is soon to end. AA Photo
With 2014 soon coming to an end, potentially the year’s biggest archeological discovery of an underground city has come from Turkey’s Central Anatolian province of Nevşehir, which is known world-wide for its Fairy Chimneys rock formation.

The city was discovered by means of Turkey’s Housing Development Administration’s (TOKİ) urban transformation project. Some 1,500 buildings were destructed located in and around the Nevşehir fortress, and the underground city was discovered when the earthmoving to construct new buildings had started.

TOKİ Head Mehmet Ergün Turan said the area where the discovery was made was announced as an archeological area to be preserved.

“It is not a known underground city. Tunnel passages of seven kilometers are being discussed. We stopped the construction we were planning to do on these areas when an underground city was discovered,” said Turan.

The city is thought to date back 5,000 years and is located around the Nevşehir fortress. Escape galleries and hidden churches were discovered inside the underground city.

Stating that they were going to move the urban transformation project to the outskirts of the city, Turan said they had paid 90 million Turkish Liras for the project already, but did not see this as a loss, as this discovery may be the world’s largest underground city.

Hasan Ünver, mayor of Nevşehir, said other underground cities in Nevşehir’s various districts do not even amount to the “kitchen” of this new underground city.

“The underground city [was found] in the 45 hectares of the total 75 hectare area that is within the [urban] transformation project. We started working in 2012 with the project. We have taken 44 historical objects under preservation. The underground city was discovered when we began the destruction in line with the protocol. The first galleries were spotted in 2013. We applied to the [Cultural and Natural Heritage] Preservation Board and the area was officially registered,” said Ünver.

The newly discovered underground city will be the biggest among the other underground cities in Nevşehir that have been discovered so far.


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Slow train to longevity

Andre willers
28 Dec 2014

Endogenous H2S increases lifespan .

Discussion :
1.H2S is back !

H2S and the molecular mechanics of freezing metabolisms .

See Appendix A below for latest findings . Endogenous H2S creation increases lifespan . A sort of fast hibernation .

2.Why endogenous H2S?
Safety switch . Organisms without it simply goes into hibernation at the first volcanic eruption , and gets eaten by those with the safety switch .

3. How it works .
(1) an H2S-producing enzyme, cystathionine beta-synthase (CBS), is highly expressed in the hippocampus; (2) CBS inhibitors hydroxylamine and amino-oxyacetate suppress the production of brain H2S; and (3) a CBS activator, S-adenosyl-L-methionine, enhances H2S production, indicating that CBS contributes to the production of endogenous H2S. We also show that physiological concentrations of H2S selectively enhance NMDA receptor-mediated responses and facilitate the induction of hippocampal long-term potentiation. These observations suggest that endogenous H2S functions as a neuromodulator in the brain.

4.Also the general metabolism .

This gives all the foods to avoid . 
CBS activator, S-adenosyl-L-methionine, enhances H2S production

5.Fasting every third day will then work . But stop MSM addititives during fasting.

6. Intermittent fasting 

Eat your heart out .



Molecular mechanism behind health benefits of dietary restriction identified

Increasing endogenous hydrogen sulfide production during dietary restriction plays a major role in delivering the benefits of longevity and stress resistance.
Credit: Image courtesy of Harvard School of Public Health
A new study led by Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) researchers identifies a key molecular mechanism behind the health benefits of dietary restriction, or reduced food intake without malnutrition. Also known as calorie restriction, dietary restriction is best known for its ability to slow aging in laboratory animals. The findings here show that restricting two amino acids, methionine and cysteine, results in increased hydrogen sulfide (H2S) production and protection against ischemia reperfusion injury, damage to tissue that occurs following the interruption of blood flow as during organ transplantation and stroke. Increased H2S production upon dietary restriction was also associated with lifespan extension in worms, flies, and yeast.
Although H2S gas is extremely toxic in high amounts, low levels present in naturally occurring sulfur springs have long been associated with health benefits. Mammalian cells also produce low levels of H2S, but this is the first time that this molecule has been linked directly to the health benefits of dietary restriction.
"This finding suggests that H2S is one of the key molecules responsible for the benefits of dietary restriction in mammals and lower organisms as well," said senior author James Mitchell, associate professor of genetics and complex diseases. "While more experiments are required to understand how H2S exerts its beneficial effects, it does give us a new perspective on which molecular players to target therapeutically in our efforts to combat human disease and aging."
The study appears online December 23, 2014 in Cell.
Dietary restriction is a type of intervention that can include reduced overall food intake, decreased consumption of particular macronutrients such as protein, or intermittent bouts of fasting. It is known to have beneficial health effects, including protection from tissue injury and improved metabolism. It has also been shown to extend the lifespan of multiple model organisms, ranging from yeast to primates. The molecular explanations for these effects are not completely understood, but were thought to require protective antioxidant responses activated by the mild oxidative stress caused by dietary restriction itself.
First author Christopher Hine, research fellow in the Department of Genetics and Complex Diseases, and colleagues demonstrated that one week of dietary restriction increased antioxidant responses and protected mice from liver ischemia reperfusion injury, but surprisingly, this protective effect was intact even in animals that could not mount such an antioxidant response. Instead, the researchers found that the protection required increased production of H2S, which occurred upon reduction of dietary intake of the two sulfur-containing amino acids, methionine and cysteine. When the diet was supplemented with these two amino acids, increased H2S production and dietary restriction benefits were both lost.
The investigators also found that genes involved in H2S production were also required for longevity benefits of dietary restriction in other organisms, including yeast, worms, and flies.
"These findings give us a better understanding of how dietary interventions extend lifespan and protect against injury. More immediately, they could have important implications for what to eat and not to eat before a planned acute stress like surgery, when the risk of ischemic injury can be relatively high," said Hine.

Journal Reference:
  1. Christopher Hine, Eylul Harputlugil, Yue Zhang, Christoph Ruckenstuhl, Byung Cheon Lee, Lear Brace, Alban Longchamp, Jose H. Treviño-Villarreal, Pedro Mejia, C. Keith Ozaki, Rui Wang, Vadim N. Gladyshev, Frank Madeo, William B. Mair, James R. Mitchell. Endogenous Hydrogen Sulfide Production Is Essential for Dietary Restriction BenefitsCell, 2014; DOI: 10.1016/j.cell.2014.11.048

Compliments of the season to all.


Monday, December 22, 2014

SuperFilter and Diabetes II

SuperFilter and DiabetesII

Andre Willers
22 Dec 2014
Synopsis :
Add Psyllium husks to activated charcoal to create a SuperFilter .

Discussion :
1.Fine networks with mucus can filters particles smaller than mesh sizes .
“While it may not seem intuitive that filters can trap particles smaller than the size of their mesh, the fingernail-size marine salp (Pegea confoederata) depends on it for its survival. As the salp pulls the surrounding sea water into its body, it uses muscles to ensure the flow is as calm and orderly as a river on a windless day. By eliminating the effects of turbulence, particles smaller than the mesh, such as bacteria, viruses, and colloidal masses, pass extremely close to the net material. At a certain distance from the net, they adhere to the sticky netting material continuously secreted by the salp. Particles even smaller than bacteria, viruses, and colloidal masses diffuse right into the filter material. The specific fluid mechanical conditions which P. confoederata creates in its filtration systems enable it to trap particles with diameters as small as 0.01 micron (viruses, colloids, etc.) even though the filter mesh measures ~ 1.5 x 6 microns. This adaptation allows the macroscopic salps to survive on a diet of some of the tiniest biological life-forms known.”
2. Pore size distribution (frequency) for activated charcoal .

Micropores smaller than 2 nm   , Mesopores 2 to 50 nm    and Macropores  bigger than 50 nm . (nm= nanometer=10^-9 m)
Viruses are of the order  30 nm to 1000 nm .

3. Activated charcoal effectiveness :
As can be seen from the graph above , the number of pores are proportional to the area under the curve .
Large ranges (estimated 2/3) of virus sizes will not be filtered by activated carbon .

4. Now add psyllium at various concentrations (vol of water , time) .
This gives a tunable filter spread .
The activated charcoal is the equivalent of a nanomesh , and the psyllium husks adds the mucus factor .
The spikes in the above graph flatten to a more effective mean .
5.What does this mean ?
5.1 Major cosmetics application in skin rejuvenation .
This is not medical advice .
See Appendix A for the recipe of a simple patch .
Now add Retinol for rejuve .
If burn wound , try adding http://www.allimax.us/ , Allicin has been widely used in burn units .

5.2 Cheap anti-biowar filter .
5.3 Should filter out most stuff smaller than 1100 nm .
But these still have to be rendered harmless .

5.4 Non-invasive diagnosis :
Remove parch , chop it up and drop various pieces into test tubes .
Test as required .

6.Diabetes II
Substance- P is the neurotransmitter involved in Diabetes II . It is 100-300 nm across .

This falls into the least reactive zone of activated charcoal .(See graph above)
So , some benefit would be achieved by mixing psyllium with activated charcoal and swallowing it .
But how much , and how long to wait while the psyllium gel densifies ?
Try recipe in Appendix A , but with ½ cup of water. Drink immediately after stirring and chase with another ½ glass of water .
Monitor blood sugar .

7. If this works , you have a nice Xmas present .
Else, at least a handy SuperFilter .

Compliments of the Season to all

Appendix A
Recipe On How To Make A Charcoal Patch
¼  cup of water
2 Tablespoons of charcoal powder
1/2 teaspoon psyllium seed husk powder (if doubling recipe start with slight 3/4 tsp)
Bandage wrap or strips of cloth and safety pin or other fastener
Put water in glass and gently add activated charcoal powder and psyllium seed husk powder. Stir for approximately one minute, until the mixture begins to gel and pull away from the glass and forms a ball.  Be patient and do not add more psyllium seed husk for this will make the gel hard and not workable.  

Lay out a 12" x 12" piece of plastic wrap and place gel in the center.  Smooth out to desired shape, about three inches from center in all directions or how desired.  Place another piece of plastic on top, the same size as the bottom, gently press down and then roll out to desired size and thickness, as if you were rolling a pie crust.

Now place in the freezer for at least 30 minutes, can last up to three months. Remove and let thaw before using, which takes about 15 minutes. Cut poultice (do not cut frozen) to desired size/s. Return unused portion to freezer.

Carefully remove one side of plastic from patch and apply to affected area and gently press down.  You may wish to wrap again with a plastic wrap to keep from leaking and or then apply a cloth bandage to hold in place.

Change patch at least every eight hours.

Appendix B

Ultrastructural identification of substance P cells and their processes in rat sensory ganglia and their terminals in the spinal cord by immunocytochemistry
1.       Victoria Chan-Palay and 
2.       Sanford L. Palay
1.    Abstract
2.       Authors & Info
3.       Metrics
4.       Related Content
5.       PDF
The unlabeled substance P (SP) antibody-peroxidase-antiperoxidase reaction was used on tissue prior to embedding in epoxy reins for ultrastructural identification of the SP cell and its immunoreactive granules. The SP cell is 10-20 μm in diameter and has sparse cytoplasm with numerous intensely reactive SP granules 100-300 nm across, large clear vacuoles, elaborate smooth endoplasmic reticulum, fragmentary rough endoplasmic reticulum, dispersed ribosomes, few mitochondria, and a modest Glogi apparatus. The large SP-reactive granules are discharged into the extracellular space, either with cell membrane intact or as unbound dense material. The membrane-bound dense granucles are transported intact through endothelial cells into the blood or are picked up by Schwann cells and fibroblasts. Other SP-reactive granules lose their limiting membranes, fragment, and then disperse into fine immunoreactive grains that bind to the extracellular matrix and to collagen. Dispersed SP-reactive granules are transported within myriad pinocytotic vesicles across endothelial cells with numerous luminal plications and are discharged into the blood. Pinocytosis of dispersed SP-reactive material, that can be detected intracellularly, also occurs in Schwann cells and fibroblasts. The SP axons to the substantia gleatinosa are unmyelinated or finely myelinated. Their synaptic varicosities display a generalized axoplasmic immunoreactivity, which also occurs in and around small vesicles. The larger SP synaptic vesicles are intensely reactive.

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How to write to a bat

How to write to a bat .

Andre Willers
20 Dec 2014

Synopsis :
Use 3D printers to create acoustic Bat Braille pictographs a bat can understand .

Discussion :
1.We derive a quick and dirty resolution for bat chirps
See Appendices A and B for background.

The argument:
Wavelength = Speed/frequency
Speed of sound = 344 m/sec , highest bat freq  = 120 000 Hz
Wavelength = 344 / 120000  meters
= 2.86 mm
See http://www.tritech.co.uk/chirp for resolution enhancement via chirp  . At least a factor of 5
This gives the chirping bat a resolution of about 2.86/5 = 0.572 mm .
Refining it a bit more in air
Range resolution = (velocity of sound) / (bandwidth x 2) - See more at: http://www.tritech.co.uk/chirp#sthash.chNLkJC0.dpuf

Range Resolution = 344/ ((120000-10000)x2)
=1.56 mm
This means that all bats can read Bat Braille with an ridge  of 1.6 mm .
This is trivial to print with a 3D printer .

2. What language to teach bats ?
Luckily  , this problem has been solved .
Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs fit the bill , though an extra convention to denote movement vector would have to be built in .
There is also the added benefit of an evolutionary path to spoken or !click interfaces .
Hieroglyphic , Hieratic , Demotic , etc

3.This raises the intriguing possibility of previous communication .
Young humans and bat frequency ranges overlap . Click speakers might have established communication with bats .
Look for very fine scorings (1.6 mm ) in caves or on stones .
Bats would be limited to patterned guano deposits . This might have lasted longer , and be visible under the right light-frequency observation .
The history of the last 100 000 years from the bat’s viewpoint should be really interesting .
4.Future communication :
Simple Bat classrooms lined with 3D printed Hieroglyphs . Use an arrow , straight or curved  to denote vector sense .
Use humans younger than about 25 years (before higher frequency hearing degenerates.)
5.Economic benefit .
Enormous .
5.1 Bat Bounty Hunters targeting only certain harmful insects will save billions .
If you can communicate with them , you can designate desired behaviours and rewards .
Disease prevention .
5.2 Bat pollinators cheaper .
5.3 Space travel : Superb In-flight maintenance crew .

5.4There would be a significant military advantage .
A bat squadron would be far cheaper and more effective than drones .
See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bat_bomb . A US plan during WWII
6.Religion .
If a bat can read and write  , does it qualify for Human Rights ?
ObamaCare ?

There is a similar ethical problem with AI’s .

If humans create intelligence , are humans ethically liable for juvenile species  ?
I’ve got a feeling that God would see it that way . It is even human common-law .

7.Bat Market .
If they deliver a service , they have purchasing power .
What consumer goods would a bat like ?

7.1 Bat TV must be number one .
An interesting challenge .
A Sonic TV
Can be done . A 3D printed raster ridge 1.6 mm high and 0.8 mm apart .
The signal is transduced to a chirp and scanned very rapidly across the raster .
I doubt whether bats have persistence of vision , but they have something better : the vector sense of movement .
Frames can simply be encoded with this and the bat sensorium will assemble it to make sense .

What movies would a bat like ?
“Top gun” , undersea documentaries , owl movies . Batman comics with bat comments in guano .
The mind boggles .

  7.2 Food , clean air , habitat , education , medical .
When they ask for a BatMobile with batman as chauffeur , you know they have arrived .

7.3 Fashion .
Scents , body colorations , oils ,vitamin pills ,condo’s in Miami ,  etc ,etc .
“I was a bodyguard to a Bat !”  “He was a good tipper , too”
Dracula Inc to sue Bat Inc
8. So , now you know how to write to a bat .

When the Bat answers back , you know you are going batty .


Appendix A
Background info

Frequency Range of Hearing for Humans and Selected Animals

  animal                        frequency   (hertz)
                                    low       high
  Humans                             20      20,000
  Cats                              100      32,000
  Dogs                               40      46,000
  Horses                             31      40,000
  Elephants                          16      12,000
  Cattle                             16      40,000
  Bats                            1,000     150,000
  Grasshoppers and locusts          100      50,000
  Rodents                         1,000     100,000
  Whales and dolphins                70     150,000
  Seals and sea lions               200      55,000

Reference: Encyc. Britannica.

Appendix B
Friday, May 09, 2008
What is it like to be a fish?
What is it like to be a fish?
Andre Willers
8 May 2008

For Egbert Louw Jr

What is it like to be bat?
There is a famous philosophical treatise by the philosopher Thomas Nagel titled : “What it is like to be a bat” . Google it for the article .

In the finest polysyllabic , philosophical tail-chasing style he states that experiencing a truly alien consciousness is impossible , but he also makes the statement that we can sneak up on it . This is what he is famous for .

The relevant quote :

“This should be regarded as a challenge to form new concepts and devise a new method—an objective phenomenology not dependent on empathy or the imagination. Though presumably it would not capture everything, its goal would be to describe, at least in part, the subjective character of experiences in a form comprehensible to beings incapable of having those experiences. “

To be able to do that , we have to have a mapping method relating the bat’s sensorium to the human visual system . This is the other reason why he is famous . The bat is sufficiently alien , yet still a mammal . The underlying neurological structures are still mammalian . We can still make a map .

A number of mammals have successfully adapted visual information processing brain-systems to handle echo-location . Dolphins , whales and bats are but the best known ones . This is no accident . There is a deep underlying neurological structure that makes the conversion between binocular vision and echo-location depth perception possible .

We can thus know that we can map the sensorium of a bat to an analogue of our visual system .
Evolution has already done it .

A pulse of sound composed of rapidly varying frequencies . By analysing the time-returns and absorption characteristics of the reflected chirp , information analogous to shape and colour can be inferred . Also used in human chirp-radars .

So , how does a bat see?
Like a myopic human with 95% vision , but with a Vector-sense of motion of objects inside the chirp cone .

He flies through a 30 metre visual bubble in which he can clearly see things and motion-curves of objects bigger than about 0.5 mm . Outside it , things are misty .

We know that they can discriminate half a mosquito length from about 10 metres . This is nearly as good as human vision . But objects in relative motion are highlighted in the chirp-cone .

This is the motion sense , which humans do not have : the alien bit . Like a vector arrow on a radar-screen . Humans have to calculate the vector of motion , bats perceive it directly . Since the refresh rate is directly proportional to the chirp-cone scanning rate , the bat perceives curved motion directly in his sensorium .

This is why they can catch insects on the fly .

The chirp-cone is flicked around in scanning cone , much like the saccades in the human eye-ball . Doubtlessly , there are some very sophisticated optimization scanning algorithms involved . The bat sees a seamless picture , like a human sees a seamless picture in his sensorium . All the low-level jittering is smoothed out in the sensorium .

The alert reader will have noticed that bats have a better sense of time-binding than humans or monkeys . They can perceive trajectories directly .

Why are bats not then the dominant life-form on the planet ?
The same evolutionary trap that got birds : the atmosphere is not thick enough to sustain a flight-form with sufficient mass to have a large individual brain . If they come to land , they have to compete against superbly adapted land-predators . I have seen some videos of bats on foot actually running down small prey . But any decent cat or dog family member would soon put a stop to this .

There have been some speculations (Vernor Vinge is notable) of sound-linked communal minds . I see no inherent theoretical impossibility . But the brain has to be large enough to handle the essential data-linkages . This would require packing-protocols outside evolutionary boundaries . But , I suppose , some demented scientist could create intelligent bat-communal beings . They would out-compete any other mammals .

Bats are likely to survive an eco-catastrophe . (Time-binding goes deep . ) If surface dwelling niches are opened to them , they could very well evolve to smarter and better caretakers of the planet than humans .

What would it be like to be such a bat ?
Since they can directly perceive a trajectory , self-destructive behaviour would be much less likely .

“Catch the mosquito while diving into the ground” would be one of their favourite sayings .

More intelligent than humans in calculating consequences , but less creative .
Pak-protectors without the xenophobia .

Now we sneak up on the fishes .

First , look at dolphins , whales , etc . Their sensorium is similar to that of the bat . Their primary sense is the echo-location chirp . But water is different . A dolphin sees a three-dimensional sensorium of another water-animal . At first glance , the sensorium should be overwhelmed by too much information . There is no surface to a sonar scan of a water-filled animal. This is why the chirp is important .

Time and absorption differences to the various different frequencies in the chirp enables the dolphins sensorium to construct the “surface” of whatever is scanned .

It was thought that the dolphin saw a human in the water like we would see a glass model , with all the organs somehow magically delineated . The dolphin simply does not have the processing power to see three-dimensionally . What it does is use the tried and trusted surface-visual algorithms to do layering . It can see various sound-reflective layers . As far as a dolphin is concerned , a human is not a single entity , but a compendium of layers . But all the other living things in it’s environment is like this

It can focus on various aspects .

The critical question is : what is the definition ? What is the smallest thing a dolphin can sense with its chirp ?

The evidence suggests about half a cm . There is a heavy energy cost to generate really high-frequency water pressure waves .It is not like sound waves . The minimum necessary would evolve . The sensorium of a dolphin would have significantly less definition than that of a bat . (Factor of 10)

Dolphin Sound Spectacles .
Since humans are so enamoured of dolphins , why not give them glasses?
Not for their eyes , for their sonar .
Uplift them .

Noise-nullification technology can be easily adapted to give a dolphin the resolution to see things at cellular level . Even a classical large lens of denser than water material will do the trick . The inverse can just as easily be done , to give them the capability of zapping tumours .

They are already rumoured to be beneficial to sick humans .
I would not be so sure about killer whales .

Or zygote manipulation .

I draw your attention to the unpredictable effects of giving spectacles to human populations .

The reason why dolphins et al do not communicate is that they cannot see us . They need glasses to focus .

Do humans have the courage to do this ?

Now for what it is like to be a fish .
Fish are not mammalian . Rather trite , but true . The primary sense organ of the fish is the pressure sense . A fish uses pressure to sense how far away it is from the surface of the water .

Near the shore:
So , to think like a fish , invert . Your upside down feet is treading on the surface of the water from the bottom . If the surface is choppy , think of walking over rough ground .

It costs the fish energy and effort to maintain an equal depth .

Where would you go ?

Where feeding and turbulence combines optimally . Two thirds away from the centre of a sloop and two thirds down at that point . (Values derived from Infinite Probe considerations)

If you think walking upside-down under the sea-surface is weird , you should try me on my better days .

Bottom dwellers cling to the sky .

Scent and electrical senses also play a role .

The fish “sees” an endlessly quaking surface under it , with the mists around it riven by channels of scent , with a false top of the thermocline .

Sharks examine things close by via electrical fields . So they see the close environment as twisting network of electrical fields .

A lemon with connected copper and zinc wire should make a fine shark lure .

What is it like to be a deep sea fish ?

Untrammelled freedom .

The densities of population in the deep sea used to be lower than survival levels . Continental shelves were used for risky spawning . That is until humans conveniently started melting the ice-caps , causing upwellings of nutrient rich waters along the oceanic trenches . You don’t need shoals to ensure reproduction . Think like a fish , with about 400 million years of survival mechanisms .


Tortoises and their like navigate by treading the sky .
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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Caviar a la Revolucion

Caviar a la Revolucion

Andre Willers
18 Dec 2014
Synopsis :
A recipe to make cheap caviar for the masses . Save the Sturgeon !

Discussion :
1.The basis is molecular gastronomy .
See Appendix A
Caviar is essentially a strong fish flavour , with salt in a capsule . The “caviar” uniqueness is identical to white chocolate .

2. The Recipe :
Ingredients :

2.1 The Capsules are pasta rice . (100g)
2.2 Grated white chocolate (10 g)
2.3 Fish oil (20 g)
2.4 Neutral alcohol (vodka or cane 43% alcohol , 57% water ) :
Pasta absorbs 75% of it’s weight in water , hot or cold .
We need enough vodka to supply half of it .
Vodka = 100x0.75x0.5 / 0.57
          = 66 g
About 3 tots of 25ml each .

 2.5 Salt
4% to 6%
About a tsp per 100g pasta rice .
Tastes vary.
2.6 Optional :
Colour : Turmeric (2 g) , ginger , pepper . The last two are adjuvants .
Taste : Chili , amarula , etc

2.7 Method :
2.7.1 Mix everything except the white chocolate together and stand in the fridge for about 12 hours .
What happens : The oily fragrances dissolve into the alcohol . This then gets absorbed into the pasta.
Cold pasta absorbs cold water just as well as hot water . Its just slower .
But we do not want to lose the volatiles .

2.7.2 After 12 hours , drain and dust with the grated white chocolate and microwave until pasta rice is cooked .
About 30-60 seconds per 100 g . But taste it and adjust cooking time accordingly .
If turmeric had been added , you will have a bright red caviar . Hence the name .
If Saffron : yellow caviar . Etc .
Adding a gel from agar or the pulp of the granadilla will give a more exciting experience .
3. Serve on melba toast .

4. Carrot-a-la-Revolucion
Something similar , but not as fishy .
Carrot ball work well Red Caviar .
Red on Red .

4.1 Recipe
Mix whole , chopped or carved carrots with Cinnamon , ginger, nutmeg , turmeric , pepper , cloves in oil .
Add chili or sugar to taste.
Microwave till cooked .
Add dash of orange juice to taste .

4.2 And the Hero

5 Santa loves Red Caviar .
Which is why he wears red  and doesn’t have to work out .
When did you last see a superhero in the gym ?

Compliments of the season to all .

Appendix A .