Friday, April 30, 2010

BetaBlockers and Trauma memory .

Andre Willers
30 Apr 2010

This technology is safe and cannot be leveraged beyond Beth(3) levels . AW

Trauma memory at synapse level can be edited .

How it works :
Specialized glial cells label synapse memories (arbitrary scale 1-10) on the difficulty of changing . This has major evolutionary advantages in preventing learned-helplessness lock-ups in the neural feedback networks .

But , a traumatic event (say scale 10) may lock in a memory unable to change .

Propranolol is a beta-blocker chemical that blocks the signal from the glial cell to the synapse .

The synapse can then be edited .
But synapse memories are holistic , while glial memories are specific . Thus a memory of a memory remains without the toxic inability to remove it's specificity .

Notice the similarity to lower-back pain (see "Peripheral Neuropathy" )
This is used extensively in trauma therapy :
"Twelve years ago, two men robbed the pet-food store where Coutu was manager, put a gun to his head and threatened to kill him. Coutu played dead after one of the criminals bashed his head with the weapon. For years, he had nightmares and flashbacks. He broke up with his girlfriend; he quit a job he loved as president of a bird club in Montreal. Usually upbeat, Coutu became depressed. "Inside, I was dying," he says.
On his first visit with Brunet, Coutu wrote down the details of his trauma. Once a week for six weeks after that, he received propranolol, then read the disturbing account. At first, it was agony. "I realized all these emotions I thought were gone weren't," he says. But the fifth time, Coutu noticed a distinct change. "I felt like smiling. All of a sudden, it wasn't me anymore." At his last session, doctors tested Coutu's physiological reactions—his heartbeat, his palm sweat, his facial muscles—to his script and to neutral stories, like a beach scene. His response was similar. "It feels like there's been water poured on the fire," he says. Brunet's early data are compelling: participants' symptoms dropped by 50 percent, and 70 to 80 percent no longer meet the full criteria for PTSD.
What's so fascinating about this research is how it plays on the geography of memory. We often think of memory as one entity wrapped neatly in a bow. But our remembrance of a single experience lands like confetti in the brain, scattered into different locations. The dry facts about what happened—I was walking home, a man assaulted me—appear to lodge in the hippocampus. But the emotional trauma of that same event—the anger at the man, the horror of the moment—seem to be housed in the amygdala. When the memory is recalled, both parts emerge together, like the sound and images in a movie, says Brunet. This is critical to the science of forgetting: researchers believe they may be able to target the fear part of the memory but leave the details of what happened intact. "People cherish their memories, even their bad memories," says Brunet. "They don't want them to be erased, they want to recall them with less pain." "
Other beta-blockers ?
I don’t know , but I suspect that they all have varying degrees of the same property .
Targeting the memories:
As Eben said , propranolol has been used as a general lowering of anxiety at the basic neural levels .
But I want to do better , and target the exact memories .
But the holistic structure of the brain makes this difficult . What we want is a self-focussing system . And we have one that has evolved for about 3000 years at least .
It is called Tarot cards . Archetypes that are provably minimum necessary sufficient for n inclusive singularities . But not for higher Beth(n>3) orders . Don't worry about it .
The Tarot Algorithm :
1. Take the betablocker (preferably propranolol)
Look through all the tarot cards .
2. Repeat 1 to 2 at least 5 times .
3. That’s it .
Other ways :
1. Exposure
The memory to be meaning-apoptosed is presented via an external feedback loop .
The problem is that memory elements not directly associated with the traumatic event will also be locked .This can lead to learned-helplessness very quickly .
2. Beth(n) choices .Not advised unless you know what you are doing .
3. Therapy (which is a combination of 1 and 2 above)
What I am trying to say , is that the best general therapy is the Tarot Algorithm . All the rest must involve individual , non-self-focussing mechanisms .
Ironically , a virtuality is not the optimum . (It does not have enough discontinuities to satisfy a human mind)
Instead of Tarot , a composite of Bosch , Giger , Escher ,et al can be used , but these are not necessarily as complete as the Tarot in a mathematical sense .
I would have expected that Virtual Systems to be the optimal . But they cannot search transfinities . Just looking through Tarot card pack is superior .
It does not matter what they mean , only that they are complete . The system will self-focus and assign values according to the individual .
I looked at iChing , NLP , Chritianity , Islam , etc .
But Tarot is the optimal system for general usage .
Now cut the cards .
Andre .

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Peripheral Neuropathy of Legs. A Cure.

Peripheral Neuropathy of Legs. A Cure.
Andre Willers
20 Apr 2010

My Birthday Present to fellow sufferers .

A methodology for reducing chronic symptoms (95%) and repairing nerves .

Data from my personal experience .
1.Use APS as for lower back pain once a day (8 min) . Unease relief 80%-85% .
2.Use capsaicum on upper thighs . Before sleep . Unease relief 10% . The need for this will decrease after about 5-7 usages of APS usage .
3. Keep blood-glucose concentration <=6.5
4. Do not eat high acrylamide foods
5.Take alpha-lipoic acid . 250 mg (1+2+1) per day initially .Taper .
Beware reflux . An amusing side effect . Rejection reflexes of crap food are repaired .
Not beloved by the fast-food industry .
(Pregnant women should not take this in large doses. )

Discussion :
The pathology is caused by damage to the nerves , (especially the long leg-nerves) by high glucose concentrations in DiabetesII and Acrylamide from diet .

How it works:
The pain-pulses of damaged nerve A arrive at the synapses in the lower back (spine) . Here , certain specialized glial cells count the frequency and duration . To prevent the gate-effect of pain impulses to mask further pain signals of further tissue damage from other nerves , these cells take on the function of automatically pulsing pain signals as if from nerve A , while inhibiting the damaged nerve A's signal .

This enables other damage signals to come through , preventing further damage .
This has obvious evolutionary advantages in preventing cascading damages .

The problem is that , even if damage to nerve A has been repaired , the off-switch of this mechanism may not work . Or the damage to nerve A might remain .

See "Peripheral Neuropathy" et al .
Chronic neuropathy results from the inability to activate the "Off" switch in microglial and astrocyte bodies in the dorsal root ganglion .
See Scientific American Nov 2009 p 33 .

A further teensy problem is that , even if there was a temporary repair , if the chronic condition (like too high glucose or acrylamide concentrations) the microglial and astrocyte bodies get re-triggered . And they would be sensitized as well .

The Methodology :
1.Drastically reduce the pain impulses from the microglial and astrocyte bodies in the dorsal root ganglion . For this we use the APS technology , with electrodes configured for "Back Pain" .
See "ATP as Neurotransmitter"

I originally bought this machine in 2001 for Neuropathy leg pains , but put the electrodes on the legs . This had little or no effect . Only after reading the article :
See Scientific American Nov 2009 p 33 did I realize that the chronic pain is generated in the lower back .
Putting the electrodes on the sides of the lower hip as recommended for lower back pain led to a reduction of that chronic burning unease sensation of 80-85 percent.
After about 4-7 days .

Some of the remainder of unease could be ameliorated by using gate-theory : capsaicum . Just smear it on the thighs . This generates pain signals that compete at the lowest spine ganglia , but unfortunately the system habituates easily . .

This brings us to about 95% of unease .

At least I could sleep without analgesics .

But there are still twinges .

The damage to the nerves still exist . The neuropathic pain will quickly re-establish itself . We are just managing the condition , not curing it .

The Cure :
Repair the nerves , while keeping the damaging agents under control .
The damaging agents are too high concentrations of glucose and acrylamide .
Keep them under control via diet or insulin .

The repair is enhanced by alpha-lipoic acid (evening primrose oil).
Take supplements .

Desensitizing the system :
A really permanent , buffered system . I do not have that .
Working ,working ….

A promising lead is propranolol . Reprogramming memories at synapse level (ie the microglial and astrocyte bodies in the dorsal root ganglion .)
Google "propranolol PTSD"

Happy Birthday !


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spectacles 2

Spectacles 2
Andre Willers
14 Apr 2010

This technology is allowable . AW.

Discussion :

Combine Pinhole-glasses and stochastic resonance, and you have very clear pictures .

Put two masks over the eyeballs with a lot of holes. Illumunate them with LED's or lasers . The result will surprise you .

I am tired of explaining the obvious to the idiots .

Now all I need is a beautiful daughter with a square-jawed engineer-boyfriend .

Madly yours


Spectacles 2

Spectacles 2
Andre Willers
14 Apr 2010

This technology is allowable . AW.

Discussion :

Combine Pinhole-glasses and stochastic resonance, and you have very clear pictures .

Put two masks over the eyeballs with a lot of holes. Illumunate them with LED's or lasers . The result will surprise you .

I am tired of explaining the obvious to the idiots .

Now all I need is a beautiful daughter with a square-jawed engineer-boyfriend .

Madly yours


Thursday, April 08, 2010


Andre Willers
8 Apr 2010

For Carl .
I can only tell you where we have been.

Human puberty is triggered by neuronal growth and a resistance to apoptosis .

Discussion :

Neuronal survivors of the apoptosis experience (age 1-5) have an evolutionary reluctance to apoptosis . The surviving neurons have a tendency to avoid apoptosis by generating signals internally .
(The apoptosis mechanism works by zapping any neuronal networks not used . Evolution in action .)

At about human age 12 , body mass and timers lead to an explosion of neurons and neuronal connectivity . Depending on the society , this is soaked up by social complexity and science .

This is usually insufficient , so sex is born (puberty-usually 2-3 years after start of neuronal growth spurt) .

Note that the unused neuronal complexity triggers puberty , not the inverse .
The smarter you are , the later puberty in an information rich environment .

Then sex and fashion . This can soak up an infinity (at least aleph(0)) of complexity .
Why it is , well , fashionable .

Surplus neuronal connectivity self-survives by generating mirror-networks . Hence the multiple variations of reality typical of human adolescence .

This translates as a reality-disconnect . Most humans cannot understand different realities as seen by an adolescent .

Most adolescents are smarter than adults , in purely neurological terms .

Your mind has grown connections that don't want to die . So they perpetuate themselves by continuing to generate signals .

That about sums up the human experience .

An amusing insight : Adolescents are loaded with maximal loads exactly at this time when their neuronal growth is at a maximum . High school . This is to program the system at maximum susceptible stage . As new neuronal networks are being formed , and old ones being apoptosed .

And you thought it was complicated .

This is inclined to make me mad .

No apoptosis without consent !


Monday, April 05, 2010

African Temples.

African Temples.
Andre Willers
5 Apr 2010

I'm not allowed any more to tell you where you are going .
But I can tell you where you have been .

The Ruins:
Stretching for 3000 km across Southern Africa.
These are not ruins that can simply be wished away . They stretch on kilometer by kilometer . The estimate for one city is 651 billion tonnes of stone . Not a trivial exercise .
See "Temples" by Tellinger and Heine ISBN13: 978-1-920153-08-3

The aerial photographs are incontestable . It is real .

The Boing
This I heard myself . A stone being whacked and giving forth a sweet , monotone frequency that decreases in intensity but not frequency .
Another incontestable . Ding-an-sich.

Insect exoskelotens:
These are sensitive to external sound-harmonics . Internal spikes where muscles , nerves and sinews attach will heat up drastically . Crop-eating insects were sensitive to certain frequencies .

Extrapolation :

Some unsung genius noticed , while whacking one river stone against another , that the thingie gave out a sound and certain insects fled the area .

They then amplified the effect with very circular stonewalls , with no mortar .
Somebody walked around the inner circle whacking the stones , setting up a standing wave .
It is important to notice that the wall was not mortared . The gaps allowed the sound waves to escape . About 1/3 of the sound waves was broadcast over the landscape . These chased away the insects .
The walls were 1/3 porous to sound .

Some frequencies would considerably enhance nitrogen fixation .
Like fertilizer .

You ended up with circular stone sound generators as both insecticides and fertilizers

From the evidence , it was quite effective . Circular sound structures were surrounded by irregular stone fences , mostly to keep herbivores out .

Sound waves irradiated surrounding fields
This was not agriculture . It was more akin to the farming in pre-Spanish California .
They did not plough or plant , but productivity in terms of grasses was very high .Grazing animals were used to harvest . The energy relations are very simple given a low insect population .
The population density was very high , About the same as present .

They ended up in a typical Malthusian fix .
There is no evidence of war ,.
The rainfall decreased (see "Magadigadi sea"
Overpopulated areas died down (as happened in the Middle East circa1000 AD)

Thousands and thousands of kilometers of dwellings were gradually abandoned .
I know that humans prefer a catastrophic end , but a whimper is usually the end of stupidity .

They overpopulated , the rainfall decreased , the food decreased , and the remaining population simply went back to subsistence farming , abandoning civilization .

So much for that .