Monday, December 21, 2009

Vertical Farms

Vertical Farms
Andre Willers
21 Dec 2009

Synopsis :
Create more food-producing acreage by using skyscraper technology .

Discussion :
Scientific American Nov 2009 p60 " The rise of vertical farms"

This is an old idea .
Laube and allotments are two dimensional variants . Seafarms and vertical skyscraper farms are three-dimensional variants .

Seafarms are as old or older than land agriculture .
Cf sea-weirs on stoneage seasites .
Cf Chinese fishfarms .
Skyscraper farms were inherent in the multistory lake-dwellings in Europe . Note the grassy roof , for intense cultivation . (Now being reintroduced)

Why the present reluctance to invest capital ?
Collapse Sensitivity is the main reason .
After a number of collapses (over thousands of years) , the surviving systems are very sensitive to single-points of failure .

While present agro-business is just as vulnerable to failure as Vertical Farms , the people in control of capital allocation do not see it that way .

They invest in the model that has the shortest distance to subsistence farming , the failsafe of our civilization .
However , with the present overpopulation , an agricultural failure will not leave subsistence farming as a failsafe fallback .

A heavily defended vertically integrated farm is more viable . Something like this has already happened in the form of monasteries during the Dark Ages .

The Key:
Package every Vertical Farm with a certain acreage of organic farms .
This should unblock the unconscious reluctance to allocate capital .

Some speculations:
1.Cyborg trees .
Much has been made of cyborg humans .
What about cyborg trees ?

We already have vertical farms: Palm trees and coconut trees can be completely utilized (100%) . But we want something hundreds or thousands of meters high , that grows quickly but durably , with fruits all year round .

A cyborg tree . Part organic , part steel , concrete and electronic . Largely self-regulating . A Druid's paradise or hell .
Monkeyform humans .

2.Underwater cyborg mangroves .
Real seafarming in enclosed mangrove-root pockets .
Merman humanoforms .

3.Orbital Forests .
Put the trees in orbit and have roots that dangle into the atmosphere to soak up the CO2 .

Cf aerial forests .

The cyborg tree (carbon and diamond fibre) would be shaped like a hairy bola , spinning with the rotation of the earth in Low Earth Orbit . Solar energy differences would supply power . The roots would be nearly stationary relative to the planet at the lowest point inside the atmosphere .. Nutrients like CO2 , water , volcanic debris , etc would be combed out of the atmosphere .

Intelligence would be supplied by humanoforms and AI's . This would have to be integrated with the planetary ecology , else this system will strip the planet bare .

4.Cyborg Tree Space Habitats .
This has been discussed in science fiction . Wood makes an excellent vacuum construction material . Interlaced with waterbearing veins , it is a good shield against radiation . All you need is carbon , water , some trace elements and intelligence.

A good space habitat . But you will have a lot of birds , exploding into all the habitat niches .

You can't keep a good tweety down .


Friday, December 18, 2009

Peripheral Neuropathy .

Peripheral Neuropathy .
Andre Willers
18 Dec 2009

Synopsis :
Chronic neuropathy results from the inability to activate the "Off" switch in microglial and astrocyte bodies in the dorsal root ganglion .
See Scientific American Nov 2009 p 33 .

Discussion .

These bodies monitor the frequencies of pulses of neurotransmitters from the neuron . If there is neural damage (like with acrylamide cf) , they detect this and increase the sensitivity of the neurons , while also releasing cytokines and some interleukins for repairs . (ie inflammatory response .)

The "Off"-switch for these systems could do with some redesign .
The off-switch is related to the percussive frequency of the heartbeat . And this has harmonics with the length of the spine . And this changes with posture .

The percussion changes the densities of fluid inside the dorsal ganglion , influencing the pulses of neurotransmitters . Note that microglia are responsible for re-uptake of neurotransmitters . Cf prozac. Cf yoga .

If they kick in , fewer neurotransmitters are recycled . Boosting the signal .

If the heartbeat returns to normal , fine .

But , stress .

The kicker is the length of the spine .

This changes the resonances inside the dorsal root ganglion . The microglia and astrocytes do not switch off . Neural sensitivity is enhanced , and typical peripheral neuropathy symptoms ensue .
Like when you lie down to sleep .

What to do .

1."Put a bolster under the bum , mum ."
Compress the spine mildly by putting a cushion under the bum , while having high cushions for the upper torso . This enables the off-switch .
This actually works . (like sitting in small gravity)

Percussions , either by mouth , or mechanical , can modify synapse responses .
Cf all those relaxing massages .
Some skill needed .

3.Retrain the system .
Even more skill needed .

A note on the Gate-theory of Pain .
Using something like capsaicum is a very short-term solution . From the argument above , the system will habituate as the microglials and astrocytes compensate for the storm of incoming signals .
Ditto for more powerful pain stillers .

Some intriguing speculations:
1.Phantom limb pain .
Try compressing the limb in imagination . The chronic pain switches should then at least have a chance of switching off .
Do it even with existing limbs .

2.Alcohol .
The energy systems powering the microglials have the same imperatives as the rest of the mitochondria : alcohol has to be metabolized first .
A prolonged pulse of alcohol then causes an absence of pain . The pulses simply do not happen , and upstream consequences in the amygdala does not occur .

This causes an interrupt/reset in the microglial system . Which is why it so popular with humans .

The microglial system is the memory of pain . A little bit is good , but too much leads to learned helplessness and catatonia .
And the off-switch is interrupted by lying down .

Delicious !

Shaken or stirred .

Andre .

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Factoring the product of primes .

Factoring the product of primes .
Andre Willers
14 Dec 2009

Synopsis :
Iterative systems are needed to get results .

Discussion :
The physical solution .
Take a number N . Make a circular mirror where Circumferance=N. Shine a sharp light from anywhere on the inner rim and rotate it , shining the light around the circumferance. Have a light-sensor at the back of the light-source . If the sensor shows a maximum , stop . The factors can then be calculated .

The Point :
This is an in principle argument .
Anything that can be done like this should be possible using mathematics .
This is a fundamental assumption in present society . Not even mentioned , usually .

Yet , RSH and other systems use the difficulty of factoring the product of large primes as secure systems .

But if a known physical solution cannot be described in mathematical terms , we are in deeper doo-doo than a few encryption problems .

Iterative systems .
See "The inside of zero"
The multiplicative system can be described as :
Sin(pi/(n+2)) = Sin(pi/(n+1)) + n^2/N *tan(pi/(n)) … an iterative process .
Where N is the number to be factored , and n a factor .
This can be stated by
Y = Sin(pi/(n+2)) –Sin( n(pi/(n+1))) - n^2/N *tan(pi/(n))
Using Newtonian approximation . AsY->0 , n->factor .
Any N can be factored .

This is a double application of iterative processes , using the interchangeability of n and the counter . (A neat cheat.)

But what does it mean ?
At least two infinite processes are needed to get some meaningful results that a physical experiment gives immediately .

It means that no theory of everything is possible . Any description will always be two infinities behind . Regardless .

As expected .

Andre .

Friday, December 11, 2009

Medical Masque Effect. (MME)

Medical Masque Effect. (MME)
Andre Willers
11 Dec 2009

An artifact of successful medical intervention .
Some Disease X evolves to masquarade as Disease Y . Medical intervention is for Disease Y , leaving the field clear for Disease X . Common in rapidly evolving pathogens like fungi . The system invariably becomes more contagious .

Discussion .

Example :
Eczema of the skin on the hands .
This is ascribed to stress , based on work done decades ago . In the meantime , some fungi , whose symptoms initially appeared similar to the stress-eczema , were positively selected by differential diagnosis .
Contagiousness was also a positive selection criteria .
The result is a veritable epidemic of old-fashioned fungi-based eczema , but misdiagnosed .
Treating the eczema with something like Daktarin gives rapid relief .

The intriguing thing :
The disease evolved into the niche created by a successful medical treatment .
It relies on the masquerade for a mis-diagnosis .
How many others are there ?
And how big a danger is it in future ?

The more successful the medical intervention , the greater the selection pressure for a masque .
This is old-fashioned Darwinnian selection in action . Nothing fancy .

New Building Syndrome .
I observed this first-hand (so to speak) after moving into a brand-new corporate headquarter building . Suddenly I got eczema . Then I observed (in the lift and in conferences) that about 30%-40% of my colleagues also had the same problem . Nobody wanted to talk about it , and the company had a good medical aid . They went to their private doctors and the data was not correlated from an epidemiological viewpoint .

What happened ?
The new building did not have an existing ecology of skin organisms transmitted by surfaces like lift-buttons , door handles , tap handles , air conditioning , etc .
And brand-new ablution facilities .

Masquerading fungi with some contagious element were strongly selected . The result was an epidemic of eczema , incorrectly treated as stress symptoms .

Later on other organisms populated the building and incidences returned closer to normal .

Medical staff more at risk .
Scrubbing up or using alcohol handwashes leaves the hands more vulnerable to these masques .

What to do :
I wrote about this previously . The ecology of the skin is a fairly hot subject at the moment .

Malign organisms find it 1 000 to 10 000 more difficult the get a foothold in an existing ecology .

What we need is an appliqué of benign skin-ecology organisms . Something similar to pro-biotics for the intestines .
I do not know of any now .
A huge commercial opportunity . A really large market . (About 10 billion hands a few times a day)

Quick and Dirty :
After an alcohol handwash to decrease harmful bacterial imports from supermarket trolley-handles , computer keyboards and the like , simply rub your hands across your belly under your shirt , palms and back . I would not recommend permanently moist sites like the arm-pits , groin or fatfolds if your immune system has been compromised in any way .
The aim is to reinfect the hands with benign skin organisms , to counteract the destruction of both benign and malign organisms on the hands .

Commercial opportunities :
Individuals with tested benign skin-ecologies will be able to sell them . Can sell them right now .
Like perfume .

By gad ! A new Miss World category ! Highly marketable .
"All our skin wipes are from Miss Purity , rated 9.9 for the Skin Benign."
"Our toilet paper is from Miss Baby Bottom , rated 9.9 for the Skin Benign."

1.It is patentable.
2.It has an actual beneficial effect.
3.It is fashionable (amenable to mass-media) .

This is worth many billions of dollars .

As a side effect , many chronic skin diseases and other diseases will disappear .

Weight loss .
This is speculative .
Certain weight disorders (anorexia , diabetesII , big bums and thighs , etc) have fractal epidemiological aspects . Exactly like the skin disorders .

Wrinkles especially ditto .

This is even more speculative .
Note the common element of very rapid mutation .

What would HIV be the masque of ?
Answer: Adjuvant block by lead poisoning .

Bushmeat only became deadly after the introduction of firearms : ie lead pellets .
Shotguns . Lead pellets were cooked and ingested . Lead is a rare metal .
Cf Roman and Greek plagues .
But the effect is subtle . An adjuvant is blocked , leading to lessening of the auto-vaccination effect .
The immune system is hobbled .

The adjuvant can be added (probably something simple .These are not complex systems . Like gout) . A simple cure is possible . The disease is a masque .

Or simply remove the lead . Pb can be chelated out .

Note the correlation of HIV with lead additives in petrol or in shotgun pellets .

Get the lead out , Mac!


Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Sign Language and Mental Stability.

Sign Language and Mental Stability.

Andre Willers

9 Dec 2009


Sign language by-passes the amygdala because of muscle memory . Traumatic memories are not triggered . This happens at synapse level . Feedback from sign-level mentation bypasses and even moderates amygdala responses.

Discussion :

Amygdala memories can be edited via processes like Propranolol + good therapist .

But they can be simply bypassed .

Internal mental dialogue between mirror-neuron networks normally include the amygdala , and give rise to PTSD responses . A totally unrelated language like sign-language or Click bypasses the amygdala and can actually be used to reprogram some amygdala memories .

This means greatly enhanced stability, as the system learns to use systems not involving the amygdala .

Why ?

The amygdala has a ferocious memory system evolved to trigger on even one repeat of a previous traumatic episode . Note auto-immune responses , which fall in the same class .

(Hint : treat auto-immune with propanolol and edit immune system via amygdala )

In typical synaptic fashion it is of the nature

IF x(1),x(2),x(3),…,x(n) THEN Response . Every time .

The Response feedbacks into the amygdala , initiating the well-known stress-responses .

Such a system is difficult to retrain .(To put it mildly)

There are hardwired trapdoor functions which seem to have no reverses (except propanolol and it’s like)

Bypassing it is easier , then modify Response .

The system will then modify eventual response , but not amygdala memory .

Bypassing the Amygdala:

Muscle-memory is classified as part of Response . If it was a part of the Input in amygdala memory structures intolerable feedback-loops would lead to uncontrollable spasms (some diseases) .

Sign-language (body language)

This is then independent of the amygdala .

This is partially independent , because any initial trauma has first to be translated into Click , then passed through amygdala TraumaCentral .

Few natural sounds are Clicks .

Differentiation is an essential requirement for a signal .

This also bypasses the amygdala , but extreme caution is advised .

Keep your fat fingers out of the gears unless you really know what you are doing .

The mental stability bit :

You can see where that comes from . Having a feedback loop not involving the amygdala damps down the uncontrolled feedback loops from the amygdala . It would be interesting to see the stats on psychotics in sign-language populations . My guess is that it will be very low .


Music is like Click . It normally bypasses the amygdala , but can be written to initiate partial feedback loops .

Hence compulsive bestselling tunes , the Suicide Walz , Wagner , etc.

Used by humans in the twentieth and twentyfirst centuries as counter-propaganda mechanisms . For every ad there are twenty ipods .

A mechanism for mental stability .

Dancing and Muscle Memory , mit music and all .

See previous posts on fingertapping and fundamental local computing networks for rapid muscle reaction .

Singing .

Does this bypass the amygdala ?

No . But you can load any number of extras on to have a partial stimulation and moderate via dancing or sign-language .

Note that musical instruments and singing techniques were the only elements that were never lost over the ages . Civilizations may come and go , but the musicians and singers remain .


The amygdala mechanism exists to prevent physiological lying . The lockout-mechanism prevents extreme events except if warranted . By bypassing them , we sign mother natures little warranty . You have been warned .

Summary :

If you want a second handle on life , learn sign language and take up dancing

I could have danced all night .

Andre .

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Myopia .

Myopia .

Andre Willers

4 Dec 2009

Synopsis :

Progressive myopia is driven by the peripheral focus being slightly longer than fovea focus . The eyeball elongates to compensate , making the fovea focus myopic .


See important article in NewScientist of 7 Nov 2009 p49 "Generation Specs"

Progressive myopia .

Peripheral vision is the evolutionary driver . It is more important for the organism to have good peripheral focus than good central (fovea) focus . Sheer geometry dictates this . The peripheral vision covers a much larger area than the fovea . It is critical for the organism to notice any small change in this peripheral space . (ie predators) . Fine focus is thus more important in evolutionary terms for the peripheral vision .

While we normally think of the eyeball as static , it actually adapts in length to keep the peripheral vision in focus . This makes the central fovea part blurry . Myopia results . To make matters worse , corrective lenses tend to shift the peripheral focus back . The system then tries to compensate by lengthening the eyeball more . We get progressive myopia . You need stronger and stronger glasses .

Myopia and open-air .

A strong correlation was found between time spent outdoors and myopia .

The study was done on about 1200 Chinese children in Singapore and Australia .


Sydney children : 14 hr/week outdoors led to 3% myopia.

Singapore children : 3 hr/week outdoors led to 30% myopia

The critical factor seems to be time spent outdoors . It is theorized that light intensity (influencing dopamine production , which reduces eyeball–growth) and distance focusing and peripheral vision have the major effects . Excercise seemed to have very little effect .

Optimization :

From the above rather sparse data , a first approximation is

MyopiaRate = k / OutdoorRatePerWeekSunlight

Where k = 0.007857 +- 36%

Rather iffy data , but at least the error rate is below 38% (a critical Reserve Rate See "New Tools" )

This gives an optimal OutdoorRatePerWeek of about 19.88% .

About 17 hours of sunlight per week .

Optimal :

About 2.5 hours of visual exposure per day to sunlight will give you the best return on minimizing myopia . (for children , at least)

If dark glasses are used , they should ideally be darker towards the center and lighter to the periphery . The higher intensity light should be on the peripheral vision receptors .

Cheap and Nasty :

Dip your finger in a clear fat (preferably chickenfat) , but ghee or olive-oil will do . Trace three concentric circles around the center of the glass-lens .

The oily circle-lenses will sharpen focus on the peripheries .

A primitive Fresnel lens .

You can smudge the center of the lens slightly to reduce light intensity .

Note that long-term wearers of glasses always have oily finger-smudges around the rims . I used to think that this was laziness to clean , but now it seems it is an adaptive response to give better vision .Note that the whorls of fingerprints give micro-lens effects .In effect , miniature fresnel-lenses . Personalized , nogal .

An interesting effect:

If the lenses are clear , the person perceives a dizziness as the head is moved side-to-side . If the edges are smudged , this effect disappears . (I have just tried it , and it works)

The Rim-effect .

This brings us to the boundary effect of the edges of glasses . This is a discontinuity . Neural-networks are not good at discontinuities , especially varying ones like moving your head rapidly while wearing small glasses .The peripheral vision and the central vision does not match up , and the sensorium battles to keep up .

Hence the effects of smudged glasses .

A delicious example of stochastic resonance . Increasing randomness increases the quality of information .

We artificially smooth the quality of information around the rim and then rely on hardwired stochastic resonance effects to build a fairly reliable picture in the sensorium .

An obvious application would be in bi- or tri-focal lenses . Smudge the interfaces . Not a phasing of lightspeed , but a randomization (ie smudging) of information around the interface of the lenses . If it is built in , the eye will soon not display the smudge in the sensorium . But the effect will last .

Reversing myopia .

The elongation of the eyeball is a response to an environmental stimulus and should be reversible . Special glasses refocusing the peripheral vision should do the trick .

Glaucoma .

This should be monitored , especially if a quick and dirty method like smudging is used . The glasses should stay smudged . Cleaning them occasionally will lead to glaucoma as the system gets confused as to whether the eyeball should contract or not.

Tubular lenses .

It has long bothered me that the top predator on the planet has such a seemingly inefficient optical system as blood veins in front of the of the optical receptors , like in the human retina .

But it is more efficient in the peripheral view areas . The slightly out-of–focus image is focused by the tubular fluid blood vessel , which is transparent . The resultant data is assembled and stripped of extraneous data (like red-blood corpuscles) , then the resulting composite is more accurate . Note that this relies heavily on off-site computation in the visual brain . Why humans can use it .

Click .

The percussion compression effect of a Click from the mouth travels through the upper-palate to the eyeballs . The pulse is from underneath , and slightly lengthens the eyeball . Myopic individuals can perceive a slight increase in clarity (I have done it) . I would estimate it at about 5% . Not much , but noticeable . The neural networks do notice . The trick is to enhance it into a training regimen . More anon .

Itarin .

I will have to strip it down and rewrite it . It worked fairly well to postpone myopia by about 10 years . But it was built on the supposition that the fovea was the driver . Since the peripheral vision systems seems to be the driver , a rethink is in order .

Here's looking at you .


Sessile Women .

Sessile Women .

Andre Willers

5 Dec 2009

Synopsis :

Increasing head-sizes in babies is leading to a post-pubertal human female population unable to walk .

Discussion :

This is already happening . Compare pre-pubertal female running ability with post-pubertal locomotive capability . The growing bones in the pubic area is shifting the load-bearing pivots of the leg-joints so far apart that walking is becoming a pain .

Tractor-thighs and big behinds sneak into the gaps left by the expanding bone-structures .

Males find the wiggle attractive , since it signifies a wide enough opening for easy child-birth and higher child-survival rates . Ditto for surplus-storage .

The male sexual response is split between pre-pubertal or in-between forms and adult forms . One for fun and the other for children . Does this sound familiar ?

Extrapolate this further .

Females differentiate into three types :

1.Pre-pubertal motile form .

2.In-between . It takes time for the bones to widen . Semi-sessile . Or semi-motile , as you prefer . Presently about 6 years , but later probably about 10-12 years .

3.Adult female , sessile form . She cannot walk .The sessile form .

The social and psychological adaptations are fascinating . I use "are" deliberately , since these are already happening .

Civilization .

The teensy-weensy problem is that this sessility is only possible in a civilized society , where movement is not essential to survival . Sessile or semi-sessile women then have a vested interest in civilization (the status quo) . Since these are the mothers and grandmothers you can see why civilization and technology is so enduring.

Most technology is sessile . Metallurgy , bowayering , agriculture etc.

Cities .Writing .

Elderly human females running for their lives is not conducive to civilization .

Get married and settle down . With a vengeance .

Andre .

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Campo Flegrei Supervolcano.

Campo Flegrei Supervolcano.

Andre willers

2 Dec 2009

Synopsis :

An eruption is likely , especially given ill-advised human intervention .


Back we are with the Northern-Anatolian fault , and the 2004 9-Richter event ,

The super-volcano at Campo Flegrei can be described as a three-dimensional series of magma bubbles above a plume . The plume can be described as a resonant system around 30 degrees longitude .

See "Earthquakes and Volcanoes"

Note that Naples is exactly 90 degrees longitude from Southern Sumatra .

Naples is nearly exactly 15 degrees longitude from Istanbul .

The super-volcano at Campo Flegrei (near Naples)

This last erupted circa 39 000 YA . One of the factors that led to the isolation and eventual extinction of the Neanderthals . See "Death of the Neanderthals"

See NewScientist 7 Nov 2009 p18 " Piercing the heart of a fiery colossus"

Starting in Jan 2010 they will be drilling short , weakening holes in the pressure-containment vessels . But the squeezing effect of plate-movements caused by the really massive Sumatra-quakes in 2004 are still working through . Furthermore , the Nothern-Anatolian fault and the super-volcano at Campo Flegrei are linked . If one goes , the other one will go as well .

Think "Squeezing a pimple" . The plates are squeezing the magma-pockets . Any weakening of the pressure-containment will have major positive-feedback effects .

A really dumb idea , especially taking in consideration other deep-drilling experiments that had to be halted because experienced energy releases that exceeded predicted parameters . (Spin for "They did not know what they were doing , and it blew up .")

What to do ?

Most of the planetary and ecological damage is done by high-pressure spurts from the magma-chambers . Ripping them open with nuclear explosives to allow a magma flow instead of a spurt will save most of Europe . This need not be catastrophic .

Line-patterns of multiple 5 kiloton explosions should be sufficient for a small supervolcano like Campo Flegrei . Could even be done with TNT .

See Naples and die .


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Optimal Exits

Optimal Exits
Andre Willers
14 Nov 2009

An optimal exit strategy of non-catastrophic (ie not discontinuous) nature can always be found .

Discussion .

The proof is found by simply reversing Catastrophe Theory , which has well-proven theoretical mathematical underpinnings . The actual catastrophe acts as a trapdoor-function , but it has lead-ins .

Care has to be taken with perfect hindsight .
It becomes two questions :
1.Can an exit strategy always be found with perfect hindsight ?
The answer is yes , except if a naked singularity is involved . Then cases can exist where there are no conceivable warnings , no matter how perfect the information .

2. Can an exit strategy be found with imperfect present knowledge ?
This amounts to identifying the gradients in the local information-space ("The Warnings" ) and backtracking up the gradient . If you are in Catastrophe fold (see Postle , catastrophe theory , etc) , backtrack until the fold flattens . This is the optimum exit point . This can always be found unless a Naked Singularity is lurking about .

An application :

Reversing out of a dimly lit underground parking bay at a shopping mall .

The risk of severe neck injuries from even low-speed collisions is distressingly high (in the order of 20% if you have no reverse lights) .

Results of a strapped-in driver suffering a tail-swipe at right-angles :

His body is constrained by the straps and violently torqued , while his head is kept in position by inertia . The neck is violently twisted . The result is damage to the neck muscles , sinews , bloodvessels , vertebra and spinal nerves .
Damage can range from whiplash to paralysis , stroke and death . Even from a mild impact .

Drivers looking for parking cruise by at about 20 mph , while their attention is distracted and the lighting is dim . They do not watch for cars moving , but lights moving .
The driver reversing out has limited vision due to neighbouring cars and pillars .

These are our warning slopes in the information area .

Optimal Exit Algorithm :
1.Do not strap in until outside parking bay . (to stop body-neck twist)
2.Switch on lights and a turning signal (to get approaching driver's attention)
3.Do not leave anybody outside the car . (Unprotected if metal starts flying around)
4.Reverse out carefully in fits and starts (not smoothly) . The approaching driver is not continuously monitoring your area . He must have time to register the change and react .
5.Once out , come to a dead stop , strap in and proceed .
6. Better if parked with the nose out , but how many people can reverse-park in a narrow parking bay ?
7.That’s it .

Your chances of running into a naked singularity in an underground parking space is really small . (Try Las Vegas ?)

Of course , the safest strategy is not to drive at all . This is why this technique is called Optimal , not Best . The most bang for your bucks .

General :
The same principles can be applied to get the optimal way out of any situation .

But watch out for naked singularities .
These can also be described as strange attractors of strange attractors .

A strange world we live in , master Jack .


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hairlessness , Fat and Fire

Hairlessness , Fat and Fire
Andre Willers

14 Nov 2009


Human hairlessness , subcutaneous fat and fire are linked .

Discussion .

See NewScientist 19 Sep 2009 p28 .

Humans have not lost their hair . It just became finer (down) . This happened about 3.3 MYA (million years ago) .

About the time fire was mastered .

The skin coloring (melacortinon 1 receptor) happened about 1.2 MYA .

Anyone who has spent a cold night next to a wood fire knows exactly what happened

1.Hair :

You smell of smoke , especially your hair . The woodsmoke particles lodge in the stiff hairs . All predators around (especially leopards , and especially Felis Dino) smell breakfast bells ringing . There is heavy selection against hairiness

Basically , the hairy ones got eaten first .

But the advantages of fire outweighed the disadvantages . So body hair had to go . Patches remained for other reasons as previously discussed .

This is very elementary selection pressure .

By the time clothing was invented (weaving circa 200 000 YA) , humans had mostly exterminated the leopards . The selection pressure against hairiness lessened , but females still selected for it . Except in some cold climates .

Nothing turns a human female off more than a hairy male smelling of woodsmoke after a braai . It is deeply wired in . He is not reliable mating material . Liable to get eaten .

But notice that nostril hairs evolved during this period , to filter woodsmoke particles .

2.Subcutaneous Fat .

You will notice that no matter which way you organize it , some people end up being roasted on the side next to the fire and freezing on the side away from it (especially 3MYA) . So , obviously they rotated their bodies .

Even a small measure of heat-retention will have dramatic effects (it is non-linear) . A thin fat layer under the skin has effects on the order of r^3 . Especially in babies and children .

Subcutaneous fat is quite extraordinary in that it is both an insulator and a heat storage unit . A nifty piece of biological evolutionary engineering .

This came in quite handy for fishing . Semi-aquatic episodes (like shore-dwellers) could tolerate cold and hypothermia better , not just because they had a subcutaneous fat layer , but mainly because they had a big fire going on the beach to warm up afterward .

Food was not used for heating the body . The human subcutaneous fat layer is not sufficient to provide protection against prolonged immersion . Something everybody who has done any swimming knows . The fire afterwards is essential .

The aquatic episode (Hardy and Morgan) probably did happen , but after fire was harnessed .

An easy living enabled by fire and fat .

See "Makgadigadi Sea" et al .

Relevance today :

Scare the hair and fat off you .

1.Have a hyperimage of Felis Dino .

As discussed previously , the trigger is that the teeth are wider than the eyes . The Old Greeks simplified it to the Cyclops , a man-eating ogre with wide teeth and one eye .

An image that still resonates after 3000 years .

This triggers deep-wired reduction in fat-layers .

The Image :


. O .

. .

. V V .



The O is the eye , the V's the teeth and the dots the outline . Better if drawn . But even a sketch like this will trigger fat reduction and deep anxiety . Note the similarity to Chinese and Western Dragons . Note the similarity to the Freemason symbology (eg US dollar bill) , Sphinxes , Babylonian winged lions , Assyrian reliefs , Aztec, Mayan Jaguars .

Hairloss will follow . (Why Americans have no hair.)

A temperature-differential (fold one blanket up) or have a heater only on one side in an air-conditioned room will cause a drastic fat-loss .

But also see all the posts on Click languages , evolved to beat this .

Note that central-heating will make you fat .

Humans evolved over 3 million years to rotate in one place in the presence of a single radiant heat source. Any omni-directional heating makes the body think that this is surplus energy that can be squirreled away as fat .

See "Escalators make you fat."

If this image makes you uncomfortable , or exacerbates learned-helplessness , (as it will tend to do) , use the double-click of teeth and tongue method as described in previous posts to relieve stress of this nature . It should relieve some symptoms .

The image has the propensity of sneaking up on you , since it triggers hard-wired responses .

Anorexics , catatonics and paranoics take note .

It will eat you .

Unless you eat it first .

Bon appetit .


Saturday, November 07, 2009


Anorexia .
Andre Willers .
6 Nov 2009

Synopsis :
A learned-helplessness response from prolonged stress , involving some deeply-hardwired fight-or-flight and energy systems .

Discussion :

Normal :
The body prefers energy supplies as alcohols , fats/oils , then carbohydrates in that order .

Alcohols , then carbohydrates then fats/oils .

The reason alcohols are first have been discussed before . (It is to mop up alcohol produced in the bloodstream by yeasts) .

Carbs like sugar are second simply because they can be made available more quickly . They are simpler to digest . Faster .

Emergencies involve fight-or-flight mechanisms .
Time matters .
Emergencies are signaled by the stress-responses.

For small arboreal animals this means ejecting surplus weight and also not taking on too much mass (eating too much) . This has been hard-coded into the ghrelin feedback systems through evolution .

Hence the violent , instantaneous nausea the idea of food invokes over a certain threshold .

This is quite normal in low-carb , high-fat diets (like Atkins) . The alcohol intake has no influence .

A combination of continued stress , low-carb and low-fat dieting will send the organism into an attractor basin of violently rejecting any food . The body thinks it is protecting itself .
There is no psychology of self-image involved .
I do not know if diarrhea is associated with it , but I strongly suspect it .

The continued stress is associated with the learned-helplessness . This is a neural-network response to no positive feedback .

The organism feels cornered . It curls into a little ball and waits to be eaten . (See Sapolsky : this is actually the response . )

Hand-grip :
Anorexia learned-helplessness at least has an attack-point :
The Strength of the Hand .
The bottom of the attractor-basin is the knowledge that the hand-grip is not strong enough to grasp the far-off branch to survive .

So , hand exercises are called for .

A plain , ordinary spring exerciser will do .

A fancy one can have vibrators built in , powered by piezoelectrics , playing your favourite tunes . A vibrating branch in your hand .
By gad ! A new gadget !

See previous posts on human evolution and tree-branches .

Please note that all the big things around us has been built by two hands . Strong hands (ever seen a brickie's fingers ?) . This is one of those not-mentioned sexual selection criteria amongst humans . (Writers don't have big , fat fingers , only big , fat heads .)

Women are turned on by thick , muscular , banana fingers . This is a very old system .
And deservedly so .

The mirror neurons in females feel this lack and interpret it as weakness . This easily segues into learned-helplessness .

Teeth-click :
See "Phene Systems"
Double-click teeth and tongue (with mouth open) to reset stress mechanisms .
I am not going to re-discuss this .

Combined with the hand-grip strengthening , this is particularly targeted at anorexia .

When appetite returns :
A high-fat , medium carb diet is recommended . Alcohol is immaterial .

The algorithm :
1.Strengthen hand-grip by exercise .
2.Double-click teeth and tongue (with open mouth) at least once a day .
3.Eat a high-fat diet when appetite returns .
4.That’s it .

Bon Appetit !


Thursday, November 05, 2009

Phene Systems.

Phene Systems.
Andre Willers
5 Nov 2009

Synopsis :
Cellular-wall control systems(phenes) of epigenetic and virus systems are becoming known and described .

Discussion :
See NewScientist 8 Aug 2009 p 41 "Kills all known germs" by B Holmes .
Relevant research by Philip Thorpe at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas .

See also "Coffee Foam" 2 Aug 2009 and later .

The argument is simple : self-replicating structures started on the walls of bubbles (probably clay : Gecko life) . These developed into the present day epigenetic control structures of processes inside the bubbles (ie cells) .
Viruses are messengers/controls both for intra-cellular and extra-cellular use .
Which is why they are usually wrapped in variants of the cell-wall .

Phosphatidylserine :
From the NewScientist article , this is a molecule mostly found sticking out of the inner lining of the cell-wall . Virus budding entails that this molecule is then found in particular patterns sticking out of the outside the outer cell-wall .

We expect such a mechanism if the cell-wall harbours the meta-controls (ie epigenetics) of the cell and some multicellular activity (ie virus messenger generation).

Humans have created antibodies that inactivate or target-for-destruction the bits of the Phosphatidylserine molecule sticking out of the cell-wall .

This will break the feedback-cycle of a large range of harmful viruses (apparently including HIV , Flu's , some cancers) .
Bavituximab ( a name only a Pharma could love) does exactly this . Expect to see a lot of it .

The question is :
Why are these antibodies not part of the body's normal immune system ?
The virus system is also used for information carrying .

Suppressing the virus system completely will destroy a multicellular organism , and make it revert to a collection of individual cells , even down to elemental chemicals if done properly . (Cf Ebola , SuperEbola , etc)

This can be bypassed by shining intense , quantum-entangled infra-red light through the mess (see previous posts) .

The normal system has to play a delicate balancing act between destruction from bad viruses and good,communication viruses .

If the baddies get too big an influence , intervention might be required . This is the duty of the epigenetic system . Why is it falling down on the job ?

The Dendritic Immune sytem
This is the connection between the synapse-type learning systems and the phene-system in the cell walls .

The dendritic immune system's effectiveness is magnified by at least 3 orders of magnitude by a continuous sharp pressure-differential . The search space is drastically reduced by stochastic resonance . (The proof is either immediately obvious or very long).

Hence modern music and it's prevalence .

Your chances of survival is about 10^3 better if you listen to some semi-random rock.
Hence iPod and others . This is a real effect .

But we can do better than that by internal Click programming .
You know : Clicking the tongue , beak , teeth , exoskelet .

There is no animal with synapses or an immune system that makes no clicks at some stage .
This is actually quite amazing .

We would then expect plants to be noisy . And they are , on very low frequencies . This is how desert elephants survive : they hear the bulbous plants growing by the low-frequency pulses sensed through their feet . A patch of bulbs would have a signature low-frequency pulse observable from a long way off . (The bulbs would evolve-learn to spurt growth at the same time . This would lessen the chance of detection and eating by close-by herbivores not as smart as elephants)

Click-talking plants .
Better than just talking to them . But try some castanets . Tap-dancing will work too , but the neighbours will think you're really crazy tap-dancing to the plants . Tojours .

Grinding your teeth .
A common complaint , usually explained away as stress . Actually , your teeth are trying to click together . A part of the body's housekeeping routine . Programming the gums and intestinal tract .

Just for the hell of it , click your teeth together 5 times together with 5 double-tongue clicks interspersed as you feel . Count them . You will feel an immediate stress-relief feeling . Blood pressure will drop . Be careful if medication to lower blood pressure is taken .

I just thought of the above , and tried it .
The teeth (molars mostly) must click against each other . You will notice there is a damage-control protocol hardwired in . The teeth will click , but not hard enough to cause damage . This already tells us that this is an old system .

The natural tendency will be for a double-teeth click , followed by a double tongue-click with the mouth open . The process then repeats , varying the teeth , tongue and mouth open/closed .

Be careful of hypotension of the cardiovascular system . The stress relief is very pronounced . Especially around the neck and upper shoulder muscles .

Teeth-grinding should cease .

But why ?
I did not expect this . But the effect is so pronounced that I cannot ignore it .
The neck and shoulder muscles do not relax through an effort of will or exercise . They just relax . (Sort of melt) .

Maybe a double bite-bite on empty air signals the end of an aggressive episode , and for expensive fight-or-flight mechanisms to stand down .

This would make this fairly deep-wired , certainly deeper than psychological stress .

Phene effects .
The stand-down is an immediate stand-down , regardless of the number previous stress-generating events . This must be true , since this is the epigenetic programming system . There is no other memory system .

Phene programming of immune-systems , bone-growth , digestion , neural growth etc ,are immediately affected . Genes are switched from crisis to maintenance . Using the carbohydrate-energy mechanism is a short-term crisis mechanism .

Standing down the mechanism should ameliorate conditions like Diabetes II .

Or getting fat .

Want to get thin ?
The algorithm :
Double-teeth click , followed by a double tongue-click with the mouth open . The process then repeats , varying the teeth , tongue and mouth open/closed .
Repeat at least ten times a month .
That’s it .

Can it be this simple?
Yes .

Why has nobody thought of it before ?
As far as I am aware , nobody in our recorded history has thought that the click of teeth together can have physiological effects . Prehistoric societies were probably aware of the effect .

Yet it does , as you can find out for yourself .
The same for the simplicity . Simple causes has wide effects , because they are so basic . You must look at the whole argument .

In any case , there is hardly any risk .
I am doing it . Tojours!

Hasta la vista !
Coming or going .

Andre .

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Moire Patterns and Click .

Moire Patterns and Click .
Andre Willers
3 Nov 2009

Synopsis :
Moire patterns created by tongue-click or artificial clicks create virtual Moire patterns in the body that programs phenes . Especially phases of phases of the virtual patterns .

Discussion :

See "Moire Patterns " , " Counting sheep" , "Click , heart and biceps" and other related posts .

See again the
Windows Media Player . Right-Click on the black and goto , This gives an analogue of Itarin or visual training systems slaved to sound .
The picture is the sound with a simple transform into 3-dimensions . Watching it for about 5 minutes triggers major transform-correlations in the visual-auditory system .

The Moire patterns on the square changes with the rotational angle of the square (the phase) , but this square's phase changes according to a pattern (the music) .

Phases of phases .
This is a pictorial representation of how synapse systems learn . Especially in the visual system , but generally true .

The synapse systems can program the phene system using phases of phases .
The proof is either immediately obvious or too long for this article .

An example :
Finger-clicking with both hands .
Most humans can only fingerclick with the dominant hand .
It takes about 4 minutes to train the other hand to fingerclick using this method .

1.Start musical Moire patterns using chosen tool (eg Windows Media Player as described above) .
2.Stretch fingers of both hands backwards as far as possible (see "Human Nails" 23 Aug 2007 ) why this works . It puts the stress on the nerve-centres under the nail-beds equivalent to tapping .
3.Fingerclick both hands in time to the music while double-tongue clicking .
4.You will find that there will be no problem with double-or single tongueclicking as long as the fingers are stretched or clicking .
5.The nerve-muscle systems take about 5 minutes to train .
6.It is actually quite exciting when you hear the left-hand clicking sound starting to happen . It actually works . (I have done it)
7.Doing it with the left hand on its own takes a bit of more training . (a few more minutes)
8. The change is permanent , because of phene programming .

What is happening ?
The backwards-stretching of the fingers and the tongue-clicking facilitates information transfer between the left-and right hand hemispheres of the brain . Fingerclicking with both hands enables a fast skill-transfer .
The synapse system transfers the skill via the phene system . A permanent change .

Guitar and the Heart :
You will note that playing instruments like the guitar that uses only the right-hand to feed-back percussion through the fingertips while the elbows are usually tightly clasped to the torso creates unbalanced effects on the heart-stemcells , and even on rhythm producing cells .
Note the short lifetimes of good guitar-players .
(Usually attributed to drugs , but they just felt bad and took drugs to alleviate it , while their shamans went "hugga-bugga" .)
It was the guitar that killed them , your honor .
Would Jimi Hendrix have minded ?

Double-tongue click to any rhythm .
This is difficult unless the finger-stretch method is used .This is not exactly the same as the finger-tapping method . The finger-tapping is more circumscribed , but more emphatic . Don't worry , if you do it according to the music , your body will automatically co-ordinate finger-stretching , finger-tapping and tongue clicking .

I told you it was hard-wired in .

An improved Heart-phene Algorithm :
1.Clamp upper arms tightly as possible to side of body .
2.Stretch palms and fingers as far as possible , bending at the wrists .
3.Double click tongue to suitable music for at least five minutes .(Mouth open and closed)
4.Wriggle fingers in time to the music . Tap fingers if you feel like it .
5. Watch Moire patterns at the same time .
6.Unfortunately , about 5 minutes are needed .
7.Thats it .

This should improve heart , eye and auditory systems .
Be careful of becoming a raving sex lunatic . See below .

Note the elbow-tuck , wrist-bend , finger-stretching .
This is found in many Tantric dances . Phene programming can affect NO systems , but I think more input is required for the pattern-programming . The music ? Intensional clenching ? The food ?
Does the MSG(umami) receptor make a human more receptive to low-pressure programming ? The mind boggles .

But note nitro-glycerine tablets and mirror-neurons .
Watching another person performing certain actions fires equivalent neurons in the mirror-system . Phene programming can be activated . And the tablets work better if sucked .
An interesting speculation .

And what do you do if you get the finger ?

Digitally yours


Sunday, November 01, 2009

Click , Heart and Biceps .

Click , Heart and Biceps .

Andre Willers

1 Nov 2009

Heart stemcells can be activatated via Click via biceps and triceps .

Discussion :

I am a wee pissed off at the lack of appreciation . I will give the algorithms , but you lot can work out why they work .

Bicep growth Algorithm :

1.Clamp upper arms tightly as possible to side of body .

2.Double click tongue to suitable music for at least five minutes .

3.Thats it .

You will feel as if you just had a weight workout .

The biceps and triceps and torso next to the arms will feel swollen. (This is actually true.)

Pressure sensitive nerves between the arm and torso connect to the lungs and heart , to activate some genes via the synapse system .

Heart algorithm .

The heart stemcells are governed by click feedback from the biceps through the chest cavity . You figure out the proof (though it is obvious : phases of phases of time-delays ).

Heart phene programming is rather a ho-hum .

Just repeat the above .

That’s it .


Friday, October 30, 2009

Counting Sheep .

Counting Sheep .
Andre Willers
31 Oct 2009

Synopsis :
Non-numerative counting plays an important part in predator-prey relationships in the physical , financial and intellectual worlds , as well as neurology and sleep .

Discussion :

Non-numerative counting:
Every sheep farmer knows this : herd the sheep in bunch , leave an opening and count them as they jump through in bunches . But the number in a bunch is not counted in a 1,2,3 etc fashion .

The mind is sort of uncoupled , and the primitive counting brain-mechanism does the job . This is hard to describe (our language does not have the detailed vocabulary ), but I have done it . Every sheep farmer has done it . Most of the people reading this has seen it done . It is a simple , learned skill , probably easily taught via computer screen. See previous posts on Primitive Counting and animal counting .

This process fatigues the neurotransmitter senders and receptor sites .

Famously , counting sheep will send you to sleep . It will , if you count the sheep in bunches . Until the system gets trained .

This leaves the problem of communicating the count .

See the excellent book "How Mathematics Happened: the first 50 000 years" by Peter S Rudman (ISBN 978-1-59102-477-4)

The bases usually used are 10 and 20 . The Babylonian base 60 is a combinations of abacus bases 10 and 6 in sequence . An intriguing hint at neurotransmitter fatigue before general schooling .

Arithmetic is more fatiguing than algebra . Neurotransmitter fatigue .

Click and neurotransmitter fatigue .
An initial one-to-one correspondence between the click and the counted item will quickly lead to fatigue of the tongue and neurotransmitters . Hence the grouping of numbers ( See Schmandt-Besserat on counting tokens in the early civilizations) .

As discussed in "Click , Lies , Hope and Sex" ,
Abstraction led to lies . As we secretly suspected , abstraction , and thus lies , only became possible on major scale with accountants . But hope as well .

What would you rather have : No hope and no lies , or hope and lies ? There is no middle way . In any case , any abacus-type counting (ie wealth) will immediately give rise to abstractions and thus lies . Poverty and honesty is, unfortunately , closely linked .

Hence accountants and lawyers .

A fascinating aside :
On page 123 of National Geographic of June 2009 is a photo of counters and a dice from the Belituck shipwreck of the Tang dynasty (Circa AD 826)

The dice can come from Las Vegas today , but the counters (chips) date back to Sumer . Gamblers are an extremely conservative lot . (Note Mongols , playing cards , printing and gambling. )

(See p92 and p93 of "How Mathematics Happened: the first 50 000 years" by Peter S Rudman (ISBN 978-1-59102-477-4) or Schmandt-Besserat on counting tokens in the early civilizations .)

The chips shown in the photo from the Belitung wreck (described as "ivory acorns") appear to be of 1 , 60 and 600 denominations according to the old Sumerian counters. High stakes .

Not many dice have survived , probably because there were not a large number to start with . It is quite difficult to get balanced (fair) dice when everybody is trying to cheat . The Chinese probably charged a premium for guaranteed fair dice , hence the very characteristic appearance and indented holes as numbers . A high-value trade item .

Which makes one wonder at the role gambling played . Remember , these were all civilizations with highly developed systems of Astrology (ie Luck masquerading as Destiny) . Hence the short half-life of fair dice .

Is there any record of lotteries?
A large city like Babylon could easily support at least three number rackets .
Gambling spreads literacy faster than any educational system .

To get back to Prey in large numbers:
They flash countable markers and flee (eg buck or sheep prancing . )
The optimum strategy for individual survival .

In small numbers they turn and confront the predator .
Quorum systems are applicable , and can be quite dangerous to even large predators .

The predator can be a bank , financial advisors , academic supremo's or political bigwigs . The systems can be exactly described and boundaries of behaviour ascribed

Music and counting .
Low neurotransmitter fatigue arithmetic and music are different sides of the same coin.

It is interesting to speculate that the latest financial instability was basically caused by iPod .
Quorum counting systems in the financial prey changed irrevocably .
Prey behaviour changed .
Predators who continue on the "business as usual" approach is headed for extinction .

Domestication :
This taps into this mechanism . Isolate into small groups and surround by natural predators . The quorum prey behaviour changes .

Mozart , anyone ?


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Moire Patterns .

Moire Patterns .
Andre Willers .
25 Oct 2009

Synopsis :
Seeing what is not there : the pattern . A superior visual training system .

Discussion :
A pattern is an algorithm relating elements .
See "Integrated click"

Windows Media Player . Right-Click on the black and goto , This gives an analogue of Itarin or visual training systems slaved to sound .
The picture is the sound with a simple transform into 3-dimensions . Watching it for about 5 minutes triggers major transform-correlations in the visual-auditory system .

Make sure your ears are clean and have no hairs . "Beautiful ears"

The Amazing thing :
You see Moire patterns in the central square plane of pixels . These were not designed in , but a result of the musical transforms rotating the plane .

The important point to note is that this pattern is creation of the observing eye . It has to see the whole thing at once to observe the pattern . There is no pattern inherent in any single pixel .

The information processing is done in the retina and hind-brain . Final assembly in visual cortex .

The rotation through a new dimension gives an attacking point to bootstrap up through dimensions even from a plane viewpoint .

For our normal 2-dim system focusing on the Moire pattern on the plane rotating through 3 Dim trains the retina-brain better than Itarin as far as edges and curves go . Maybe corners too .

Visual acuity increases immediately to first learned default . I mean immediately .
(I did use click and tapping)

The pattern recognition algorithms triggered in the retina are far better using Moire patterns . In hindsight , obvious .Only virtual systems are activated and trained in the retina and related neurons .

What is interesting is that the first stop of the system is the normal , one foot from the page learned in youth . It focuses well there , but is not very flexible around it . Obviously , some more training is needed (This is after about 10 mins of training , my boredom threshold) .

The effect seems to persist , so some long-term potentiating did take place . I was clicking and tapping , too . Who knows . See if the effect persists tomorrow .

Auditory systems in the short frequencies should have improved as well , but I have no easy way of testing this .

Clicking :
This is extraordinarily hard to coordinate at first . I still have not mastered the double click to fit in with the music and tapping .

Like rubbing your belly circularly with one hand , while moving the other forward and back on the head (an old test) .

After mastering some modicums of click , the rubbing test went without any feeling of strain . Not even effort or concentration . I was surprised . I could do it before , but had to concentrate . Now I just did it , like normal .

I can only imagine that communication between left-lobe and right-lobe of the brain had improved at the level of hand-arm co-ordination . Since my corpus callosum is hopefully still the same , information carried by pressure differentials seems left .

Click .

Very interesting . I just tried to write with my left hand and compared it to my normal right hand writing . About the same , but some feeling of strain in the left hand .

By Gad ! Don't tell me this actually works !!

The Owl Maneuvre .
The Algorithm :
1.Center head and eyes.
2.Keep plane of face steady and move head left (like an Egyptian dancer)
3. Keep plane of face steady and move head right (like an Egyptian dancer)
4. Keep plane of face steady and move head up (like an Egyptian dancer)
5.Keep plane of face steady and move head down (like an Egyptian dancer)
6. Keep plane of face steady and move head to center .
7. Go

This stretches the neck and is good for stress .

This is a hardwired orientation algorithm . Owls use it just before they fly through a heavily wooded area . It obtains maximum information about distances and orientations . If you double-click during each phase , timing is greatly facilitated .

Use this in training at various distances from the screen above .

Reflex speeds :
I have no testing facilities , but from the quick response to even minuscule training in click , there should be a marked response .

From cloppity-clop to clickety-click

Andre .

A4 vs US Letter Papersizes .

A4 vs US Letter Papersizes .

Andre Willers

Written : 28 June 2007

Edited and Published 25 Oct 2009

An old note I did not bother to publish then .

Sources : for standards . “Prodigy” series for brain mechanisms that count . for any related queries .


The paper size routinely used by a civilization determines the stimulation of specific brain-nodes concerning counting and mathematical ability . Because of close neurological connections , language and musical talents are also affected .

Discussion :


Quote: from

“Note: The Lichtenberg Ratio – used by the standard paper format series – is occasionally confused with the Golden Ratio (which Euclid referred to as the “extreme and mean ratio”).

The Lichtenberg Ratio is defined by the equation a/b = 2b/a = sqrt(2), whereas the Golden Ratio is defined by a/b = (a+b)/a = b/(a−b) = (1 + sqrt(5))/2. While aesthetically pleasing properties have been attributed to both, the Lichtenberg Ratio has the advantage of preserving the aspect ratio when cutting a page into two. The Golden Ratio, on the other hand, preserves the aspect ratio when cutting a maximal square from the paper, a property that seems not particularly useful for office applications. The Golden Ratio was for a while a more fashionable topic in the antique and renaissance arts literature and it has a close connection to the Fibonacci sequence in mathematics. “

Two fundamental constants :

The Golden Ratio(phi)= 1.618034… (found especially in growth of finite elements)

Euclids constant (e)= 2.71828… (found especially in growth of infinitesimal small elements)

Both give rise to internally consistent counting (arithmetic) systems , with corresponding neuron clumps in the brain . Usage makes these complexes develop .

By the definitions above , stimulation of the Golden Ratio Center means a better capability of handling finite (ie digital ) elements .

By the definitions above , stimulation of the Euclid Center means a better capability of handling infinite (ie smooth ) elements . Calculus .

The two centers are evolutionary separate and not mutually exclusive .

But cultural stimulation can have disproportionate effects .

Note that (e / phi) ~1.68 ~ (1 + 2/3 )

See the importance of the 1/3 ratio in "New Tools : Reserves"

The square root of (e / phi) ~ 1.3 . Refer to Lichtenberg ratio above .

Compare paper sizes in mm:

ISO A4 US Letter

210x297 216x279


297/210=1.414 279/216=1.3

Note that the ISO A4 ratio of Length/Breath is always = the square root of 2 by definition .

The US letter ratio of Length/Breadth is = the square root of (e/phi) ~ 1.3

This means that somebody continually handling and looking at US Letter paper sizes from baby upwards has a relatively better developed integer counting brain center .

Both counting centers are stimulated from babyhood .

Hence the US superiority in digital software and (to a certain extent) , money .

Remember , it does not take much of an initial advantage to build up into huge gap over a few centuries , especially a culturally wide influence like this .

A historical note :

Where did they get this ratio (1.3) from ?

Every US town until the end of the 1800’s had at least four or five newspapers. They continually experimented with book-formats , as well as their bread-and-butter stationery publications . The publishers also belonged to some semi-secret society like the Moose , the Elks , etc . These were heavily influenced (from Benjamin Franklin’s day ) by half-baked ideas in numerology , mysticism , etc . The ratio 1.3 is simply the geometric mean of two of the most fundamental growth constants known . So it is no surprise that the fittest should triumph out of this evolutionary stew .

What will be interesting is to see which format wins .

The Future.

Without the realization of how important this is , the ISO format would have won . Otherwise , the US format is clearly superior .

Artificial Stimulation of Counting Centers

The proven influence of two dimensional aspect ratio’s on the retina opens the way to some powerful interventions .

ITARIN can be easily adapted to different aspect ratios . So can TV’s and computer screens .

Scrolls vs Pages.

The concept of pages is essential to the development of printing . Note that the Sumerians and subsequent civilizations had a well-developed art of printing . Press-seals and roll-on seals were routinely used to validate routine items . Fixed-type impressments (prints) like these would have been essential for Imperial laws over the Empire . This type of printing survived over the centuries until the Mongols . (Playing cards)

Printing .

Every Empire used printing .

Chinese paper money .

Notice the Book of Kells in Ireland .

It has all the hallmarks of a mature technology .

This was produced by refugees from the turmoil of societal collapse in Europe . Yet a page format was retained . The printing (by woodcuts or stencils) is still crisp after about 1500 years . The fancy bits were done by hand .

It was not exactly a mass produced article .

Still , it would be a coup to find some of the original wood-cuts in some forgotten bog-peat hole . This is possible , even probable . The Church elders would have ordered the destruction of the original woodcuts and stencils, but humans being humans they probably ended up wrapped in suitably treated rags (peat embalming had been known for thousands of years) and stored in peat bog in a retrievable site .

Then the Vikings happened .

A nice little treasure hunt .

Moveable type is a different story .

Moveable type has been re-invented time after time . The concept has been around since Sumerian times . The metallurgy is simple (cast lead , one of humanities earliest workable metals because of the low melting point.) The ink is simple .

But the paper , the paper .

You need a strong , fine fibre .

For a mass media , you also need a lot of paper . Also , mechanical ways of preparing it . Roman ways simply were too low volume . Reeds like papyrus ? Forget it . Too coarse and expensive . Ink smears .

Why do you need a moveable type? If you are printing Imperial edicts or the bible , no change is needed .

Many monasteries printed things like complines long before Gutenberg . But the need for novation was small

You need novation for News . Something new . In other words a newspaper . And to make money at it , you need cheap paper . This is the single ineluctable fact that has not changed in the last 10 000 years .

The paper was originally supplied by the flax fields of Belgium and the Netherlands .

So why did this not drive the change earlier ?
Answer : the flax was primarily used for clothing . In a rising population , a newspaper would have to compete with clothing . It was not a paying proposition in a cold climate .

But then the Black Death , wars and the Little Ice Age happened .

Suddenly a lot of old clothes and unused flax-capability was available . To be fair , the Little Ice Age probably contributed the most . Agricultural areas that previously could grow food crops , now could only support a crop like flax, valuable for it’s stem fibres , not food . (Notice the ironic resonance with the American South and Cotton , when greed drove them to destruction.)

The result was a huge drop in the price of rags and flax .

Quality paper became cheap . Newspapers got above the threshold of profitability , then took off as the political implications were realized .

Of course , they were not called newspapers at the time . The media-moguls had not yet evolved to tell us what we think . They were called pamphlets . The cost was low enough that anyone could afford his own pamphlet . The result was very like the present Internet/Blog explosion .

Very few of these pamphlets survived (and if you have one , you can flog it for a lot )

Even kings weighed in .

Like King James the First's pamphlet blast against tobacco . One of the first anti-smoking Nazi's .

Then mass Spectacles .

See "The most influential human in the last 1000 years : Salvino Armolo D'Armati ."

Small print is not just the purview of lawyers . Publishers thrive on it . And for small print you need good paper , ink and mass spectacles so the middle-aged people with money can read it . Look at some books printed in centuries 1600 – 1900 . The print is very small . Really small . Even juveniles have difficulty in reading it . Glasses were essential . Those small jobbies you can buy in the pharmacy , then and now .

But small spectacles means that the whole page cannot be seen . So we have an expected decline in numeracy and increase in Literature , till about mid 20th century , when large glasses became cheap and large print became less expensive .. The same effect can be seen in Asian countries .

Literacy :

Funnily enough , not a major requirement . The very development of the alphabetic system stems from Egyptian mercenaries from the Middle East , Anatolia and Southern Russia using the easily learned phonetic part of the Egyptian hieroglyphic system to write home . Surviving messages from the mines in Sinai and outposts in Southern Egypt (scratched on rock as first attempts before putting them on precious papyrus – think telegraph rates) .

Not jewels of literature . But , even troopies learned very quickly to write . From nothing . How hard can it be , once you know it can be done ? More significant is that they expected that there would be somebody at the home-end to read it . Travelling scribes .

These messages home is a recurring theme in all ordinary surviving messages in the last 8 000 years .

Widespread ability and expectancy to be able to communicate via writing .

The village noticeboard was universal . Kingly decrees and news , interpreted by scribes (for a tiny fee , of course) .

It is amusing to speculate that the center stone pylons in Zimbabwe fulfilled this role . A noticeboard . Like the Greek Agora or Roman Forum , only on a more modest scale.

Obesity .

The effects on obesity has been discussed in "Escalators make you fat" 1 Oct 2009 .


So the next time the printer or photocopier jams , you can say with suitable vehemence :

"By the root of two or e over phi , get thee hence , thou gremlin .In the name of Euler and Euclid ."

The local shamans will applaud your perspicacity and learnedness .

And maybe the machine will unjam just as the horse starts singing .

Andre .

Click , Lies , Hope and Sex .

Click , Lies , Hope and Sex .

Andre Willers

25 Oct 2009

Warning :

Pregnant women should not try Click languages .

Nobody is expert at the moment .

Do not do it .

It is like taking your big belly to the Casino and putting parts of your baby up for collateral on the slot machines .

Synopsis :

Click-languages , being both a mode of perception and a language , are not good at abstractions . In-Utero fetuses were programmed by Click languages (by it's very nature) . The transition between Click and non-Click languages will then tend to be very abrupt .

Discussion :

1.Lies and Abstractions :

Because Click is also a perception modality , it is difficult to lie using it . Likewise , abstractions are difficult , since an abstraction is a lie .

Abstraction : Carefully chosen parts of a set is substituted for the set . The Sketch represents the reality . This is difficult in Click .

2.Art .

Since Art is an abstraction , we can track the growth of non-click languages by the growth of art remnants (cave paintings , pottery , etc)

3.Sex .

The oldest lies :

"I love you"

"The cheque/dividend/return/vote-return is in the mail"

These are to obtain present advantage for promises of future quid-pro-quo behaviour .

Why are these so successful ?

Well , it is very difficult to make these statements in Click . Click will require a concrete reference . No abstractions , thank you .

The descendants of non-click languages will be more numerous , even beyond carrying capacity .

The females are left scurrying around to increase the food-supply . Hence agriculture .

Sigh . As usual , we have got it the wrong way around .

Populations did not increase because of agriculture . Population increased first because of lies about Love , then agriculture was invented to feed the children .

But why , after 30 000 years , are these lies still believed ?

Science and Technology :

Systematic investigations of "What If" statements requires a abstraction language to try out the lies . The successful results get incorporated in Perceived Wisdom . This has been going on for at least 30 000 years , and probably earlier . The main Human invention .

You try and domesticate a wild animal species , or breed higher yielding crops or even make cassava edible .


Hope requires a fairly sophisticated abstraction machinery and time-projection . In other words , lies . Yet it has been driving human sophonts for at least 30 000 years .

The only game in town .

Because some of the "What If" things became true .

The lotteries are exact analogues : not the main prizes , but all the consolation prizes .

Even the also-rans can benefit .

And in evolutionary terms , it is not a zero-sum game .

The politicians do not sell a steak , they don’t even sell the sizzle . They sell the hope of whiff of the fragrance of the sizzle .

But Hope trumps all .

Note that systems which has very significantly reduced the Hopes of grandchildren have all come to a sticky end . Eg French , British , Russian class systems .

The US class system is in the throes . What will emerge is an interesting guess .


The only reliable method of number-control . Widely practiced in the remnants of click-speakers like the San (when click-birth control fails) . But if a lying technique like Hope is available , forget it . The mammalian evolutionary bonding is too tight , and will use every little loophole .

Click Birth Control :

Click involves programming phenes ( the epigenetic factors governing gene activation or inactivation) . A female could then spontaneously abort by using the correct sequence of tongue-clicks (suitably dressed up as ritual , of course) .


The growth and paring of neurons in the fetus brain is influenced by clicks transmitted through the amniotic fluid , even before birth (especially last trimester)

A mother speaking click will significantly biase neuronal connections in favour of click . Since Click is not good at abstractions , this explains a lot about the slow rate of change before non-click languages . And why lies are still the rage .

Fashions :

The lie of the week / month / year /century/etc.

Paradigm-shift is the term used to describe moving from one lie to another .

Note that the paradigm shift from Click to non-Click languages must have been very attractive to a woman . Not just the lies , but more children . And Hope .

Is Hope a lie ?

Yes and no .

Look around you . Billions of humans . Towering caves . Enough to eat and drink for most . Really fast horsies and big clubs . Paleolithic heaven .

We Hope that it will become better .


Friday, October 23, 2009

Integrated Click .

Integrated Click .

Andre Willers

23 Oct 2009


Integrate Finger Tapping , Visual-Auditory systems and Click with Intensional Clenching . This brings about some elements of voluntary control .

Discussion :


1.Finger Tapping: "Human Nails" 2007-08-17

2.Itarin : "Hearing 4:Visual and aural Feedback training" 2009-07-17

3.Click Language "Death of an Ur-Language" and later posts . 2009-10-09-10

4. Epigenes . "Click , Teeth and Bone"

The Algorithm :

This is zero-cost and low tech .

Play some upbeat music via Windows Media Player on PC .

1.Windows Media Player . Right-Click on the black and goto , This gives an analogue of Itarin or visual training systems slaved to sound .

The picture is the sound with a simple transform into 3-dimensions . Watching it for about 5 minutes triggers major transform-correlations in the visual-auditory system .

Make sure your ears are clean and have no hairs . "Beautiful ears"

2.Put bare or sock-clad feet on bubble-mat . Tap fingertips on forearms in time to the music .

3.Double-click tongue .

3.1 Mouth Closed : Internal feedback .

3.2 Mouth Open : External feedback .

3.3 Pulsing MouthOpen and MouthClosed .

This creates a bridge between internal body-states and external states .

Depression and other neuro-transmitter states :

Double-click tongue just with the mouth closed leads to depressive states , as there is not sufficient outside input to disrupt negative feedback basins .

It sounds ridiculous , but just opening and closing your mouth in this situation (listening to music, tapping and double-clicking tongue or talking while double-clicking and tapping fore-arms) will have major effects on mood-states , gene-expression and digestion .

Start with simple cloppity-clop melodies .

The system learns very quickly . It is , after all , hardwired in .

4.Low Pressure.

Occasionally , do the maneuver described in "Click , Teeth and Bone" . Block the nose and mouth , inhale to create a low pressure and click with mouth open and closed.

Sports :

Speeding up reflexes :

Do as above , but double-click tongue with mouth open about 2/3 of the time . The body is prepared to meet you outside of the 1/3 reserve levels .

The Zone :

Optimal performance . An avoidance of physiological depression .

Do the above and double-click tongue with mouth open about 1/3 to 2/3 of the time

Don't you feel better now ?


Suckling .

Suckling .

Andre Willers

23 Oct 2009

Synopsis :

Suckling predates mammals and dinosaurs , and led to the formation of feathers and milk-glands .

Discussion :

See "Click , Teeth and Bone"

As discussed , teeth evolved first in the throats of conodonts about 525 Million Years ago . Prey was gripped by some calcium growths in the throat and sucked in by reduced pressure in the digestive sack . This is a schema still used by a large number of animals .

This was useful , even if no prey was in the throat .

Pseudo-prey (the tongue) evolved to valve the pressure . Sucking was enhanced by pulsing .

Note the prevalence of tongues or tongue-like organs .

Jaws and rib-cages evolved to enhance the efficiency of the sucking process . The bony growths migrated to the front to form the jaws and teeth . And backward to form the ribcage and notochord .

Sucking marrow is not just a figure of speech .

This took place in water . Sebaceaous glands and feathers/scales evolved , where the major nutrients were recycled via the suckling process .

No animal can afford the continuous loss of oils involved in waterproofing without some recovery of nutrients . Suckling the skin (see bird or fish grooming) provided this .

Certain sebaceous glands in protected spots specialized in providing high-fat nutrients to offspring .

Some developed into breasts . Others remained in the throat and mouth , to enrich food regurgitated to infants . Mammals and Dinosaurs .

It should be easy to test whether food regurgitated into bird's fledglings are enriched , especially in the fatty acid group .

Low-pressure spots on the skin caused by suckling developed into feathers or hair .

An amusing conjecture :

Human baldness may be alleviated by cap with many alternating , low-pressure , click points . This should trigger stem cells . A real Victorian age contraption .

A purist would make it steam-powered .

A simple cap with holes in it whilst playing very loud music (varying pressures) will have a similar effect .

Why rock-bands have long hair ?

Click .

Pulsing click sounds evolved . Sea-sonar .

Not just outside the body , but inside it as well .

This became incorporated into the synapse structure (one of the reasons why we have such a seemingly clumsy structure as synapses) . The pattern of pressure gradients in the body (click) influenced the density of neuro-transmitters .

This is of particular importance in signal-transmission speed

(See "Memeristors ,Bloodpressure and Click)

as well as emotions and moods .

Depression and Click .

Indiscriminate use of Click in a body not adapted to it or not under guidance of somebody who knows what they are doing , and has serotonin re-uptake deficiencies will pulse in chaotic fashion . The therapist's function (or the language) is

to guide it into attractor basins .

Since the short form of the gene governing re-uptake of serotonin (the one that speeds it up) is so prevalent , depression is very likely after using Click even moderately . This is physiological . No amount of psychology will help .

Speculation :

It has been wondered why such a gene evolved . But if Click was widespread , it is natural and the frequency spreads can be calculated and correlated with genes enabling click-sounds (cf Fox-P genes)

What to do :

Click is evolutionary very old .

Once Click has been started , it is difficult to stop .

Epigenetic effects :

Genes get switched on and off , and should be in a pre-determined sequence . The system is very fault-tolerant , but if there is a weakness (like short-serotonin genes) , the compensations take longer to come on-line .

(Eg Sumo-wrestlers have a secret click-grunt language , so have Kenyan long-distance runners . All that !xu , !xo , !xi ,!xa , !xe , !xy yakkiting of Kung fu , Karate , etc . )

The Guru's have died a long time ago . Progress .

If anomalous depression strikes , take 5-HTTP (a Serotonin precursor) , and alcohol . This should kick the system out of the chaotic-basin it is spiraling into .

But it will return unless the system is placed into another attractor basin .

Like cults , religion , better click .

Listen to some San-click language . Translate early hieroglyphic languages into Click Basically , recreate Click language . Well within present Human capability .

See "Integrated Click"

Life sucks .

Andre .

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Click , Teeth and Bone .

Click , Teeth and Bone .
Andre Willers
17 Oct 2009

Synopsis :
Variable low pressures plays a major role in epigenetic switching on or off of jaw and skeletal genes .

Discussion :
Evolutionary speaking , teeth evolved first in the throats of conodonts about 525 MY . Prey was gripped by some calcium growths in the throat and sucked in by reduced
pressure . This is a schema still used by a large number of predators , notably eels .

The calcium-growths were so successful they migrated to the jaw-teeth complex and the notochord . We are all descendent from these animals .

Low-pressure .
Note the role of a low-pressure zone to activate some genes .

The system needs a low-pressure zone in the gastro-intestinal tract to activate some essential genes .

The easiest is the mouth .

Hence Click .
The tongue-click creates a low-pressure volume , activating calcium deposit signals in the jaw and skeleton .

Spacecraft :
The bone-loss experienced by space-travellers is not because of low gravity , but of lack of intestinal pressure differentials .

Aerobic exercise:
This involves gasping . Not enough oxygen . Lower pressures .

You can get the same physiological effect by clamping mouth and nose shut and inhaling . The result is a low pressure system in the lungs and gastro-intestinal tract .

This feels mildly uncomfortable , but if you double tongueclick at the same time , the energy consumptions immediately rises . After about three clicks you will feel extremely uncomfortable . Try it .

The idea is to trigger stem-cell regeneration in the gums The signals will proliferate down the intestinal tract .

There is an innate magnifier effect , very similar to the PCR effect that magnifies certain DNA sequences . Why do you think homeostatic temperature organisms are so successful ?

The temperature differentials are not much , but the pressure differentials are .You are fart-driven . But the inverse–farts are the most important .
The breathing system creates periodic low-and high pressure systems in the abdomen

.Do not eat fermented products or drink fizzy beverages while doing these exercises .

The algorithm :
1. Exhale .
2. Pinch mouth and nose shut .
3. Try to inhale (automatic) , while double-clicking tongue .
4. After about 3-4 double-clicks (seconds) , some discomfort .
5. Inhale and repeat process for about 5 minutes .
6. The idea is to activate genes via the low-pressure system . The 5-minutes is the threshold for long-term potentiating via the synapse-system .

Expected Results:
Something like an accelerated program of aerobic exercise .
Dental and gum easement .
Knobby bones .
The rest depends on how much chicken-fat you eat ..

Good Luck
Andre .

Beautiful Ears

Hearing 5
Andre Willers
16 Oct 2009

Synopsis :
Hairs in or on the ears leads to loss of higher-frequency hearing .

Discussion :
The physiological reason :
The Earlobe is finely sculpted by evolution to channel all frequencies into the ear-channel .
Hairs in the earlobe reflects higher frequency sounds . Lower frequencies(longer wavelengths)bend around them . The hairs in the inner-ear sensitive to high-frequencies are not sufficiently stimulated , and stem-cell replacement degrades . This leads to a slow loss of higher-frequency hearing with age .

Solution :
Depilitate hair in the ear-lobe using something like Nair . No stubble should remain .

Sexual cues .
Young , sexually mature humans have no hair at all on the ear-lobes , but the normal complement in the ear-canal . This is a big turn-on for humans . (See posts on click-languages .) The ability to hear different frequencies clearly is a major survival plus .

Nobody likes a mouth full of stringy hair when trying to nibble or lick a paramour's delicious earlobes .

Feedback mechanisms :
The system is extraordinarily sensitive to scattering of high-frequency sounds by hairs on and around the ear-lobes .
The very design of the earlobe is non-linear . Human hearing is nearly as sensitive as human vision . We are talking quantum levels . Even a few hairs plays havoc with the whole feedback system .

This is one of the body's systems of governing old-age (ie sacrifices to predators: Felis Dino ) . See previous posts on body hair.

How to cheat :
Just use a depilatory in and behind the ear-lobes . Not inside the hearing-canal ..
Hearing in the elderly should improve in the range of 1/3 to2/3 , especially in the upper frequency ranges .(give about 6 months chance for the stem cells to kick in ) .

I have written exhaustively about this in previous posts , and am tired of repeating the obvious .

Here's clicking at you .


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Earthquakes and Volcanoes .

Earthquakes and Volcanoes .

Andre Willers

15 Oct 2009

Synopsis :

Orbital dynamics , spin theory and chaos mathematics gives an adequate description for planetary systems .


Example Terra
The internal liquid core is helically intertwined in the orbital plane . At the interface , where planetary rotational effects become more effective , the conductive medium (magma) become twisted at angles increasingly at right angles to the core .

Reflection from the surface .

Resonance .

The two work together . The system resonates at 360 /n ( ie 360 , 180 , 120, 90 , 72 , 60 )

But 360 /7= 51.5267 . Not a resonance .

The basic resonance is at 60 degrees .

This tells us that helices in the core and magma are in a 60 degree angle , regardless of origin .

See the plasma plume under Yellowstone Park . It is at a 60 degree angle . Difficult to explain in purely gravitational terms .

Predictive value :

The three-dimensional resonances are at cos(60) *60 = 30 degrees.. These are sidereal accellarations .

From a known site of major earthquake , like Sumatra , the next ones will be in increments of 30 degrees longitude .

This is Turkey , Istanbul to be more precise . Stay away .

Funnily enough , the mouth of the Amazon seems to targeted for a major earthquake

If this goes , the Missouri Brakes will not be far behind . And then the San Andreas Fault .

A typical earthquake storm . A volcano storm like the Deccan Traps or Siberian Traps would normally follow . Not usually survivable , unless you can get off-planet .

Exunt humans .

Andre .