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How to Really Drastically Improve your Balance .

How to Really Drastically Improve your Balance .
Andre Willers
22 Feb 2008

Benefits : Drastic balance improvement for
1. Sports : any sport , but especially golf , baseball , cricket , tennis
2. Old age : prevent falls in old age .
3. Peripheral Neuropathy : regain feeling .
4. CNS impairment . Regain motor effect .

Method :
Put a strip of bubblewrap on the ground and place your bare feet on it while you are seated . Your toes and heels must touch the bubblewrap .
Play dancing music .
Tap your fingers together (the best) , or air-tap , or tap against a solid surface .
Notice that your feet start tapping almost irresistibly . It requires an effort of will to stop .
Continue for about 10 minutes at first (fatigue sets in) . Sleep on it (for long term-potentiation to fix . ) Continue for about 3 days , then increase the frequency .
The effect will be very drastic at first ( expect about 20% return of feeling) , then logarithmically growing less .

What is going on ?
See previous posts about the evolutionary history of the sensitivity of fingertips , toetips and soles to vibrations on branches .See

There is a very , very strong synergy between neurological correlations in the brain regarding fingertip and sole-toe tap rhythms . This happens at a very basic levels . The brain learns very quickly using very old mammalian evolutionary pathways . Even your fingertapping gets better .

I was surprised to find that fingertapping became very much better when the bubblewrap foot-tapping was included . An order of magnitude .

Fingers-and-toes learn much , much better and faster than either separately .

The bubblewrap acts like the slightly rough surface of branches or ground , but with a regularity that makes learning easier .

You have to sit , because the bubblewrap is not strong enough to take your full weight without bursting .
In any case , a gentle , rapidly varying , predictable and rhythmic pressure variation on the sole-toes seems to be a better mechanism for learning correlation with fingertaps and musical input .

Even air taps (ie opening the finger(s) to full extent works , because this puts stress on the pressure receptors at the fingertips .

Dancing music is best because this is already optimized for human neurological systems .

Fatigue .
At first , long-term potentiating factors play a role . Do not continue for more than 10 minutes for three successive periods . Leave a day’s gap at first .

Bubblewrap :
Your attention is drawn to numerous balance studies involving studs stimulating the soles . Commercial products (very expensive) are available .

Once again , the synergy between musical fingertapping and rough sole and toe tapping is extremely strong . It is based on survival mechanisms about 30 million years old .

The Ladder Effect .
Your attention is drawn to recent studies that have shown that even interruption of long-nerves (like spinal nerves , foot-nerves) can be compensated for by numerous smaller nerves bypassing the damaged area . The problem is in integrating the signals of the lesser nerves to compensate . This is where the above method works well . Both on afferent and efferent level .

The effect is very rapid , since it is a reorganization in the brain . You are retraining a part of the brain , not the body at first . Regaining 20% of feeling from neuropathy after the first try has been my experience .

Long term effects .
Repair of diabetic or acrylamide nervous damage seems possible once the underlying causative factors have been removed . If sufficient underlying repair factors (like alpha-lipoic acid , essential fatty acids , HGH , etc are present ), the nervous damage is repaired using growth-hormone factors steered from the ladder-neurons .

Scar tissue can be repaired the same way .

Fat tissue repair .
Overloaded fat cells whose cell-walls are not strong enough (due to lack of enough sulfur) , rupture or overflow and merge with their neighbours . The dreaded dimples . Cellulite .

The female body mobilizes resources once a month for the baby , and the chief resource needed is sulfur . The baby initially is just a mass of connective tissue , increasing exponentially .It needs sulfur , and it needs it now! .

Hence the “glowing “ look of pregnant women . The body scavenges sulfur from the biggest organ which can spare sulfur , namely the skin . The skin seems to glow because it is thinner . Note the similar effect with TB , when the patient is spitting out its reserves of sulfur . The fine alveoli needs a lot of sulfur for the scaffolding . This suggests massive doses of sulfur (MSM , or something similar) for XDR-TB .

Cellulite prevention :
Take enough MSM before menstruation .

How to repair Fat cells .
The major culprit is oestrogen . (Some Oestrogen gets worked to testosterone in males) .
Surges in oestrogen (ie sexual activity or menstruation) increases mobilization of sulfur . This reduces sulfur available for bounding fat-cells . Hence cellulite ( external for females , internal for males . Typical internal fat is globulous (ie fat cells that have overflowed) . Males’ cellulite is internal .)

The trick is to train the body . Normally , surplus fat is encapsulated and excreted . The problem is that the capsule requires sulfur , and if that is in short supply , the fat has to be “temporarily”stored in already existing cells .

The body knows that gross excess fat is bad for it’s survival . But it has no choice . Even if there is enough sulfur , the apoptosis mechanism of fat cells has to be trained .
Just pumping in a lot of sulfur is not sufficient . It has to be associated with a rapid-learning mechanism .

The trick:
Use the music-fingertip and toe-tap to reprogram the fat-cell mechanism .
The idea is to establish training at the neural level .
We know that the finger-toe system trains very rapidly at a very basic level . Associate this with oestrogen-production and sulfur intake .
The body wants to lose the excess fat cells , but it cannot use its excretory mechanism unless it is assured of a sufficient sulfur supply .
This is probably tied into some epigenetic control system , that takes about three generations to change .

Hence our need of a fast reprogramming system .

Initially , things are a bit exaggerated to reinforce the learning mechanism .

The Recipe for fat loss :

1. Take a pulse dose of MSM (about 3 gms MSM + 1 gm VitC above your normal dose ) This is to let your body know something is going on .
2. Do the fingertapping , toetapping , bubblewrap music thing . The Method is as described above . (Not more than 10 minutes initially)
3. While doing this , watch a porn show (without sound) to pulse the oestrogen/testosterone . For males , lesbian shows are recommended to reduce testosterone production .
4. Repeat this for at least three days and not more than 2 weeks .
5. Check your body fat .

You should see apoptosis of fat cells , as well as a runny tummy as encapsulated fats are excreted .

Diabetics should watch their sugar levels as insulin resistance decreases with decreasing fat-cell sizes and decreasing number of fat cells .

MSM dosages should be kept high initially to prevent recidivism .

Porn and Fat .
Ho! Ho! Ho!
In the absence of sufficient sulfur , porn and fat is in a positive feedback cycle .

All that sexy advertising stimulates oestrogen production . Without enough sulfur , even normal eating goes into fat . This makes the populace feel unworthy , and go to the super-images of advertising and porn . So they turn into fat , wanking couch potatoes .

Oh no!
Gun Powder war involves pumping large amounts of sulfur into the biosphere , while burial practices sequesters it . Now you know why everybody was so lean after WWI and WWII . They were well fed (especially the Americans) , but they were still lean .
They were normal . Present humans are abnormal , because they suffer from a deficiency disease , namely a lack of sulfur . And some military genius is going to decide to solve this problem with a tried and proven recipe : a war .

And so it goes .

Andre .

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Great Undiscovered Treasures .

Great Undiscovered Treasures .
Andre Willers
18 Feb 2008

The Tomb treasures of Genghis Khan and Gaiseric the Vandal have never been found
These were looters who looted other looters on a grand scale . Most of the loot was spent on their armies , but they took about 27% for themselves ( a prudent reserve)

Timujin , Chingis Khan (AKA Genghis Khan)

Son of Heaven ( by Tibetan dispensation .) He saw himself as primus-inter-pares with the Chinese Emperors , all deriving Sons of Heaven status by descent from Tibetan nobility .

Hence , the Chinese see the Mongol period as a civil war , not a foreign conquest .

It helps explain the puzzling reversal of Chingis’ decision to turn northern China into a grass plain for Mongolian riders after killing all northern Chinese .

(This was in his power and his interest at the time of the great Kuriltai near Beiing . Without being able to consolidate in the North , he was too weak to conquer the much stronger South China . So he was forced to strike East at the Kwarezm and other Middle Eastern Empires , who were individually weaker and divided . He could not afford to leave strong forces in his rear , so he simply killed everybody . The Mongol forces at this stage numbered about 20 tumen (200 000 horsemen) , far smaller than any of his opponents . Speed and ruthlessness were the key to his success .)

Even today , China regards Mongolia as part of China . The legitimacy dates back from this act of forebearance , creating a de-facto and de-jure tie between Mongolia , China and Tibet .

The title Chingis (Genghis in our terms) has no certain derivation . Timujin created it when he made himself Kha-Khan . It is delicious to speculate that it derives from Caesar . Chingis’ grandmother was a slave from the Byzantium areas (hence his red hair . Viking blood was in the area , and the slave’s red hair must have made her an exotic item to the Mongols . His grey eyes were and are common in the Altai region) .

He must have been brought up on stories of the splendours of the Roman Caesars (by this time pronounced “Seza” in Constantinople . (Soft “C” , elision or “r”)The morphing of the sounds follow standard rules . Gutterilization of the “z” followed. And voila! Chingis Khan = Caesar Khan .

If you asked Chinghis what his greatest treasure was , he would have answered that it was his Law (The Yasul) . It was a recipe of how to turn scattered bands of nomads into an unbeatable force . A Meme if you like . Lots of other people agreed . (Portions of it was used by Timurlane and Babur . ) Only fragments are known to us .

Don’t you find it strange that only a few lines have survived of the most successful meme in history ?

The answer is that the Chinese hunted down and destroyed all copies .

The great fleets of Admiral Hu
(circa 1421) . It was always strange that , after 40 years of ferocious war against the Mongolian dynasty , the Chinese spent enormous effort and treasure to send out fleets armed to the teeth .
And they were armed to the teeth , with more than a 100 000 vengeful , hardbitten veterans of 40 years of war . It is no wonder that the locals gave no trouble . The only recorded trouble was in Ceylon . It is not clear whether it was a Mongol base , or just the usual warring locals .But it did not last long .

The destruction of actual Mongol bases were written up as “suppression of bandits in aid of the local rulers” (The exact terms) . The subsequent prompt withdrawal of Hu’s forces earned the Chinese a reputation that lasts till this day (especially compared to the Japanese variety of “co-prosperity” .) Chinese traders and settlers did move into the areas visited by Hu , but they were welcomed and seen as non-threatening . A text-book example of non-aggressive colonization that benefited everybody .

Hu’s fleets then returned and were dismantled . Mission accomplished .

Their entire purpose was to root out and destroy any Mongol outposts , and especially any copies of the Yasul . Remember , the Mongols were all over the Malaysian and Indonesian Archipelagoes . This fact is not always appreciated . Some of the first instances of gunpowder usage was in these areas . Without supply bases these Mongol Expeditionary forces were handled by locals . But the Hu fleets destroyed the bases .
Special strike forces (call them Ninjas of Light) searched out copies of the Yasul and destroyed them . These were “fire-and–forget” forces . Descendants of these organizations are still found in all these areas .

The Japanese case is interesting , as the Mongols ( Kubilai Khan) used variants of Ninjas to infiltrate Japan via the criminal classes , and later “white” variants were sent in to ferret them out . A war that is probably still going on.)

The Chinese fear was that the Mongols would trade in their ponies for pirate ships , and that some enterprising chief would use the Yasul to weld them into a Sea Power .

Ho! Ho! Ho!
They were right to fear it , because this is exactly what happened . Only the pirate Sea Power came from Western Europe .
And they had their own equivalent of the Yasul .
Roman Law plus Roman Catholicism .
A Mongol and a Conquistador would have understood each other perfectly .

An interesting Alternate History .
Say Hu’s fleet was destroyed by a cyclone . The Mongols regroup under a Timurlane or Babur (as what happened in Middle Asia) and a Mongol Sea Power arises in the Malaysia , Indonesia , Australian region . It is doubtful whether they could have reconquered China , but the Western exploration efforts would have been blocked and channeled to North-America . The Sea-Mongols would have colonized the Americas’ from the West and the Europeans from the East .

The power-blocs would have been Europe-EasternAmericas , SeaMongol –MiddleEast-India-WesternAmericas , China-Japan . The usual free-for-all no-mans land down the middle of the America’s .

So where’s the treasure?
The Mongol tradition was that the corpse was buried without any regalia in the person’s favourite spot on the steppe , and a herd of horses chased over it to hide the spot forever . This was reputedly done with Chingis to the northeast of Karakorum .

While Timujin couldn’t care a Mongolian marmoset’s poxy tail about gold , he knew his grandchildren did . And Mongolians loved the hunt above all else . His succession was firmly fixed . But the Mongolian court was a snake pit . The Yasul forbid the spilling of royal blood , so poisoning was the national sport . The Chinese courtiers joined into the merry sport . Everybody watched everybody else . An ideal sport for emperors . For the last 20 years of his life he gleefully sequestered about 18% of the best riches in Asia , leaking careful hints .A really , really , large treasure .
False little treasure spots were planted in all the likely places .

Something only he could have gotten away with as absolute ruler with a wicked sense of humour .

Do not forget that he was the best strategic and tactical mind the human race has produced (from a purely performance level) .

Is there a central treasure ?
Yes . He would have thought it beneath him to hold a hunt with no prey .

Has it been found ?
No . The ripple effects all indicate that everybody was looking .
The frantic rush to Karakorum after the death of a kha-khan (like the one that saved Western Europe) was a typical treasure-hunt . Each regional khan did not need the central authority . What they did need was the money . They suffered from Imperial Overstretch . Without money or plunder , their armies were disintegrating . The Western Castles and Knights defense meant that their net gain was negative . They were winning the battles , but losing the wars .

So where did he hide it ?
The highest probability ?

With his brother , of course . Who had already hidden his own treasure successfully , passively and actively , for more than a 1 000 years . And it is still hidden today .
Where else to hide a treasure than where another treasure is successfully hidden and guarded ?

The Tomb of the first Chinese Emperor , the First Son of Heaven .

The peasants in the area , who must have known , protected the secret then and now . Of course , Chingis funded them . The pockets of funding alone must be worth trillions . But they could only keep it if they kept it secret . I can hear Chingis laughing in his cough-cough way , while twirling his beard . They had to acknowledge him a Son of Heaven to keep their Son of Heaven inviolate (and the money , of course.)

It worked . Even the Communists did not violate the tomb .
Even knowing where it is , will make no difference . Anybody trying to do some grave-robbing will have to take on about one billion Chinese and the Chinese Red Army . Never mind the local Ninjas.

Now that is what I call hiding a tomb . Note that his grave is exactly where it is supposed to be : near Karakorum , near the mountains and the springs , where the new grass peeps out first after the winter snows . Where nobody knows .

His Money ?
Everybody knows where his tomb is . You can see photos of it in books . But nobody dares touch it .
And even if they dig it up . It still will be national treasure in a museum where nobody dare touch it .

Now you see why he conquered half the world with a raggedy bunch of tribesmen .

Why allow the Yasul to be vulnerable ?
Chingis could have replicated the Yasul beyond all possibility of suppression , yet he did not . He thought that he might have been a bit too successful . His descendants were not creating wealth . A strategic reserve in the future might be useful . Hence his little treasure hunt . The Mongols never found it . One wonders if it would have made any difference . Doubtful .It is an incredible amount of money (trillions in todays terms) .Focussed on one thing it can achieve miracles (and has in terms of hiding) , but spread all over ? Hardly .

That is why he sided with the First Son of Heaven . When he decided not to exterminate the North-Chinese , he sealed the fate of the Mongols . And he knew it too . Any amount of plunder cannot compete with annual generation of wealth .

Gaiseric the Vandal
He plundered the Italian Peninsula and sacked Rome . He looted at least 400 years of accumulated loot . Hence the term vandal . They were so surfeit with loot that they destroyed anything they could not carry with them . And this was after four passes . They had this tiny little problem of fitting everything onto ships , since they were based on Carthage . So they could only carry gold and silver .

Gaiseric hated Romans (an unfortunate experience with a Roman on the East Coast of Iberia in his youth rendered him lame .) He kept at least 38% of the really good loot for himself .

When he shuffled off the mortal coil , a river was supposedly diverted , he was buried with his treasure in the middle , and then the river was diverted back over the spot and all the workers killed .

The translation is that a few terrified slaves dammed a little stream , they buried him and a few bits of treasure . By this time the guards were drunk and the slaves had run away . The guards kicked the little dam to pieces . The same night all and sundry descended on the site and plundered it . The next day the bards sang a big spiel about it . All standard , as Gaiseric knew very well .

To move serious treasure quickly requires serious and noticeable manpower and animal power . Hide the heavy items slowly over time in the catacombs of old Carthage . Shift light dummies out .

From an eyewitness account:
“Gaiseric was a mean , avaricious little SOB who was always whining about his foot . He delighted in being carried around the forum (during the sack of Rome) , carrying a knobby stick , delighting in knocking off the noses off senators’ statues . Why I don’t know , since he had a huge snozzle himself .Lucky for him there were no girls about , otherwise his carriers would have dumped him in a heartbeat .Not even slaves were left . Everybody else with any sense had left long ago . But there was so much stuff . Everybody was draped in silk . The big gold and silver pieces were taken by Gaiseric and his chums , but we peeled away yards and yards of gold foil from the statues and buildings . Later on we sold them for some grain to some Irish traders . “

In any case the upshot is that a large portion of the Roman plunder is hidden under old Carthage , a fitting rest . But a really , really large treasure ?

Look at the ripple effects . If this treasure had been found or fed into the North-African economic system , ripple effects would have been seen . Either then or later during the Byzantium reconquest (which was fuelled by the expectation of getting hold of this treasure) .

There is a suspicious high-density cluster of monasteries on the Carthage peninsula .
Well , either the monks stole it all , or it is still lying waiting in the catacombs of old Carthage .


Gret Undiscovered Treasures

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Coffins .
Andre Willers
16 Feb 2008

Why is the coffin shape recognizable and in use for at least 10 000 years ?
(See wikipedia images) .

Why is it central to the Third degree initiation (the highest) of Freemasons ?
(Reminiscent of Chod in the Tibetan Book of the Dead .)

The reason is the deep esoteric and number significances .
Remember we are dealing with myths .

The coffin is essentially a kite truncated at the top and bottom according to the Golden Ratio .

I took the standard coffin ( 17.3” at top by 28” at widest , 14” at bottom , with about 21” from the top to middle and about 53.5 inches from middle to the bottom . Extend the lines at the top and bottom to get the kite shape for further analysis .

To design a perfect coffin
Measure the corpse’s shoulder width (typically 28 inches) of say W inches .
Draw a horizontal line of width W and mark the middle as M .
Draw a vertical line of length L = W * 7 * 1.618 through M so that the top length is a third of L . Denote the top of the kite by A and the bottom by B .
Connect the top of L (ie A) , the two shoulders of W and the bottom of L (ie B) . This gives a kite shape .

Truncate the top portion of the kite at the point P so that AM / AP =1.618
Truncate the bottom of the kite at half of MB . (ie MB/2)

Now you have the standard coffin , thousands of years old .

This gives a Coffin with deep esoteric significance .
Note that the top of the kite has an angle of 30 degrees and the bottom half of that , namely 15 degrees . The various lengths are ratios of the Golden Ratio .
There are all sorts of delicious numerical titbits
Like Tan(15) + tan (7.5) = 0.4 = 1/25 .

Note L = W * 7 * 1.618 . This is deliberate . Seven is Sacred Number .
It derives from the mind-blowing
Tan(90 – 15) + Tan(90 – 7.5) = 7* 1.618… nearly exactly .
A really elegant formulation .

I doubt whether they had Seven Zombies against Tombs in mind ,
This is why the ancients loved it and why it is still a symbol .
It hints at mysteries .
You might as well be buried in a container that contains our underlying concept of restful beauty .

The Golden Ratio .
This is a very important constant (also called phi) .
It plays a fundamental role in describing growth processes where the increments cannot be decreased to infinitesimal . If they can , we use Euler’s constant e .

It is derived from the Fibonacci series
1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,… where every term is the sum the previous two terms . The ratio of succeeding terms approaches a limit , which is called phi . Also the Golden Ratio .

Iteratively :
Any term A(n) can be expressed as :
A(n+1) = A(n-1) + A(n)
Divide by A(n) . This gives
[A(n+1)] / [A(n)] = [A(n-1)] / [A(n)] +1

We know that the ratio of successive terms quickly approaches a limit
phi = [A(n+1)] / [A(n)]

Thus ,
Phi = 1/phi +1
Phi^2 – phi –1 =0
Solving this quadratic equation (school maths) gives
Phi = 0.5( 1+-Sqrt(1+4))
Phi= 1.618033… (the Golden Ratio) or 0.618033…)
This number pair has the extremely significant property that 1/1.618… = 0.618… .
Also , since the square root of 5 is involved , phi can be measured with a string (Pythagorean triangle 1,2,Sqrt(5) ) Thus ,phi can be measured by strings or strings and a square . This is important from a Freemason viewpoint . (For string read compass)

The meaning of phi .
It crops everywhere where non-infinitesimal growth processes are described mathematically .

Each element is dependant on two preceding elements . In essence , a two-dimensional coupled array .

Visually , the retina and brain operate mostly in a two-dimensional mode . Depth modalities are usually a function of nervous-system processing . Forward jittering is extensively used . The most predictable images are the lowest resource-intensive , and usually the most pleasing (restful , least-energy) .
In other words , a horizontal rectangle of phi ratio takes the least time and energy to process .

Phi can be seen directly where cells grow from a single point , where there has already been previous growth . Obviously , the new cell cannot take up the space of previous cells . Hence the spiral effects in sunflowers , shells , etc .

Why go to all this trouble ?
A coffin is more expensive than a casket (ie a box) . The extra labour involving all the carpentry must easily double the costs .

I draw your attention to the Golden Ratios in the volume where the head lies . Many people believed (and still believe) that this gives the corpse , well , a head start in the afterworld .
(Remember , I have only cursorily touched upon all the interesting numerical things flowing from the 30 degree top and 15 degree bottom relationships of the kite-shape . )

The Pyramids .
There is reason to believe that the truncation of the kite-shape was a degenerate form of interment . The first pyramids (Saqqara) were originally designed to have a top apex of 30 degrees . These were supposed to have been vertical coffins (maybe even the original design) . Unfortunately , the stone they used collapsed under the weight and we ended up with the Bent pyramid and later pyramids with a top apex of 23.5 degrees .

But what is interesting , is that at depths of 0.618 , 1 and 2 times the height of the pyramid , there should be chambers filled with goodies .

Why should these still be filled ?

The gods of light of Egypt were recycling gods . This is how they kept their tiny little eco-system going for 5 000 years . But the nether gods (Seth , etc) represented the inevitable entropy loss . So buried wealth above ground was deliberately lightly guarded to encourage recycling (note their really good recycling of copper) .

But the bribes for the nether gods were simply rendered unreachable to their technology . Underground passages deliberately left with mud-forming aggregates and flooded after depositing the treasures spring to mind . These would be under the Nile-water table (ie below the pyramids) . Even with our technology , it is doubtful whether these items could be recovered economically for the value of the gold alone . Archeological value is another matter .

Value Sink .
In the Old Kingdom , the value of this unrecyclable wealth must have been calculated to a nicety . Too much silver and gold , and they would have serious inflation problems . Note what happened to Spain after 1492 . So they buried all the surplus gold from Africa (Niger , Congo , Zimbabwe , etc) in sludge and ooze under the pyramids .

It worked too .

After the collapse of the old kingdom , they turned their backs on the rest of Africa . In retrospect this does not seem to have been the wisest decision . One wonders whether it was an individual that made the decision (ie is an alternate history possible where an Egyptian and Phoenician led African civilization conquered Europe and the Middle East . It nearly happened with Carthage under Hannibal . )

The crux decision seems to have been a failure of altruism . Egypt did not help parent Abyssinia to recover after the big Drought . They could have done it . But they refused and in shame buried their heads . The whole continent paid a dreadful price .

Think Europe without the Marshall-plan . The US would now be fighting WW4 or WW5 , with Russians , Germans and English as enemies instead of the present bunch of piss-willies who have to buy their weapons from their enemies .

Egypt ended up fighting the Greeks and Romans without any significant help from Abyssinia or the rest of Africa . Even gold from trade would have enabled them to do their old trick of hiring mercenaries . But they did not have the money .

The lesson seems clear : When moving into a negative climate change , be selfish . When moving into a positive , recovery phase , be altruistic .

If there is no recovery phase , tough .


Ancient Egyptian Pharmacopia

Ancient Egyptian Pharmacopia
Andre Willers
14 Feb 2008

See article in 15 Dec 2007 p40 New Scientist “The Pharaohs’ Pharmacists”

Dr Jackie Campbell of the KNH Centre for Biomedical Egyptology at the University of Manchester has painstakingly deciphered four papyri dated between 1850 BC and 1200 BC for medical effectiveness . These contain hundreds of recipes for complaints.
They seem to be on par with treatment you would have gotten from a medical practitioner in Britain circa up to 1850 AD (before general asepsis and theory of germs ) .

Some points of interest:
The papyri date after the interregnum caused by the collapse of the Old Kingdom . One suspects that these are memorized recipes written down on perishable papyrus by medical practitioners who could no longer rely on a steady flow of students to hand down hoarded knowledge . More permanent records (like copper tablets – melted down by the neo-barbarians for weapons , or stone – too expensive in man-power . Not clay , like Sumeria , since fuel to bake the tablets would have been too expensive in fuel-poor Egypt . )
The interesting point here is that Campbell compared these recipes with present Bedouin healers in the Sinai and found an nearly identical correspondence .
This strongly suggests that the Papyri recipes written down were already oral remnants . If they survived a few centuries , a few millennia more is no sweat . The more complicated bits got lost .

Dentistry seems to be one of these bits . From archeological evidence (cf “History Today” ) , the Old Kingdom seems to have had a fairly sophisticated dentistry , but this had vanished completely in the New Kingdom , and never recovered .
If this sounds strange , consider the step-child relationship of present-day dentists to doctors .
The answer is in the home-remedy nature of dentistry . Even a toothless human can get nourishment by using an external gut (ie a soup pot) . So a painful tooth is removed without too big a penalty . (Pull it out , home remedy . You do not need dentistry to survive . )
Gum disease is a different kettle of fish . It has been directly correlated with heart-disease on a cause-effect basis . There is also statistical correlations with metabolic diseases like diabetes .
So where are the gum-disease epidemics in history ? Were they documented ? Perhaps they were written as something else .

Gingivitis epidemics must have been ( and must still be ) rife . Kissing is an old hominid custom .

2. Sailing ships , scurvy and gingivitis epidemics .
One of the puzzling aspects of medical history is why it took so long for the importance of fresh vitC bearing fruits to be realized . The reason lies in the confusion between gingivitis (a germ caused disease) and scurvy (a deficiency of vitC) .
In the confined space of a sailing ship on a voyage of six months , the food is not cooked thoroughly . The +-200 passengers are in touching contact daily . If at the start , one passenger had (say) 10 forms of gingivitis of various degrees of virulence , then the most virulent will tend to colonise the other passengers the most . There they mutate (remember that the bacteria monitor the density of themselves and other bacteria , so-called quorum mechanisms ) . Over certain thresholds , they switch on deletrious mechanisms .
Now , gingivitis is an old , old fellow-traveller with hominids . They don’t kill outright , but spin out the decomposition process to maximize their chances .

The ship becomes a hotbed of gingivitis activity , breeding into ever more virulent forms . Death rates of 90% were not uncommon .

These little bubbles of virulence on ships had little effect on Western societies in Europe as a whole . There was a tendency for immigrant populations in sailing ship days to have very good genetics as far as teeth are concerned (cf South African boers vs Europeans)

The effect on native societies was disasterous . Native here includes the Europeans who had immigrated previously . The bubbles of virulence of diseases like measles , whooping cough , etc brought by the ships hit even the Europeans hard , but devastated the locals who had no traditions of quarantine .
Of course , it worked in reverse too . Waves of infection spread from the European ports as ships went back and forth .

Ho ! Ho! Ho!
3. The White Man’s Grave .
White men survived quite happily in areas where they had little or no contact with ships . It was the ports that brought in diseases from all over the world , bred to a new virulence on the long voyages on the sailing ships . It must be said that most of these diseases were also variants of well-known European diseases .

4. The Boer War Concentration Camps .
The Boers were relatively isolated from the pathogen gene-pool in Europe . Ever wondered why such a hardy lot succumbed in droves to diseases in circumstances which were not much different from what they were used to ? Most of them were bywoners , used to a hard-scrabble life . A few big landowners had swallowed up most of the land , due to the Boer habit of partitioning inheritances equally amongst very large families . ( Work it out yourself . They arrived around 1840 . By 1900 , 60 years had passed . Three generations . Each generation had about 7 surviving males .The families were large . This gives 7x7x7x14 =4802 people that had to wrest a living out of grazing land that was originally good for a comfortable living for 2+14 . This does not include the black servants who were also merrily multiplying .

As you can see , this was not tenable . Even in 1900 , most of the whites were poor whites , scrabbling a living as bywoners or in the towns as dependants (clients in the Roman sense) of the wealthy large landowners . (The same thing happened in South America) . These were the guys who were the bitter-enders . The well-off landowners made accommodations with the British (the Hendsoppers) . Some of the poor joined the British (the Joiners) . The rest kept on fighting . The life on commando was for most better than what they had before .

These were landless men with no prospects . Like Roman soldiers circa 80 BC until Augustus strictly limited the number of legions , condottieri up until Napoleon , German mercenaries like Von Stutterheim .

It is interesting to note that one of the reasons for the success of the US model is that they never paid their troops directly in land . This can be traced back directly to Washington , when he prevented the coup by the officers of the Continental Army to force Congress to pay their arrears . Even today , US mercenaries (called Contractors) like Black River get paid in money , not in promises of land . In a general collapse this will not hold , as the only real wealth will revert back to the food production of land .

To get back to the Boer War , when the relatively isolated population of Boer women and children came into contact with English disease carriers of things like measles and whooping cough , especially the children were vulnerable . The overcrowding and malnutrition did not help , but the Boer population would died in large numbers even if they well-fed and housed . The critical factors were the close contact on a daily basis with carriers of disease . Not only the English soldiers , for whom these were childhood diseases , but each other once they became infected . The Boers had no tradition of quarantine . The survivors clustered around , trying to aid and care for each other . They took pride in the fact and considered it a Christian Virtue . Exactly like the Amerindians did in North America . They can thank the elements of immunity in their systems that their mortality was only about 25% . Emily Hobhouse traipsing around , trailing infection in her wake probably killed more than she helped .

The situation was as bad in the Boer prisoner of war camps on Ceylon , St Helena ,etc . The equivalent of Guantanamo Bay today . The death statistics are still classified , or unavailable today . But about 25% seems likely .

Notice the importance of quarantine . As discussed before , even a new disease in a virgin population can be contained with about 30%-40% death rate (Black Death) , but without quarantine (like colonial territories in Americas or Africa , where the community tried to care for the sick) , the death rate is 95%-99% . The Black Death natural immunity was about 1 in 40 000 . As near as 100% death rate without quarantine .

5. To get back to ships:
So , even ships with vitC supplies usually ran into teeth disease problems . Hence the tardy recognition of the importance of vitC . Scurvy only stopped after the bacterial nature of most diseases became known . Hygiene improved . The length of voyages also decreased dramatically (steam) , with changeover of personnel .

Even so , lately super-tankers voyage for months on end with the same crew isolated from the general gene-pool of pathogens . NASA should examine them for the effects of prolonged isolation from rapidly evolving pathogen pools .

6. To get back to Ancient Egyptians :
The Old Kingdom of Egypt was brought to a catastrophic end by climate shift . There was a prolonged drought (about 80 years ) in the Nile catchment areas in Abyssinia . Humans had populated the Egyptian area of the Nile up to carrying capacity . 80 years of failure of the Nile floods reduced the whole area to a fraction of it’s population . Cannibalism has been hard-documented in the archeological remains of many towns in the delta . Significantly , these town-sites were shunned , which is why their remains are still there after about 4000 years . Of course , more strategic sites were simply built over . (“I can’t stand it . Pass me that brick.”) .

7. What must be understood is that Abyssinia (Ethiopia) is the Holiest Land on the planet as far as humans are concerned . This is where it all started .
After Toba , this is where the survivors created a new relationship between themselves and the gods . Whether the Matriarchy Mythos is valid or not , Egyptian aristocracy traced their claim to nobility to their descent from Abyssinia. Tibetans were also offspring , with maybe a soupcon of other Homo species , judging from the evidence of human body-lice .

Note the equivalent in Asia : Han-Tibetan and Mongolian-Tibetan are the majority population groups . Genghis Khan took pride in tracing his lineage to Tibet , even though his beard was red and his eyes grey .
Peking lap dogs have been genetically analyzed . They are not only directly descended from Tibetan lamasery dogs , but there has been continuous genetic interchange for the last 2000 years .
Han Chinese are Tibetans .

Abyssinia is not where old religions come to die .
It is where they return to their roots . It is the only place where all the major Western Religions ( Judaism , Christianity , Islam , Communism) have living temples . If one scratches around , I would not be surprised to find Mithraism , Roman and Greek , Celtic , Buddhist , Hindu remnants (maybe not Shintu) or older . It is a large , really rugged country that has seen more human history than all the rest put together . It has seen climate shifts come and go . It has seen the ice-ages in and it has seen them out in the long-ago memory of humans .

8. Myths .

It is why the Ark of the Covenant is rumoured to be there . Note that the rumour is more important than the fact . We are dealing in myths .

“We deal in hot lead , friend.” - Colt and Kalashnikov .
“We deal in misty myth , friend.”- Christ and Buddha .
Who’s winning ?

Why did the Italians attack Abyssinia in the 1930’s ?
It made no logical sense in terms of European politics .
It was on the instigation of Hitler ( actually the Ultima Thule group ) , who saw it as one of the key religious and esoteric points on the planet . They also had their eye on Tibet . The SS launched an exploratory mission (documented). They were rumoured to have imported several hundred initiates of the left-hand path who supposedly committed suicide before the fall of Berlin .

9. Sigh .
Anybody who knows Tibet can tell you that the only reason they do not rule the planet is that you cannot find any three that can agree to follow any path , right , left , center or any other direction . Their world-view allows not only that the end justifies the means in one single time-line , but in all possible time-lines . Calculus of any type only clumps various time-lines together . There remains a very large (which can be infinite , depending) number of time-lines .

Various lamaseries meddled ( and still meddles ) incessantly with surrounding cultures . But all are rife with factions . The Chinese are in the position of exasperated children trying to keep some check on their madcap parents .

Tibetans are tourists , in other words . Surfing the time-lines .

10 .To get back to Ancient Egyptians :

One of the major reasons (some would say THE reason) why Egyptian Civilization lasted millennia in balance with the environment was that funny religion of theirs with all the animal-headed gods . Their religion was in a one-to-one correspondence with their environment . Each animal had its sect of human protectors . Significant percentages of the human priests had a vested interest in protecting their tutelary deity .

Kill too many jackals , and you had the priests of Anubis on your neck .
Do you see how it went?
If we had had a god of birds , we might still have some passenger pigeons in the sky .

The point is , it worked .

11. Ho , Ho , Ho !
There is no reason why this cannot be reinvented . There is no reason to suppose that the priests of various Egyptian gods really believed in them . But they had a vested interest in them . Cf Gaia .

Note that the thin little strip of land next to the Nile is extremely vulnerable to human population growth and concomitant extermination of wildlife . Yet the ancient Egyptians kept it going for more than 5 000 years . The only major interruption from climate was at the end of the Old Kingdom . Yet the survivors managed to struggle on for a further 2 000 years until overwhelmed by the Romans , Christians , Muslims , Ottomans , English , etc .

It was not just hanging on either . They created writing , including the alphabet , the compound saw and bow , lathes , fine metallurgy , good medicine , ships , etc and exported these ideas throughout the their north via mercenaries (what we would today call contractors) . Some of the greatest art originated in this period .

12. The Top Kingdom .

We have to ask why such a vital , powerful civilization did not move deeper into Africa . The clue lies in their name for themselves . Egypt was divided into the Upper Kingdom and the Lower Kingdom . The Upper Kingdom was the part nearer to Abyssinia (past the cataracts) .

Note : not the Top Kingdom . The Top Kingdom was Abyssinia until the catastrophic drought that brought all the kingdoms to disaster .

( Cf Chinese Middle (ie Center) Kingdom . The hierarchies and worldviews were different . The Himalayas were at the center of the Chinese world , from which many rivers flowed , while Abyssinia was at the top of world , from which only the Nile flowed .)

The climate change and drought that brought the Egyptian Old Kingdom to a crash was seen as a massive betrayal by the gods . Ironically , the ones with the biggest sense of grievance were the upper classes , starting with the Pharaoh .

Hence the Anhknaton rebellion . A significant fraction of the priesthood must have participated in the new rejection of the old gods . Interestingly , the reason why the counter-reformation (cf Tutankhamun) succeeded was the environmental degradation that went with the suppression of the old temples . The Nile riparian areas are very fragile ecosystems , and deficiency diseases (notably lack of protein as birds and fish were over-hunted) would quickly have shown that the new ways were demonstratively worse than the old ways . Note that teeth from this period were excessively worn by grit , indicating turbidity of the Nile due to environmental disturbance . (Intervening just about anywhere in the Nile’s eco-cycle would screw things up , resulting in turbidity , low fish and crop yield and starvation . Very quickly too . )

A more vicious round of religious civil wars erupted .

All ties with Abyssinia were severed , and the tradition of erasing politically non-correct previous rulers started .

Abyssinia was in pretty poor shape as well . Huge influxes of refugees from Egypt and the Arabian peninsula swept over the land . The genetic evidence of this is now being traced . Some has been found as far as Zimbabwe (refugees from the collapse of the Saba dam in Yemen , in three stages .The ruins of the dam and the huge irrigation works are still there . Cf Queen of Sheba .)

In any case , Egypt had problems of its own . Their equivalent of the refugee influx was the Sea Peoples , which they survived by the skin of their teeth .
After that it was the relentless pressure from barbarians from the hills and desert who took over the productive land in the Middle East as rainfall recovered . They were militaristic and expansionist , being survivors of a process where only these characteristics were selected .

13 . Knowledge not essential to survival was lost .
The verbal equivalent of an emergency clinic was transmitted , and later written down by some despairing medical practitioners lamenting the past and making the best of a bad situation .

Remember , this was not overnight . It took decades to get worse and worse .

14. Dung .

A fascinating aside is feral ass dung , which is used by the Bedouin as a tea for stomach complaints . This is reminiscent of the Nguni use of fresh cow dung to slap on open wounds (like with circumcision) .

The keys here are
14.1 Free range animals
14.2 Animal self-medication .
14.3 Enlightened altruism (now called pre-adaptation)

Animals that can roam freely and are not overgrazed , self-medicate . This is a well-documented phenomenon . The dung not only has anti-bacterial properties , but has large populations of indifferent or even benign bacteria that out-compete harmful bacteria . The cow-food is deliberately not optimally utilized , so that at every process of digestion there is sufficient energy and nutrients for commensal bacteria not harmful to the host , as well enough left over for grass to grow on .
It can even be utilized as a building material .

But only if the animals are free-ranging and not over-populated . Hence the flight to the cities (or a major reason) . Traditional huts became unhealthy as the dung became unhealthy . Something similar happened in Europe with the Celtic tribes .

Elephants utilize only about a third of their food . This was seen as a handicap , but it is actually the key to their survival as the most successful large animal in
Africa . See below .

In other words , the ecology optimizes , not the species .

“The Selfish Gene “ and “Kin selection “ is out and “Pre-adaptation” is in . The human monkeys have undergone a “paradigm-shift” (ie some common-sense has seeped through the leafy boughs of academe) , and gone screaming after the new troop-direction .

See E.O. Wilson’s “Superorganism” . He was the father of sociobiology , but has now done a u-turn . Selfishness is not good anymore .

It would be funny if not so much damage has been done by business schools like Harvard and Yale using these half-baked ideas as templates and excuses for short-sighted greed .

We know the exact limits of greed as well .

15 . How much of available resources must we use and how much must we leave for others to exist ?

See “ Infinite Probes” .

The boundaries of instability are 27% - 37% of usage of resources .
Things get more unstable as you approach 27% . There is turbulence and singularities around 27% . Between 27% and 37% things appear more stable , but steadily grow tougher . At 37% , turbulence becomes extreme . Extinction looms .

It usually takes some fancy co-operative footwork around the 27% boundary to survive . Most competitive species go extinct here in a welter arms-races for diminishing and ever more specialized resources .

Please note that humans are now utilizing at least 25% of photosynthesizing biomass on the planet . They are already deep into the instability zone , and being very competitive , it is doubtful whether they will survive the boundary . Numbers mean nothing . It is actually the numbers that drive the extinction process .

Recent Chinese demand has probably pushed this into the real instability zone .
There was only a 2% margin to uplift them to start with .

16 .The Coal Instability .
Humans think of coal like the ancient Egyptians thought of the Nile .
Old Faithful .

When all else fails , coal will see us through .
Most of the energy generation on the planet is still coal-based .

Ho , ho , ho !

Rutledge of Caltech has analyzed coal reserves using Hubbert’s Linearization technique . Google it , or see “The Great Cole Hole” in New Scientist of 19 Jan 2008 p38 . I have checked the numbers for UK production , and the argument seems solid .

(This is the same technique used to successfully predict Hubbert’s oil peak .)

We are close to global peak in coal production , and rapidly nearing zero production in some of the older regions . By 2030 we will have used 70% of remaining exploitable coal reserves . (ie in 20 years time electricity will be a very expensive luxury if present population numbers are maintained .

The UK is an old region . By about 1015 it will produce no coal . Zero . Oh , there is a lot of coal left . Here and there .Thither and yon . Poor quality stuff . Nothing for a large power station .

South Africa is a semi-old region . The richer , easily accessible regions have been mined . The deposits are in seams (ie discontinuous) . In South Africa they are also “complex” . Geology-speak that they suddenly vanish due to folds and faults . The coal does not peter out . It suddenly vanishes . Then a new mine of poorer quality has to be dug (if you can find the coal ) . Can you see where this is going ?

The present Eskom coal crisis will never get better . Coal will only get scarcer and more expensive . South Africa is already past it’s coal-peak . Every new large power station will require a large coal mine to fuel it , and they do not exist . The coal does not exist in sufficient concentrations .

The politicians lie and do more of the same .

The only energy source that has sufficient capacity is nuclear power .

As you can see , the 27% instability has come to bite us from the one direction in which we thought we were secure : coal .
Water and sewerage are next , then food , then air (hopefully only storms , but oxygen dead-spots are possible as climatic instabilities concentrate oxygen-poor zones from the oceanic deserts .)

New you know how the old Egyptian medic felt .

Get your papyrus and scribble !

But best is verbal paring down . Oral knowledge seems to have survived as long as humans have . Lock in using meme-engineering .