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How to enhance enjoyment of CD music.

Andre Willers
19 Nov 2007

And How to Enhance enjoyment of CD music .
now for something more cheerful!

CD music seems flat because it does not reproduce sound in the 60 kHz + range . This was because knowledge at the time of laying down the standards did not encompass later findings that the higher frequencies were essential to direction location and the richness of music .

Sound waves of these higher frequencies wrap around the head . Our ears and associated neural networks are hardwired to interpret these signals .

But , we can mimic some of these effects .

If the sound waves can’t move around the head , we can move the head .

The built-in neural networks compensate , giving actual distance estimates and the sense of musical richness (ie multi-frequency analysis from distance variant bases).

How to do this :
Look ahead while listening to the CD music .
Move your head to the right about 1 to 2 degrees from center in about one second .
Then Move your head to the left about 1 to 2 degrees from center in about one second
Repeat steadily while concentrating on the music .

You will notice an immediate sense of enrichment of the music .

Try it ! It is the only way .

What happens behind the scenes :
The sweep rate of the head (2 to 4 hz) is close to the brains theta rhythms : the aural input is easily integrated into the general awareness model in the mirror systems .

The brain hears an enhanced version .

You will notice that if you do this at first , while tapping fingers or moving the head or limbs in time to the music , the enrichment effect vanishes . This is because different neural systems are involved . This combination has to be trained in .

The reason for this is that we did not evolve in an environment deficient in 60+kHz soundwaves .

To compensate for this , all we have to do is give our neural networks a chance to learn the association between the new aural input and the already established rhythm pattern recognition systems in the fingers , toes , muscle-memory in upper-thighs and upper-arms .

Did I forget to mention the pattern recognition in the upper thighs or upper arms ?

Oops !

Think sexual excitation . Erogenous zones . Patterns of touches . Sequences .

Sweeping the head side to side over 2 degrees at 3 Hz while tapping with fingers in rhythm on the upper thigh will give an easy bridge between the different pathways .

Children growing up with CD’s .
They develop head-tics of various proportions or hyperactivity (the head is attached to the body) to hear better . The neural networks do what they are supposed to do : optimize .

Hyperactivity is a violent head-tic involving the whole body .

The outside observer sees tics or attention deficit disorder .

Roll-on Ritalin !

How long does it take ? And what does it mean ?
Ask your nearest shaman with the papers and all .


AttentionDeficitDisorder 2

AttentionDeficitDisorder 2
Andre Willers
8 Dec 2007

Key Concepts:
AttentionDeficitDisorder (see previous post)

Biologically active sulfur for the skin
Essential Fatty Acids


I hereby give the overview and sources not mentioned in the previous post on AttentionDeficitDisorder .

Vitamin D
An excellent overview given in November 2007 issue of Scientific American “ Cell Defenses : Sunshine Vitamin”
“1,25 diHydroxyvitaminD3 is a direct inducer ofAntimicrobial Peptide Gene Expression” by Wang et al Journal of Immunology vol 173 p2909-2913,2004
“The Pleiotropic actions of vitaminD” Lin BioEssays Vol26 .p649 March 2004
“Vitamin deficiency” by Holick “New England Journal of Medicine , Vol357,no3,p266-281.july 19,2007.

Biologically active sulphur .
I have discussed this before . It is sufficient to note that animals whose skins we want to use for things like shoes and furs , need additional supplements of sulphur to be usable . (Google “MSM animal feeds”)
This means that humans are also deficient in biologically active sulphur .

Sulphur is essential in the normal deployment of skin organelles .There is a synergistic effect .

The less sulphur , the less Vit D.

Cheap clothing and urbanization means that most humans only expose a small part of their body for small periods to UVB . A general shortage of sulphur exacerbates the effect , as the skin cannot function optimally .

The net effect is a chronic shortage of Vitamin D .

In Utero effects:
Switching on and off of genes are especially important during gestation . If there is general shortage of 1,25D during this period , the available supplies are switched to the most important systems . (This is a very ancient system) . Certain later genes do not get switched on . This leads to immune problems . Notice the dominant effect of VitD vs Folic Acid .

Can this be rectified?
Yes . During growth spurts . The puberty+ stage is important .
As discussed before , AttentionDeficitDisorder and HyperActivity is not only normal in the spurt of growth in neuromass after puberty , but essential . Every human goes through this stage .

Intervention :
Northern latitude Europeans used to have a cheap source of VitD and Essential Fatty Acids in oily fish . They have destroyed these fish stocks and are now paying the price .

The problem is not only an on-going shortage of 1,25D , but an accumulated shortage of gene switches which did not happen .

Which is why there is an upper limit to VitD dosages . Too much , and the accumulated by-products of long-delayed gene-switch-on’s poisens the organism .

Why do these delays build up ? Because these steps are essential in maturing sperm and ova cells . The corrollary is , of course , that fertility rates in far northern latitudes are very low . This is borne out by evidence (Laps , Mongols , Esquimeaux,etc)

Actual Case study:
A male youth entering puberty with symptoms of chronic VitD deficiency .
Certain gene-sets do not switch on (extended neotony) . This is observed as babylike behaviour: hyperactivity and inability to concentrate for long periods .

Puberty makes this much worse .
Available resources of VitD , Essential fatty acids and Sulphur are stretched to breaking point by development imperatives .

Intervention is simply making these building blocks available.
The dosages :
Sulphur is critical . Cells divide ,especially brain and muscle-cells .
Give a lot of MSM : 10 gm /day
VitD uptake will be enhanced , if sunshine exposure of about ½ hr per day is followed . You will tan rapidly and skin will be smooth .
If this is not possible , supplementations should be done . But note upper limit .
Essential fatty acids : the building blocks of the brain . Two tablespoons of flaxseedoil and codliveroil a day

If you plan lots of MSM and sunshine , be sure to include antioxidants .Make sure the exposure is logarithmic : a little at the start , then increasing rapidly . You will notice that you tan more rapidly (1/2 hr instead of days) . You are also more sane . (Less unstable)

Pak protector .
A theoretical construct by Larry Niven . Also known as grandmothers .The genetic effect is real .
Surviving Grandmothers are all Pak protectors to some degree .

Grandmothers like fish (all the ones I know) . Essential fatty acids etc .
Adding megadoses should be interesting .

Pak protectors on the female line are well known and real . But are there male Pak protectors ? We know that it would be an ancient system . The females groom the male into being the Pak protector . The effect is real . The male lives longer and is dominant . But the females are also caught in the same trap .The planet might have only one male Pak protector , and millions of female Pak protectors . Yet the females cannot co-ordinate without a nominal hierarchical head .

Any male can declare himself Pak protector . This has not been done for about 4 000 years . Interesting times indeed .

The Grandmother Party can indeed sweep the planet .
Who , after all , keeps the whole shebang together?

A toast to the Pak Party .



Andre Willers
24 Nov 2007

Key Concepts:


MkIII and MkIV humans

Four states are possible:

1.NoAttentionDeficitDisorder and NoHyperActivity
-> MkIII human -> desultory concentration -> lack of long-term application.

2.NoAttentionDeficitDisorder and HyperActivity
-> MkIV human -> obsessive concentration .

3.AttentionDeficitDisorder and NoHyperActivity
-> Learned helplessness -> neural weights are randomized ->apathy

4.AttentionDeficitDisorder and HyperActivity
-> HyperActiveFlea -> hop around ->fads utilized by state 1 and 2 humans .

Problem states:
State 3 is pathological , while State 4 is generally associated with children and juveniles of various ages .

State 4 to State 2.
Note that it is easier to shift State 4 to State 2 . This is one of the major driving forces in the epigenetic explosion of MkIV humans . HyperActivity can be left intact , while AttentionFocussing is conditioned .

The conditioning is social (schools , etc) and chemical (Ritalin , etc) .
A less problematic way would be to increase interest at a neurological level .

CamelType is one such way . (“The humps , the humps in the walls” a-la-HPLovecraft)
Originally evolved as adspeak , it is a way of increasing attention at a basic neurological way by alternating lower and upper cases in a pseudo-random way . This can be done dynamically on-screen , or better , on smart paper .

For example :

I TalK SenSe
i taLK sEnSe
i tAlk seNsE

There are 2^n ways of CamelTyping n letters in a sentence .
If in groups of three , a sense of order is engendered .

A neural-network mind looking at a screen where the upper and lower cases change pseudo-randomly is seduced into trying to deduce the rule .
Even if there is no rule , partial sequences of threes will be used and defended as rules
The neural-network cannot help it . It HAS to try and find correlations .
This is a well-known mechanism in horse-races , casinos and lotteries .
See also Sudoku , Chess , Go , Bridge , History , Science , etc .

State 3 to State 4.

State 3 is learned helplessness . This is Extremely difficult to work with , as there is no handle . The line of least energy is to convert State 3 into state 4 (AttentionDeficit stays the same , but induce hyperactivity) , then convert State 4 into State 1 or 2 .

State 4 seems to be a way-station for juveniles and other emotional cripples .

This is a favourite pathway for religious systems or armies .

Note that the most difficult pathway is from State 4 to State 1 . This can be observed in history .

This translates into “The weirdos seem to control all the committees.”

Where does , Melatonin , Serotonin , VitD fit in ?
VitD (or to be more exact , one and only one metabolic breakdown product (1,25D) is essential to trigger the expression of a large number of genes . Literally thousands of proteins cannot be formed without the intervention of this chemical . It is generally systemic . This means that you need it all the time . Gross shortages lead to things like rickets , but long before that metabolic abnormalities like auto-immune diseases strike , as juvenile immune responses are prolonged . The body cannot mature .

The genes expressing serotonin require VitD (hence Winter Sadness) .
Surface animals like humans have retained the capability of manufacturing VitD in their skins . Subsurface animals like fish (cod) have retained the necessary genes without solar input . Refer Esquimeaux.

The dosages : where the ping hits the plenum .
One healthy bikini clad girl needs about ½ hour of sunlight at median latitudes to get enough VitD (about 10 000 units) . A tbs of cod liver oil will give her about 1 000 units . Wearing clothes just leaving the face exposed is insufficient to generate enough VitD for procreation .

What a beautiful trap .
Humans in the high latitudes either have to migrate once in a lifetime to an latitude where there is enough sunshine (UVB) for enough VitD for essential gene-triggering to ensure fertility , or they had to eat fish products like codliver , caviar , salmon , etc to ensure the maturity of their own cell-cycles .

When neither is possible , human fertility rates fall . As what happened in the last century . What this stirs is ur-volkewanderung . All to be prevented by a VitD supplement .

The turnaround in Russian birthrates can be ascribed to the re-establishing of the Black-Sea holiday resorts .

And so it goes .


Augustus Caesar : A Roman Disaster .

Augustus Caesar : A Roman Disaster .
Andre Willers
12 Dec 2007

General Discussion :
Innovation is always at the expense of vested interests . If the vested interests have control of the society’s power levers , innovation is stifled . A bad collapse is then inevitable somewhere down the line .

A small number of competing states can only survive if they encourage innovation . (This is the generally accepted reason why Western Europe is dominant over China .)

Western Europe in Augustus’s time already had the basic building blocks of an industrial revolution .

Universities (Alexandria , steam engines)
Upward social mobility
Adoption of any new ideas (a Roman Republic speciality)

All this was brought to a crashing halt by Augustus freezing the status-quo into the Empire . Even that would have been tolerable if he had not been so damn good . He calculated the exact military forces the Empire would need to remain stable . (Hence his moans about Varus and his 3 legions.) He set it up . Not too many soldiers or too few . For two centuries it lasted . A magnificent achievement .

Note that technological advancement resumed in the low-areas of Netherlands , Belgium .(Windmills , watermills , metallurgy , weaving) If you look at the historical population densities , these are the areas that showed no dip in population figures . The fall of the Western Roman Empire did not affect them at all .

Augustus had some help from China , where Emperor Shi Huangdi had created the Qin Empire in 221 BC . The Chinese had practical , hands-on advice about how to stabilize conquered territories . The contact was via the silk trade initially , but was kept very quiet up till recently

It was in the Chinese interest to steer a far Western Empire into a constitutional stasis . They had definite records of Alexander the Great , and had no desire to repeat the experience .

There is some evidence that the formula for gun-powder was deliberately leaked to western states because they could better use the destabilizing effects against the Mongol and Islamic threat in the west . In the long term , this was a correct thing to do from the Chinese and Western viewpoints . But it was a desperate thing to do .

An Alternative History .
Augustus dies young . The nascent Roman Empire fragments into Western and Eastern parts . These fragment in turn till they resemble western Europe during the Renaisance .

Rome is just one state amongst many . It’s genius for pragmatism and necessity for incorporating Egyptian grain supplies (and the Alexandrian University) , together with the paper supply from Egyptian reeds , leads to a technological and scientific revolution .

Paddlesteamers .
Eminently suitable for the shallow harbours and estuaries of the Med . Basically , steam driven galleys . It is a niche never utilized in our time-line because propeller-driven craft developed for Atlantic crossings made better gunpowder weapons platforms. Yet , without guns , a Med paddlesteamer would have been a killer .

Grain and troops (think logistics) could be delivered against the wind and at any time of the year .

But would this not lead to the same Empire ?

No , because the slavery meme would be broken . A machine can do it better .

In our time-line this happened when Jethro Tull invented the seed-planter(1700) , AND it was adopted in England . The pulse of wealth (a factor of 4) fuelled the Industrial Revolution . To put it into perspective , an Acre of ground planted with Jethro Tull’s planter yielded four (4) times as much . In an agrarian society , this multiplied any farmer’s income by four . Think of your salary being four times higher . Not just this year , but every year after .

Other inventions followed as everybody wanted to get rich quick . Slavery cannot compete .

Note Gallic ball-bearings and harvesters .

Something similar would have developed in the alternative time-line .

And so it would have went .


Old Age Markers

Old Age Markers
Andre Willers
23 Dec 2007

Why do men growing older get grey hair and bald pates?
Why does their ear-hairs , nostril-hairs , eyebrows and pubic hairs grow much longer than younger men’s ?

Why are old men smelly ?

Involuntary Altruism .
We know that evolutionary mechanisms operate even after the last child , because we have evidence of the GrandMother effect . Older Females in a family (ie with the same genes as their offspring) have evolved menopause and an extended lifespan . More and healthier grandchildren survive with a grandmother . The mechanism is part of general evolutionary theory .

So what about old men ?
They are sacrificial old goats !

A family fleeing predators would have a markedly better chance of its genes surviving if the older males are marked for predators . The predators gain by not having to expend too much energy . But the evolutionary kicker is that predators on hominids are usually of the big cat family . Their cubs have to be taught to hunt on easy prey . Older , slower , weaker hominid males are recognized by their markers .
So , they learn from early on what the markers are . A tacit bargain was struck .

The Leopard-class of big cats specialized in hominids . A saber-toothed variety evolved pari-passu with homonins . A desperate arms-race of survival ensued . I refer you to the tooth-holes in the skulls of some unlucky homonins found fossilized in Africa . The end-cat was a large black leopard with widely spaced saber-teeth and a high intelligence . Black because it was a night-hunter (when homonins nested) , widely-spaced saber-teeth to fit the growing skulls of homonins , high intelligence to keep up with the growing intelligence of their prey . But they did not have hands . They were exterminated , probably by concerted human effort . The last fossil record found was about 200 000 BCE , roughly contemporaneous with MkI Humans . The development of weaving probably had more to with their demise than anything else .

The present survivor of this class (the spotted leopard) preferred baboons and monkeys , and thus survived .

This went on long enough (estimated 7 million years) for a true instinctive fear to have been programmed into the amygdala(like for spiders and snakes) .

Go to the Zoo and look at a black leopard .
If he looks at you , you feel a frisson of fear . This is your amygdala kicking in . (You don’t feel the same looking at a lion .)
Of course , the black leopard is a pussy-cat compared to the previous terrors .

But , we can create an ideal hyper-image (idoru) .
A Black cat-head , broad with very widely spaced reflecting golden eyes , widely spaced saber-teeth . I suspect that saber-teeth wider than the eyes will immediately kick in the amygdala responses . The same effect is noticeable in horror-movies . The ratio of width-of –mouth to width-of-eyes seems to play a critical role .
So , if you have eyes close together and a wide mouth , do not show your teeth . The response is not rational , but instinctive .

Psychopaths are reputed to feel no fear . Is this true a for genetically programmed response like this ? There might be some therapeutic benefit in making psychopaths or extreme sociopaths feel terror . The mirror-neuron structures of empathy that should have formed in childhood can then be reconstructed .

To resume the argument :
Ropes and nets woven from plants by hands negated physical strength . Hence , MkI human males and females were roughly the same size and strength . Unfortunately , these fibres left no physical record until the impressions left in ceramics circa 30 000BCE . But we know that clothing became widespread as a result of the Toba-winter (72 000 BCE) . There was no time to invent new technologies , so old weaving technology was adapted to provide insulation in the survivors .

The old-age markers .
The smelly bit first (ie the evolutionary oldest)
The hairs around the glands extruding smelly compound grow longer with age .

Normally , body hair grows a certain length , then stops , dies and is replaced . Normal body hair around glands are crinkled , twisted and convoluted to give maximum surface-area to the scent-molecules . Pubic hair is the best example .

Ears : Tufts growing out of the ears broadcast the earwax scents. Also , hearing gets harder .

Nose : Nose hairs are unique to humans and supposedly evolved due to the smoke-filled environments after the usage of fire . The effect is to capture molecules on exhalation , store them , then release them on inhalation . In other words , a short term memory . The vomenerosal organs in the upper palate and connected to the nose are also connect to very ancient parts of the brain concerned with identity . Pheromones and other chemicals (like antibodies) extruded by the body are stored by the nostril hairs and fed back to the vomenerosal sensors . The body is continually reminding itself of its identity . This also happens to be the definition of self-awareness .
The intriguing speculation is that this method of base-line identity setting extends to the immune system . Evidence from yoga not only indicates self-awareness shifting due to concentrations of “I am I” pheromones by breathing through the nostrils , but that the immune self-definition is affected as well .

The Rapunzel Syndrome .
Too small a concentration of nasal hairs causes insufficient self-definition . Auto-immune diseases like arthritis , asthma , diabetes etc follow , as well as meme-diseases like low self-esteem , drug-abuse . Note the effect of cocaine sniffing on personality coherence .

Too large a concentration of nasal hairs like in old men , makes the person very self-assured with “presence” , the presence being molecules broadcast . “Charge! and damn the torpedoes .”

Notice that breathing masks like worn in very cold or very hot climates have similar concentrating effect , but weaker by an order of about 10 . (Norse , burkas,etc)

Intervention !
Cheap and easy . Noseplugs mimicking dense nosehairs will do the trick .
I am actually embarrassed that nothing more complicated is needed .
Noseplugs made of coarse organic wool should do the trick .
Even cottonwool will work , though it is a bit too dense .

The poor man’s noseplug . Notice that individuals with moustaches always were always self-assured ,even if they were completely wrong . Societies with moustaches were losers . Celtic tribes had moustaches . So did Hitler and Stalin . Breathing in their own definitions of I all the time explains a lot .

Note the law-enforcement fashion for moustaches .
It is not a fashion , but a statement .

The Eyebrows.
Eyebrows have a long and honorable history of enabling mammal survival , going back to the dinosaur days . The eyebrow is dense with sebaceaous glands , pumped out onto the eyebrows and spread onto the environment . For a burrowing rodent , it was essential to know where it had been (identity and location) , as well as who had been there before and how long ago . Refer to muskrats ,beavers , etc . Humans do the same . This is why dogs jump up and try to lick your face . They are not trying to lick your face . They are trying to lick your eyebrows . Your scent-identity is being broadcast all the time by the glands in your eyebrows . Hence old men with bushy eyebrows .
But , while this would have been fatal when lots of predators were around , in “civilized” surroundings this gives the person a certain edge as being wise .
The normal heat-envelope around the body ensures that most of these pheromones go upwards , but standing on your head a lot will change that . Sigh . Another yoga shibboleth bites the pheromone . A full head covering like middle-age armour would have exaggerated effects on self-esteem .
Ice-hockey masks ? I rest my case.

A Christmas Present :
Millions of dollars can be made by an Eyebrow Scent . You owe me 5% for the idea , whoever you are . I hereby claim intellectual property right on the idea at Cape Town on 24 December 2007 AD .
The act of kissing only exists to bring the nose and eyebrows into proximity . Lots of compatibility signals ensues .

Applied scents are lies . Will an Eyebrow Scent significantly change human society ?
No . But you can make a shitload of money out of it , since nobody has thought of it before .

Armpit hairs .
Not much to be said here . Too fat , and they are worn away . Otherwise long and straggly .

Pubic hairs .
Pubic hairs in men grow long and straggly in old age . These capture more urine scented molecules and sets him up for a predator .

Grey Top Hair
As you can see , changing the colour of
hair to grey is a long range signal to a predator . This was sufficient at first .

Bald Pate .
Since females can also go grey , albeit later than males , the bald pate evolved to signal predators . Imagine a family running through the long grass with the cats in pursuit . They see a flashing bald pate bobbing up and down in the grass . They know that this is an old hominin male . Note that females do not go bald .

Self-referencing scents .
As you can gather from the above , the very definition a person makes of itself down to immune-level can be determined by scent-feedbacks .


As I promised , smelly old men .
Barber pubic hair and underarm hair to about 2 cm .
Bad feedback mechanisms are halted . Simple noseplugs restores some degree of selfpride .
Always shave .

The same holds for normal ages (20-40) . Variants of ice-hockey masks where the top holes are blocked might be considered .

And so it goes .