Thursday, February 21, 2013

US Fed : Republican End-Run

Andre Willers
21 Feb 2013
US Conservatives have by-passed Congress and focussed on the Federal Reserve Governors. Dissent here destabilizes the Quantitive Easing effects on Stock Markets . It shuts the taps on the bubble . Exactly what they want .

Discussion :
“As stipulated by the Banking Act of 1935, the President appoints the seven members of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System; they must then be confirmed by the Senate and serve for 14 years.[2] Once appointed, Governors may not be removed from office for their policy opinions. “
“Bernanke's second term ends on January 31, 2014.”


The current members of the Board of Governors are as follows:[8]
At least three are Conservatively inclined . Look at expiry dates .
Only one swing vote is required . (Note fluctuation of E.A.Duke .Her absence disturbed the balance of power.)

Commissioner Entered office[9]

Term expires
Ben Bernanke
(Chairman) February 1, 2006 January 31, 2020
January 31, 2014 (as Chairman)
Janet Yellen
(Vice Chairman) October 4, 2010 January 31, 2024
October 4, 2014 (as Vice Chairman)
Jeremy C. Stein
May 30, 2012 January 31, 2018
Elizabeth A. Duke
August 5, 2008 January 31, 2012
Daniel Tarullo
January 28, 2009 January 31, 2022
Sarah Bloom Raskin
October 4, 2010 January 31, 2016
Jerome H. Powell
May, 2012 January 31, 2014

3.What is going on ?
Somebody really smart has done an Oblique Approach attack .
He yielded on the Congress flank (granting Credit-Ceiling extension ) , then hammered on the institutional flank (The Fed) actually doing the printing of money (Quantitive Easing) . Complete surprise was achieved . The risk-averse panic and flee . The flanks are rolled up and the pursuit ensues .
Few prisoners are taken .
This is happening now (05h14 2013/02/21 GMT) .
Stock markets are sharply correcting as that future income stream of $84Bn per month Quantitive Easing becomes much more uncertain .
This is enough to make the faint-hearted flee.

4.Some did get uneasy :
The Germans are still hypersensitive to hyper-inflation .

5. I got suckered , too .
I expected another bruising battle on the Congress front .
So , the correction is occurring , but not in the way I thought .

6. How does it work ?
All they have to is induce an uncertainty > 28%
Look at the Seven Governor voting decision table below .
1/7 = 14.3%
2/7= 28.6%
3/7= 42.9%
4/7= 57.7%
5/7= 71.4%
6/7= 85.7%
7/7= 100%
To destabilise the system , all you need are 2/7 supporters and one maybe . This exceeds reserves .
Since this system determines the Quantitive Easing , ($84Bn/per month) , any uncertainty here gets magnified as all those little computer programs in the futures markets get busy discounting .
But notice , this uncertainty is not Beth(0) (ie like flipping a coin) .
What is happening is that a lot of traders went out on a limb using computer systems they do not understand .
The uncertainty shift is from 28.6% to 42.9% . Black-Scholes systems cannot handle this abrupt discontinuity .

They might not lose their shirts , but the male bra might make an abrupt reappearance .

7.Strategic Surprise .
This was a major strategic surprise .
DARPA mission statement : “To create or prevent strategic surprise”
DARPA seems to have decided that the USA does not need to subsidise all the planet’s fat cats .
See “Fracking” , “Reshoring” , etc .
Expect more strategic surprises .
(Fracking was a DARPA project . )
Why should DARPA suddenly play a more active role ?
Because they have come into competition with those sincerest of admirers , competitors .
To maintain their mission statement , they have to start intervening in internal USA affairs .
The clunky and gridlocked US state needs a swift kick on the behind if they do not want to end up speaking Chinese .
And stopping funding your main competitors is high on this list .

8. What does all this yakkity-yak mean ?
The USA intends to restore it’s energy , manufacturing and financial bases .
8.1 Energy : Fracking .
8.2 Manufacturing : Reshoring
8.3 Financial : Happening as we speak . Stop funding losers .
DARPA is only one of it’s agencies .
It is a large , smart system going into the singularity .
I cannot compete . Apart from the large databases , there are ripple-effects of workable mind-computer interfaces .
And persons who are as smart or smarter than I am .
9. So what is a poor small investor to do ?
Cash , or US Treasuries . Shares and properties are about to go into a prolonged period of instability . You can’t win , but at least you will lose the least possible .

10 .Societies :
There are only degrees of winners . But there are definite losers . The societies being propped up by the USA will lose heavily .
This is most of Europe , China , India , Korea . All the US clients will find their markets drying up and capital being withdrawn .
Big mark-ups will disappear to about 2%-3% . Actually , below the wealth-growth rate . Competition . This is happening now.

11.Growth rates slow to match reduced population growth rates .
12.Corollary : There is more resources for Blue-Sky research . The system gets richer much faster than population decreases .
Cf Chinese One-child system .

Interesting times .

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hidden Assumptions.

Andre Willers

17 Feb 2013

Synopsis :

Hidden assumptions in the decision loops nearly killed me .

Discussion :

1.Perception is an active process . You see what you expect to see .


2. This is well-known in reading .

Well-trained readers (we spent at least 18 years on this) skip around the page . The brain fills in the missing pieces .

3. My medical aid insists on generics . Each new one has a different name .

4. Two brands started with letters Si.

Si-xxx a statin (cholesterol) and Si-yyy (ACE inhibitor) were confused by the visual system (The boxes were similar , as well)

5. The result was a sky-rocketing blood-pressure .


6.The Interesting part :

I could not see the error . I even read the Si-xxx to a doctor . I could not make the correlation .

This is like the puzzles where you have to count the number of "e" occurrences , and your brain simply skips it .

7. Why ?

8. Decision Loops :

Beloved by combat pilots .

Inherent in the process is a truncation of the decision tree .

Your brain marks some things as being "true" .

This exactly where I became unglued .

These hidden assumptions were inhibited from being re-examined .

9. Amygdala-effects .

These interrupt-like effects are very reminiscent of amygdala systems .

10. But the effects are more distributed . Mainly in the retina , hindbrain and ocular systems .

11.Easier to affect than the amygdala .

12. Biochemical systems .

A lot of yakkity-yak .

Interrupt-like effects are all over . These are the same as singularities .

13.As previously discussed

14. The human brain is more like a Dis-continuum . Which is the definition of a quantum system .

15 .So what is a poor drone pilot to do ?

Read Jane Austen and War and Peace and take a lot of Flaxseed Oil .

This trains the brain in different viewpoints .

16 . This will also help in not confusing your medications .

17 . Mirror-neurons :

Your short-term memory per character might be limited , but the number of mirror-neuron-networks (characters) that each uses is large . Very large .

18.So , if you give a medicine the name of your favourite character in a soapie or novel , you will not run into any confusion .


There is no fool like an old fool .




Thursday, February 14, 2013

Fat Icons .


Andre Willers

15 Feb 2013

Synopsis .

Thin icons evolve to fat icons .

Discussion :

An idoru is a hyperreal image . Designed to trigger all your little checkpoins .

The systems know at very deep levels that successful systems are Fat .

Hence Bhuddai and Father Chrstmas .


Fat Icons are really scarce . Very valuable .

But don't worry . Soon demand will create supply .

Look at computer graphical icons . The middle is broadening .

The optimal shape will be like a spindle .

Fat .

The usual human ratio's of middle to hip would apply .

But the trick is to invert it .

A waist 1/0.75 = 1.333 will be an Idoru .

What do you know . This is the reserve of humans .

The Buddhai embodies the reserves of an entire civilization .

Amazing what a fat belly can do .


What does this mean ?

A waist/hip ratio =0.75 (the default )is good but a ratio of 1.3333 is just as good (a bit narrow in small fluctuations) .


You can work out your own ratios . But remember , there are two solutions .

Fat idoru's strikes again !

Rubens sneers at thin !


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Resetting Blood Pressure

Andre Willers

14 Feb 2013


A simple HGH secretagogue resets the systolic Blood pressure .


Discussion :

1.I take Solal HGH Advanced Secretagogue , 10 capsules .

2. Severe Blood Pressure problems resulted (200/100) . Immune to any remedial steps .

3.Why ?

Because it actually works . The HGH activates various stem cells. They secrete growth factors. The blood-system has to hustle to supply the demand and remove the by-products . This means an increased blood flow . Which can only happen if the blood-pressure increases .

4.This has a top interrupt priority .

5.The Reset :

I then took 3 capsules , and the systolic BP dropped to 162 . Diastolic remained the same .

Then I took one capsule after about 10 minutes . BP dropped to 144/91 .

6. What does this mean ?

6.1 High BP as above is equivalent to heavy exercise . The HGH is repairing the arterial walls. Not inherently bad .

6.2 But the system has very little memory . After about 10 minutes , taking just one capsule will reset the systolic pressure .

6.3 The diastolic pressure will take longer .

6.4 The system should be phased in 3,7,10 capsules .


7. Will one capsule of a HGH Secretagogue reset the systolic blood pressure to lower levels ?

The evidence suggests it . Try it .


8. This is a simple and very fast way of bypassing the memory in the blood-vessel walls .


9.Athletes :

Taking a HGH secretagogue in ratio's of 1/3 , 2/3 , 3/3 will give optimum results between 1/3 and 2/3 before the actual competition .


10 Optimal dosages for Solal HGH Secretagogue :

Start with 1/day then slowly increase till 10/day , while monitoring Blood Pressure .


11.Inversely , if the patient has too high systolic BP , give one capsule of secretagogue .

12. Why ?

The new HGH level overwrites the previous one , even if it was higher .

This is a Stand-down system .

But this is not how evolutionary systems work . There must be an inhibitor of the stand-down system , and an inhibitor of that .

Good luck with that .



Monday, February 11, 2013

Poor man’s cure for diabetes II

Andre Willers

11 Feb 2013

Synopsis :

A pulsed cure is possible .

Discussion :

1.I was horrified to see the costs of gastric bypass (excuse me , bariatric surgery) as the good doctors get onto the bandwagon of curing something they long touted as incurable , but manageable .

2. See Appendix I on how it works .

3.Basically , the peristalsis of the descending duodenum has to be inhibited . But then you have to restart it .

4.We can inhibit that with Imodium or alcohol , or surgically bypassing the descending duodenum .

5.Why I could not try it : the restart is not that simple .

Until I found this :

"There is also evidence that 'sham (imitated) feeding', such as chewing gum, may stimulate gastrointestinal motility in the post-operative period.[9]"

6.This restarts the intestinal contraption .

7. The chewing gum should have some sugar , but the main action is the chewing . The mouth chewing sends peptide signals to the gastric muscle walls to get the lead out .

8. This begs the question whether the whole Imodium/alcohol block is necessary .

9 . A continuous stream of chewing and buccal sugar from the signals from the mouth would habituate descending duodenal systems into a stand-down mode . In other words , a cure for diabetes II . Easily tested .

10. If the chewing gum gets tasteless, just sprinkle it with your favourite flavoured sugar .(A big market) . The sugar and chewing is vital .

11. Santa Anna of Alamo fame also gets into it .

" Instead, Adams helped to found the chewing gum industry with a product that he called "Chiclets".[17]"

12. Can it be that simple ?

Try it and see .

Chewbacca would know .



Appendix I

A Cure for Diabetes

Andre Willers

31 May 2012

Synopsis :

The control-system short-circuit that causes diabetes can be interrupted in humans by a simple surgical procedure . This cures diabetes , insulin resistance and high blood pressure . We try to trace why .

Discussion :

1.Read Appendix I . This is a succinct summation of the state–of-play as at May 2012 .

2.Why should bypassing the duodenum have such drastic effects ?

Because the system outsmarted itself . Too many vital feedback loops are being controlled by the same chemicals . (A similar effect is observed in brain-stress and body-stress systems) . Inappropriate responses are triggered . The system is unstable .

2.1Peristaltic action in the duodenum is accompanied by vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) release, a marker for inhibitory neurotransmitter release . See Appendix III . (Note the effect on blood pressure )

But this and PHI release (see Appendix II) affect the Prolactin system ,(see ) which is tied to at least 300 other biochemical processes , as well as the prion system (see "Prions and the Amygdala" May 2012) .

This whole mess is an unstable system , that can and does go wrong in a large number of ways . And the original trigger can be impossible to trace .

2.2To add insult to injury , the original trigger can cause an amygdala reaction : ie a memory remains in the system , and there few , if any , "OFF" switches . Hence nasties like insulin resistance . There are doubtlessly many more . Amygdala's are notoriously stupid . It is the function of other systems to reprogram them .

See Appendix IV for the ratchet-effect on bloodpressure .

2.3Milk and milk-products can be identified as one of the factors that should cause the system to destabilise .Lactogen breakdown products interfere with some of the feedback loops in the energy metabolism . The result will be idiosyncratic according to individual metabolism , but insulin resistance will ratchet up . (A calf-protection system short-circuits)

What to do ?

Surgery seems a bit drastic . All we want to do is inhibit peristalsis in the duodenum . Food can be massaged through to the jejenum . I can't find a drug that does this selectively , but I am sure there are some .

But in the meantime we are stuck with something like Loperamide (Imodium) . It is like stopping an enormous factory to fix some small problem at the front-end of the production lines .

The following is not medical advice , and you proceed at your own peril .

Use the pulse principle .

1.Fast until the duodenum is empty , (+-6 hours) . No water .

2.Take Loperimide (Imodium) .. This stops peristalsis and release of neuro-markers .

3.Exercise (walking , jogging – this moves food without peristalsis ) . I have no idea what effect this will have on digestion . But no lying in bed allowed .

4.Then eat and drink mildly on low-carb foods . Appetite will be sharply decreased as alternate demand pathways kick in (Cf Atkins , etc) . Drink when thirsty (cf Noakes) . No milk products of any kind .Verboten

5. How often ? I noticed when writing this that this regimen is remarkably similar to religious regimens like Ramadan , Jewish , Christian , Hindu and Buddhist fasts . Two weeks to a month per year seems adequate . This should reprogram some of the systems to at least a modicum of initial states .

6.Monitor blood glucose about 2 hours after eating .

Interesting Asides :

1.Excessive alcohol intake paralyses the pylorus valve between the stomach and the duodenum . The same effect as fasting , in that food does not enter the duodenum to trigger peristalsis . Typically bloated feeling , with big "beer bellies" . Since alcohol is a product of carbohydrates , this is a fascinating adaptation to high carbohydrate intake .

To put it another way , agricultural farming only took off because periodic alcoholic binges enabled re-normalization of glycemic systems . As this dwindled , so diabetes increased .

2.Milk and Cheese : as use of these increased , systems increasingly crashed in the Prolactin areas . Energy metabolisms became unstable , and auto-immune diseases increased .And you can't reinstate the original system simply by stopping milk products : amygdala's have to be reprogrammed .

These are but the a sketch of the bare bones of complex mechanism . But at least some indication of where to go or where not to go .

But I refuse to countenance a system that does not allow toasted cheese sandwiches .

There must be a better way .

Andre .


Appendix I

Cristina Iaboni had the dubious distinction of being not quite obese enough. For all the pounds on her 5'5" frame, she did not meet the criteria for bariatric surgery to help control her type 2 diabetes.

Yet six years of medications and attempts at healthy living had failed to rein in her blood glucose, leaving Iaboni terrified that she was on course to have her kidneys fail "and my feet cut off" -- common consequences of uncontrolled diabetes.

Then the 45-year-old Connecticut wife, mother of two and head of human resources for a Fortune 500 company, lucked out. In 2009 she met with Dr Francisco Rubino of Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York. He had just received approval to study experimental surgery on diabetics with a relatively lean weight-to-height ratio, or body-mass index (BMI). Iaboni was among his first subjects.

Three years on, she has dropped 50 pounds to reach a healthy 145 and has normal blood pressure without medication. That isn't too surprising: Weight loss is the purpose of bariatric surgery and often reduces blood pressure. More remarkable, Iaboni no longer has diabetes.

She is not the first patient with diabetes, which can be triggered by obesity, to be cured by weight-loss surgery. But she is a rarity for having it with a BMI well below 35 and over. That's the level at which the American Diabetes Association says surgery "may be considered" and that Medicare and some private insurers cover. And Iaboni's diabetes disappeared months before she shed much weight.

Her experience has raised an intriguing possibility: that some forms of bariatric surgery treat diabetes not by making patients shed pounds. Instead, by rerouting part of the digestive system, they change what signals the gut sends to the brain and the brain sends to the liver, altering the underlying causes of diabetes.

If proven, bariatric surgery may help people with type 2 diabetes who are less obese, overweight or even of healthy weight. And it might be effective against the currently incurable type 1, or "juvenile," diabetes, too.

"Every textbook says that diabetes is chronic, irreversible, and progressive," said Rubino. "But we have thousands of patients who once had diabetes and now do not."


Bariatric surgeons have long been prone to declaring victory against diabetes way too soon, before large-scale, long-term data proved their case. "The evidence for the success of bariatric surgery in patients with a BMI below 35 is not very strong," said Leonid Poretsky, director of the Friedman Diabetes Institute at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City. "Most of the studies have been very small and not well controlled."

The American Diabetes Association rates the evidence that bariatric surgery can cure diabetes as "E," the lowest of four grades. It calls data on patients with a BMI below 35 "insufficient," and says the procedure cannot be recommended except as part of research.

The immediate risks of bariatric surgery are small -- a 0.3 per cent chance of dying within 30 days of the procedure. But a small fraction of patients develop infections, leaking from the stomach into the abdominal cavity, or gallstones, and it can cause nutritional deficiencies: There is less intestine to absorb vitamins and minerals, raising the possibility of osteoporosis and anemia.

Despite these red flags, the surgical option is attracting intense interest because the quest to cure diabetes has become almost desperate. In type-1 diabetes, the pancreas does not produce enough insulin, a hormone that moves the glucose in food into cells. In type 2 diabetes, cells become resistant to insulin. In either case, glucose remains in the blood, damaging cells and blood vessels, sometimes severely enough to cause blindness, kidney failure, or gangrene requiring foot or limb amputations.

In 2010, 8.3 per cent of adults worldwide had type 2 diabetes (11.3 per cent did in the United States), resulting in direct medical costs of $376 billion ($116 billion in the United States). By 2030, the global incidence is projected to rise to 9.9 per cent, partly because of the rising obesity rate, with costs reaching $490 billion.

The possibility that bariatric surgery could cure diabetes emerged about a decade ago. A long-term study of thousands of patients in Sweden reported in 2004 that both gastric bypass and banding improved diabetes in many subjects. A 2008 study of 55 obese patients found that 73 per cent of those who underwent gastric banding saw their diabetes disappear after two years, compared to 13 per cent undergoing standard medical treatment such as medication, diet and exercise.

In 2009, surgeons at the University of Minnesota analyzed 621 mostly small studies of bariatric surgery in obese, diabetic patients. Their conclusion, reported in the American Journal of Medicine: 78 per cent no longer needed medication to control their blood sugar. They'd been cured. Lap banding had the worst results, worsening diabetes in some patients.

But most patients in these studies were obese, many morbidly so. (The average BMI was 48.) The improvement in glucose control could therefore be credited to the patients' weight loss, which averaged 85 pounds.


Rubino had a hunch that something else was at work. As a research fellow in diabetes at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York in 1999, he was reviewing the medical literature one day for guidance on how to best perform bariatric surgery on a man with a BMI of 80. He found papers from the 1950s and earlier reporting that surgery for peptic ulcers had cured diabetes.

Ulcer surgery removes a portion of the stomach and reconstructs a connection to the intestine, much as gastric bypass does. Few diabetes experts had noticed the old papers; they were published in surgery journals, which endocrinologists seldom read.

His serendipitous find led Rubino to other papers describing operations on the digestive tract that cured diabetes, something that, according to medical textbooks, was unthinkable.

"Within two weeks of surgery and sometimes sooner, these patients were off their insulin, off their diabetes drugs, and with normal blood glucose levels," said Rubino. "That was too fast to explain by weight loss."

Yet that's how experts explained bariatric surgery's effect on diabetes, especially as the procedure took hold in the 1990s. Few surgeons focused on how quickly the condition disappeared, said Rubino, "or they speculated that patients weren't eating much after the surgery, and that's what cured their diabetes."

He began pursuing the idea that surgery might improve diabetes directly, rather than through weight loss. "I was ignorant of diabetes, so I wasn't burdened by too much knowledge," Rubino said. "Something that might have seemed heretical didn't seem impossible to me."

Rubino modified the popular gastric bypass surgery, called Roux-en-Y, to test his idea on diabetic lab rodents. In the classic operation, the stomach is pinched off so it can hold less food. Surgical cuts keep the rest of the stomach and the top of the small intestine, called the duodenum, from receiving any food. Instead, the stomach empties directly into the bottom of the small intestine, the jejunum. In Rubino's variation, called duodenal-jejunal bypass (DJB), the stomach is untouched, but the rest of the procedure is the same.

The rats that Rubino operated on beginning in 2000 were cured of diabetes much more quickly than their weight fell. It was the first rigorous evidence, from a well-controlled study, that gut surgery has an anti-diabetes effect.

In 2006, Rubino was ready to move from rats to people. Two patients, with BMIs of 29 and 30, underwent his procedure. Their blood sugar levels returned to normal within days, though they lost no weight. In his most recent trial, reported in March in the New England Journal of Medicine, Rubino and colleagues at Catholic University in Rome performed standard gastric bypass surgery or a procedure similar to DJB on people with type 2 diabetes. After two years, 15 of 20 bypass patients and 19 of 20 DJB patients no longer had diabetes.

Curiously, although patients shed pounds, there was no correlation between weight loss and blood glucose, the key marker of diabetes. "Bariatric surgery is more effective on diabetes than obesity," said Rubino. "Patients don't become lean, but they do not have diabetes anymore."


Research from the University of Toronto, reported online this month in Nature Medicine, may finally explain why. It examined the effects of bypass surgery on rats with type-1 diabetes, which is considered even harder to treat than type 2. Normally the jejunum receives only digested mush, as nutrients have already been absorbed in the duodenum, explained lead researcher Tony Lam.

Bypassing the duodenum allows the jejunum to receive an influx of nutrients for the first time, said Lam. Sensing them, the jejunum sends a "got glucose!" signal to the brain. The brain interprets that as a sign of glucose overabundance and orders the liver to decrease glucose production. Result: The rats no longer have diabetes.

"I believe that similar mechanisms are taking place in surgery for type 2 diabetes," said Lam. "It strengthens the case for the surgery treating diabetes independent of weight loss."

His rat study shows why lap banding and stomach stapling are less effective against diabetes than gastric bypass. Banding causes diabetes to go into remission in about 50 per cent of patients, probably due to weight loss, said endocrinologist Dr Allison Goldfine of the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston.

In contrast, the diabetes-remission rate after Roux-en-Y is 80 to 85 per cent. "The improvements in blood glucose with Roux-en-Y appear to occur very early, by day three after surgery, so patients are being discharged with no medication," she said. Something other than weight loss "must be going on."

Goldfine has launched a study of diabetics with BMIs of 30 to 42 to compare outcomes after lap band surgery, Roux-en-Y, and intense medical management.

A year ago, Rubino began the first large study for type 2 diabetes patients with a BMI as low as 26, where "overweight" begins. The cost of the bypass surgery is covered by a grant from Covidien Plc, which makes laparoscopic instruments and surgical staplers. He aims to enroll at least 50 patients, following them for five years; he has operated on 20 so far.

© Copyright (c) Reuters


Appendix II

Peptide PHI (or peptide histidine isoleucine) is a peptide which functions as a hormone.
It plays a role in the regulation of prolactin in humans.[1]

1.  peptide phi
A 27-amino acid peptide with histidine at the N-terminal and isoleucine amide at the C-terminal. The exactamino acid composition of the peptide is species dependent. The peptide is secreted in the intestine, but is foundin the nervous system, many organs, and in the majority of peripheral tissues. It has a wide range of biological actions, affecting the cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, respiratory, and central nervous systems.


Appendix III

Neurotransmitters Mediating the Intestinal Peristaltic Reflex in the Mouse
+Author Affiliations
  1. Address correspondence to:
    Dr. J. R. Grider, Department of Physiology, P.O. Box 980551, Medical College of Virginia Campus, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA 23298. E-mail:

The motor, modulatory, and sensory neurotransmitters that mediate the peristaltic reflex in the mouse colon were identified by direct measurement, and their involvement in various pathways was determined by selective receptor antagonists. Mucosal stimulation in the central compartment of a three-compartment flat sheet preparation of mouse colon elicited ascending contraction and descending relaxation in the orad and caudad compartments, respectively. Ascending contraction was accompanied by substance P release, a marker for excitatory neurotransmitter release, into the orad compartment and was partly inhibited by atropine and spantide, and abolished by a combination of the two antagonists.
Descending relaxation was accompanied by vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) release, a marker for inhibitory neurotransmitter release, into the caudad compartment,
and was partly inhibited by VIP10-28 and NG-nitro-L-arginine, and abolished by a combination of the two agents. Somatostatin release increased during descending relaxation: immunoneutralization of somatostatin or blockade of its effect with a selective somatostatin type 2 receptor antagonist inhibited descending relaxation. The δ-opioid receptor antagonist naltrindole augmented descending relaxation and ascending contraction. Calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) release increased in the central compartment and was mediated by concurrent release of 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) because its release was blocked by a 5-HT4 receptor antagonist. Both the latter and the CGRP antagonist CGRP8-37, inhibited ascending contraction and descending relaxation. Thus, the reflex in mouse like that in rat and human intestine is initiated by mucosal release of 5-HT and activation of 5-HT4 receptors on CGRP sensory neurons and is relayed via somatostatin and opioid interneurons to VIP/nitric-oxide synthase inhibitory motor neurons and via cholinergic interneurons to acetylcholine/tachykinin excitatory motor neurons.


Appendix IV

Peptides. 1984 May-Jun;5(3):593-606.
Co-existence of peptide HI (PHI) and VIP in nerves regulating blood flow and bronchial smooth muscle tone in various mammals including man.
Lundberg JMFahrenkrug JHökfelt TMartling CRLarsson OTatemoto KAnggård A.
By immunohistochemistry it was found that PHI- and VIP-like immunoreactivity (-IR) occurred in the same autonomic neurons in the upper respiratory tract, tongue and salivary glands with associated ganglia in rat, guinea-pig, cat, pig and man. VIP- and PHI-like immunoreactivity was also found in similar locations in the human heart. The N-terminally directed, but not the C-terminally directed, PHI antiserum or the VIP antiserum stained endocrine cells in the pig duodenum. This suggests the existence of an additional PHI-like peptide. Ligation of nerves acutely caused marked overlapping axonal accumulations of PHI- and VIP-IR central to the lesion. Two weeks after transection of the nerves, both types of immunoreactivities were still observed in accumulations both in the axons as well as in the corresponding cell bodies. The levels of PHI- and VIP-IR in normal tissues from the cat were around 10-50 pmol/g with a molar ratio of about 1 to 2. Systemic administrations of PHI and VIP induced hypotension, probably due to peripheral vasodilation in both guinea-pig and cat. Furthermore, both PHI and VIP caused an inhibition of the vagally induced increase in respiratory insufflation pressure in guinea-pig. PHI and VIP relaxed the guinea-pig trachea in vitro, suggesting a direct action on tracheobronchial smooth muscle. VIP was about 5-10 times more potent than PHI with regard to hypotensive effects and 2-3-fold, considering respiratory smooth muscle-relaxant effects in the guinea-pig. PHI was about 50-fold less potent to induce hypotension in the cat than in the guinea-pig. Although species differences seem to exist as regards biological potency, PHI should also be considered when examining the role of VIP as an autonomic neurotransmitter.


Juggling and Traffic

Andre Willers

11 Feb 2013

Synopsis :

Juggling makes you a better driver and pilot .

Discussion :

1.Juggling stimulates stem-cells to form new neural networks as described below in the links .




1.3 Appendix Human Nails below .

This can enhance the creation of new neural links above destruction rate . Parkinson's can actually be cured . Requires a bit of effort .


2.The new neural networks have an interrupt priority in evolutionary history of the species .

The monkey has to be able to keep on gripping , swinging and judge 3-dimensional distances , velocities and branch-vibrations .

And he had to keep on learning it , or die .

So , he had to have mechanisms handling stem cells efficiently for this purpose .

See below

"Stem cell implants boost monkeys with Parkinson's

By Harumi Ozawa (AFP) – Feb 22, 2012  

TOKYO — Monkeys suffering from Parkinson's disease show a marked improvement when human embryonic stem cells are implanted in their brains, in what a Japanese researcher said Wednesday was a world first."


3. Juggling involves high-speed objects , gripping and eye-hand co-ordination .


4.Add the finger-tapping and music as per Appendix Human Nails , and we have a system that can add new neural networks faster than they are destroyed .


5. Not only will you become a fine pilot or driver , but you will also be immune to Parkinson's disease , even cure it .

Never get into a spacecraft if the pilot can't juggle .


6. An Interesting Aside :

Drone pilots as used by the military are still limited to a one-on-one base . Using the above techniques , one drone pilot can learn to juggle

many drones . Even a monkey can do it . Built in .


7. A personal note :

I have been practising juggling . It took about two weeks of about 5 mins a day practising to notice a significant improvement in juggling skill .

Since there is no Control , I cannot tell whether it helps with my Parkinsons , but where it very noticeably helps is in traffic-handling skills .

Obvious in hindsight . You have trained entirely new neural networks to handle fast-moving objects .

Interesting conjecture : professional mini-bus drivers should have very much lower incidences of Parkinsons .

Put another way : their driving is not as crazy as it seems to be . It our perception that is not up to scratch .


The White-knuckle Diagnostic test for Parkinson's Risk :

If mini-bus driving scares you , you are at risk . Does this apply to passengers ? And to what degree ?

Good for a few research grants .


Should juggling be required for a driver's licence or pilot's licence ?

Both for better driving skills and as a Parkinsons prophalaxis ?


Boggle the mind while you juggle it .







Appendix Human Nails

Human Nails .


Andre Willers

23 August 2007


Synopsis :

Human fingernails are intimately linked to rhythm and pattern recognition neural systems . It is also the third most important element in human sexual selection .




Evolutionary roots:

Hominid bipedalism evolved quite early .

Moropithecus (16 to 25 MY ago) showed adaptations to upright posture .


They walked on branches and clutched other breast-high branches for stability .



Science DOI : 10.112 / science.1140779

New Scientist of 9 June 2007 p18 "Four legs new ,two legs much older" "The Squat and the Wobble" )


This adaptation was lost in some streams of homonids , but retained in the homonin (ie our) ancestors . This means that for significant evolutionary time our ancestors clung to thin branches with their fingers curled around the branch and their fingertips pressed against the wood ..


The branch is not only a mechanical support , but also transmits information . The branches are elastically resilient , so waves caused by any large organism walking and stalking about can be picked up by suitably sensitive sensors and the type of organism identified by a neural-network .


The canopy-network is an information-rich network because of it's resilience . Similar type of signals can be carried by the ground (cf elephant feet ) , but the damping and bandwidth is totally different .


Small wonder that homonins have recreated the canopy in the Internet .


An Internet created by elephants or whales would look completely different .


The finger :

The sensor-network is the pressure-receptors below the nail . The finger part in touch with branch is liable to tissue destruction , abrasion and calluses . Any sensors here are degraded by wear-and-tear .


But , hydraulic pressure transmits around the finger bone to compress the pressure receptors in the nail-bed against the unyielding nail , giving quite fine detail to a neural-network .


Some Corollaries:


1. IFF (Identification Friend or Foe)


This evolved literally at the start of the dinosaur/mammal split , derived from reptiles and has been refined ever since .


Any predator has a particular rhythm caused by putting it's feet down in particular sequence (gait) .


If the predator is on a branch (or any resilient surface) , the rhythm is transmitted .

Soil can also be a medium , but less efficient (cf elephants)


This neural-network for IFF evolved under the fingernails .


In other words , a lot of rhythm recognition (ie pattern-recognition) takes place in the nerve-plexus under the fingernail .


The survival advantages are obvious .

The primary advantage is in recognizing non-hostiles . False alarms are extremely wasteful , especially in hard times . A trinary classification at neural level of hostile , neutral and friendly would evolve as an optimal solution .


There are circuits directly stimulating flight-or-fight mechanisms . There is a direct tie to the hippocampus and amygdala through stress proteins . There is a direct neural tie to muscles in the arm (from fingernails) and the legs (from toenails) .


This enabled the prey to identify a predator creeping or galloping up to it and take immediate reflex action .


Hyper-length neurons is the latest fashionable term to denote really long nervous connections without synapses .


The rich nexus of nerves under the fingernails have long been a target of human torture . But notice the aversion to nail-less humans or nail-biting . Notice how your attention is drawn to a nail-malformation (like a blue-nail)


2. Grooming.

Unarguably a defining social element in homonins .

But every human is complex of pressure waves .

Heartbeat , breathing , peritalsis are only a few of the passive pressure-waves that can be sensed by fingertips . More active palpations enables joint-crackling , lung and abdominal spaces to be felt by fingertips . Ask any doctor .


By definition , some females would be better at fingertip sensitivity than others . Since most infant mortality involves the gastro-intestinal system , which can be felt , sick babies allowed to be handled by the more sensitive woman are much more likely to survive . No language for this is needed initially .


Nursing and handling babies need sensitive touch .

Those females better at it ( ie well-shaped fingernails) evolve into midwives , since they reduce infant mortality for the group .


The midwife is the first professional .


Indeed , the medical round has not changed much in about 70 000 years .


The dominant female shaman , surrounded by a cloud of students , stalks from infant to infant , subjecting them to tactile examination . Easily remedified complaints (like blockages) or tried and true herbal plants are used to reduce infant mortality . This information is transmitted to the students .


Note self-medication by chimps and gorillas .


3. What drives this language development ?

The problem with previous language-development models was that there is no really , really compelling evolutionary reason why language should evolve .


Hunters do not need it . Noise is contra-indicated . Modern warriors like the SEALs use sign language in combat .


Small-woman groups might have the tendencies , but how does being top-woman of a small , isolated group translate into a planetwide meme-and-gene dominance ?

We have to have a mechanism whereby local dominance is transmitted .


The Answer :

Old-Fashioned Darwin .

The reduction in infant-mortality is the driver .

The transmission of information (ie language) then has an extremely direct relevance not only for a small tribe , but larger groups .


A tactile sensitive female with some language skill creates a positive feedback environment for higher infant survival rates . The language element enables her to teach students that scatter and repeat the process . The tribes that accept or send students to the college outbreed those that that don't .


There is a crux point here relevant today :

Matriarchs (ie doctors) who tried to keep this advance in-tribe got overwhelmed by those that made it freely available .


Females , following an ancient imperative , would bring sick infants to the friendly neighborhood clinic .


The Matriarchal-Medical societal group outbred all others . And language was essential to the information transmission .




A bunch of doctors huddling together and exchanging jargon is the origin of language. The jargon was expanded to include terms for social competition for resources and status . Language was born in all its glory .


Note that the invention of Peace

(See "The origins of war and Peace")

is a logical consequence of the above scenario during a stress episode like Toba .

Not to mention the College / University idea . Which morphed into Organised Religion .


The Dark Side .

The Rite of Passage (ie to qualify to be seen as human and worthy of procreation ) was an invention simultaneous with the invention of Peace . Youths who could not subordinate their impulses (to fairness , pain , boredom ) to the society , were expelled from the procreational pool , or even killed .


This mechanism (meme-structure) is still active today . (Flunked Varsity ? You're drafted.) Can't stand the fraternity initiation ? You are not human . Go flip burgers .


This works fine as long as the governing society is in charge . But by expelling it's mutants , the society builds up a pool resentful beings of various degrees of humanity.


A sudden change (climate , plague , technology , etc) reduces the defenses of the original system sufficiently to bring about a revolution


Ie the climatic stabilization about 12 900 years ago that made profitable agriculture possible .


4. Snakes .

The alert reader would have noticed that a reliable , sensitive temperature sensor is lacking in the human sensorium . The most sensitive ones are in the elbows and the back of the knees , and these hardly lend themselves to easy usage .


So they bred snakes . Remember , these are the people that domesticated through selective breeding all our present domesticated species .


Snakes then would have been the very first domesticated species .


A living thermometer .


The infra-red sensors of snakes are more sensitive than present thermometers used in hospitals .


The specially bred snakes would have been bred not only for thermo-sensitivity , but for chemo-sensitivity as well .


The forked-tongue could detect not only breakdown products of illnesses exuded through the skin or breath , but location as well . (That's why it's forked.)


A basket of specialized snakes would enable a medical practitioner of the era

70 000 – 12 900 BC to give first level medical care equivalent to that of country clinic in our era . Diagnostics would have been superior , since specialized snakes would be doing this . Think programmed bio-chips .


Problem cases would be referred to the local College center .


Poisonous snakes was bred for medicinal aspects of their poisons (still being done today) .


So where are these snakes today ?

Traces of their genetic material should be found in garden snakes in Western Europe .

Obviously , nobody has looked for genetic bottlenecks from this viewpoint .


So this is a verifiable test .

Evidence of deliberate breeding (especially in mitochondrial snake DNA ) should be found . It is doubtful that really highly specialized snakes could survive in the wild (think feral Jersey cow or Merino) , but some would have gotten lucky . Their genetic traces should be traceable .


Cultural remnants :

The Caduceus is a cultural remnant . (Intertwined snakes is still the Western symbol of medicine .) Not bad for a symbol about 30 000 years old .


Legends , statues and inscriptions of dragons .


Bible : Eden . The snake got the starring role as the baddie , since the victors wrote the history books .


Also note Isis , purging of Ireland of snakes , Feng Shui , etc


Spirals : in rock engravings , etc . Which way does a snake coil up ?


Midwives .

The memes for this civilization is coiled up inside the one set of humans that had to survive : the midwives .


Remember , they thought biologically . The concepts of seeds inside reproducing systems came naturally to them .


The Matriarchs had thousands of years to see their demise coming and to plant seeds


Ho-ho-ho !

The New World Order is guaranteed to be completely different from the Bilderbirger vision .


So , there were some good ones matriarchs and some bad ones .


The good ones tried to ensure the survival of what was good in their civilization .


The bad ones tried to ensure their dominance .


The ensuing civil wars destroyed almost everything .


Most of the good got thrown out with the bad .


The planet is littered with the ruins of their buildings , bioforms and still-active

bio- weapon systems .


Some meme markers that have survived the wars :

Bio-warfare vs numbers . Fear the disease-ridden stranger . If you are not for us , you are against us . Any writing or symbol is dangerous , since it can contaminated with mind-altering vectors by touching it .


Some remnants of these have survived in central-europe : psychotic and schizophrenic inducing chemicals in basic foodstuffs like rye (ergot fungi) . Some very localized near the original labs .

(One particular variant of psychosis inducing behavioural change organisms was localized within about 50 km radius in central Europe : symptoms : fear of persecution : paranoia with very definite cut-off points . A weapon .)


Your attention is drawn to plasmodium induced behaviour changes where the carriers are cats (and dogs as well) .

This would be a civilizing influence in a mild form ( taking risks by trusting ) , but a mind-control form in a strong form (trust unconditionally) . (Oxytocin stimulation)


A horrible thought is that the sites of the Nazi extermination camps (and the very idea) came from people picking up extermination bio-weapon contamination from old weapon sites . Note that the Nazi camps are on a line that would be a natural defensive line about 9 000 years ago .


Old weapons that kill and kill again .


Why the sudden sanity in the late twentieth century ?


Acid rain .


The vectors of madness were in the fungi (forest rhizomes) in the ground .

The weaponized mind-altering fungi , bacteria and viruses were obviously spread as widely as possible over the defensive lines . The ones that could survive thousands of years would be in the old fungi structures underground . These (because they were carrying a non-survival payload) were the first to die in acid-rain .


Remember , they thought like biologists .

They would not pick up a rock and bash you on the head . They would breed some organism that makes you vulnerable to their memes . You then would pick up a rock and bash their enemies ' heads in .


Can these organisms recover ?

Of course . They doing so now . See the latest history .


Why did this civilization nearly vanish ?

(See "The origins of war and Peace" , "Costs" , "Nazca" , etc)


Your attention is drawn to the putative small comet impact on North America about 12 900 years ago . See New Scientist 26 May 2007 "Firestorm from space wiped out prehistoric Americans."


This resulted in a short-term planetary climatic stability

(alas , now coming to an end ).


The resulting climatic stability led to usable , profitable , large-scale agriculture .


This led to an explosion in human numbers .


The Matriarchy tried to keep the lid on . Things got ugly on both sides .


The sub-human mutants (partially our ancestors ) won and extirpated their enemies . The late bronze-age cataclysm was but the end stages of a 7 000 year old clash of memes , and was correspondingly bitter.


Think Paris Hilton vs Bill Gates .



5 .Rhythm .


Rhythm is then a very ancient IFF mechanism .


Music is used as a cultural defining mechanism . Era's and societies are defined by ephemeral harmonies .


If you like my rhythms , we are pals .


6. Musical instruments:


Nearly all human instruments are characterized by causing compression waves around fingertips in sequences and cadences .


Guitar , piano , flute , etc .The reason why they popular is that they are easy to play . The reason why they are easy to play is that pattern-recognition takes place in the fingertips .


A hardwired threat is a cat stalking along slender bough . The cadence of a four-footed stalk is known . The damping of vibrations along a bough of decreasing diameter is known . The speed of the approach of the predator can then be calculated .


In music this translates as impending threat or doom . Can you see how it goes ?

Now you too can design threatening music that operates at instinctive level .


Finger tapping .

This is a variant of "Counting to ten" .

The pressure impacts on the nail-beds causes interrupts in the amygdale , hippocampus and lower stem . Hence the success of some stress therapies using fingerclicking .


You got rhythm if you fingertap and foot/toe tap with the music .



Fingertip to forearm tapping .

You will not find this little item anywhere else .


Endorphin release is proportional to fingertip-to-forearm cadences .


Instead of tapping your fingers on the table , tap them on and around your forearms instead in time to the music . Notice you will automatically start waving your forearms about .


Endorphin release is increased by orders of magnitude .


Why ?


Your forearm is like a branch . You are tapping your fingertips and moving your hands and forearms in a way that signals " Only friendlies and non-hostiles" about .


Monkey's joy .


Listen to some music that has a beat . Put your right hand on your left forearm and vice versa . Tap your fingers on the forearms as if you are conducting like mad . Go mad .


Try it .


Notice the flatness if you stop . This is endorphin production being stopped . (Especially with semi-classical music)


Notice that you move your fingers about 3 times as frequently as your thumbs . To be more exact , e=2.718… more frequently . The reason is obvious .


Notice that all musicians move their instruments if they can . The pianist moves his head and torso as he moves through the virtual canopy . Notice the contortions of a violinist . What does the virtual monkey-mind cluster of a violinist see as she contorts and gyrates ?


7. Counting .

The relationship between mathematics and music is well known .


But why ten fingers? Many different variations have been tried .

The answer is simple : 4 fingers + 1 thumb on each hand .

The thumb gives a better grasp on the branch . The 4 fingers at roughly equal distances split the harmonics of the wave on the branch . This is a physical optimization , inherent in the nature of vibrations . A physical and mathematical law of vibrations .


4=2^2 , 8 = 2^4 . Can you see it ?


A little prediction : the spread of thickness of 4 fingers in homonids will optimize natural harmonies in branches of varying taper .


This means that the thumb is not strictly necessary for rhythm recognition . Notice that most instruments do not require the thumb except for grasping . (Eg the guitar : the right thumb is usually replaced by a plectrum.)

This also means that the thumb could be used for something else , and that is what evolutionary systems did . Thumb systems specialized in acting as reference point for the other fingers . A weight-lifter , javelin-thrower , tennis-player , golf-player , violin-player , etc all do the same thing : their hands analyze the vibration-characteristics of their instrument to find the sweet-spot relative to the other fingers .


8. Golf:

The monkey swings through the air and grips a branch .

The 4x2 fingers hook over to top . Immediately , IFF is done in the fingertips . If no enemy is detected , the thumbs hook underneath . By this time , the branch has deformed under the weight and vibrations set up . Using the positions of the thumbs as reference points , the vibrational characteristics of the branch is analyzed . If the monkey wants to stay and have a firm grip , it must move to a vibrational node of the branch (ie where the standing wave caused by it's weight cancels out . Usually called the Sweet Spot .) . notice that one hand must get there first , usually overshooting . The overshooting hand is adjusted closer to the sweet spot , then the other hand . This approximation process is repeated until the monkey is satisfied (inside the parameter.)


It moves its hands , the fingers frequently and the thumbs less frequently (ratio of about 3 to 1) until it feels happy .


Now do the same to the golf club .

If right-handed , cradle the club lightly at balance point in the left hand with the fingers underneath and the thumb over the top , the handle to the right . The right hand has a light overhand grip .


Hold the club horizontal (like a branch ) , waggle it gently up and down . With the fingertips on the club , shift your hand alternately to the right until it feels correct . Jiggle the right hand back to correct for overshoot .


Then lock the right thumb in . (Note , locking the thumb is characteristic of all golf-grips . Now you know why .)


This is the interesting bit . While locking the right thumb in place , wriggle the left fingers and thumb until they feel ok . The right fingers can be wriggled as well , but not the right thumb . Do not wriggle the fingers more than 3 times the thumbs at this stage .






9. Piano


An interesting corollary is that you will learn the piano better and faster if you tape the thumbs out of the way .


10 .Birds .


So why doesn't birds have ten toes ? They have 8 = 3x2 + 2.

Birds can fly , so they don't have to stick around and develop enhanced harmonic analysis .


11. Stochastic resonance .


The Stochastic resonance mechanisms which evolved in the brain and hands to deal with random branch movements due to weather was essential to the development of language .


Lying and an honest error cannot be distinguished from each other . And it does not matter in the long term .


12 .Sexual Selection.


Men look at women and see at a subconscious level :

1. Her middle/hip ratio is about 0.75 . Enough room for babies head

2.High , conical breasts . They will not smother baby while suckling and running .

3. Well-kept nails . Tactile sensitivity for baby care and nursing .


Women look at men and see at a subconscious level :

1. A taut bum . Good runner . Essential for good hunter .

2.Muscled arms . Good hunter and protector .

3. Symmetric face . Behaviour not too weird .


That's it . The systems can only count to three .


If you want to overcome any negative impression on any one of these factors , you will have to work hard at it .


I was surprised to see nails pop out as an important sexual selection criterion . Females are always buffing , colouring , shaping , hardening , etc nails .


Shaped nails .

Refer to magnetrons . Shaped guides to various wave-forms can magnify the effect million-fold . Women with wave-guide shaped nails are remnants of the old order . Good or bad ? Unfortunately , nobody can tell . But if you run into one , run like hell .


The groove is only quantum deep , but it is coupled across all time .


So much for this space-time .







Saturday, February 09, 2013

Atmospheric Rivers

Andre Willers

9 Feb 2013

"A River runs over it" with apologies to Norman Maclean .


Water just won't behave . Now it clumps up in Atmospheric Rivers , dumping biblical floods at semi-random .

Discussion :

1.Described in Hammerstein II folklore :

"Ol' man river,
Dat ol' man river
He mus'know sumpin'
But don't say nuthin',
He jes'keeps rollin'
He keeps on rollin' along."


Atmospheric river

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


An atmospheric river is a narrow corridor or filament of concentrated moisture in the atmosphere. Atmospheric rivers consist of narrow bands of enhanced water vapor transport, typically along the boundaries between large areas of divergent surface air flow, including some frontal zones in association with extratropical cyclones that form over the oceans.[1][2][3][4]

The term was originally coined by researchers Reginald Newell and Yong Zhu of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the early 1990s, to reflect the narrowness of the moisture plumes involved.[1][3][5] Atmospheric rivers are typically several thousand kilometers long and only a few hundred kilometers wide, and a single one can carry a greater flux of water than the Earth's largest river, the Amazon River.[2] There are typically 3-5 of these narrow plumes present within a hemisphere at any given time.

Atmospheric rivers have a central role in the global water cycle. On any given day, atmospheric rivers account for over 90% of the global meridional (north-south) water vapor transport, yet they cover less than 10% of the Earth's circumference.[2]

They also are the major cause of extreme precipitation events which cause severe flooding in many mid-latitude, westerly coastal regions of the world, including the West Coast of North America,[6][7][8][9] western Europe,[10][11][12] and the west coast of North Africa.[3]


3.Satellite Storms :

One is reminded of the Rings of Saturn , where satellite moons smooth out cyclone-type perturbations .

Satellite cyclones similarly shape and steer atmospheric rivers .

4.That is why the atmospheric river is so narrow and has such an incredible amount of water .

5. The satellite storms both steer it and feed it (the same process ,actually)


6.Steering the Atmospheric River :

At present moment , the satellite storms are allowed to occur at random . This gives catastrophic storms in California every 200 years (measured over the last 2 000 years) . See or

7.Humans have both the technology and the knowledge to steer satellite storms so that Atmospheric Rivers are diverted into Atmospheric Deltas . (Which is where they normally are . Your normal rainfall) .

All they have to do is to prevent a certain class of randomness in the satellite storms .

A disruption , in other words , not even having to know what you are doing .

Any disruption is better than none . The odds favour you .

8. You are fairly safe on an East Coast , unless you have a large island offshore . This disrupts the satellite steering storms and leads to the Atmospheric River veering from east to west . Like Mozambique (Madagascar) , China(Japan) , etc .


9.Global Warming :

The contraption is driven by evaporation of water . Heat . The rule of thumb is that any 10 degrees centigrade rise doubles the chemical activity . ie 100% . A simple linear extrapolation gives a 1 C increase an increase of 1% in moisture in the atmosphere . Not too bad if it is spread evenly .

But it is concentrated among the atmospheric rivers . You are talking about billions of tons of water . Right over your head . Looking for an excuse to drop in .

10. West African Coast :

Angola , Namibia and Western Cape .

These are western coasts . As the tropics heat up , and especially the mouth of the Amazon also heats up due to deforestation , expect major dumping of water-loads on north-south mountain ranges . Expect the Makgadigadi sea to refill . Some tectonic shifts might close the Victoria Falls again .


11. Methane release in the Arctic .

The heat is in the vapour . Atmospheric Rivers mean only parts (10%-33%) of the arctic tundra gets heated . The rest remains frozen . But the heated part gets the publicity .

This goes for all the so-called human measurement systems . The real warming is about 1/3 of what is reported , because they do not take the heat-transport in atmospheric rivers into account .


12. What can humans do about it ?

You just have to watch and see if an Atmospheric River is forming , then disrupt some of it's satellite storms .

There are many ways to do this. The easiest and cheapest is simply to dump thousands of tons of pig offal to the north of the atmospheric river . Remember , you only have to disrupt the system .

It's default is an atmospheric delta . The organic material will change the satellite storms .

Get Astronomers to help you . This is exactly like shepherd moons of rings . The maths will help you .

13 . I never expected them in a ecological role .


14. You are talking about another rainstorm , or a $725 Bn flood damage .

15 . Your choice .

16 . ARKstorm

An ARkStorm (for Atmospheric River 1000 Storm) is a hypothetical but scientifically realistic "superstorm" scenario developed and published by theUnited States Geological Survey, Multi Hazards Demonstration Project (MHDP). It describes an extreme storm that may impact much of Californiacausing up to $725 billion in damages and repair (most caused by flooding), and affect a quarter of California's homes. The event would be similar to intense California storms which occurred in 1861 and 1862.[1] The name "ARkStorm" means "Atmospheric River (AR) 1000 (k)." The name was created as a way of quantifying the magnitude of west coast storms. It also meant to be drawn as a parallel to the biblical Noah's Ark story.


17. Yakkity-yak .

Don't rely on yaks in global warming .