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The Near Perfect Cup of Coffee .

The Near Perfect Cup of Coffee .

Andre Willers

31 Jul 2009

Synopsis :

Using cold brewing and quantum methods , we can get a near perfect cup of coffee .

Discussion :

The process :

1.Stripping the berry protective layer .

2.Fermenting the pulp. Low heat , enzymes .

3.Stripping the bean protective layer .

4.Roasting the beans .The main process .

5.Grinding the beans.

6.Brewing the grounds .

6.1 Boiling (ie Turkish , Arabaic ,Greek,Cowboy ,Espresso)

6.2 Below boiling (ie filter , drip) . 92-98 Celsius

6.3 Cold brewing (the best) . 5 Celsius

6.3.1 Cold brewing with Quantum Entanglement :

Shine infrared or light lasers after passing through an upward converting crystal to create entangled photons . Shine this through the brewing vessel for the brewing period (12 hours in the fridge) . As discussed (see "Entangled illumination" or "A really good cup of coffee."

This can be enhanced by taking a very , very small pinch of sodium bicarbonate in the coffee . The micro-bubbles increases the surface reaction areas . Micro-eructations return the flavenoids to the nasal passages for aroma perception . (Cf salt and egg-shell additions in old recipes .)

Be cautious with the calcium .

Creating the entangled photons .

Not exactly rocket science , as long as it is one-way .

The difficult part is the monochromatic , in-step electro-magnetic source (laser) . These you can buy cheaply at your electronics store (diode lasers) . Any triangular prismatic crystal will do for this coarse splitting of the light-wave , and subsequent entanglement . Also called a "downconverting" crystal . We are not worried about subsequent events .

Remember , this is a statistical process . As long as we get a large enough percentage of entangled photons from our input source , we are happy .

Ordinary crystals with multi-frequency light does give some entanglement , but a very small percentage .

Even so , Arghh!!

This theoretical construct means that not just Homeopathy , but Crystal Power can have effects .

Not just one , but both of my favourite candidates for pseudoscience .

Shining entangled photons (through a crystal) in the reaction chamber during the Homeopathic reduction process means that , theoretically , and according to orthodox science , reassembly of molecules can be influenced .

Not exactly what I had in mind .

Luckily , the processes need to fairly exact , so most of the stuff out there is still garbage .

Addiction :

The cold-brewing process is far more addictive than the others .

The caffeine content is lower , but some of the flavenoids trigger the same receptors as opioids . Maybe why the hot-water brewing method evolved : limitation to caffeine and lesser addictives .

For therapy , try cold-brewed coffee on opioid addictives . I have no idea what will happen with cocaine-type addictives , but think it might replace . Methamphetamine addictives would probably benefit , as well .

Though , if CCR5 blockers are involved in the volatiles , they paid a heavy price .

Coffee and Sex .

Some aroma elements stimulates sexual attraction to the opposite sex .

Note the Mocha-Chocolates , coffee aroma perfumes , coffee as a dating ritual .

A modest part of the plant's repertoires of tricks to increase the number of spreaders .

But very volatile . I suspect (from goatish behaviour) that mammalian pheromones are involved .

Human vomenarosal nerve-channels are still intact , and can be triggered by normal scent receptors .

The smell of freshly roasted and ground coffee will turn any human female on . Males , too .

And they thought coffee was about caffeine .

Andre .

Entangled Illumination - a major new technology.

Entangled Illumination - a major new technology.

Andre Willers

29 Jul 2009


Illuminating a process with entangled photons enables a much greater recovery of information than by un-entangled light alone.The factor can exceed a millionfold . Any particle can be an observer .


See Scientific American Feb 2009 p13 "Quantum afterlife" by CQ Choi .

Work done by Seth Lloyd of MIT .

Only theoretical at time of publication , but very probably much further advanced now , as application is so easy .

Destroying the entanglement enhances the process (ie entanglement over time , implied by Relativity , but this is a non-relative process) .

Note that this is "illumination" : we get the benefits of entanglement without all the nit-picking details . It can be directly applied to a large number of manufacturing processes .

Typical of Quantum theory , it mathematically describes a process where it is difficult to say " What does it mean?"

It is easier to show examples :

1.Chemical re-synthesis .

Our old friend coffee . (See "A really good cup of coffee : Hint " )

Shine entangled photons through coffee , then freeze-dry it (thereby destroying the entanglement)

When rehydrating , the entanglement effect comes through as a higher probability that fragile flavour-molecules will self-assemble . Since the factor can be a million-fold , we are talking a powerful effect .

Caffeine has been seriously mooted as a medium for quantum computers (Google it) , as it gives a fairly stable quantum-entanglement system .

Spooky , hey !

2.Life .

This concept is synergistic with infrared tech on cells:

(See "Gene Expression Control" .)

Cells routinely use entangled infrared photons to biase chemical synthesis in their own and daughter cells .

The alert reader will immediately notice that this once again raises the spectre of homeopathy .

It seems to have more lives than an entangled cat . (Apologies to Schrodinger)


This suggests some fast and cheap ways of making OLED's (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) .

The amusing thing would be to see if they can restrict the effect to the present time-frame . Your laptop screen showing different times simply will not do .

4.Entanglement catalysis .

Virtual or ephemeral catalysts can be created by this process , leading to much more efficient processes .

Development can easily be automated , too .

The internal combustion engine's exhaust products can be biased back to more useful hydrocarbons .

Or any system with useful exhausts .

5.Cold Fusion :

Shining entangled photons through the chamber is the necessary virtual catalyst for reassembly of information in a more useful form . A simple recipe .

A millionfold enhancement will give a very useful result .

6. Physics :

We look forward to the next installment of that long-standing sitcom , "The Standard Theory" .

Post-entanglement virtual particles . Orphan children . Divorced or separated virtual particles .

Can they avoid (gasp) the schemes of the Naked Singularity ? Avoid the clutches of Dark Matter ?

Never mind the Higgins particle .

What about the Perils of Pauline ?

"Do neutrino's have cellphones ? " Not an idle question .


Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Andre Willers

28 Jul 2009

Synopsis :

Newborn neuron cells are budded from stem cells mainly in the dentate gyrus in the hippocampus . They migrate in their wanderjahr of about 7 days , then settle down and grow dendrites . After about 14 days , if they have not found their purpose in life , apoptosis sets in .

This is an on-going process . so there is a pool .

See Scientific American ,Mar 2009 , p41 .

Discussion :

Obviously , apoptosis is necessary , as the skull-space is limited . Instead , connectivity is fostered (learning) . But even then , only important learning .

Sigh . Learning that takes an effort (by definition) . Activation of distant neuronal complexes (mirror images) .

Pulsing :

These young neurons form a pool . So apoptosis is pulsed . Especially during growth spurts in pre-5 year old and post-puberty ages .

Puberty ages are bad . Neural rewiring is going on .

But how ? By apoptosing old cells and replacing them with new ones . Hence the use of drugs like alcohol and nicotine and school routine boredom . These pulse apoptosis . Music is used extensively . Theoretically , one could write music that pulses the apoptosis at a peak (cf suicide walz) .

Old age :

Another sigh . The brain gets too integrated . Dentrite switches don't go to the "on" position , as neural markers indicating extent of interconnection (ie myelin sheath , interneural fluids) are absent .

Cheats :

1.Propanolol :

And similar stuff . Edits the memory at cellular chemical level . New interconnections triggers reduction in apoptosis and dentrite growth , especially if taken with :

2.Caffeine . A powerful dentrite accelerator .

Entire new mirror-neuron networks can be created from spare newborn neurons . The interaction between them and the old ones create that "aha" learning sensation , signifying learning : ie neurotransmitters preventing apoptosis .

3. Apoptosis feedbacks .

One would think that increased apoptosis of neurons would signal a decrease in stem-cell activity . Not on your Aunt Nellie .

Remember , it pulses . An increased/decreased apoptosis means an increased information traffic on the other side . It is like a sine wave . The system has to cater for the maximum information load .

4. Overcoming the skull-size problem :

Four ways :

4.1 Chemical : already done , but long axons . Some elementary spin dynamics .

4.2 Electro-magnetic : pulsing via brainwaves . Phases of phases .

4.3 Super-luminal :also called quantum effects . Non-locality . Except , the trick is keep non-locality , well , local .

I have discussed this in previous posts .

4.4 Trans-luminal : singularity effects . Outside the scope of this article .

Chemo-therapy :

Anti-cancer drugs and to a certain extent , anti-flu drugs (like Tamiflu) inhibit new neuron growth . So expect an acute attack of the stupids after taking them .

Take omega-3 supplements , as well as some difficult , measured learning experience with continual feedback.


Do not use propanolol plus caffeine unless under supervision of somebody who knows what they are doing .

And other beta-blockers ?

Clinical experience does not have the weight of evidence . But beta-blockers work by basically retraining heart muscles .

Beta-blockers , the heart and neurogenesis .

These are intimately related . Stem cells from the brain end up in the heart muscles and neuro-systems (the two are very linked) .

So , taking a beta-blocker (like atenelol 30 mg) , then a pulse of calcium , and then a dose of caffeine should fix it . The beta-blocker would rewind it , the calcium pulse would fixate it and the dendritic accelerant like caffeine would propagate it . The atenalol dosage can then be discontinued . The system should have been reset to baby-stage .

Some other interesting neural effects should be apparent .

I just did it . So I will keep you posted .

If I peg off , at least I will die with an open book in front of me .

And so it goes in chez Frankenstein .

Andre .

Toxoplasma Health Warning

Toxoplasma Health Warning
Andre Willers

28 Jul 2009


Toxoplasma has been convincingly shown to alter human behaviour in Rh-neg persons , and not for the better .

Discussion :

See New Scientist 6 Jun 2009 p11 .

Subjects of a study of 3890 military drivers over 18 months found that Rh-neg persons infected with toxoplasma had a significantly higher accident rate (2.5 times higher) than persons not infected or not Rh-neg .

Rh-neg infected persons also had a significantly slower reaction time .

Apparantly , the Rh-neg group has a protein on the blood-cells that enables the toxoplasma to pass the blood-brain barrier .

Since toxoplasma is notorious for stimulating risky behaviour in rodents , it might be up to the same tricks in humans . It has already bypassed most barriers in Rh-neg persons .

The human vector is the cat .

So , if you are Rh-neg and have a cat , do not expect to do well in sports involving fast reactions .

Drive defensively .

Think twice about indulging in risky behaviour , since it might be the toxoplasma driving , not you .

Note the risky behaviour of so-called witches in the Middle-Ages . The cat association seems to have a direct correlation with risky and non-rational behaviour . (Cf suffragettes)

I wonder if a dog can smell a toxoplasma infected cat ? Is part of the dog-cat animosity simply the dog's attempt to protect his human ? His sense of smell is certainly acute enough to pick up metabolic breakdown factors of the toxoplasma bacterium .

Did witch-smellers use dogs ?

Fragrantly yours

Andre .

Primitive Counting.

Primitive Counting.

Andre Willers

28 Jul 2009


Experiments on some fairly primitive animals have shown that they can count 1,2,3 and manipulate other quantities by ratio .


See New Scientist 20 Jun 2009 p37 "Animals that count" .

I treated this in some detail in "Primitives_0" ( 8/06/2006) and "Primitives_1" ( 5/03/2007) . See

Experimentation on Monkeys , salamanders , fish , bees , horses has confirmed that the primitive counting center is very old . It can count to 3 , then a different comparison mechanism is used .See the articles .

Humans , of course , cannot be counted upon , especially males .

The only known macroscopic quantum objects .

Andre .

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hearing 4 .

Hearing 4 .

Andre Willers

26 Jul 2009

Synopsis :

Existence proof that auditory and visual systems can be trained even in advanced age .

Discussion :

1. There is a large industry (about $225 million pa ) doing exactly this in rehab and sports . See

Or Appendix A

2. See New Scientist 18 April 2009 p13 "Mind gym helps life with schizophrenia" where it describes promising results

using some of PositScience's auditory training programs to induce a bottoms-up amelioration . (ie if the mental hearing processes are not properly trained , the resulting fuzz gets filled in by the brain's pattern-filling mechanism . This is a well-known mechanism used in creative mutation processes , quantum signal processing and stochastic resonance . Too much of it , though , and it is anchors aweigh .)

Visual : Itarin

Itarin does the same and more than the PositScience "InSight" program as far as training is concerned . Itarin is not very user friendly , though , as it was written as a development tool .

I wrote Itarin towards the end of 1998 . There is a documentation version of the theory on

Whether this leaves me any rights, I leave to the lawayers .

Auditory :

I considered visual systems more fundamental , and did not pay much attention to auditory systems until my own hearing diminished . PositScience , however , concentrated on that angle . It is interesting to note how the two systems converge .

The same programs are used, because the same type of neural systems are involved in the brain .

See "Hearing" , "Hearing 2" , "Hearing 3"

There are easier and faster ways of training auditory systems if used in conjunction with visual systems .



Appendix A


A Really good cup of coffee .

A Really good cup of coffee .

Andre Willers

26 Jul 2009

Synopsis :

Capture the volatile essences of coffee through cold-brewing and microwaving .

Even revitalize stale ground coffee .

Discussion :

The Theory :

The food-preparation stage of coffee is done during the peeling , fermentation and especially roasting stages .

The grinding and brewing is to prepare it for ingestion via drinking . In these processes , a large percentage of the volatiles are lost (of about 800 distinct compounds at least .)

As discussed before , some are of distinct medical advantage ( see "Aroma and Caffeine)"

Cold brewing .

This is a widely used cold-brewing method . See

This retains many volatiles lost by high temperature water brewing methods .

As discussed by many plain coffee-lovers , cold brewing gives the best tasting coffee of all . Because it retains many of the volatiles unnecessarily lost in the hot-water process .

But how to retain the volatiles when reheating the concentrate ?

The Microwave .

Put the coffee concentrate in cup , top up with cold water , cover with cling-wrap or splash/pressure guard and heat in the microwave until just below boiling (about 92-98 Centigrade)

How does it work ?

Shaken , but not stirred .

Like James Bond .

The cold brew is made by putting about 0.25 g of coffee grounds in one ml of water . This forms a coffee quicksand . Hence the shaken , not stirred . The volatiles are internally trapped by the coffee particles themselves , and dissolved in the water . This ratio is quite critical . Stirring it releases the volatiles , instead of trapping them .

This is left for about 12 hours . This can be hastened , but not without losing some of the tasty volatiles .

Boltzmann strikes again ! (Although covered pulsing is used by instant coffee manufacturers)

The Trick !

Put the resultant filtered concentrate in a cup and top up with cold , repeat cold water , cover with cling-wrap or splash/pressure guard and heat in the microwave until just below boiling (about 92-98 Centigrade)

The volatiles dissolve directly into the excited water molecules , without having much chance to escape .

Your coffee tastes like a freshly brewed cuppa .

Light sediment .

As you might have noticed , there is no heavy filtering . Light sediment still retains many molecules of flavour stuck to the walls (cf water molecules on dry sand) . The microwave process releases these , revitalizing even stale coffees .

I do not know what would happen with heavy sediment , but I suspect oily residues and tastes .

Sigh . I wish I could patent this . Even this little bit is worth a lot of money .

I tried this .

I took some very old ground coffee in the freezer (about 2 years old:stale) . Plonked them into a coffee plunger with cold water and left them for about 14 hours . Then simply decanted through a paper filter (not really necessary) .

Then about 6 tablespoons of concentrate per cup , microwaved as per above , gave a beautiful cup of coffee . The flavour and acidity came through perfectly , and there was no stomach acidity . The caffeine was noticeable , but not as heavy as with instant .

It Worked !

The stale coffee was revivivied !

A Dracula Special .

Speeding up the process .

You can try pulsing microwaves . About 5 seconds at a time .

Freezing has been done ad nauseam .

It is called instant coffee . The freezing process breaks some essential bonds on some of the more volatile chemicals .

Hint , hint :

By entangling the ends of some special molecules , during the freeze-drying process , a bias towards similar attachments can be formed during re-hydration . Simple lasers at special frequencies will suffice . Since the binding energies are low , even diode lasers will suffice . Cheap and tasty .

Sigh . This will be much easier with potato chips .

Hello Quantum Chips .

Especially with coffee , already proven to have easily-manipulated quantum characteristics .

And you thought I was joking .

Andre .

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Phaistos Disc

Phaistos Disc
Andre Willers
24 Jul 2009

Synopsis :
This is not a language , but a pictographic description of a very rich man's holdings . Ie a Bronze Age Platinum Credit card .

Discussion :
See "Bronze age credit cards"
His holdings would have been too large to fit on the normal necklace .
It would have been worn clasped in a holder with the necessary identifiers .
You won't find too many of these kicking about . Too valuable .

Decipherment :
Given this , the decipherment is a snap .
It is meant to be read by rotating the disk .
I was inclined to think it was a hoax , until I realized that the measurements are expressed in a base 7 (seven) . Not common , although Celts used a base nine .

There are 35 =7x5 cartouches on the one side . (I leave the other side for checking )

At the center is the name of our tycoon :
A eight-leaved flower , a male face and a straight arrow .
In our terms , "Honest Abe" .
Not much has changed .

He then proceeds to list his assets in every subsequent cartouche (cartouches being a characteristic borrowed from Egypt) :

Going around the spiral :

1.A man holding a wheat stalk with 5 sheaves ( a big wheat producer : 7^5=15 807 units)

2.1 A stylized house plan indicating his immediate underlings (7x8 = 56)
2.2 A well symbol signifying sufficient water
2.3 A three-fletched arrow signifying men at arms (probably personal retainers 7^3= 343 in number)
2.4 A hide symbol , sheep/goats . Number unknown.
2.5 A hide symbol signifying oxen (well known bronze age symbol . Our term "pecuniary" from Latin pecus=oxhide comes from this) . Number unknown .
2.6 A circle with 7 symmetrically arranged circles within it : signifying urns of olive oil . Probably the origin of the peculiar seven-based number system . Six amphorae in a circle and one in the center gives seven . The size of amphorae in the bronze age is known . So this can be cross-checked . This would have been important in shipping .
2.7 A head with a Mohawk hearcut . Easily identified slave .

The quantities would have been encoded in markers which are unknown now . But he had a lot .

3. The next cartouche repeats his name .

4. Subsequent cartouches lists his subsidiary holdings in various parts .
Some pictographs are clear (like the fish and reed ones : holdings in the Euphrates delta) . It seems he had extensive holdings in the Egypt delta (the funny "Y" shape with reed ) .
There is a distinct rhinoceros head with Ibex horn and oil symbol in one cartouche , (North Africa)

The oil and hide symbol recurs many times . This guy was a trader in easily transportable items . Essences (think perfumes ) and hides . Tusks and horns . The bird symbol recurs a few times . I surmise it meant feathers . A valuable , lightweight item .

5. He kept on repeating his name (boasting ) . Not an unknown characteristic in tycoons of any age .

6. His entourage would have been under strict orders to destroy the disk in event of his demise . How it survived must have a real fluke (more likely human skullduggery) .

7. He must have been a real go-getter to build up such a portfolio . Probably known .
I call him "Honest Abe" , but "Lotus Straight-Arrow" would be a better translation .
As trustworthy as a second-hand car dealer .
(Some cartouches has what looks suspiciously like camels) .

8. Identity markers .
The whole thing was set in golden clasp ceremonial setting . There are distinct indentations on the rim where the clasps were fixed . This would have carried priestly seals signifying authenticity . Much more valuable . There is a small probability that this is lying around where the disk was originally found if it was a natural disaster . In which case , the remains of "Honest Abe" and his entourage might be close by , as well .

Sic transit pecunia .

Andre .

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shangri-La .

Shangri-La .
Andre Willers
18 Jul 2009

Synopsis :
The place of peace , tranquility and contemplation .

Discussion :
Far too boring for humans . Nice place to visit and recuperate , but nobody wants to stay there .
Sturm und drang . And if it does not exist , they will create it .

Quote from "National Geographic" May 2009 "Searching for Shangri-La"
"Ten years ago the was becoming a ghost town of derelict buildings and deserted dirt roads ."
"Tourism saved the place .The Tibetan farm-houses were rediscovered as unique , endemic architecture that could turn a profit. Redevelopment started immediately ."

Peace and tranquility is very well if you are at the top of the heap . Any position below that can only be bettered by a little churning .

Apropos to that:
If you want a really wild time on the really, really old time , be around Stone Henge , the Bermuda triangle or just south of Memphis in old Egypt from 17 July to 28 August 2009 .
A large magnetic monopole flux is predicted .

I have to warn you that you will enjoy it more if you wear something fashionable .

Andre .

Weather Modification .

Weather Modification .

Andre Willers

21 Jul 2009

Synopsis :

Shaped supersonic compression waves alter the feedback in the hurricane's eyewall .

Hurricane Modification .

From the work of Arkady Leonev , a fluid-dynamics engineer at the University of Akron . As described in Popular Science of March 2009 , p 28 " Hurricane Busters" .

His proposal and calculations : the supersonic compression waves of a pair of supersonic jets flying counter to the hurricane's rotation just outside it's eyewall in a narrowing spiral down to near sea-level will choke off the energy pump of the hurricane .

Discussion :

1.Multiples of three jets would be better . See work done on Wankel engine , helicopter rotors

2.Beware the stutter .

The hurricane engine would not just shut down , but collapse in stages , leaking really , really strong winds to the side at various altitudes .

3.Why supersonic waves ?

Because the supersonic shock-wave partakes some characteristics of an elongated particle . Namely , it has an identity and persists . Some conservation laws can be applied . Squeezing them down in a decreasing spiral exacerbates this . Non-linear effects near the bottom causes pulses of high-pressure to negate the low-pressure of the eye . Exceeding a critical frequency will cause the whole shebang to start an irreversible collapse . Many millions of tons of air start falling down from the stratosphere . Don't be near .

4. Fine tuning .

The pitch and form of helices , as well as reinforcing shapes would easiest be modeled on a big computer .

5. Steering Hurricanes .

Just stopping it leaves a large mass of hot air about . Trouble looking for a start . Much easier to steer the hurricane by elliptical helices of the orbiting aircraft . There is a lot of theoretical work on exactly this subject in Planetary formation , where they consider the effects of interstellar shockwaves on nascent gaseous planets .

6 Hurricane farms .

The planetary mechanism requires some way of redistributing energy from the tropics . Steering hurricane is one way , but more elegant is starting them and steering them , milking them of energy and fresh water on the way . This can be done by the reverse of the mechanism above . In the Atlantic , starting at the West African coast .

7. Tornado farms .

A hurricane's smaller brother , the tornado , can be harnessed the same way .

Prophylactic tornadoes . Some precisely patterned supersonic pathways can form and shape tornadoes in harmless or even useful directions .

8. Windshears .

Patterned supersonic flybys can precipitate potentially dangerous windshears .

9. Thunderstorms .

Something similar .

10 .Biotic pumps .

See "Biotic Pump"

Flying supersonic patterned helices from the coast to inland can induce thunderstorms and obviate even the need to maintain a green strip .

11. Tippler Machines :

The particular importance of patterned pathways and directions around the eye reminds one of Tippler machines . Showing again the inherent asymmetry in nature .

"You're not in Kansas , anymore , Dorothy .

Andre .

Friday, July 17, 2009

Rabbits and the Singularity

Rabbits and the Singularity
Andre Willers
17 Jul 2009

Synopsis :
Around 600 AD Pope Gregory I decreed that newborn rabbits can be substituted for fish during Lent .
This was in response to popular movement . A thousand years later something similar happened to aquatic rodents in South America .
Why ? And what does it tell us ?

Discussion .
Transsubstiation was (and is) a cornerstone of the Christian faith . The change of something base into something better . The basis of the Last Meal . Totally contrary to the Platonic theory of ideals . Inherent in Hermetic systems afterwards , including alchemy and science . Theories of Conservation are not possible without this underlying concept of mutability .

Reverse- transsubstiation .
Something closer to quantum systems . If substance x gets Transsubstiationed , it is in a special correlation (entanglement) with it's more refined offspring . Thus , it is OK to eat something that appears like fish as it will be substantiated into fish . Which is why this whole thing is proscribed by the Catholic Church .
Without the discipline of quantum mechanics to define the boundaries of the entanglement , where do you stop ?You end up with the Buddhist concept of all is one .

Whereas , we know all is one only about 2/3 of the time . And we do not know which bits are one . Or whether they take turns .

Back to the rabbits .
Rabbits were not domesticated before this . It took the old monks about 100 years to breed domesticated rabbits . In other words , to bring about irreversible changes in their genome .

It tells us that the knowledge of how to domesticate wild animals had not been lost . Like weaving , it had simply and quietly gone underground . The same effect can be seen in the rapid development of various breeds of horses , dogs and other animals . Only R&D establishments like monasteries could afford this big an initial outlay . They were the Monsanto's of the Middle Ages , and about as mercenary . Think vertically integrated companies .
Really good bio-genetic engineers . They could deliver a horse to spec within about 5 generations .
They could do this because they kept a large stock of genetic blanks .

Of course they tried it with humans .
To perfect humans .
The real reason why the Templar's were eradicated .
Because they were unsuccessful . They were just another elite . Dump that test batch .

Another test batch was in Northern Germany . Depopulate during the 1600's , practice eugenics for four centuries and end up with the Nazi's .
Sigh .

Unfortunately , without an understanding of epigenetics , trying to breed better humans is on par with trying to breed a better operating system for your computer by choosing between various applications .

Epigenetics cannot be understood from unaided human observation .
Apart from complexity , the existence of reverse-transcriptase means that there are trap-door functions built into the whole system , precisely to prevent reverse-transcriptase from erasing the whole shebang . A rather basic application of encryption theory . It also means that one can never decrypt the whole system from observation alone .
Elegant !
No matter how large the population , real or virtual . So scratch the ban on birth-control . It is immaterial , in any case .

And , of course , after epigenetics is culture .
Epigenetics cannot be understood without the aid of a culture .
All those thingies to watch other thingies in finer and finer detail .
Made and paid for by large organizations . Decisions at cellular level dictated by cultural choices .

You can see how it goes .
This sequence does not stop . It is open ended .
As repeatedly stated in previous posts , and obvious from fact that (A plus ~A) is less than the Universum .
It is inherent in delineated systems .

Now can you see the importance of Reverse- transsubstiation ?
Humans being at the bottom end of the transsubstiation chain . A feedback loop perfectly describes the singularity (by definition) . Reverse- transsubstiation is just another term for the singularity . The rabbits are substitutes for humans . And they want to make you better .

A typical Aristotelian approach and denouement .
They ended up with two seemingly irreconcilable factions. Breeding better humans or educating them .
They did not take into account the 1/3 and 2/3 melding .
Thesis and anti-thesis fluctuate between 1/3 and 2/3 . The synthesis starts at 1/3 , which eventually swallows both .
Dynamic Aristotelianism .

They wanted a rabbit that looked like a fish .
Instead , they got Bugs Bunny .

"What's up , Doc ?"

So much for them .

Andre .

Bronze Age Credit Cards

Bronze Age Credit Cards
Andre Willers

17 Jul 2009

Synopsis :

Extensive trade and travel during the Bronze Age was facilitated by credit arrangements administered and enforced by the religious system (ie the Priests and Priestesses) . Any transgression was punished as a religious offence (like Contempt of Court today) .

Discussion :

Tokens :

See Bessarat on the origins of writing .

Tokens were geometrical forms (usually of baked clay or stone) like cubes , trapezoids , hexagons , etc . Each represented ownership of a good (say a cow , or ten cows , land , wheat , etc) . In other words , wealth . Credit .

These tokens are found all over the Middle East and Bronze Age Europe .

These tokens were assembled in two distinct ways .

In clay envelopes (leading to writing as Bessarat described)
On a string , the ends which are sealed by a sigil of the priesthood as a mark of authenticity . This was worn by the traveler . He furthermore had tattoos which acted as a PIN . The priesthood learned the corrects codes during their initiation rites . It was one of the primary sources of their wealth and power , and was jealously guarded .

This was a Bronze Age Credit Card . But if you cheated on the card , it was you that got cut in half , not the card .

The traveler simply applied to the nearest temple or fain and his bona-fides and credit status was attested and guaranteed by the local bank (priesthood cum temple) . This enormously facilitated all commerce , where payments might be very slow .

(Note that Roman temples still acted as banks even into late classical times : eg Venus Moneta , from where our term money comes from .)

Carrying large amounts of cash (gold , silver) led to heavy scrutiny by local authorities .

(Ever tried to spend a gold Kruger rand at the local supermarket ?

Possession of unwrought gold will earn you a session with the cops and Revenue in our Enlightened Times .

It got you hung in most of history .)

Using the credit facilities was encouraged with a heavy hand . Fraudsters could thus be easily tracked . Remember , this was a low-population density society . They kept as good (if not better) track than modern computerized ones .

Tourism then , as now , was a big industry (though usually camouflaged as a pilgrimage , fulfillment of a vow to a god , obeying a dream , you name it . Monkey curiosity . The same thing that keeps the Airbus 380 in the air .)

It was a peaceful , prosperous society with the rule of Law exercised by the local priesthood .

For this to work , they needed a general set of measures of weights , volumes and lengths . Which they had . The well-known Bronze Age set of standards . Found all over Europe . (Megalithic Yard , etc . Google it)

Oetzi .

This is speculative , but fits the known facts .

1.He was a well-heeled traveler , with PIN tattoos . Well-fed , with expensive accoutrements .

2.He fled well-organized pursuit away from the safe lowlands into the mountains at dangerous time of the year . Away from civil authority that may have been sympathetic .

3.He was not buried . A big no-no in those societies .

4.This was not a lawless society . It was probably safer than the present one . The pursuers and executioners had legal sanction .

This all indicates that he had run afoul of the religious authorities . He and his goods (except the necklace) were anathema and left unburied .

He was simply hunted down and left as a sacrifice to the Mother (pour le encourages les autres ) . Since his goods were tainted as well , they were not looted . He was deliberately left . Except the necklace of tokens , which would have been returned to the local priesthood .

This could not have been very common .

He must have been an important fugitive , especially given the fact that his body was not looted in the years afterwards . The locals knew to a centimeter where he fell . Yet they refrained .

This tells us that greater attention should be paid to the tattoos on his body . These must denote markings signifying a person quite high up in the ancient priesthood . Pay special attention to the scalp , the scrotum and the back along the spinal chord (Chakra's) . There should be tattoos under the hair (ancient Egyptian priests had shaven scalps . Cultural diffusion.) . Also look for scars where tattoos had been cut away .

There is also a high probability that he was hunted as a renegade . Hence the uncommon restraint of the locals as far as looting the body is concerned . The priesthood kept a beady eye on the affair for a long time afterwards .

Oetzi must have really got up their collective noses .

Like , eloping with a high-priestess .

An old tale of love , pursuit and revenge .

All we need is a beautiful princess cum priestess , the two being synonymous in the matriarchal society of the time .

The probability is low , but there might be another mummified corpse near where Oetzi was found .

A human female , about 23 , tattooed , with jewelry .

Oetzi's love has outlasted 5 000 years .

If he keeps true to form , the two will at long last be reunited .

Beats Aida .


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hearing 3

Hearing 3
Andre Willers
16 Jul 2009

Inner-ear hearing can easily be retrained . It is also intimately tied to eyeball movements and scalp mobility .

Discussion :
See previous "Hearing " , Hearing2" as well as "Aroma and caffeine" Earlier posts on tapping of fingers and rhythms .

I thought I had to get a new sound system to do retraining . but first I tried the old one and listened carefully .

I found that just by moving the eyeballs from one speaker to the next in time to the music caused pronounced physiological changes . A "perking-up" sensation in the inner ear . Difficult to describe , since we have no language referents for inner-body processes . Do not mistake this for moving the head or tapping (those can be added later)

This is a primary correlation system between visual saccades and auditory saccades .
Also has major implications for left-to-right reading and phonetic systems .

Sounds impressive , but what does it mean ?

Each system has evolved from chemo-receptors , but the neurological information handling is similar . Saccades are ripples of active perception , integrated in-situ . The system learns more easily along evolutionary routes . Hearing is an active process , with all those little hairs playing the same role as retinal receptors .

The focus:
By moving the eyeballs only , we force a change in the auditory focus . Remember the visual system is not symmetric as far as movement vector-perception is concerned . A similar asymmetry is found in the auditory system .

The feedback from the focus change causes retraining in the auditory nerve-hair complex .

But why should there be a correlation ? Well , why not ? Both systems are concerned with survival in a social context .
See below .

Scalp movement .
Human surface skin is much more mobile than those of animals .
You will notice as you move your eyes only from speaker to speaker , that little facial muscles you never knew you had become alive . Not just noticeable . But active . Quirking eyebrows . Pricking ears . Pointing ears . Etc .

These are all communication media for humans .

The Animated Face .
Not just a figure of speech , but an essential tool if you want to succeed in any human social endeavor .
Ever watch an animated girl ? Her face is like a rubber mask .

Why eyeball movements ?
Simple mechanics .
Barring quantum systems , there simply is not enough nerve connections to correlate eye saccades with ear saccades . But moving the eyeballs from side-to-side is the first level of macro-integration which can be integrated with hearing . From a complexity viewpoint , I suspect that the eyeball-movement is the driver .

Simply moving your eyes only from side to side , changes the perception of the music . Usually , it sounds as if the focus has changed from ear to ear . All humans can hear music in their heads . If you are not careful , you cannot stop hearing the music as long as your visual system is active .

Interesting effects can be obtained by mixing eye-movements and music movements in various harmonic or disharmonic proportions . Known as jazz , walz , rock , etc .

And caffeine ?
It is a dendritic accellerant . If you move your eyes from side to side after drinking coffee or tea (like in a conversation) , your hearing gets better and communication as well . Scalp mobility improves . Immune system as well .

Peripheral Neuropathy .
There is a teensy-weensy problem . If an axon (an overgrown dendrite) has a transport-crash ,
caffeine sends more stuff faster . Hence the correlation between coffee or tea and peripheral neuropathy . Pulsing would be an approach .

Ah , yes , Pulsing .Patterned pulsing . Also called music .

The major users of axon pathways in the body are muscles . so , dancing to the music while entraining stimuli by moving the eyes side-to-side to the music will give the axon time to recover .

The same is applicable in the brain .

Notice that most music has a rousing portion , followed by a calming portion . The calming portion is usually longer . (by 2/3)
This enables various nerve systems to recover (purely physiological) .

A verbal equivalent (a designed poem)

"Love flourishes and grows until it dies , then grows again and
again .
Again it dies , but flourishes again . It dies again , but again it grows
again ."

Maybe a pop song , but is this evolution ? Actually , yes . Evolution is all about love . Sex is peripheral .
It is tied in with the pulsing . Competition is only about 1/3 of the system . Co-operation is about 2/3 .

And so it goes about 2/3 of the time .


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Aroma and Caffeine .

Aroma and Caffeine .
Andre Willers
12 Jul 2009

"Smell the Coffee "

Synopsis :
The chemicals in the aroma of coffee and tea plays the major role . Caffeine plays base .
The aroma is the important thing .

Discussion :
The argument is evolutionary . Fermentation in the stomachs of herbivores is the key .
Plants evolved chemicals which , on fermentation released other chemicals that pleased the bacteria in the stomach and gut.
To provide the necessary feedback for further consumption , caffeine speeded up dendritic systems . This included immune and nervous systems . Also acted as a handy nerve-system insecticide . (Typical evolutionary multi-use)

To please the gut-bacteria , the chemicals must be quite beneficial . Good for you .

The heat of fermentation plays a major role . Hence the role of roasting and fermentation in making coffee and tea .

Coffee and tea evolved to smell nice in the gut to other bacteria .

Of course , it would smell nice to us . The caffeine speeds up dendritic activity (ie accentuates) their role . The neural network learns accordingly .
The immune system dendritic cells are powerfully affected .
And it learns from the aroma-chemicals .

CCR5 receptor .
The aroma of coffee and tea seems to contain a blocker to the site . Hence the historical anomalies . Non-coffee or tea areas (like western Europe) acted like virgin populations to the Plague , but not areas further east .
The Plague vanished out of Europe as coffee consumption increased . The 1918 flu was worst in areas where coffee was unavailable due to the war .
Flu-epidemics have become more prevalent in post-war years due to the increased popularity of instant coffee (which is not coffee at all ) and tea-bags (which does not allow an aroma .)

And HIV and flu uses the site .
The declining rate of AIDS in the western coast of the USA can be shown to be inversely related to the growth of Starbucks .

Rather amusing . Western and Eastern civilizations flourished due to coffee and tea aromas . But humans cleverly have removed the one element that made it possible , namely the CCR5 blocker in the aroma . And now they wonder at the plagues descending on them .

Another amusing thing :
Coffee is one of the most researched things around . Especially the aroma . But they have focused on faking it , to add it to instant coffees . The more complicated compounds were ignored .
Somewhere, in some forgotten paper , is the clue to a CCR5 blocker .

"Drink Fomo Instant , and forget about flu or HIV ! " . This is actually possible (Remember Viagra.)

What To Do ?
1. Smell the coffee or tea . Ceremonies . Why is there no coffee-smelling ceremony like with tea ?
2. A few semi-roasted ground-up coffee beans with a small pinch of bicarbonate of soda should give an intestinal aroma .
3. Take a hefty dose of caffeine after taking tamiflu or antibiotics . To activate dendritic immune cells .
4. Identify the blockers in the aroma and use them .

Smell the Coffee !


Friday, July 10, 2009

Sacrificial Reserves.

Sacrificial Reserves.
Andre Willers
13 Jul 2009

Synopsis :
A very old evolutionary mechanism to optimize species survival in a fluctuating environment .

Discussion :
Evolutionary systems are not good at limiting overpopulation . By it's very nature , a successful adaptation will fill all available niches in the ecosystem .

But the ecosystem fluctuates between bad times and good times .

If a part of the population has a less competitive gene-set , this plays very little role during good times . But during bad times , this population group cannot compete nearly as well . It functions as a reserve in bad times .
They die off easily or serve as food .

Repeat over and over again . The less-competitive gene-set gets selected because of it's reserve availability during bad times .
The ratio can be calculated using Reserve arguments in "New Tools:Reserves".
Usually between 10 and 20 percent .

This is fractal , so it can be seen from gene-level upwards .

Recessive genes .
Ever wonder why we have recessive genes at all ?
In a large group they form a sacrificial reserve .

Once you know what to look for , societies and populations abound in sacrificial reserves .

Non-reproductive sexes (gays , etc.) See "Sexes of Man"
Left-handed people . See "Hearing 2 : Hearing and Vision."
Colour blindness .
Religious systems abounds in sacrificial reserves . Buddhism , Christianity , Islam , etc , etc .
The systems evolved to compensate for civilization crashes .
Numerous diseases .

And of course , the granddaddy of them all : old age . Programmed apoptosis .
This , of course implies that there is a population group that has no old age . The ur-group that utilizes the agers as a sacrificial reserve .

The examples go on and on . It really is a basic mechanism .

Fashion :
A system with no reserves . The whole point . It is a counter to all the reserves being created all the time .

Sacrificial Reserves is very powerful mechanism .
We can always put the organism under stress . Getting drunk is the easiest .
The trick is to prevent the backward-feedback . Tamiflu does this .
Hypnotism is another candidate .

To zap swineflu (or A,B type flu . )
Take Tamiflu and get drunk .
The flu stimulates a flight-or-fight reaction .Tamiflu prevents flu-type organisms from replicating . This frees up resources to the body . An "Aha" feeling . Sigh . Another druggie thing .
The alcohol also zaps gut-bacteria , freeing up a large portion of the immune system away from the gut . Do not take probiotics .

The net effect is a mobilization of the immune system against the flu system that cannot defend itself because Tamiflu inhibits the feedback mechanism to grow the number of flu viruses . The net effect is an "Aha" feeling . Tamiflu plus alcohol should then be classified as a psychologically addictive process .
A new perversion , by gad !

More later .


Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Hearing 2

Hearing 2
Andre Willers
7 Jul 2009

Synopsis :
Higher frequency hearing loss caused by dis-training .

Discussion :
Arggh !
I should have known this . (See
"How to Enhance enjoyment of CD music ." Andre Willers 19 Nov 2007)

I did not move my head enough .
It took about a year for listening to CD's to distrain the high-frequency mechanisms of the ear .
The visual system was then also affected (see " Hearing")

At least the system is easily rectifiable .

Yes , the system can be retrained , at least to normal age standards , and probably to better .

The Theory .
The theory is very interesting .
See July 2009 p 40 "Origins of the Left and Right hand brain."

They make a fairly convincing case that brain-hemisphere specialization is very old (we are talking 500 million years ) , but in typical human fashion the really interesting question of why the nerves are twisted in 180 degrees is simply ignored . Yet it is the primary question . It must have a compelling evolutionary advantage , otherwise it would have simply have been selected out . All that extra wiring and complications . Things that can go wrong over 500 MY . Why did it persist ?

Primal Vector Sensing .
See p52 of the article . A toad zaps the target better if the target is rotating clockwise . Ie moving from left to right . But not in the other direction . There is a advantage in speed in the movement in one direction . This is from direct vector (direction of movement) sensing . And this is derived from the twisting of the nerves . (Happens even in copper conductors - called inductance) . Nerves are more complex , and have vector-leaks through the myelin sheaths . Notice disease symptoms with myelin sheath disorders .

This can have only one direction . Hence the symmetry-breaking . The Left-handed and Right-handed thingie is intimately associated with nerve cross-over . You can model the evolutionary success . The original symmetry-break was probably associated with the chiral forms of sugar molecules .

So , we can add another primary sense . Direction vector of motion . Both the direction and speed .

This changes things considerably .

Hearing and vision .
Neither are symmetrical . This is really important .
Both have built-in biases , and to function properly they must work alternately , not simultaneously . There is an either-or gate in the neural processing at a very deep level .

A slow side-to-side scanning motion by the eyes and ears (head , in other words) , is the natural motion for optimal function of humans .

There is also a preferred direction of sensing : it seems to be left-to-right . (Dictated by the twisting of the neural fibres)
You will see and react to the flight of a ball from left-to-right much faster than the other way . Your musculature has evolved accordingly . What a difference a twist makes !

A lecturer's optimal strategy would be to walk slowly from his audience's left to right while talking , then distract their attention by some problem while quickly moving back to their left and repeating .

Sigh . That is how reputations are made . The repetitive impact is impressive . (Why do you think no teacher teaches while sitting still ? Something that has always bothered me.)

The effect is innate at neural level . Lefties ? See "The sexes of man ." for frequency calculations .

Facial symmetry .
A normal human will have a slightly asymmetrical face . The use of mouth while speaking , etc .
Really symmetrical faces (like one sees on soapies sometimes) , might appear handsome , but gives rise to a sense of disquiet . As they should . Only psychopaths or extreme sociopaths have completely symmetrical faces . Very asymmetrical faces also are a surface manifestation of a disturbed mind .

But anything in-between , is deemed "interesting" .

Body symmetry .
The same holds .

The idea of symmetry as "Body Beautiful" goes back to the ancient Greeks , who can be described as a bunch of sociopaths who liked to hang about in baths in between running around killing anybody who disagreed with them . Hard to keep a decent cook with them around .

One would expect a preferred direction , namely left-to-right in the visual field of the primary . Ie , rotating anti-clockwise , like in walzes , etc .

In general , one would expect a anti-clockwise bias in any human activity involving rotations . See all the petroglyphs on innumerable spiral rocks .

Golf .
Golf is an asymmetric body-activity that is highly specific in age and frequency perception . Is there golf-music?

Orchestra :
Notice that the orchestra positions in opera ensures a proper training regimen for elderly people . The sound frequencies are positioned correctly .
A frequent opera-goer would hear much better than one that did not go .

An interesting question : is the impact additive ?
If the viewer only sees a left-to-right motion , is the message of the presenter enhanced by a simple multiplicand ?
The answer seems to be "Yes" , hence the form of theatres and lecture halls . The actual presentation seems like an uninterrupted movement from left to right to the audience .
(ever wondered why theatres were portions of circles?)

Now you too can be a master playwright .
Notice Shakespeare's actors all entered and left from the left-to-right from the audience's perspective .

Remedial Therapy :
To better hearing and vision :
1. Move head frequently . This is too much hassle . One forgets .
2. Get multi-frequency sound system from different moving directions .
3. Itarin .

The Invariant Symphony .
The Fractal symphony .
I would like to write a piece of music that uses all the frequencies , but is separate and yet recognizable at every age-frequency cut-off point . I have a sneaking suspicion that Mozart did exactly that , but do not know enough to say .
Any ideas ?

Any human can hear his own music .
But can you make other humans hear your music ?
Or other intelligences ?

The band of Orpheus and Dionyses will really rock you .
Arachne will be the singer , spinning her golden web .
Their song would restore any hearing .

Have you ever wondered why these old guys were all solo artists ?

If you understand that , you understand their civilization .

Andre .

Gene Expression Control : A major new technology .

Gene Expression Control : A major new technology .
Andre Willers
7 Jul 2009

Synopsis :
Tsien (of University.California.San.Diego) has altered phytochromes to emit infrared light .("Science" , May 2009)
This enables in-vivo tracking of biochemical processes , as well as controlled expression of genes .

Discussion .

See July 2009 , p15 " Deep into the red" .

Tsien , Chalfie and Shimomura won the 2008 Nobel prize for creating the green fluorescent proteins .

Tsien and his team has now created a phytochrome (and the synthesizing genes) that absorbs light and emits it in the deep infrared (near 700 nanometers) . The critical thing to note is that cell-tissue is nearly transparent to these wavelengths . The signal travels well . It can easily and clearly be monitored from other cells or even outside the body .

This alone is of great significance , since they can (and have) monitored various cell-processes in-vivo and deep inside other tissues (see photo of tagged cells in living liver inside the live owner .) .

But such a handy mechanism has already been pressed into use by evolutionary systems .

It has long been known that infrared signals play an important role in communication between cells , but the mechanisms were unclear .

Bacteriophytochromes gather light and convert it into energy for the signals to trigger the expression of genes .
Most of this light is in the infrared . Otherwise , there is some elaborate dendritic-like structures forming wave-guides between cells , especially in the immune system . (See some of my previous posts) .

There is quite a bit in the literature about infrared measured between cells , but the experimental procedures made greater exactitude impossible . Nothing could be done in-vivo . All specimens were of mangled organs squeezed between two plates .

We now have the capability to make phytochromes that can collect light of specified wavelenghts and emit the energy at specified wavelengths .

The emitted infrared wavelength can be at the wavelength that triggers a genetic switch . We can furthermore monitor the activity of the gene by further , different wavelengths from our designed phytochromes .

The Killer-App .
The real-time feedback means that this whole process can be automated .

The above process describes the decipherment of the Epigenetic system , which is more complicated than the genetic system .

But we can easily set up shot-gun approaches on living organs (livers seem to be very amenable) and simply permutate the hell out of it . The results can be assembled via real-time monitoring of the emitted infrared and assembled by computer . Very much like what Craig Venter did with the genome .

For those in a bigger hurry , real-time feedback using the existing evolutionary switches can be used .
(This might be preferable , in any case.)

I did not expect the epigenetic system to be cracked so quickly .

Some expected results :
1. Artificial wombs (epigenetic control outside of bodily nano-assemblers)
2. Arbitrary control of the phenotype expression , even after adulthood . This means optimization of any particular genotype .
3. Blurring of genotype and phenotype . This means practical longevity , designer humans , etc .
4. It also means massive problems with identity , memory , you name it .
"Who am I ?" will become an even more multi-dimensional problem .
5. Blurring of the memes , genes and phenes . (Phenes being the units of the epigenetic system)
6. Blurring of virtual and real . A Quantum World .
7. Fashion will become really important .

Why you need it :
While the latest tests are still inconclusive , there are strong indications that the latest bout of H1N1 flu (known as Swine-Flu or Mexican flu) has a pronounced decrease in human fertility in the survivors . This is to be expected from evolutionary arguments (see my previous posts – all of them . Complex feedback controls are a recurring theme .)

You can also see it from a detailed look at the population figures after every major flu-pandemic where reasonable records are available . (ie since 1918) . Trying to reconcile the approximate deathtoll with population figures afterwards assuming known fertility rates does not rhyme . The problem is that the fertility rate dropped precipitously , and ever steeper every time .
Pulses of decreased fertility , most prominent in the societies with the greatest connectivity .
Typical of an evolutionary population-control system .

1918 Flu
For example , the deaths of the 1918 flu keep on being revised upwards .
Can we count corpses better after 90 years ?
No .
The surviving population that reaches census age at every subsequent iteration (generation) is simply smaller , because of a drop in fertility rates . The effect does seem to be additive to some degree .
Sigh . Another artifact of unwarranted human assumptions .

A mastery of the epigenetic processes will be essential to human survival .
This latest drop in unaided human fertility promises to be quite dramatic .

This is happening as we speak .

The resulting sociological and economic systems will be fascinating .

Gaia does not want to kill you .
She just thinks that Gotham City is a bit too dour and needs a Joker .

And Kickaha is off in another universe .


Sunday, July 05, 2009

Linear B and Philological Invariance .

Linear B and Philological Invariance .

Andre Willers

7 Jul 2009

Synopsis :

Linear B is a simplified form of Greek using a very simplified Syllabary developed and evolved in a tearing hurry to keep administration of essential services going after the various climatic and social disasters (Thera , et al) and massive depopulation. As such , it evolved to cope with loss of visual and hearing acuity in the surviving number of literates .

It is thus essentially an accountant's language , and was never meant to be anything else . Why it died out .

Discussion .

Philological Invariance

(This phrase in inverted commas gives no hit on Google ! Amazing!)

See "Some Examples" below .

This is a way to measure information loss and thus information transference by translating Message(1) from the origin language to the target language , then immediately translating it back using the same rules to give Message(2) .

Compare Message(1) with Message(2) and measure the information loss . If there is no information loss , then we can say that there is a Philological Invariance .

Usually there is a loss , but to varying degrees . By comparing these information losses , we can set up a Philological Field and immediately can use some very powerful tools developed in physics , especially quantum physics (more suitable to quanta like words) .

(Eg how Alexandria ended up as Kandahar.)

Of course , we are not limited to a pair of languages , but can chain them to get multiple-dimension philological maps . (This would have been very difficult before computers .)

One thing we can immediately say is that this is what happens after a big disaster and/or conquest , when the existing administration is largely replaced by ill-educated youths . The system immediately simplifies to decrease information loss (ie increase Philological Invariance) .

There is a further factor gumming up the works : old age . Most of the survivors are in the median age group , soon to be old age . Before spectacles and hearing aids , this would put a severe crimp in any administration . Look at the old ideograms and symbols : they are small and ornate , with little curliques drastically modifying meanings . Hard to see .

System adaptation :

1.Teams .

The team : an old learned person and many young ones , communicating verbally . The language and written forms would lose higher frequency consonants , (or rather , they would blur , like b , p and ph in Linear B ) .

This is still a favoured accountancy practice . Like cops , they go around in pairs to keep each other honest and for backup in case of a dispute .

The apprentice would read the account aloud to the master . This is where a syllabary is superior to an alphabetic system , since unclear combinations would be soon weeded out . The language itself is simplified .

A neat little trap : these Mycenaen accounts are clearer after 3 000 years than equivalent alphabetical accounts kept in

(say London ) in 1890 AD .

The latter is full of abbreviations and specialist terms . Only 100 years on even specialists are frequently baffled . All in copperplate . But English ?

2. L-R Tonal .

Linear B loses the distinction between R and L . This is a well-known effect in tonal languages (a matter of brain wiring . cf Chinese) . There would then be a strong selection feedback process to lose the tonal effect in the language . To put it another way , a script that does not notate tonal effects will evolve into a language with little tonal effect (like most western languages )

This argues strongly that Ancient Minoan and Egyptian had a pronounced tonal element . (Note that no reliable pronunciation guide to old Egyptian or Minoan yet exists . ) You cannot lose what you did not have .

Some Examples :

Source : "The Decipherment of Linear B" by John Chadwick and Michael Ventris , 1970 Cambridge University Press edition

Source of language rules : p75 , p76

Phonetics , signs and numeral equivalents of phonetic signs : appendix .

I will give only the rule numbers and numeral equivalents of the Linear B signs .

(The unmentionable internet has no free signs available. Look them up yourself .)

Methodology :

I translated some names . The one with the highest Philological invariance is Jessica .

I translated this into Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic , Cuneiform , Linear B and back again . It still yields about no information loss .

My best guess is that the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic form incorporated "dje" (involving a cobra-hooded head , the sign of "Ra is looking at you " , ie a personal representative of the god (something like the 5 stars on a US general's epaulette) , and "ka" , the spirit . In other words , a priesthood transcending space and time . A powerful cantrip , that all languages radiating from Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic catered for .

The Names :

Jessica .

Steps :

Message(1) : Jessica

je –si -ka (first s lost : rule 7)

46-31-77 (numeral identifiers of Linear B Signs.)

Message(2) : "jesika" Translation back into English .

Hardly any information loss .

Steps :

Message(1) : Eben

e-pe-n (b->p : rule 5)

e-pe (n lost : rule 7)

38-72 (numeral identifiers of Linear B Signs.)

Message(2) : "epe" Translation back into English .

Some information loss .

Steps :

Message(1) : swart

sa-wa-rta (vowels added : rule 9 and 10)

sa-wa-ta (r dropped : rule 7 )

31-54-59 (numeral identifiers of Linear B Signs.)

Message(2) : "sawata" Translation back into English .

Big information loss . Pidgin .

Steps :

Message(1) : Inge

i-ge (n dropped : rule 7)

i-ke (g->k : rule 5 )

28-44 (numeral identifiers of Linear B Signs.)

Message(2) : "ike" Translation back into English .

Big information loss . I love Ike too , but this is too much .

Steps :

Message(1) : Andre

a-d-re (n dropped : rule 7)

a-de-re (add e : rule 10 )

08-45-27 (numeral identifiers of Linear B Signs.)

Message(2) : "adere" Translation back into English .

Some information loss .

Steps :

Message(1) : Willers

wi-le (first l , r, s dropped : rule 7)

wi-re (l->r : rule 5 )

40-27 (numeral identifiers of Linear B Signs.)

Message(2) : "wire" Translation back into English .

Lots of information loss .

As you can see , the information loss mechanism needs some work . But we can see the outlines .

The two oldest names (Jessica from Ancient Egyptian) and Eben (from Ebenhezer old Hebraic) remain the most recognizable .

This is very reminiscent to the algorithms used in computer programs to suggest the correct spelling of a name (the algorithms uses numerical equivalents for the consonants only , and disregards vowels.)

Pidgin Languages .

"Swart" is a good example of pidgin development . It morphs to "Sawata" , tantalizing close . We can sort of taste it (ie muscle memory in the mouth , epiglottis , throat and lungs) , but it is not obvious .

One would expect that any set of consistent rules (like Michael Ventris's rules for Linear B ) will give rise to pidgin languages like these .

The best known one is , of course , the alphabet . It is a pidgin that developed out of the phonetic subset of ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics via mercenaries . Quick easy and flexible . But is it a language ?

Languages can be expressed in it (Linear B itself is an example) . It stimulates , bounds and guides languages .


Is the river the bank or the water ?
It is both , of course .

So the subset of alphabetical symbols plus the translation of perceived reality according to a set of rules form a language .

Notice the translation effect . All languages are thus pidgins . The effect is fractal .

To put it another way , does use of the alphabet with a human set of vocal apparati and muscle-memory have a Basic Language subset ? An intriguing thought . See "Rull Mind-controls"

There simply are not enough humans to exhaust all the factorial possibilities . The only communicators similar across all societies are the smile and verbal "Ma" . If you can construct an Ur-language out of that , good luck to you .

But , we are not limited to natural persons .

Michael Ventris showed the way with his set of rules for Linear B.

In conjunction with an open-ended evolutionary system like

"Adam and Eve" at Aberystwyth University , Scotland . (Dr Amanda Clare . Automated hypothesis formulation and testing . Quite ambitious .

The logical code structure of "Adam" necessitates regular input . It is an obligate input-vore . If it does not receive input , it will experiment till it does .

For example , we need only input "War and Peace" and compare the last sentence via the original text and the network . The one with the least words is the more efficient language .

This shows up the advantage of this system : the initial steps do not need to be specified . They are inherent in the corpus .

This is a radical departure from usual neural-network and chaos approaches .

Up to now , initial states in chaotic systems could only be disregarded if you knew that it was in an attractor basin . Now you can start at the end (like a grave-digger). The process is fractal , so you need not even monitor any intermediate step .

It should also be quite fast , judging from historical examples where this mechanism was used (Linear B is an example.)

Slang is another term for this process . Creation of pidgins for special purposes . So are codes . I am surprised that more use is not made of computers to generate slang subsets .

To get back to Philological Invariance :

Dictionaries in various languages (extant or extinct) , plus translation rules are available . We can chase them through a computer , calculating the philological invariances . Not even hard , if we concentrate mainly on invariances .

I expect that there would be strong , clearly demarcated streams of invariance in the philological fields . The program can concentrate on these for starters .

The fields will have marked gradient differences and streams , corresponding to real human activity .

An interesting and cheap exercise . And surprising .

Micro - Philological Invariance :

The above is applicable on the macro-scale . Thousands of years .

But , it is equally applicable on the micro-scale .

Is a politician lying ? Analyze all his speeches and writings to see the philological streams and gradients . If there none ,this also

tells you something .

It is intriguing to note that bi-lingual (or multi-lingual) civilizations tend to last longer (eg Roman-Greek , Swiss , Chinese , etc)

And we are not limited to natural human languages . We can construct or evolve languages and translation rules that will tease out any trend .

This also has obvious applications in advertising .

Brands .

A strong Brand should have a Philological Invariance .

CocaCola and Linear B
Steps :

Message(1) : Coca Cola

co-ca co-ra (l->r : rule 5)

70-77 70-60 (numeral identifiers of Linear B Signs.)

Message(2) : "coca cora" Translation back into English .

Little information loss , but even a stronger brand name in Egypt , Middle East and Central America .

Coke and Linear B
Steps :

Message(1) : Coke


70-44 (numeral identifiers of Linear B Signs.)

Message(2) : "coke" Translation back into English .

No information loss . A strong brand . Will sell well in Mycenae , Knossos , Pylos circa 1200 BC .

Pepsi and Linear B
Steps :

Message(1) : Pepsi

pe -pi- si (add i : rule 10 )

72-39-41 (numeral identifiers of Linear B Signs.)

Message(2) : "pepisi" Translation back into English .

Considerable meaning alteration , with negative connotations of "peepi" , which goes really far back

A much weaker brand name .

These are not idle little ruminations . These are invariants .

Consider Virtual marketing . Can your product sell across all of time and space ?

If you cannot make it in Mycenae , you cannot make it anywhere .


Friday, July 03, 2009

Shadow .

Shadow .
Andre Willers .
5 Jul 2009

"The Shadow knows." Epynomous comic circa 20th century AD.

Synopsis :
A non-Aristotelian mind-changing technology .

Discussion :
The technology is simple , but the effects are deep .

The technology :
A bright light creates a shadow of a person . A digital camera identifies the shadow and an image is projected into the shadow-space . The image can be updated faster than the human can move (a moving image)
The technology is called "Under Scan" . It exists . Google it .

The projected image can be anything : moving images that shows what to do , how to look , what to eat , drink etc .

The Aristotelian dichotomy : either-or .
This is epitomized by shadow-light . The Platonic ideal is even exemplified by shadows on the cave-wall . But now we can blur the dichotomy . This has long been shown logically (Russell , Godel , et al) . But now we can do it at a visceral level .

Fear of the dark .
The oldest human fear .
This can be changed into an information source .

This has obvious therapeutic applications .

The fear of the stranger is usually a fear of the unknown (the dark) . While there might be good reasons to fear the unknown , it can be proven logically that a blanket denial of the unknown throws out more useful knowledge than dangers avoided by that approach .
It is riskier to fear the dark than to encroach on it . This is the essence of human technology .

Look at a night picture of the planet . It is ablaze with light . But our knowledge (eg writing) is a pattern of shadows .

This technology will have a profound psychological transformation on the species .
It is only starting .
Probably first through advertising , dancing classes , Wii exercisers , semi-VR masks .
Those glittering , multifaceted balls used in parties are very primitive forms of the technology . Each person on the dance floor can have an individually tailored image inside his shadow to show what to do .

The shadow becomes a friend .

The Aristotelian mind-set changes into a non-Aristotelian mind-set (ie closer to quantum systems) .

I repeat , the mental and social changes will be profound .

High-frequency focused sound beams .
This is an ancillary technology . Very high-frequency sound beams can be focused very narrowly . At their intersection , the beat-frequency can be in human-audible frequencies . In other words , the target can hear what a person right next to him cannot . This is obviously open to abuse , but it can be a unparalleled training , teaching and therapeutic tool .
It is an existing technology . You can buy it .
Silence (audible shadow) can become a friend .

Big Brother is not only watching and listening , but showing you and telling you what to do .

What ! Scared of your own shadow ?


Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Young Group Minds .

Young Group Minds .

Andre Willers

1 July 2009


Female human group minds are making a come-back in the run-up to the singularity .


My heart was gladdened to see at a recent wedding distinct signs of female group-minds re-forming . After the last little contretemps about 10 000 years ago , female group-minds were severely discouraged by the males . Male tried to recreate group-minds using the Learned-helplessness conditioning approach .(Armies) It worked in a rather hit-or-miss fashion . Males simply do not have the mirror-neuron-arrangement that makes for efficient co-ordination .

The species was significantly impoverished .

It will be interesting to see whether they will breed back to less aggressive , smaller upper-body males or channel the aggression . The latest evidence from developed societies seems the single mother parent . Aggressive males are being bred out of the population . And it goes much quicker than you think , going by empirical evidence from Scandinavian populations .

They exported their most aggressive gene-carriers and are now fairly docile unless you scratch too much . Epigenetic factors are involved , so do not be too sanguine . The leopard's spots can return with startling swiftness .

Female Group minds .

The mirror-networks in the brains of human females are set to empathy . They empathise much easier and better than males , especially at puberty when the whole brain is being rewired .

Being human , some simply do not like others , but those who do , form tight bonds . Over a certain threshold , this becomes a group-mind .

Friendships that last a life-time , regardless . Males do not do this .

The female group-mind is easily recognizable : they look the same . Physically , they look completely different , but in a bunch they act so similarly that the recognition-systems in the amygdala recognizes them as a distinct entity . The Greeks (as usual) had a name for them : Maenads .

Male group-minds are mild and usually called gangs or political parties . Female group-minds are for life , and the old ones are formidable .

It is the young ones that are a problem .

Western societies ostensibly lock up their young females in residences to protect their virtue . The real reason is to protect the society from young female group minds , especially to protect the young males .

A young female group mind has no conscience and knows it is immune to most punishments .Any male , or group of males has no defense . No matter what they do , they lose . The best defense is to run . Not exactly what the Good Creator had in mind with cursorial raptors .

Twitter et al .

The ease of social bonding using mechanisms like facebook , twitter , email , etc favours female bonding much more than male bonding by the very nature of the animals . So , either females will take over or males will have to change .

Explosive revolution .

I did not think this likely , but analyzing the factors involved , an Islamic or all over revolution giving the females an upper hand is not too unlikely . Most of the real power is already in the hands of the women(in their little alcoves with internet connections all over and inherited wealth .)

The problem is that immediate command and control over NBC weapons is not very amenable to long-term suasion . It will be interesting to see if Islamic women will allow their men's hollow posturing to exterminate them all , especially their grand-children . And the West ? Will their women allow it ? Thus far they have not . (Actual history : Hitler gave commands to reduce Western Europe to sub-agriculture . They were disobeyed by men with families . )

Will women allow men to continue to muck it up ?

Will it be too bad?

They can't do much worse than the present lot . The mismanagement of oil and coffee (the two most traded commodities) beggars belief .

Remember : there is on and only one reason to have an economic system : To eat three times a day . Nothing else counts .

If this does not work , guess what gets scrapped .

And young group minds ?

Where do they fit in ?

They already exist in large numbers all over the globe . Ask Neda in Iran

They are a typical revolutionary party : willing to sacrifice short-term gain for long term , uncertain gain . Their grandchildren .

And they are coming .

You have been warned .


Why is the Parthenon not round?

Why is the Parthenon not round?
Andre Willers
1 Jul 2009

The design started as round , but after the committees finished it ended up a bastard copy of an Egyptian temple .

Discussion :
Anybody who has ever slapped two bricks or small stones together to build something knows that the easiest way is put a stake in the center with a radius string , then stack the bricks at the end of the string . Simple and foolproof hut-construction .
This is primary human construction .
All you need is a center , and a string .
See Stonehenge , Mycenae , Norman Forts , huts , etc.
This was the traditional construction of the Western European Cyclopean Builders , culminating in the Pantheon in Rome , the oldest in-use building in the world .

Rectangular construction started as a fashion amongst the priesthood .
Large constructions necessitated larger building-blocks . Or conversely , if you only had large blocks or long timbers , rectangular or square constructions were less expensive in terms of energy .
The old circular method did not work so well for contiguous structures with large components , so the circular building method was adapted to give square buildings .

A circle was drawn , with a carefully chosen point on the circumference as the cornerstone . The whole subsequent square structure was erected with reference to this cornerstone . (Note the Biblical references) . This necessitated a center point . The Egyptian priests did not have monotheism . So multiple center-points came naturally .

A circle (like the pyramids) can have only one center . But a rectangle can be circumscribed by an infinity of possible ellipses , where the two foci are variable . This is associated with schisms .
A defining characteristic of an ellipse is that the sum of the lengths from any point on the ellipse to the two foci is constant .
This made construction a snap . Two foci (say F1 and F2) are chosen after suitable invocations , a cornerstone(Say C) is chosen after further invocations, geomancies and sacrifices . A string is spanned from F1 to C to F2 . This is kept taut and used sketch the circumscribing ellipse on the ground . From C , a line parallel to F1F2 till it intercepts the ellipse at point B describes one side , a perpendicular line from B at the this end till it intercepts the ellipse at point A describes the other side . Continue to complete the rectangle CBAD .
A very simple recipe . Any rectangular building can be constructed using two stakes and a long string .

One would expect archaeological remains at the Foci and the Cornerstone .
But this would be too simple for humans , specifically the Priesthood . While the Cornerstone could not be hidden , the Foci could .
The entire system is a trapdoor function . You can calculate this yourself using elementary elliptical analytical geometry .
Given just the rectangle , there are an infinity of possible sets of (Foci , Circumscribing Ellipses) .

Sacrifices were put into the cornerstone (still is :eg time-capsules) .
But things considered real treasures were put into the foci .
Since they probably used the foci as hiding places for Cult secrets and precious objects , it does not seem unreasonable from their viewpoint , (given their experiences with the likes of Lara Tombrobber ) to hide the foci .
Given the usual schisms and defections in Closed Conspiracies of this sort , even more draconic measures using offsets (cf Ptolemaic epicycles) were used later on .

These foci can be extraordinarily difficult to find .
It is a true trapdoor function . And the old priests never intended these reliquaries to be found . So there are no clues left for the living .(Three can keep a secret if all three are dead.) And they loved complexification .
They were put there as a part of the balance-requirement of their view of the Universe , so we know they are there .
But to find them…

Today we have powerful algorithms for finding things hidden at random , but , alas , the foci were not hidden at random .
See "Newtools : Orders of Randomness" .
Though negative randomness is not explicitly treated , it is inherent in the algorithm . Try some thinking for a change .

To get back to the Parthenon .
The temple was to be built with public funds , so every citizen had a say , and more say , and still more say and further comments , quips and sundry pieces of skullduggery the Athenians were so adept at .
They full well realized that the result will be looming over them , their children , and grandchildren for many hundreds of years .
So , everybody wanted a piece of the action .

Egypt at the time was the equivalent of Oxbridge , Harvard or Sorbonne today . The place where promising post-grads were sent to polish up their education . Rectangular temples were pioneered there , complete with esoteric and occultly significant ratio's and dimensions . (Ellipses are literally infinitely rich in these , by their very nature) .
All at a slight extra charge , of course .
They were the rage all over the Middle East for at least 1 000 years .
The bucolic , old Bronze-Age circular faction was brushed aside and the rectangular , elliptical construction got the vote at the committee stage .

The various mystical factions rubbed their hands in glee and got busy .
The Parthenon has probably got more hidden esoteric significances in it's construction than any similar construction (except , maybe , some cathedrals ) . But , they seem to have overdone it a wee bit . From a distance (like 2 000 years) , the hidden meanings seem random , or worse , negatively random .

Not being dummies , they might have realized it and buried some keys at the foci .
Hint : why are there so many ramps ? Note the Greek pride-of-thought at the time was in description of slices through three-dimensional figures , mainly conics . This will give to smoothly rising or descending curves . Look for the foci as described by 3-D figures .

Think of the Acropolis-complex as a huge three-dimensional sculpture , only parts of which have been rendered in stone .
But the eye and imagination is led on to complete structures that exist only in the mind .

Hence the pride that they have that there is not a single straight line in the Acropolis . It only appears that way because of the way our minds complete the dotted lines . The curved ramps and curved ramp-floors were an integral part of this .
A magnificent tour-de-force .

Looking at the whole complex as an ellipse , we can actually identify the original foci , as well as the cornerstone for the Parthenon .

Acropolis Focus 1 (F1)
Between the Parthenon and the sanctuary of Pandion is a funny little round six pillar structure not named in my book(I am working solely from "Ancient Monuments Revealed" by Westwell and Perreira , ISBN 13 978 0 7858 2080 2) , with some unreliable (as far as measurements are concerned) cumputerised reconstructions. My only hope is that the gentle reader will savagely point out the error of my ways .

I presume this was a sop to the old-style megalithic builders . The Focus does not lie inside it , but is offset to the extreme side of the circular structure towards the center-line of the complex .

Acropolis Focus 2 (F2)
The other focus is defined by a funny little square watchtower-like building between the Parthenon and next to the Chalcothece.
Once again , the focus is offset towards the center-line .

Note that the line between the two foci intersects the corner of the Parthenon . This is the Cornerstone of the Parthenon .
(The imaginary ellipsoid hangs out over empty air. So they could not very well do the traditional thing . Indeed , they prided themselves on not doing the traditional thing (as long as it was , well , not too untraditional .))

The Critical Ovoid line between Foci :
The intersection line also follows a sloping ramp . The curvature of the floor of this ramp defines the geometrical nature of the Acropolis Virtual Sculpture . It is the heart of the whole complex , and all other significant points are related to it .

Any primary sacrifices will be stashed away at the foci of the virtual elliptical ovoid . Quite deep below F1 and F2 and the Parthenon Cornerstone . I suggest that caretakers get to it before Lara does .

The Roofs .
The roofs have a slope of 1 in 3 as far as I can tell , but the definition is bad . I would have expected a slight increase of the ratio with altitude to approach the Egyptian ratio of 1-in-1 (45 degrees) , of the buildings found inside the Pyramids .
(Ever wondered why a building inside a pyramid needs a roof ?)
This 1/3 ratio presumably indicates to the cognoscenti that there is a virtual structure covering the Acropolis .

From here on you are on your own . I have no intention of getting sucked into these occult significance games these idle minds have spent literally millennia in concocting . Most of them are in any case not worth one good textbook on analytical geometry.

Though I would not mind seeing what the ancient Greeks had in mind at the Acropolis .
A 3D model incorporating projections of all the curves in the stones should show a huge , complex structure incorporating all these ratios like The Golden Ratio (a special case ) and many others .

The data is actually already there . All the hordes of tourists with their GPS systems have accumulated enough data to make a model . Otherwise , you can trot around with your own GPS and a simple 3D modeling program . Remember , GPS's can show elevation . The curvature of the ramp-floors might need some work , though .

Mega-Acropolis .
A laser generated image over Athens (and virtual in Second Life) can easily be a new Wonder of the New World .

Sokrates drinks Coke !

Yours academically,
Andre .