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Planetary Sinkholes .

Planetary Sinkholes .

Andre Willers
25 Feb 2015
Synopsis :
Core transuranic sudden increase in energy release percolates into magma gases . This causes planetary surface to bloat by about 4% . Sinkholes appear in unstable surfaces . Expect flat volcanoes like Yellowstone to activate as cap is weakened .

Discussion :

2.The planetary inner core is made up of transuranics  , which for some unknown reason is releasing more energy .
Transuranics are superexplosives  .
A 10 kelvin increase in the magma gases will lead to a (using PV=nRT)
deltaArea = 10/1000 * 4/3*p= 0.04188
It means that the Earth’s surface area stretches by 4%

3.What does it mean ?
Finely fitted surfaces like pavements become unstable .
Anything not on bedrock has a 2% probability of swallowing you .
And it will get worse as magnetic pole movement accelerates .

In a  50 m stretch  you have a 2% probability of a sinkhole  .


Sinkhole opens up beneath South Korean pedestrians

24 February 2015 Last updated at 12:49 GMT
Local bus CCTV has caught the moment a sinkhole opened up in a pavement beneath two South Korean pedestrians.
Emergency workers rescued the man and woman, who were then taken to a nearby hospital in Seoul with minor injuries.
City officials and the Korean Geotec

4. Paranoids delight .
Not only are the bankers , politicians , religious nuts out to get you , but now you stand a 2% chance of being swallowed up by the Earth . Well , until the mega-tsunami’s hit .

5. Tread carefully .


Craters under you .


Andre Willers
24 Feb 2015
Synopsis :
Magma plume shifts corresponding the rapid shift of magnetic poles are blowing holes in the planet from the inside .Better hope that a Hapgood  poleshift is fiction . What can be done . Else human extinction .Last Chance Saloon .

1.The Earth’s core has an inner core of stable transuranics .
“researchers have found that the Earth's inner core has an inner core of its own,
2. Some are highly magnetic , some are not .
This causes friction in the core currents because of the solar magnetic flux .
Internal heat from decay of transuranics (stable , but with limited halflife)
Currents ensue , generating Earth’s magnetic field .
These currents move in a chaotic fashion . When they do , there are strong feedback elements as friction heat destabilizes some transuranics at the leading edge of friction , resulting in ever accelerating movement of the magnetic poles . Also orthogonal splitting of poles .
3.Magnetic pole movement .
Accellerating north magnetic pole movement in a spinward direction .(East)

New evidence for extraordinarily rapid change of the geomagnetic field during a reversal
*Earth Sciences Department, University of California, Santa Cruz, California 95064, USA
Laboratoire de Géophysique et Tectonique, Université de Montpellier 2, URA CNRS 1760, 34095 Montpellier Cédex 05, France
Palaeomagnetic results from lava flows recording a geomagnetic polarity reversal at Steens Mountain, Oregon suggest the occurrence of brief episodes of astonishingly rapid field change of six degrees per day. The evidence is large, systematic variations in the direction of remanent magnetization as a function of the temperature of thermal demagnetization and of vertical position within a single flow, which are most simply explained by the hypothesis that the field was changing direction as the flow cooled.
4. Why craters ?
There are two types of craters :
4.1 Heat plumes .
Gas explosions
Especially in areas with deep permafrost .

4.2 Transuranic ejecta
This is the exit crater of the Tunguska bolide .

5.Yellowstone and all that .
All those old volcanoes will trigger .

6.Poleshift .
Can this really happen ?
The energy requirements are rather large .
We have to look at core energy release .
If heat is enough to expand core , this will propagate through the layers slightly expanding the surface . This will cause an anti-spinward relative motion to the oceans and continental plates .
Continental drift will be seen as faster .
The movement of Earth's major continental tectonic plates is speeding up, suggests a new study.
The study, presented at the Goldschmidt Geochemistry Conference in Sacramento California, challenges the idea that the rate of plate movement remains stable.
"This is quite mind boggling," says Professor Kent Condie of the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, who led the study.
"It's different from what most people thought because Earth is cooling and everybody assumed plate movements would slow down."

Ocean sloshes (tides , storms) on spinward (east) coasts will be larger and growing larger .
The so-called poleshift is but a minor correction , but enough to wipe out civilization .
This is overdone . The shift is bit a few hundred meters . But enough for hundred meter high tsunami’s .

7.What can be done ?
A spot of geoengineering is called for .
Basically , inject a small , but critical amount of transuranics into the Earth’s inner core .
Enough to slow down the magnetic pole shift  and , preferably , the energy release .
(a dampener : any number will do . Most surviving Transuranics will  be dampeners compounds )

8. These will only be found in the Asteroid Belt  in time to do any good .
Humans still can do it .
For Orion pulse nuclear propulsion
For small fusion plants .

But I doubt it .

They would rather be consistent than right .
Then extinct .
9. Last Chance Saloon
The Oligarch addressing his minions .

10. When ?
Nobody cares .
A species that is not interested in it’s own survival deserves extinction .

Carpe that diem .

Monday, February 23, 2015

Why Oil Fell .

Why Oil Fell .

Andre Willers
24 Feb 2015
Commercial nuclear fusion power has been achieved . It is being eased into the world economy by DARPA .
Discussion :
Skunk Works Reveals Compact Fusion Reactor Details - Aviation Week & Space Technology


The key to the Skunk Works system is their tube-like design, which allows them to bypass one of the limitations of classic fusion reactor designs, which are very limited in the amount of plasma they can hold, which makes them huge in size—like the gigantic International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor. According to McGuire:
[The traditional tokamak designes] can only hold so much plasma, and we call that the beta limit. [Their plasma ratio is] 5% or so of the confining pressure. [...] We should be able to go to 100% or beyond.
This architecture allows it to be 10 times smaller at the same power output of something like the ITER, which is expected to generate 500 MW in the 2020s. This is crucial for the use of fusion in all kind of applications, not only in giant, expensive power plants.
Skunk Works is convinced that their system—which will be the size of a jet engine—will be able to power everything, from spaceships to airplanes to vessels—and of course scale up to a much larger size. At the size of the ITER, it will be able to produce 10 times more energy, McGuire claims:
It's one of the reasons we think it is feasible for development and future economics. Ten times smaller is the key. But on the physics side, it still has to work, and one of the reasons we think our physics will work is that we've been able to make an inherently stable configuration. In our case, it is always in balance. So if you have less pressure, the plasma will be smaller and will always sit in this magnetic well.

2.The Brent Oil price .
The Lockheed announcement was made in Oct 2014 , but seems to have leaked 3 months before when they got a working prototype .
Serious oil producers (Saudi Arabia) believed it .
This is a case of the devil takes the hindmost .
The first out does the best .
The elites are exiting oil .


3.Lockheed Skunk works .
Believable . Not a mickey-mouse outfit .
It has a deserved reputation for cutting edge , rapid technological development and production .
SR-71 , F117 Stealth , etc .
Powered by DARPA .

4. The oil price was leveraged up by greed.
DARPA is trying to minimize the disruption of fusion power by phasing it in .
They could probably deliver trailer-sized 100 MW fusion plants within a month .
Rendering utilities stocks and bonds worthless .
You would have to pay somebody to cart that messy black oil away .

But there are too many oligarchs and politicians with fingers in the pie .
The news leaked and oil started falling as the elite got out before the thundering herd .
Note how the media oligarchs suppressed the news .

Ripple effects were noticeable by Jan 2015

5.Energy cost will go to zero as we go deeper into the singularity

6.Space Family Robinson .
This would actually be possible .
Especially since there is the equivalent of gold in the asteroid belts : transuranics.

Get off planet !
Andre .

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Stable Transuranic Elements.

Stable Transuranic Elements

Andre Willers
21 Feb 2015
Synopsis :
Stable Transuranic elements start with Element 194 . Mineable concentrations on Luna and Mars .
Discussion :
1.The usual Physics kludge of assumptions and approximations is used .

“In nuclear physics, the semi-empirical mass formula (SEMF) (sometimes also called Weizsäcker's formula, or the Bethe-Weizsäcker formula, or the Bethe-Weizsäcker mass formula to distinguish it from the Bethe–Weizsäcker process) is used to approximate the mass and various other properties of an atomic nucleus from its number of protons and neutrons. As the name suggests, it is based partly on theory and partly on empirical measurements. The theory is based on the liquid drop model proposed by George Gamow, which can account for most of the terms in the formula and gives rough estimates for the values of the coefficients. It was first formulated in 1935 by German physicist Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker, and although refinements have been made to the coefficients over the years, the structure of the formula remains the same today.[1][2]

The SEMF gives a good approximation for atomic masses and several other effects, but does not explain the appearance of magic numbers of protons and neutrons, and the extra binding-energy and measure of stability that are associated with these numbers of nucleons.”

2.We derive as a first approximation
Where Z =number of protons , N= number of neutrons , k~0.01539

3.Do a spreadsheet .
Z ,N , diff(1), diff(2) , …, diff(6)
4.Pockets of stability would be where diff(n) switches sign between rows .
This happens at diff(6) for this simplified formula .

5.The first pocket of stability is found at
  Z            N
194       340
195       342

Thereafter more regularly :
   Z           N
202       360
203       362
203       364
204      366
205      369

6.These are hyperexplosives .
Thus unlikely to be found in small , rocky planets .
Fratricidal effects . They have a small basin of stability .

These would create these elements , but spread them in clouds .
Sooner or later these would condensate , and gamma-ray bursters would occur as fratricide occurs .

8.Or large nuclear explosions from inside small , rocky planets .

9.Mars :
Mons Olympus et al .
This would indicate that the asteroid belt has an inordinately high percentage of transuranics .
But the screes of the Olympus series of volcanoes on Mars should have useful concentrations of transuranics .

10.Or make them at home .
Very expensive . Cheaper to mine them on Luna

11. The Moon .
Re-examine that old moon rock of yours for transuranics . Nobody looked before .
Note the high density , which is Fe at the bottom of the nucleonic packing curve masking higher elements .

12. Earth ?
Magma plumes . At the bottom lies a high density transuranic body slowly decaying .
Look at Hawaii , Reunion island ,   
12.1 Siberian traps .
Consider that humans got it 180 degrees reversed as usual .
The explosion came from inside the planet , from the same source of transuranics that created the Siberian traps .
The bolide was then ejecta .
In any case , the energy release (~30 Mt) was too high for an atmospheric bolide .
So , there should be a smoking gun . And there is :

  The exit crater , heavy with transuranics and poisonous to terrestrial life .
Do not go near without full hazmat gear and radionics gear into the gamma range .

Transuranically yours



Thursday, February 19, 2015

NeoViking Swiss Bank Raids.

NeoViking Swiss Bank Raids.

Andre Willers
19 Feb 2015
Synopsis :
Swiss banks haven’t been raided for a long time . Banks on or near lakes are no longer secure  from NeoVikings .
Discussion :
As states break down , they cannot pay their special units anymore .
These go freelance . See Appendix A

2.Contingency plans :
If the UK Special forces had contingency plans to get access to Beirut banking vaults ,
then present day US and EU forces have the same concerning Swiss vaults .
3.Rogue units use these plans and resources to use Force Majeure to smash their way into Swiss vaults , hold them militarily while they strip them , and get the loot out using swarm drones ,both aerial and submarine .

4.The banks rely too much on national defence forces to prevent , deter and catch .
When states break down , these same forces join the raiders .
The Swiss banks have broken the Oath of Rutli .
They aid the burners of barns .
The Armed Forces are starting to look out for their personal interests .

6.A delicious filip :
I wonder which state will first issue a Letter of Marque to traffic on the Swiss Lakes ?
Or privateer hovercraft (See appendix B) .

ISIS , of course , but after Grexit probably Greece , Spain , Italy ,Ukraine , etc .
You see what I mean by things falling apart ?
And Switzerland is Bankster Central .
Something like the Spanish Main in the 16th century . Fair game .

“Grasping all , they lose all”


Appendix A
Most believable explanation , mostly because not a trace of the loot was ever found . The standard explanation is the PLO , but they leak like a sieve .
“In 1976, a crack team blasted its way into Beirut's British Bank of The Middle East and stole gold bars worth £100 million at today's prices; the world's biggest bank heist. With the robbers never found, who was responsible? “
Appendix B
How to use hovercraft in Tibet and Switzerland .

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

NeoViking Private Navies .

NeoViking Private Navies

Andre Willers
17 Feb 2015
Synopsis :
As social collapse accelerates , private navies are appearing . Soon to morph into NeoVikings as support structures evaporate .
Discussion :
1.The inability of national navies to ensure the safety of their maritime merchants have led to the re-establishment of mercenary marines , private navies and mercenary naval drones .
Private Navies:

Mercenary Marines :

Drones :

Forget private airforces . Drones will rule the skies .
Expect major innovations in aerial drones like what happened with the Viking Longship .(See Below)

Super-cavitating drones .
The VA-111 Shkval (from Russian: шквал — squall) torpedo and its descendants are supercavitating torpedoes developed by the Soviet Union. They are capable of speeds in excess of 200 knots (370 km/h).[1]
It’s noisy , but a drone or drone launch can make it survivable .
Expect this technology to become commonplace and cheap .

Nukes :
Tactical nukes will be widely available as contractors or professional soldiers are no longer paid due to financial collapse .
2.As social collapse continues , the progression is mercenaries , privateers , pirates , NeoVikings .
This happened with the collapse of the Bronze Age civilization , Western Roman empire , various Chinese dynasties , Spanish Empire , French Empire , American empire , etc .

3. Elite Rats .
The sociopaths who end up as oligarchs in a collapsing society sees the collapse coming and scuttles for bolt-holes  , storing their loot in handy , concentrated form . Ideal for NeoVikings .
They will be hunted mercilessly .
They will be perceived as having more than half the wealth of the planet , and also the source of the collapse .
Island strongholds are usually the first to fall to NeoViking fleets . Even places like Fort Knox won’t be secure .  A few tactical nukes will take out any guarding forces , leaving the gold in the vaults intact . Same for New York .
Which is why most of this gold has already been moved .

4.An interesting bolt-hole that worked for a while : Ireland with the collapse of the Western Roman Empire .
Rich Romans , mostly from North Africa , fled to Ireland .
The influx of wealth stimulated the Irish Renaissance .
They survived fairly well until the Vikings because of the vertically integrated company structure of the monasteries .
And the oligarchs ended up as abbots . Delicious irony .
“Irish Christianity gradually developed a monastic system similar in style to the rural society at the time. Abbots, and not bishops, held the power and, eventually, the wealth.
The monasteries soon became indistinguishable from Irish secular society. They were family-owned and the abbots were usually married men who passed the monastery along to the next generation. They were also major centers of scholarship and learning. This was the great age of the independent Irish church. As Roman power declined and Europe fell prey to invading barbarians, Irish monks traveled abroad and brought the light of Christianity to the Dark Ages. They were in a unique position to do so because in Ireland, unlike Europe, scholarship flourished during this time. St. Colmcille, also known as Columba, founded a monastery on the island of Iona off the west coast of Scotland and his mission converted the northern part of Britain. St. Columbanus left Ireland to establish numerous monasteries on the European continent and traveled as far as Bobbio, in Italy, where he died in 615. His monastery at Luxeuil is said to have spawned about 100 other monasteries in the region. Columbanus and his fellow Irish monks are credited with playing a major role in the re-conversion of Europe to Christianity in the Dark Ages.”
5. How did the Vikings find them ?
Because they knew they were there .
The Norse learned and perfected clinker riverboat building by building riverboats under contract from the Batavians (present Netherlands) . (The Netherlands is not known for it’s timber , but they were excellent shipwrights and canal builders . They built Caesar’s invasion fleets)
These boats were ideal for river of or canal use and is still used for this purpose .
The Romans were the end-users. Riverboats were the main mass bulk carriers in the Roman Empire .
With the demise of the Western Roman Empire , this market disappeared .
The Irish were known as old Roman customers , and they also obligingly advertised their presence by missionaries .
Peaceful but desperate boatwrights morphed into Vikings  and the riverboat morphed into the Viking Longship .
Still essentially a riverboat . Note how the Vikings navigated the rivers of Europe and Russia .
The results are well known .

A Thames river clinker boat . A Viking would have felt right at home .

6. Viking is derived from the Old Norse “vic” , meaning a creek or small river .
“He’s gone a-viking” would then mean he sailed off in a riverboat , usually to raid or trade .
The Latin “Viccingi” seems to indicate the same .

Times rapidly coming to a civilization near you .


Sunday, February 15, 2015

Inside an Economic Crash

Inside an Economic Crash

Andre Willers
15 Feb 2015
The Real world economic system started crashing on the west coast USA in Feb 2015 . Just another repeat .

Discussion :
0.A Real Economic Crash .
This is when goods or services are not available at any price .
The Civilization Chain breaks down .

1.The four sphincters that clamped down :
1.1 Insurance
Uninsurability destroyed an Empire and Industry . See http://andreswhy.blogspot.com/2009/03/featherfall.html
The perils of Just In Time production  .
The value of a JIT item rapidly drops to zero after it’s sell-by-date . Thus becomes uninsurable . Thus no carrier (ship or land) will take the risk . It all grinds to  a halt , which is happening now .
Systemic breakdown , which cannot be fixed by printing more paper money .

1.2 Labor Unions .
The cost of the difference between the real economy  and the financial money printing is being borne by the middle and working class as shit flows downhill . This has now surfaced as shutdown of Just-in-time supply chains on the Western US seaboard . See Appendix A .

1.3 Declining demand .
Due to a number of factors :

1.3.1 Green :Small is beautiful . The Death of Growth . Declining population .
Actual less consumption . Desperate state monopolies are legally penalizing people who want to consume less .

1.3.2 Capital shift to Health Carers due to longer lives costing more money .
The money a family had accumulated(capital) is now spent on keeping a decrepit alive .
So , little Johnny has to take a McJob and stay at home with mommy  so that granny can eke out a miserable last few years in an Oligarch’s facility .

1.3.3 Stupidity
Humans aren’t naturally smart enough to pay their own way in a high-tech society .
But there ways to become smarter .

1.4  War .
And now about to repeat the whole thing with nuclear weapons . In the name of stimulating the economy .
2. What will happen ?
Trade will lock up tighter than a camel’s arse in the fly season .
2.1 You already saw a shadow of it in the 2008 crisis , when banks put their own interests ahead of the society .
Expect dumping of luxury globalised items (like wines , fancy foods , genetically modified foods , out-of-season foods , etc)

2.3Another way of looking at it :
If it’s not grown within about 100 miles , forget it .
Average Distances from Farm to Market
Terminal Market vs. Ferry Plaza Farmers Market
Apples: 1,555 miles vs. 105 miles
Tomatoes: 1,369 miles vs. 117 miles
Grapes: 2,143 miles vs. 151 miles
Beans: 766 miles vs. 101 miles
Peaches: 1,674 miles vs. 184 miles
Winter Squash: 781 miles vs. 98 miles
Greens: 889 miles vs. 99 miles
Lettuce: 2,055 miles vs. 102 miles

3. The survivors : Bringing home the bacon , lean and mean .


4.What does it all mean ?

”Where are they ?” Fermi .
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fermi_paradox about intelligent lifeforms .
At home . Where they belong .
A question they will ask about humans .
You are seeing the effects right now . Uncontrolled growth leads to death .
Civilizations that cannot handle this , doesn’t even make it off-planet .

 5.Post-Apocalyptic minefield .
It means that planets with surviving populations usually have defences in depth not accessible to the inhabitants .
A variant of the Castles and Knight Defence . Any roving band of interstellar  freebooters will get their heads handed to them pdq .
These defences get activated in ascending order .

6.It also means that Terra has ancient quiescent defensive and offensive weapon systems .
Not very old , either .
A supervolcano like Yellowstone has energy yields in the order of 10^17 Joules .
A megaton of tnt ~ 10^15 Joules  .
So , expect war energies bigger than 100 megatons of TNT to trigger ancient defensive systems , with unpredictable results .
This to prevent false alarms due to natural disasters .
The old USSR must have gotten the fright of it’s life when it tested its 50 megaton Tsar Bomb and ancient weapons came to life .
Note that nobody has tried it since . They were lucky as it was.

7. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsar_Bomba .
When many old weapon systems partially activated . In Australia of all places . Surat Basin .
It seems to be directed graviton particle beams .
Or , if you prefer , Stimulated Emission of Higgs Particles (SEHP)
Look at seismic records of October 1961 .
·         There were lots of anomalies .
·         www.ga.gov.au/corporate_data/11511/Rec1965_058.pdf
  • gravity data with the results of a seismic survey made previously in the same ... surface Tertiary flows), the depth analysis of the anomalies that result from this .... 11th October 1961 and returned to Melbourne on 11th November 1961.

Vajra-type weapons : Mothball central
Look at flat topped large hills with big scree fields .
They would be stealthed , but up close there should be gravitic and magnetic anomalies .
Lots of beta radiation from Fe60 . You will have to dig a bit .
Actually a good place to mothball radioactive nuclear pulse ships .

The data is all there , but in true human tradition it simply got ignored .

Radioactive iron after 5 000 years should still have Fe(60) with halflife  of 2.6x10^6 years .
It is a beta emitter , so use http://www.radpro.com/PANCAKE.pdf

Find your own spaceship in the Surat Basin .
And good luck  to all .

8.Footage from a Soviet documentary about the bomb is featured in Trinity and Beyond: ... "Moscow's Biggest Bomb: the 50-Megaton Test of October 1961" (PDF).

9. Which continent would they target ?
 Mu ? Lemuria ? Atlantis ?  Your beach house ?
Isn’t ancient history fun ?
Especially if you die frequently .

10 . As they say at Reincarnation Central :
Amnesia costs extra .
Salvation is free . But you have to pay for everything else .

And per gram too .

11.Exchange rate between here and the here-after .
Can you take at least some percentage with you ?
Well , we have exchange rates between virtual worlds like Second Life , War games  etc.
If this locale is seen as a virtual world , then there is no reason why there should not be an exchange rate .
The parameters would have to be by mutual consent .
Something like Bitcoin springs to mind .

12 GodCoin
Call it a GodCoin .
Valid in this life and after death .
Charon accepts only GodCoins for a return trip .
Have Fun !

Appendix A

Here are some of the ways the already reeling US retail economy is now being pummeled as a result of the collapse of this weakest chokepoint in the US supply-chain infrastructure.
  • Small business owners are unable to get goods on the shelf in time for long-planned merchandising programmes. Some are paying high premiums for work-arounds such as airfreight.
  • Manufacturers are at risk of closing down assembly lines because they don't receive parts shipments.
  • California's Central Valley growers can't get perishable agricultural exports through the marine terminals quickly and on to ships for delivery to overseas markets.
  • Thousands of independent harbour truckers are doing less business — and receiving less pay — because they're often stranded in long lines awaiting cargo.  Businesses are beginning to furlough workers because their operations are stymied by cargo delays.
  • Surcharges, two week delays reported: congestion in the West Coast ports is leading to longer import lead times (up to two week delays) and increased surcharges from shippers, agents, and truckers.
  • According to Credit Suisse, surcharges for transport and east coast delivery are at all-time high levels (adding 75-100% to cost of shipping in some cases.)
    • K line, the sixteenth largest container shipping company in the world has added $800 congestion surcharges in ports where slowdowns are occurring.
    • Truckers in Long Beach and Lost Angeles have recently added $50/hour to $100/hour surcharges for shipments originating from these ports.  The average cost for Asia-U.S. shipping a twenty-foot container is approximately $750.
  • Rerouting to east coast ports is time-consuming and expensive: some companies have diverted shipments to the east coast to avoid congestion on the west coast, incurring additional surcharges on top of the already more expensive and time consuming journey to Atlantic ports.
Bottom line: estimated recovery is 1 week for each day the ports are closed, and the National Reta