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Mosquitoes falling asleep on the job .

Mosquitoes falling asleep on the job .

Andre Willers
31 Mar 2013
Synopsis :
Mosquitoes select humans with low melatonin levels to prevent themselves falling asleep .
Discussion :
1.Mass of mosquito ~ 2.5 mg .
2.Mass of blood meal ~2.5 mg . Mosquito’s mass doubles .
3.If the human is asleep (ie high melatonin concentration) , this means a huge influx of melatonin .
4.The mosquito’s diurnal rhythms are disturbed . It risks falling asleep . See Appendix III
5.It risks increased predation while it feels sleepy : see Appendix I
6.Melatonin decreases plasmodium fellow-travellers . See Appendix II
The mosquito benefits from malaria since it leads to a herd of “milk-cow” humans too lethargic for active counter measures,
but who are reservoirs of the disease . A nasty bunch of cronies .
7.Mosquitoes have thus evolved the following characteristics:
7.1 Activity in early evening or early dawn , when humans are awake and melatonin concentration is low .
7.2 The mozzie whine . This keeps humans awake (one mosquito can keep a whole roomful of humans awake) , thereby lowering melatonin .
Sure , the whine is used as a sexual selection criterion . Exactly for this reason . The female that can keep humans awake is a fitter partner and is accordingly selected by the males .
8.How does the mosquito know what the melatonin levels are ?
Those long chemo-sensitive antennae .
9.We can convince the mosquito that a closed volume does not contain suitable prey by spraying with
Super-melatonin like Valdoxane and their ilk will require a lot of testing .
10.No resistance can develop without changing the whole cyclic nature of the mosquito .
This will disrupt the plasmodium life-cycle .
11.Driving mosquitoes mad :
Limburger cheese (see Appendix IV) and Melatonin spray (see Appendix I , II , III) together should disrupt the mosquito’s
nervous system (drive it mad) . This will disrupt the whine patterns , signifying that it is not a fit mating partner .
The mosquito might realize the threat and depart (most likely) or kamikaze (fall asleep) .
Sleep kamikaze . A new one .

Caffeine is a powerful insecticide , especially for mosquito larvae .  Also very old . So it will be in the mosquito’s antennae list of bad things to avoid .
13. Though you should draw the line at teabags or coffee grounds between the toes .
14. A cheap and simple deterrent :
14.1 Chase the mosquitoes away .
Get a ordinary spritzer (hand atomizer) . Fill it with very strong cold coffee into which some melatonin has been dissolved . Spritz it in an enclosed space . The effects on the human should be interesting . If necessary leave out the coffee .
14.2 Drive the mozzies mad .
Limburger cheese (see Appendix IV) . A nice limburger cheese sandwich with coffee and melatonin spritzers will keep all sorts of bloodsuckers away .

As divorce duellists say :
“Limburger sandwiches for two and coffee for one”

Drive the mozzies mad , not vice versa .
Appendix  I
Predation risk due to increased mass of blood meal .
“jet-lagged travellers may be more susceptible to getting infected with malaria. 
Appendix II
Terminator melatonin .
·         Plasmodium
Plasmodium is a genus of Apicomplexan parasites. ... simultaneously during the night It is known that melatonin plays a role but how this ...
102 KB (14,130 words) - 18:40, 30 March 2013
·         Plasmodium falciparum biology
Plasmodium falciparum has been the focus of much research due to it being the ...least in part dependent on melatonin secretion by the host. ...
315 KB (44,863 words) - 06:54, 27 March 2013
·         Drug discovery
part of combination therapy for multiresistant Plasmodium falciparum . ... Discovery and development of melatonin receptor agonists ...
25 KB (3,502 words) - 15:16, 9 March 2013

Appendix III
Do Mosquitoes Sleep?
 By Elizabeth Miller    
Yes they do. Unfortunately, they don't like to sleep at the same time we do. Most mosquitoes are active at night or at dusk and dawn, and rest or sleep during the day.
Appendix IV
Hyper-attractant for mosquitoes
Limburger cheese .
The cheese is especially known for its pungent odor commonly compared to body odor.
Brevibacterium linens is the organism responsible .
Evolve a hyper-scent image (scent idoru) .

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Uncanny Valley test for Psychopathy

Uncanny Valley test for Psychopathy

Andre Willers
29 Mar 2013
Synopsis :
A psychopath , lacking empathy , will not react to the Uncanny Valley , and cannot hide it from fMRI or even gaze tests .

Discussion :
1.Uncanny Valley :
“When human replicas look and act almost, but not perfectly, like actual human beings, it can cause a response of revulsion among human observers”
2.A mirror-neuron system effect .
3.Empathy is a result of mirror-neuron complexes .
4.Most of these are motor-driven , but empathy is of a higher order – ie the results of motor actions .
5. Psychopaths lack empathy (by definition) . They can and do mimic empathic actions (from motor responses)
6. But they cannot mimic the revulsion of the Uncanny Valley .
7.This revulsion (or lack of it) can be measured by :
  7.1 fMRI
  7.2 Subliminal flashes
  7.3 Plain rapid flashes , with measurement of gaze avoidance . Impossible to fake . (Like deafness tests)
There are doubtlessly other , better tests .
8.Sociopathy :
In a psychopath , there will be no valley . Simply flat .
In a sociopath , there will be a slight dip , much smaller than “normal” . More a spectrum type thing .
9. But what if someone is attracted to images in the Uncanny Valley ?
In other words  , not a valley but a peak .
Given the perversity of animate matter , this is a certainty .
The closest human words I can find is  “humourist” or “cartoonist” . Resolution of paradoxes .
The Uncanny Valley is seen as a paradox, and humour is used to resolve it .
See . The Far Side . Also the near side , sideways side and n-dimensional side .
This test will have to be specially calibrated for people like him .
A good cartoonist is sanely mad .
Just when I thought I was getting better

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RLS and Parkinson's Genes

RLS and Parkinson’s genes

Andre Willers
28 Mar 2013
Synopsis :
Restless Legs Syndrome(RLS) and Parkinson’s Disease are connected by genetic problems on Chromosomes 12 , 14 and 9 . The trigger for Parkinson’s is self-poisoning through  6-Hydroxydopamine(6-OHDA)  in urine .
Discussion :
1.See Appendix I to Appendix VI for how we trace the effect .
2.Appendix VII and VIII reveals the mechanism and a possible counteraction .
3. 6-OHDA in urine kills the dopamine-generating cells . See appendix VIII .
“The motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease result from the death of dopamine-generating cells in the substantia nigra, a region of the midbrain.”
The 6-ODHA is normally kept in check by the strong terminal anti-oxidant effects of Melatonin during sleep .
But age and life-style decreases melatonin . Urine retention exacerbates  feedback of 6-OHDA into the bloodstream . A genetic weakness progresses from Restless Legs to Parkinson’s .
Literally , auto-poisoning .
4.What to do :
This is not medical advice . Consult your doctor .
4.1 Take a melatonin supplement at night .
4.2 Take a dopamine precursor (like L-Tyrosine ) in the morning .
4.3 Stimulate dopamine production after about 30 minutes with a very bright light .
An easy and cheap way to do it is with an electronic camera’s flash (with eyes closed) .
It is the intensity of the light that matters , not the duration . Repeat as needed .

4.4 Make sure that the uro-genital tract is free of infection or lesions .
4.5 Take about 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda twice a day an hour before meals (for kidney repair)
4.6  Drink sufficient liquids , but do not try to hold your water .
4.7 Change underwear at night and at morning . This reduces 6-ODHA concentrations on clothes .
4.8 Use chewing gum . The eating-process programs the whole system in a very deep way .

4.9 Babies and nappies : can Parkinson’s Disease be programmed in at baby stage by wet nappies ?
An interesting aside :
Is the incidence of Parkinson’s in snipers or long-distance runners significantly higher than average ?
All of them pee in their pants .
Here’s to the chamber pot .
Appendix I
Chromosomes 12q , 14q , 9p are implicated  in nerve damage .
Appendix II
Note Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s
Appendix III
Note  Alzheimer’s

GCH1 gene .
A sort of inverse Restless Leg Syndrome .
·         diurnal affect of condition: morning(fresh/energetic), lunch(stiff limbs), afternoon(very stiff limbs), evening(limbs worsening), bedtime(limbs near frozen).
·         muscle tension in thighs/arms: morning(normal), lunch(abnormal), afternoon(very abnormal), evening(bad), bedtime(frozen solid).

Appendix IV
Symptoms of mild disorders that grow worse :
Neuropathy and bad back .
Terminal Parkinson’s in the womb .
Appendix V
Drooling . Motor control of the mouth and swallowing .
Try chewing gum .

Appendix VI
Pre-synaptic model of diurnal dopamine fluctuation
Appendix VII
Melatonin as protection against Parkinson’s
Neuroprotection of the nigrostriatal dopaminergic neurons by melatonin in hemiparkinsonium rat.
Department of Physiology, Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi, India.
Several lines of evidence point to a significant role of antioxidants in Parkinson's disease (PD). Few studies report that melatonin, a neurohormone, is one of the best physiological antioxidants. Review of literature indicates that none of the drugs so far studied for preventing the PD was found to be promising for use. Therefore in the present study the effect of neuroprotectory melatonin was tested against 6-hydroxydopamine (6-OHDA) neurotoxicity for striatal dopaminergic neurons in the rat.
Thirty animals were randomly divided into two groups. Animals of group 1 received saline (melatonin vehicle) daily 1 ml ip for seven days. Melatonin (500 mug/kg body weight dissolved in 1 ml saline ip) was administered in rats of group 2 for seven days. Then all animals of groups 1 and 2 were lesioned unilaterally with 8 mug 6-OHDA into the lateral striatum on 8(th) day. Various behaviour and histological tests were used to evaluate the neuroprotective effect of melatonin.
Statistically significant difference in various behaviour tests was found between post lesion values of group 1 and group 2 (P<0 .001="" and="" apomorphine-induced="" balance="" behaviour="" disengage="" in="" initiation="" o:p="" p="" postural="" rate="" rotational="" staircase="" stepping="" success="" test="" time="">
Our results demonstrated that melatonin acted as an effective neuroprotective agent for striatal dopaminergic neurons in 6-OHDA lesioned rat model of Parkinson's disease.

Appendix VIII
“6-Hydroxydopamine(6-OHDA)  is a naturally occurring amine in human urine. 
Poisonous piss .

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Mass of Human Soul update I

Mass of human Soul Update I

Andre Willers
27 Mar 2013
Synopsis :
The mass of a human soul in a 11-dimensional universe should fluctuate between 21 – 50.5 gm .
Discussion :
1.See Appendix I . This was very approximate , especially as regards the degree of complexity .
2. Why 11 dimensions?
It seems indicated from latest theoretical physics for this locale .
3. Monad mass : 0.11576 gm as per Appendix I . The best estimate available .
4.Why 21 gm ?
There are two independent experimenters that got fairly similar results :
He got 21 gm in 1901
4.2 Dr Nils Olof Jacobson got the same result independently in 1969 .
4.3 Nobody else could be bothered , or could get funding .

5. Solve for the number of x of brain levels in 11 dimensions needed to give 21 gm soul mass .
5.1.Let x be the number of discrete , delineated brain levels of organization .
Then solve for combinations across 11 dimensions :
11! / (11-x)! / x!  * 0.11576 = 21 by using Wolfram equation Solver .
The result is x= 3.1099 or x= 7.89
The mass curve has a maximum at x=5.5 with a mass of 50.5 gm .
Note that it is symmetrical around this axis of x= 5.5 . Which is bad news for extropians et al .
Present humans have 3 levels of brain complexity . (Hind brain , mid brain , cortex) . Adding much more than 2 levels of further complexity by whatever means becomes counter productive in this universe . Of course , there are up to 27 dimensions available .
But that requires some major redesign .
It would be rather discouraging to design smart matter and end up with something stupider than a simpler system  .
Remember , the soul-mass is a measure of complexity .
6. Fat Souls .
Sigh .
More complexity does not necessarily mean more meaning . Think soapies .
Worse , think weight trainers and their ilk .
No wonder the re-incarnation rate is so high .

7.Interesting aside : Maximum mass of a Matrioshka Brain in this Universe :
Using the same arguments as above , M = 0.11576 * 2^27 gm .All combinations across 27 dimensions .
This gives M = 1.1576 * 10^4.1278 kg
M= 15 536 kg soul mass
Rating this up by the human ratio of 70kg/0.021 = 3333.33
Gives 51 786 667 kg mass . Smaller than a big aircraft carrier .
So much for solar Matrioshka Brains .

8. This universe seems deliberately designed to prevent runaway positive feedback systems . But whether that means that we are in a simulation or not is rapidly becoming a meaningless question . We can’t tell , and may never be able to tell . Even after death .
9. It does not address the central question of present entities .
Is Chocolate fattening to the soul ?

On that expanding note , regards
Appendix I

Mass of the Human Soul

Andre Willers
21 Apr 2011

We calculate the mass of the human soul from first principles .
A first order result :  Soul mass =   n! * 0.11576 gm .

Discussion :

See "Slingshots , Dark Matter and Dark Energy"  Apr 2011. And previous relevant posts .

Note the argument that we are living in a simulation . This absolves me of ramming things down your throat .

Make of this what you will .

Argument :
AG is a dimensionless number .


αG can be defined in terms of any pair of charged elementary particles that are stable and well-understood. A pair of electrons, of protons, or one electron and one proton all satisfy this criterion. Assuming two electrons, the defining expression and the best current estimate of its value are:
Description: \alpha_G  =  \frac{G m_e^2}{\hbar c} = \left( \frac{m_e}{m_P} \right)^2 \approx 1.7518 \times 10^{-45}
§  me is the mass of the electron;
§  c is the speed of light in a vacuum;
§  ħ ("h-bar") is the reduced Planck constant;
§  mP is the Planck mass.

Tease it apart :
Ag = m(e) / (h/2pi)   *   m(e) /{c/G}

Let A = m(e) / (h/2pi)
And B = m(e) /{c/G}

Dimensionally ,
A = seconds/meter squared
B= meter squared/ seconds .
So the product is a dimensionless number .

But we know that 1/ (h/2pi) is the complexity in a Beth(0) universe ..

See "Slingshots , Dark Matter and Dark Energy"  Apr 2011. And previous relevant posts .

The first defineable things that will appear in a universe .

We can calculate it for our universe :
A= 9.109 * 10^ (-31) / (1.054 * 10^(-34))
   = 8.638 * 10(+3) kg
This is the inverse of the minimum necessary mass to surface in Beth(0) universe for a soul .

The inverse is the minimum mass necessary .
1/A = 0.11576 * 10^(-3) kg .

This is 0.11576 gm per monad .
In delineated systems , soul-masses will increase factorially .
Soul mass

Weighing the Soul .
Can be done without death .
Use sleep .If n is big enough , a difference can be measured .

But this is like hunting the Snark .
What will you do with a Boojum ?

Andre .

Low carb putu pap

Low Carb Putu Pap

Andre Willers
27 Mar 2013
Synopsis :
Tastes the same as putu pap , but is very low carb .

Discussion :
Recipe :
1.Mix about 1 tablespoon of maize(corn) flour with about 2 Tbsp oil , about 1 tsp salt  and about 50 ml liquid . Mix , preferably till an emulsion form .
2.Pour this over cauliflower florets in a microwavable bowl .
3.Pour the liquid pooled in the bottom of the bowl into a cup , stir florets , then pour the contents of the cup again over the florets .
4.Repeat this over and over again  for about 6 times. This coats the surfaces of the florets with a thin layer of maize flour .
5.Finally , discard excess liquid .
6.Now microwave florets on 900 watts for 7 minutes for firm , chewy granules . A bit longer (2-3 minutes) for smaller granules .
7.Break up the florets to taste with a knife .
8.Ready to eat .

What is going on ?
The microwaved cauliflower has the physical consistency of putu pap  . To get the maize taste , you coat the florets with a thin layer of maize meal . This gets cooked during the microwave process . The thin layer is enough to trigger the taste receptors in the mouth .
It even looks the same . It tastes the same , especially with some meat sauce .
Carbs are the same as for cauliflower . The thin layer of maize meal is negligible .

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Optimal Anti Oxidants

Optimal AntiOxidants

Andre Willers
25 mar 2013

Synopsis :
Recent research indicates that too much anti-oxidants is counter productive . 33% of Recommended Daily Allowance is better in normal cases .
Discussion :

0.This is not medical advice . See your doctor .

1.Too Much anti-oxidants .
See  . Also ScientificAmerican Feb 2013
Too much anti-oxidants decreases lifespan .
A certain concentration of oxidants are needed to trigger the various chaperones .
But how much ?

2.For a animal not subject to an acute attack (infection , major deficiency disease, etc) we can use the normal Reserve Argument .
See :
The necessary reserve is 1/3 . This is the minimum necessary sufficient amount .
(Taking 3/3 is like lying on a couch all day and expecting to grow muscles)

4.Why ?
The cells need some stress to trigger the chaperones , TOR systems and stem-cell production .
This is from evolutionary reasons . The body does not defend until it is attacked . But by then it might be too late .
But even a full-scale response to an outside attacker might be inhibited by too-enthusiastic ingestion of anti-oxidants .
The crash-manufacture of various antibodies will necessitate some shortcuts involving oxidants . Zapping them is a bit of a no-no .
See Appendix A

5. Adding oxidant stress .
Smoking and drinking alcohol . Both stimulate mTorc1 , as expected . It stimulates anti-aging and stem-cell production .
The worst thing you can do is take massive anti-oxidants after the night before  . Just keep on with the normal 1/3 RDA and drink a lot of water .
6.Acute infections .
Why Linus Pauling and Vit C failed :
VitC  in 7 gm per dose killed off intestinal fauna , freeing the immune cells clustered around the gastro-intestinal tract .
That worked .
 But the megadose of VitC also inhibited chaperone and TOR responses .
Alcohol and nicotine will work better .
A large concentration of alcohol to kill intestinal fauna , a nicotine patch to stimulate mTORc1 production .
Then probiotics and chewing gum to restore  intestinal fortitude .

7.Personal Stress Trainers .
Well , the rich already have them . Personal exercise trainers .
But an App can easily be written to do all this .

8.What if there is no RDA ?
Like Resveratrol and numerous other anti-oxidants . Well , the manufacturers have no idea either , otherwise they would have stated it . They just a thumbsuck amount for maximum sales , never mind your health . Unless you are under acute attack , they can be left out . Take their RDA = 0
9.Exercise :
Exercise is a fundamental stressor .
On a scale of 1-10  ,   1-7  (2/3) is good  . More is bad .
A delicious conclusion : very fit people will have to add some stressors to stay healthy .
This is usually described by a pulse system  : In Form , or Out of Form .
There was none of this nonsense with our ancestors . You had to be fit all the time . So they deliberately added some stressors .
Rotten meat , alcohol , mushrooms , love affairs , religion , war and peace ,mathematics , novels , poetry ,games , etc
A brisk walk on should do wonders for the constitution .
“My horse was out of form “  Ghenghis Khan on losing a battle .

Appendix A
Andre Willers
4 Feb 2012

Synopsis :
A phene-level metacontrol of cellular maturity definition .

Discussion :
TOR : Target Of Rapamycin
Rapamycin : a chemical isolated from the soil of Easter Island (Rapa Nui) in 1972 as a growth inhibitor for fungi and mammals .
Genes : TOR1 , TOR2 , etc . Genes that encode for TOR in the form of
TORC1 , TORC2 , etc , which are complexes of molecules .

These have meta-control functions :
TORC1 , for instance , monitors nutrient availability and regulates insulin , growth factors , autophagy . Neat work for a protein .
See Scientific American , Jan 2012 p22 or online .

Too neat . The decision trees are too large for a single protein .
It is much more likely that some sort of quorum mechanism is at work , defining the maturity point .
Located on the cell-walls : see Phene Systems in Appendix I repeated below for your convenience .

The argument is that a very old mechanism (pre-yeast) can and does regulate DNA and mitochondria mechanisms (autophagy) . But the critical point is the definition at biochemical level of maturity.
And it is not a point , but a fuzzy locus , that can be extended in any direction .

But maturity points would be a fairly recent invention , in evolutionary terms .
We can see it's effects in early sexual maturity and dwarfism .
See “Chitter Goo” Feb 2012

What does this mean to you and me ?
1.Eat mature mushrooms with garlic butter .
Cooking temperature not to exceed 30C .
This will elongate fuzzy maturity locus towards the old age direction .(Activates mTORC1)
2.Take MSM and various micro-nutrients to prevent bottlenecks .
3.Smoke , drink . (Deactivates mTORC1) .
Use APS and activate other amygdala's (chakras) .
See “Why radiation nauseates” Feb 2012

For the Conspiracy Theorists :
Why was Rapamycin found on Easter Island ?
Because it was the furthest remove from human quorum effects .
Their population explosion due to longevity was due to their remoteness .
Will the same be true of space colonies ?

The top-knots of the Easter Island statues were originally anti-agathic suppositories , revamped by a committee of politicians .

Andre .

Appendix I
Phene Systems II
Andre Willers
4 Feb 2011

Synopsis :
Cellular meta-control mechanisms (Phenes) situated on the cell- and nucleus wall are expanded on in more depth .

Discussion :

The article "The Inner life of the Genome" by Tom Miseli in the Feb 2011 Scientific American (p46) pulled together a number threads previously discussed in this blog .

Briefly , he found that DNA is organized in the following physical arrangements in a working cell-nucleus :
DNA -> Wound around Histone Spools -> Histone Spools fold to form Chromatin strings -> Heterochromatin strings (a very tightly folded Chromatin strings) (see para 6 below)

Heterochromatin is so tightly wound that the DNA is inaccessible to transcription factors (ie inert , switched off) . They are found mostly near the nucleus wall . The Chromatin strings form delineated tangles , with preferred positions in the nucleus space .

Near the center are volumes called Transcription factories .
This is where the rubber hits the tar .
Volumes rich in aggregations of cellular components , polymerase enzymes and transcription factors . How did they get there ? See point 4 below about Chaperones and Self-organization .

Genes on the outer Heterochromatin string , on activation from the Phene system , unwinds to make the DNA accessible . The chromatin string simultaneously also migrates inward to a transcription factory (presumably triggered by the phene signal) and gets expressed .
This has been described as the Histone Code forming the epigenetic system

From evolutionary considerations , meta-control systems on cell-level and nucleus level are taken to be related .
Not only are they descended from the same ur-mechanisms , but if they were not related , that would add another expensive translation layer between cell-wall and nucleus-wall , with concomitant chances of error .
Evolutionary pressures would have elided any such mutation .

(Sounds logical , but is it true ? I suspect it is usually true , but exceptions will be found .
The perversity of animate matter exceeds that of inanimate matter by orders of magnitude)

The Histone System can then be seen as an important subset of the Epigenetic System
But the epigenetic system can have signals that are not relevant to cells .
See "Tunneling nanotubes"

See the following main threads : "Rife and the Histone Code" Jan 2011 "Phene System" Nov 2009 (reproduced in Appendix A below for convenience .) "ATP as a neurotransmitter" Jan 2010 "Tunneling nanotubes" Nov 2010 "Coffee foam" Aug 2009 "Intralipid II" Feb 2011 "Chaperones , Unpacking and Asthma" Aug 2008

Points to note :
1; "Distributed viruses" as theorized in "ATP as a Neurotransmitter" can be better described as pleomorphic organisms as set out in "Rife and the Histone code"

2;Intralipid is important because of its ability to hide epigenetic triggers . Notice the importance of phosphatydilserine (see "Phene Systems") . What would be the effect of  phosphatydilserine with Intralipid-type mechanisms ?

3; Switching off genes near the cell-wall is a typical evolutionary fail-safe control .
(A process is inhibited , unless that inhibition is inhibited in turn)

4; When a gene in the outer-tangle of Heterochromatin strings is activated , the loop it is in drops in nearer to a Transcription factory .
How does it know where to go ?
One theorizes that initially it is self-organizing (ie a hit-or-miss affair) . But various Beth levels will force an evolution of chaperones (see "Chaperones , Unpacking and Asthma" Aug 2008 )
So , one envisages a mixture of chaperones(2/3) and self-organization (1/3) ( "NewTools reserves" Nov 2008 . Error arguments.)

5; Chromosome abnormalities (like cancer) . Without a chaperone the dangling loop is vulnerable to breaking and then joining up with an unsuitable partner . Like in any bad marriage , the children suffer .

6.Stem Cells :
The above description is for a mature , functioning differentiated cell .
Things are different just before and after divisions .
In Embryonic stem-cells , there are no Heterochromatin strings .
All the genes are active , but the shebang is not very robust .

On receiving a phene-signal to differentiate the cell , lamin proteins are formed and fold Chromatin strings -> Heterochromatin strings and also tether them to the nucleus wall . The nucleus becomes much more robust .
Lamin proteins can then be classified as chaperones .
But notice how easily nearly any cell can be turned back into a pluripotent cell .
The body does this all the time (lately , stem cells have been created out of cells found in  urine .This is very unlikely for a storage mechanism .)

From Wikipedia :
"The nuclear lamina consists of a two-dimensional matrix of proteins located next to the inner nuclear membrane. Thelamin family of proteins make up the matrix and are highly conserved in evolution. During mitosis, the lamina matrix is reversibly disassembled as the lamin proteins are phosphorylated. Lamin proteins are thought to be involved in nuclear stability, chromatin structure and gene expression."

The lamins are thriftily reprocessed during mitosis . This means there is an programmed biological pathway to reverse differentiation (ie create stem cells) . Which why stem cells are so easily created .

The only problem now is why the body does not do it more frequently (ie why grow old?) It seems that the phene system has a memory , and the new cells after mitosis are reprogrammed .

Any helpful suggestions are welcome .
(Old age sucks.)

7; Heat pulses and Timing .
From para 4 above (Self-organization) , random movement due to heat promotes self-organization .
The molecules creating timing mechanisms are evolutionary very old (recent findings) . Heat pulses at harmonics of the diurnal rhythm should entrain the self-organizing process and reduce copying errors quite drastically .
(Remember , a modest 10 degree Celsius rise in temperature doubles chemical activity on a molecular level)

The Tea Ceremony .
An existing and proven technology .

The number of seconds in a day = 3^3 * 2^7 * 5^2 = 86 400
Sipping a very hot liquid every x seconds will pulse with resonances at
X= 2,3,4,5,6, 8,9,10,12.15,16,18,20,24, 25,27,30,… seconds
About 2-3 seconds per sip seems doable . The liquid must be kept hot and the sip rate maintained . This is ok for stomach systems .

We know long-term nerve potentiating is about 10 minutes , so if nervous system is targeted , sip slower (but not longer than 6 seconds between sips) and the tea must be kept at the same temperature . Eg for 6 seconds between 2.5 ml sip , you will drink 10*60/6*2.5 = 250 ml (about one cup .) 

Will a Tea Ceremony with iced tea have the same effect ?
If the nervous system is targeted , yes . Entrainment is the goal . So the bigger the temperature difference , more the body will notice . Remember the caffeine .

The maximum effect if you want to target the nervous system (relax, etc) would be then to do the Tea Ceremony and make each alternate sip iced tea and very hot tea as described above . Each in a demi-tasse .

I'm afraid Tea Ceremony purists in Japan and China will not welcome this conclusion

In other cases , you can experiment , but I estimate that hot alone will work .

Bar flies , hot chocolate and hot/iced coffee I leave for enthusiastic students .

Or else you can pulse infrared at these rates and frequencies derived from Rife's work

Or else sit in the sun with a shade that fluctuates (old style Eastern potentate , or rotating sun-umbrella with variable panels)

Or else watch TV . Heat radiation on old cathode-ray TV's will resonate at 25 , 27 ,30 times per second .
Children sitting close will be more susceptible .
Watching TV on CRT's makes them healthier ?  Some independent verification is required here .
Computer screens and games ditto .

That was fun !



Appendix A
Phene Systems.
Andre Willers
5 Nov 2009

Synopsis :
Cellular-wall control systems(phenes) of epigenetic and virus systems are becoming known and described .

Discussion :
See NewScientist 8 Aug 2009 p 41 "Kills all known germs" by B Holmes .
Relevant research by Philip Thorpe at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas .

See also "Coffee Foam" 2 Aug 2009 and later .

The argument is simple : self-replicating structures started on the walls of bubbles (probably clay : Gecko life) . These developed into the present day epigenetic control structures of processes inside the bubbles (ie cells) .
Viruses are messengers/controls both for intra-cellular and extra-cellular use .
Which is why they are usually wrapped in variants of the cell-wall .

Phosphatidylserine :
From the NewScientist article , this is a molecule mostly found sticking out of the inner lining of the cell-wall . Virus budding entails that this molecule is then found in particular patterns sticking out of the outside the outer cell-wall .

We expect such a mechanism if the cell-wall harbours the meta-controls (ie epigenetics) of the cell and some multicellular activity (ie virus messenger generation).

Humans have created antibodies that inactivate or target-for-destruction the bits of the Phosphatidylserine molecule sticking out of the cell-wall .

This will break the feedback-cycle of a large range of harmful viruses (apparently including HIV , Flu's , some cancers) .
Bavituximab ( a name only a Pharma could love) does exactly this . Expect to see a lot of it .

The question is :
Why are these antibodies not part of the body's normal immune system ?
The virus system is also used for information carrying .

Suppressing the virus system completely will destroy a multicellular organism , and make it revert to a collection of individual cells , even down to elemental chemicals if done properly . (Cf Ebola , SuperEbola ,  etc)

This can be bypassed by shining intense , quantum-entangled infra-red light through the mess (see previous posts) .

The normal system has to play a delicate balancing act between destruction from bad viruses and good,communication viruses .

If the baddies get too big an influence , intervention might be required . This is the duty of the epigenetic system . Why is it falling down on the job ?

The Dendritic Immune sytem
This is the connection between the synapse-type learning systems and the phene-system in the cell walls .

The dendritic immune  system's effectiveness is magnified by at least 3 orders of magnitude by a continuous sharp pressure-differential . The search space is drastically reduced by stochastic resonance . (The proof is either immediately obvious or very long).

Hence modern music and it's prevalence .

Your chances of survival is about 10^3 better if you listen to some semi-random rock.
Hence iPod and others . This is a real effect .

But we can do better than that by internal Click programming .
You know : Clicking the tongue , beak , teeth , exoskelet .

There is no animal with synapses or an immune system that makes no clicks at some stage .
This is actually quite amazing .

We would then expect plants to be noisy . And they are , on very low frequencies . This is how desert elephants survive : they hear the bulbous plants growing by the low-frequency pulses sensed through their feet . A patch of bulbs would have a signature low-frequency pulse observable from a long way off . (The bulbs would evolve-learn to spurt growth at the same time . This would lessen the chance of detection and eating by close-by herbivores not as smart as elephants)

Click-talking plants .
Better than just talking to them . But try some castanets . Tap-dancing will work too , but the neighbours will think you're really crazy tap-dancing to the plants . Tojours .

Grinding your teeth .
A common complaint , usually explained away as stress . Actually , your teeth are trying to click together . A part of the body's housekeeping routine . Programming the gums and intestinal tract .

Just for the hell of it , click your teeth together 5 times together with 5 double-tongue clicks interspersed as you feel . Count them . You will feel an immediate stress-relief feeling . Blood pressure will drop . Be careful if medication to lower blood pressure is taken .

I just thought of the above , and tried it .
The teeth (molars mostly) must click against each other . You will notice there is a damage-control protocol hardwired in . The teeth will click , but not hard enough to cause damage . This already tells us that this is an old system .

The natural tendency will be for a double-teeth click , followed by a double tongue-click with the mouth open . The process then repeats , varying the teeth , tongue and mouth open/closed .

Be careful of hypotension of the cardiovascular system . The stress relief is very pronounced . Especially around the neck and upper shoulder muscles .

Teeth-grinding should cease .

But why ?
I did not expect this . But the effect is so pronounced that I cannot ignore it .
The neck and shoulder muscles do not relax through  an effort of will or exercise . They just relax . (Sort of melt) .

Maybe a double bite-bite on empty air signals the end of an aggressive episode , and for expensive fight-or-flight mechanisms to stand down .

This would make this fairly deep-wired , certainly deeper than psychological stress .

Phene effects .
The stand-down is an immediate stand-down , regardless of the number previous stress-generating events . This must be true , since this is the epigenetic programming system . There is no other memory system .

Phene programming of immune-systems , bone-growth , digestion , neural growth etc ,are immediately affected . Genes are switched from crisis to maintenance . Using the carbohydrate-energy mechanism is a short-term crisis mechanism .

Standing down the mechanism should ameliorate conditions like Diabetes II .

Or getting fat .

Want to get thin ?
The algorithm :
Double-teeth click , followed by a double tongue-click with the mouth open . The process then repeats , varying the teeth , tongue and mouth open/closed .
Repeat  at least ten times a month .
That’s it .

Can it be this simple?
Yes .

Why has nobody thought of it before ?
As far as I am aware , nobody in our recorded history has thought that the click of teeth together can have physiological effects . Prehistoric societies were probably aware of the effect .

Yet it does , as you can find out for yourself .
The same for the simplicity . Simple causes has wide effects , because they are so basic . You must look at the whole argument .

In any case , there is hardly any risk .
I am doing it . Tojours!

Hasta la vista !
Coming or going .

Andre .