Sunday, January 30, 2011

Intralipid and Vitamin K

Intralipid and Vitamin K
Andre Willers
30 Jan 2011

Synopsis :
Why does Intralipid not trigger an immune response ?
The key is glycerin . A molecule plant-soya protein that predisposes subsequent egg-proteins and plant-oil fats to linkages that forms a pocket .

Intralipid sequesters vitamin K , and renders it inert inside a lipid capsule .
The immune system cannot get at the triggers .
It is an active system : Soya oil (see Plant-herbivore wars) and a little bit of proteins to stick out of the fat-cells , using glycerin as a mechanical support base .

Intralipid intervention should shortly be followed Vitanin K lavage .

Discussion :

Bah ! It should be obvious .
At this time 14 human proteins with Gla domains have been discovered, and they play key roles in the regulation of three physiological processes:
§ Blood coagulation: (prothrombin (factor II), factors VII, IX, X, protein C, protein S, and protein Z).[5]
§ Bone metabolism: osteocalcin, also called bone Gla-protein (BGP), and matrix gla protein(MGP).[6]
§ Vascular biology.[7]
Like other liposoluble vitamins (A, D, E), vitamin K is stored in the fat tissue of the human body.
Osteoporosis[18][19] and coronary heart disease[20][21] are strongly associated with lower levels of K2 (menaquinone). Menaquinone is not inhibited by salicylates as happens with K1, so menaquinone supplementation can alleviate the chronic vitamin K deficiency caused by long term aspirin use.[citation needed]
I am rally tired of prescribing the obvious to idiots .

Do it yourself .


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wristwatches and Cellphones

Wristwatches and cellphones .
Andre Willers
27 Jan 2011

Synopsis :
Wristwatches are being superseded by cellphones for electronic time .
Major epidemic effects of various flu's become less likely !
Cellphones are more powerful in disease prevention than straps by an estimated factor of five .

Discussion :
See "Wrist-watch straps and disease protection."

According to market surveys , the most likely person wearing a wristwatch in the UK is a female over 50 .

What is going on ?

Younger generations see no need to duplicate expense by having both a watch purely for time and a cellphone . The cellphone has higher priority .

But they keep it in their sweaty little hands , and dislike lending it out .

Infectious agents lurking in the crevices of the keys and on the surface of the cellphone reinfect the hands directly and immediately even after washing the hands .

This is beneficial , unless the person is in some pesthole . In which case , the phone should be incinerated . It cannot be disinfected without destroying it .

The reinfection is specific to the individual , because of the reluctance to let other persons use it .

Prophylactic measures :
In case of an epidemic , spray cellphones with the vaccine or incinerate it .
Never mind the persons . Concentrate on the cellphones .

This will work even in Africa . See very large percentage of cellphone users .
Furthermore , cellphone users will tend to be the most mobile population group . Hence the most likely disease vector . Hence the most bangs-for-buck intervention .

Malaria .
I can't resist this .
Mosquitoes are sensitive to certain low-energy sound frequencies . Apps can be downloaded to cellphones from the Service Provider that gives a continual hum at these sensitive frequencies while the phone is switched on . Significant reduction in malarial transmissions can be achieved .
Something for the Gates Foundation .

This is an example of a society deeper into the Singularity enforcing it's ideas upon a less advanced society . The case is compelling . But is it the only option ?

This is the sort of question you guys will have to answer .

Interesting aside :

I got interested in this because my local pharmacy was offering Swatch analogue watches (no electronics , old style mechanical wind-up) with stylish memory-metal wrist-bands . Looking at the mark-ups , I had to conclude that they were making mechanical watches at lower costs than electronic watches . How ?
Chaotic manufacture springs to mind . But I can find nothing on the internet .

If commercial micro-manufacture has surpassed electronic manufacture , we are indeed in for interesting times .

Interestingly yours

Click and Spirals

Click and Spirals .
Andre Willers
26 Jan 2011

Synopsis :
Incised spirals has enhanced reflection of sound in a left-handed or right-handed fashion , depending on the spiral . The inverse of stealth characteristics beloved of present aircraft-manufacturers .

The human left-earlobe has an anti-clockwise spiral structure for incoming sound .
The human right-earlobe has an clockwise spiral structure for incoming sound .

Resonance from sound reflection from incised spiral structures indicates direction of spiral glyph in an enhanced fashion .

A Click-speaker can hear the directions and intensities of the reflections .

Discussion :
See all previous "Click" discussions in
See especially the extraordinary megalithic structure at "New Grange" in Ireland .
"The hidden treasures of antiquity" ISBN –10 : 88 540 0497 9 p42 .

Incised Spirals :
The ceiling and walls are covered with incised spirals of various sizes and rotations .
These are essentially maps and beacons at the same time .
An echo-locator (like a click-speaker) can immediately orientate himself . Note the total lack of soot .

Similar structures and spirals (circa 3400 BCE and earlier) can be seen all over Europe , Ukraine , Egypt and Malta .

Experimental verification :
1.Use an echo-locator human (there are many today)
1.1 Incise spirals of various sizes , directions (ie left , right) , curve of spiral , depth of grooves in a sound-reflective material . The effect can be mathematically calculated or computer modeled . There are some nifty acoustic models around .
1.2 Test effect on human in the Laboratory .
1.3 Hard and soft clicks .
The problem is the nature of the !Click . Echo locators would use an abrupt tick of a stick or stone-on-stone type sound . Click-speakers would use a more slurring , chirp-like tongue-click . This would return more information .

The human auditory brain-cells compare and uses interference mechanisms between the two ears , and even inside the same ear .Very sensitive to intensity , direction and motion of the head . Down to single neuron-firing . That is a quantum level effect .

1.4 Alternatively , take the echo-locator human into a site like the New Grange Dolmen in Ireland and see what happens .
Theoretically , the incised spirals should "light up" in the echo-locator's sensorium , denoting left , right and intensity (height? , importance?)

Click Alphabet .
The Alphabet denotes an association with a symbol and a sound produced by normal human voice .
Similarly , we can deduce a !Click Alphabet .
But the symbols would look very different . Reflections of the !Click pulse would be of paramount importance . The physics would matter . The symbols cannot be arbitrary .

Wavefronts , distribution of reflectors , interference and capability of the hearer , etc would govern .
Note the present human loss off frequency sensitivity after age 25
(used in cellphones ) . Is this a recent mutation ? If so , how does it tie in ?

Degeneration :
The indications are that the Click alphabets used circa 3500 BC were dying out .
Hence the crude forms found in the "New Grange" dolmen .

Impact densification !Click alphabets should be found behind neolithic paintings .
A hyperlinked Neolithic commentary , as the densifications can be applied at different levels only detectible by persons of sufficient degrees of advancement . A neat way of keeping secrets .

Instrumentation :
1.Radiowave frequencies as used in airport "transparency" scanners should pick up underlying density structures .
2.These structures lie at various depths .
3.They might be fractured by passage of time .
Solution : chirp penetration frequencies . At each frequency change , use archaeological program that is used to fit broken potsherds into a whole . This should show whole symbols at every density level .
4. Repeat and have look .
5. Use decryption programs employed for intelligence and Mayan decipherment .

6. Quipu :
The alert reader would have noticed that Inca quipu are meant to be read by being strung on frame (like a harp) . A degeneration of click harmonics . This actually enables a much greater density of information than a straight map .

Where are the frames ?
The frame would have been similar to the Enigma machine . Decoding the quipu without it would be extremely difficult . Inca commanders were under strict orders to destroy any frames . Some might even have survived , but without specific knowledge they were useless .

This can be reverse-engineered today .
NSA would have no problem in reverse-engineering the frames and decoding quipu given these clues . It is both a physical referent (the frame) and then a simple code .

Remember , the guys who used these quipo codes were the sons of the nobility after about three years of varsity .
Yes , you have it right . The same as Western systems . Three years seems to be the max an agricultural level civilization can afford to spend on secondary elite education

Any idiot can and has used it , if he has the frame . It is not purely software .

Have fun .

Get Unknotted !


Monday, January 24, 2011

Hypergraphia and Hypographia .

Hypergraphia and Hypographia .
Andre Willers
24 Jan 2011

"To understand all is to forgive all"
"To understand all is to require more"
"Speak up ! "
Christian princeps .

Synopsis :
Understanding , HyperUnderstanding and HypoUnderstanding .

Discussion :

HypoUnderstanding is an individual who will not admit to new connections between data , even if it is to his benefit .This used to have a survival benefit in slow-changing environments. But it is lethal in rapidly changing environments .Cf Norse fishing in Greenland .

It is also prevalent in the Religious , Medical and Scientific communities . The Modern Priesthoods .

Hypergraphia is an attempt to change general perceptions by yakkiting a lot . Usually not successful . Chinggis Khan used hypographia and HyperUnderstanding to great effect . (Talk softly and carry a big stick ) . But it did not last .
He should have used hypergraphia .

Sigh . The chattering classes .
Sheer repetition always seems to work with idiots . Of course . Still , better than HypoUnderstanding .

If you think this is not important , look at Appendix A below . The Ancient greeks could not differentiate between knowledge , understanding and belief .

They and the Romans who took over this system were annihilated .

Hypergraphically Yours



Appendix A

epistemo-, epistem- +
(Greek: knowledge, know; understand; believe)
1. Of, relating to, or involving knowledge; cognitive.
2. Pertaining to knowledge or the conditions for acquiring it.
Someone who worships knowledge as the ultimate achievement.
1. An excessive reverence for knowledge.
2. The worship of knowledge; that is, ardent devotion to or adoration of knowledge unquestioningly as the ultimate achievement.
Relating or referring to epistemology.
Nearly every great philosopher has contributed to the epistemological literature.
A descriptive term for the theory of knowledge; especially, the critical study of its validity, methods, and scope.
Someone who studies historically important issues about knowledge:
· Whether knowledge of any kind is possible, and if so what kind.
· Whether some human knowledge is innate; that is, present, in some sense, at birth or whether instead all significant knowledge is acquired through experience.
· Whether knowledge is inherently a mental state.
· Whether certainty is a form of knowledge.
· Whether the primary task of epistemology is to provide justifications for broad categories of knowledge claim or merely to describe what kinds of things are known and how that knowledge is acquired.
A branch of philosophy that studies the nature of knowledge, its presuppositions and, in particular its foundations, scope, and its extent and validity.
Capable of acquiring knowledge or epistemic.
A love for or an excessive fondness for knowledge.

BlackHole Structures

BlackHole Structures .
Andre Willers
23 Jan 2011

"All Relativistic Frames are equal , but some are more equal than others."
With apologies to George Orwell .

Synopsis :
Blackholes with infalling mass generate standing-wave structures in the surrounding fields . Space-time curvature , randomness and frame dragging cause asymmetric Hawking radiation , spinning up the black hole . Over a certain boundary , catastrophic Limacon collapse occurs . Pulsed evaporation of the black hole or spin-off of mini-blackholes occurs . There can be subsequent fractal repetition .

Discussion :

1.First iteration :
Consider :
A non-spinning large mass with infalling masses . Tidal effects ionizes infalling masses . Standing waves (especially electric fields) form around the central mass .
This is the old Euclidean "Circular polygon of n sides circumscribing a circle of radius r" .

2.Second Iteration :
As the central mass condenses into a black hole , the space-time around it gets curved.
The polygon gets distorted into a gear-shape .
The Hawking radiation is strongest where the polygon is closest to blackhole . Random effects means that at some stage there will be a nett sidereal Hawking momentum transfer (ie radiation to one side) . The black hole starts spinning .

3.Third Iteration : Frame dragging .
In classical physics , this would have damped out the spin . In Relatavistic physics , the Frame is dragged along . The slope of the curvature in front of the "Gear-tooth" is not as sharp as the fall-off trailing slope . This is because of the underlying drag of the metric .
This means that Hawking radiation is asymmetric relative to the surface of the black hole . This means the black hole rotation speeds up . Energy and momentum is pumped into the surrounding field-structures , while the reaction spins the black hole faster .

4.Fourth Iteration :
Over certain thresholds , especially of spin , the gear-structure flips into open-ended hyperbolic or parabolic structures , depending on energy and mass-densities . But this does not happen symmetrically . Randomness ensures that one particular cog goes first . The system collapses around this , (The Limacon Collapse) , with large energy releases in a specific direction . The contraption goes careering about like a balloon when you release the nozzle , spinning off mini-blackholes left , right and center .
Whether anything will be left of the original blackhole depends on initial conditions .

5. Fifth Iteration :
Start with spin and large infalling masses . Then Frame-dragging will oscillate under certain conditions . A Cepheid galaxy will ensue . Else , the normal progression .

6.Weapon Systems:
Limacon collapse can be induced in any large , spinning system .
See "Cloud Lasers"

7.Oopsie !
With energies like these , non-altruistic civilizations will not survive even the run-up .
Unfortunately , it is provable (ie A plus ~A < Universum) that errors are possible .
So we have a situation (x*y) , where x->infinity and y->0 . Untellable , unless one ascends the Ladder of the various Infinities .

Have Fun !


Walls and Civilization II

From a comment about the US-Mexican Wall .

Good point .
A Wall always cuts both ways .
Cf Israeli wall , Berlin wall , Apartheid border walls ,Roman walls , etc .

Remember the effect of Hadrian's Frontier Walls on subsequent plagues ?
See "Hadrian and critical plague mass"

I am busy reading a very interesting book :
"The Empire stops here" by Philip Parker ISBN 9781845950033 .
R250 . Pp 649 Published 2010
A Journey along the frontiers of the Roman world .
To quote the blurb :
"A blend of travelogue , classical history and archaeology."

One should expand the travel to the Walls of the World .

A "Wow" itinerary .

Wishfully yours ,

Friday, January 21, 2011

Civilization and Walls.

Civilization and Walls .
Andre Willers
21 Jan 2011

Civilization is described as a reliable prescription of human behaviour .This can only be obtained by putting boundaries on humans from the outside . Ie walls.
Young civilizations , before human nature exerts itself , controls itself .
But humans quickly ruin this .

Discussion :
There are good reasons for this . The main long-term one is that non-walled systems do not generate sufficient discretionary surplus wealth to enable the equivalent of Universities : Long-term storage of skills and knowledge . The people can also skedaddle .But Civilization is created by the ones that have to remain . Bound by their walls .

Chinese Walls :
"The Great Wall" by John Man described this well .The Chinese word for wall and city is the same . They see something like the Great Wall of China as an Arcology . An extended city . Hence their willingness to embark on huge arcologies like the nuclear bomb-shelters under Beijing (of doubtful use) or the latest craze , underground trafficways to relieve congestion . The Hysterical Focus Strikes again !

Basically , the Chinese do not consider anybody without a wall as civilized , because they cannot be trusted .

Europeans have the same attitude , for the same reason .
Sad history .

The USA does not have this history , and is thus regarded as an "Enfant terrible" .
Also not regarded as civilized .

This is easily remedified , since this effect is completely unconscious .
Just build some faux walls around some major cities ,
Las Vegas has already done this .
Simply connecting up existing earthworks on a map and on the Internet will be sufficient to convince a large number of Far East and Middle East inhabitants to see the Americans as Civilized .

US military outposts in Iraq or Afghanistan might benefit from faux walls outside the real fortifications .

It is not a conscious response . I hate to use the word Epigenetic in this context , but epigenetic memes is a strong possibility . Once again , it is not conscious .

Historical examples :
"The Great Wall" by John Man described this well . Faux walls in Mongolia stretching for thousands of kilometers . Convincing Chinese that the Mongols are their friends . It worked for hundreds of years .

The same thing happened in Europe .
Anybody outside the city-walls was a peasant , and treated accordingly . If they put up even minuscule walls , they switched categories to a threat and was crushed or got a treaty .

Africa the same .
Mugabe gets exaggerated deference because of the Zimbabwe and Makgadigadi ruins denoting walls .

Australia :
I do not know of any , but I predict earthwork ramparts hundreds of kilometers in length in North-Western territories .Hardly visible by now . Watch at dawn or sunset .
(Nobody has looked)

To put it really , really simply :
No walls , no books .


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Licorice III - Viagra for Women

Licorice III-Viagra for women .
Andre Willers
18 Jan 2011

Even scents of licorice are sufficient to initiate cortisol increased relaxation , which can be stimulated by further N2O chemicals of female Viagra. The licorice acts as an enabler of further aphrodisiac effects .
Think of it as chemical foreplay .
(I was not looking for this) .

Disussion :

"A study, conducted by Alan R. Hirsch, neurological director of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, revealed that women who were exposed to the scent of licorice reported a 13% increase in bloodflow to their netherland compared to a 1% reduction from the scent of men's cologne. Though the exact reason that licorice arouses women is unclear, Hirsch believes that it is either an unexplained chemical reaction in the brain or olfactory-evoked nostalgia.
But same doesn't go for guys. The "licorice effect" that gets women steamed up can actually dampen the libido of a man."
See also "Licorice I" and "Licorice II"

Combinations with reported aphrodisiac effects for both partners (From the Internet) . Weighted by Google
1.Licorice and viagra
2.Doughnuts and Licorice
3.Pumpkin pie and Lavender .

What is going on ?

Take a step back to The Plant-Herbivore Wars .
Plants routinely have evolved methods to hijack herbivore behaviour patterns .

Consider the case of Catnip .
Catnip chemicals directly stimulate the sexual arousal centers of cats , big or small .
No herbivore will dare hang around a catnip patch . This benefits the catnip plant . The cats benefit by having a greater genetic variety due to the common attraction of the catnip patch .

What is the equivalent of catnip to humans ?
The suspect is in roasted carbohydrate . Found in plant seeds like wheat or rice , with fire . Thus specific to humans . Probably a pheromone (it has to be heated , baked or roasted) .

Addiction :
The plants hijacked a part of the human sexual-addiction system .

Now you know why humans are addicted to fast-foods . Look at the percentage of the planet occupied by these plants . Humans spend their lives toiling to make more plants . Not bad for a non-sentient life-form . It does not say much for humans .

The true signature of addiction is that even sexual activity is suppressed by fast-food obesity .Fatties are not even interested in looking for partners .

They think that they do not meet cultural norms . But this is not true .(See Victorian age) . Basic physiological feedback loops have been suppressed . It is a true disease/parasite . Humans are in thrall to plants .

Cultivator (ie human) numbers fall . I wonder what the plants have in store for this eventuality . (Remember , they have been through this many times before .)
Switching on particular cultivar genes and allergies would be the next step .
Sounds familiar ?

Anti-viagra :
Reportedly , some anti-viagra effects have been observed in women's tears . Makes sense from an evolutionary viewpoint .
Leads like this should give some indication of how to reduce the dependency on plants.

A Candidate :
We have a candidate in Acrylamide . See previous posts . It , and similar chemicals , are only produced at over 120 degrees centigrade . This class of chemicals also has serious effects on nervous systems . Indeed , many actually cause the addiction . But some variants also short-circuit it . Some of these surface as peripheral neuron diseases . A primitive prophylactic .

A note for Scent manufacturers :
These have been trying to create attractants with limited success . But now that real attractants are becoming a possibility , there is a much bigger market in neutralizers .

There are many more people you do not want to be attracted to than ones you want to be attracted to .

A factorially unlimited market .

The Ultimate Cold-Shoulder :
An H2S based scent that sends the recipient into hibernation .
See "Hybernation and Cryogenics"

A whiff of "Cold Shoulder" by ChilliChick will send you into hibernation for days .
A real area-denial weapon . Unless, of course , you happen to wear "HotStuff" by "The HotBoys" .
And so it goes in the war of the sexes .

You can always lean on the "HotShoulder"

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Super Respiration

Respiration .
Andre Willers
16 Jan 2011

Electron sucking drives most life on Earth .

Discussion :
Oxygen sucks electrons into every direction where there is an oxygen molecule .
This is the driving energy system

But the whole system is subject to an electric field between ionosphere and ground of about one volt per meter at present time
The ionosphere being negative .
This means a powerful back-pressure to respiration . Your cells transfer electrons far easily sideways and even more easily downways . Why you lie down to sleep . Even required?

So , put a positive electrode on the head .
But what voltage ?
At one volts per meter , we would expect a reserve mechanism at 2/3 V for a 2 meter organism .
See "NewTools : reserves"

Anything over that will enhance performance until 4/3 Volts .

Be careful not to complete the battery circuit . Earthing is required .

All you are doing is super-respirating .
All that hoo-ha of yoga .

Be careful to keep voltage between 2/3 and 4/3 . More is not better here .

Performance enhancement inside the boundaries of the organism .
Adaptive changes may take place , in which case increase voltage .

Sleep deprivation might ensue .

Note effects at KT boundary 65 MYA . Larger organisms died because of sudden catastrophic high-blood pressure . As the back-pressure of the 1 Volt/meter electric field was removed by short-circuiting by the asteroid and ancillary strikes .
They blew their tops !
Interesting .

Spacecraft :
They merely need a 1 volt per meter electric field differential vertical to maintain most physiological systems .
And give them lots of iron .
The spacecraft can't be earthed . Keep a neutral electric charge by ion ejectors .

Super respiration :
Inhale the steam from a bowl doped with bitters (to increase bronchial dilation) , salt (to increase electrical conductivity) and connected to the positive pole only of a 2/3-4/3 volt battery .

This should blow your alveoli away !

Not to mention your metabolic rate .

Don't lie down . Metabolic rates are not the same in all directions .

And we have not even started on chicken fat .
Quantum tunneling in chicken fat means a significant increase in electron pressure .l

Have fun !


PSiAN - a major new technology

PlasmaSiliconAntenna(PsiAN) – a major new technology.
Andre Willers
16 Jan 2011

Synopsis :
PsiAN antenna consist of large numbers of silicon diodes on a chip . Infrared and high-frequency reflection or absorption can be programmed in .

Discussion :

Tech References : see
1.NewScientist 11 Dec 2010 p22 " Wireless at the speed of plasma " Company : "Plasma Antennas" of Winchester , UK
"Haleakala R&D" , Brookfield , Mass (Ted Anderson)
Summary : reflective PsiAN chips suitable for WiGig manufactured .
(That is about data transmission at about 7 Gbits/sec)

2.NewScientist 18 Dec 2010 p21 "Is night falling on classic solar panels ? " Company "US Dept Energy " of Idaho National Lab , US (Steven Novack)
Summary : PsiAN chips suitable for 84% of infrared absorption already manufactured and tested . Total system (visible and infrared efficiency estimated at 46%)

Broad description :
The antenna consists of many (ie millions) of diodes on a silicon chip . When they are activated , each generates an electron plasma cloud (about 0.1 mm across) . These clouds can be shaped to reflect or absorb various frequencies , depending on physical configuration and which diodes are switched on or off .

This is a programmable reflector or absorber of various electromagnetic frequencies . A species of metamaterial .

Virtual Metamaterials:
Note , that by combining reflective and absorptive materials , a virtual metamaterial can be evolved , and once evolved , expressed on demand .

These chips already exist and can and are being cheaply manufactured , since they are based on existing silicon chip manufacturies .

Furthermore , antenna configurations are one of the success-stories of genetic algorithms in physics . Widely used for cellphone antennas .

This should be a snap for a system like :
"Adam and Eve" at Aberystwyth University , Scotland . Dr Amanda Clare . Automated hypothesis formulation and testing .
See "AI Update"

What does this mean ?
1.Cloud Computing with a vengeance .
See "Cloud Lasers"
The cloud is made of thin , floating chips reflecting or absorbing infrared on control of the Cloud-computer built into cloud of chips . Exact control is possible of climate and the electronic cloud around the planet .
Needless to say , extreme care is advised .

2.A less drastic alternative :
See "Solar Shield II "
Move the chip-cloud into a hyperbolic orbit , manufactured and replenished from Luna using mass-drivers . Not a long-term solution .

3. Singularity :
The system is hunting for the Singularity . We are in a chaotic attractor around the singularity . Human casualties will be 100% .

The trick is to keep Human casualties from exceeding 100%.
Nothing sadder than a Human sub-mind wandering around in a post-human world .

This will happen all-over within 40 years , but spottily before then .
See AI posts .

Consider Facebook linked into CloudComputing as set out above .
Now do you see what I mean ?
The breaking of the 150-person ceiling means that meta-minds are possible and achievable .

You will experience it .

Can it be stopped ?
No .
We are not talking religion . Just technology and present human nature .
The Tragedy of the Commons argument ensures that somebody is going to use this technology . The rest will have to follow , even if it means their transformation .

The future is suitably cloudy .

Andre .


I have given more than normal sources here , as my blog has been described as "a scientific Ulysses" in the Joycean sense .

I prefer the purer Tennyson "Ulysses" :

"To follow knowledge like a sinking star,
Beyond the utmost bound of human thought."

Andre Willers .

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Alaric's Treasure.

Alaric's Treasure .
Andre Willers
14 Jan 2011

Alaric considered himself as a Scythian . More important , so did his subordinates .
After his death ,. The Federation fell apart . But they still buried him in style with a Scythian tumulus . On the retreat route from Cosenza in southern italy .
The river-bed story was an in-joke . (Cf Gaiseric)

Discussion :
Not as easy as in http://andreswhy.blogspot "Treasure"
The tumulus is still there on your right-hand side about 9 km north of Cosenza .
The treasure is long gone (What did you expect?)
The locals know it .
The only treasure remaining is some of St Peter's relics buried way below the normal tomb . Relics not defined as treasure at the time .

Museum bait .


Licorice II

Licorice II
Andre Willers
13 Jan 2011

Feedback processes initiated by ingestion of licorice (glycorrhizin) seem inordinately sensitive . Boundary dosages need care .

I need to tell my little niece (3) what is safe to eat .
Before age 5 : no licorice .
5-7 – ¼ gm per day .
7- puberty :3/4 gm a day .
Puberty-25 : 1 gm / day
25+ 1.5 gm/day.

Discussion :
See "Licorice"

I tried about 1.5 gm of "Panda Soft Licorice" per day at breakfast on me and my wife .The effects were disproportionate . . Chronic fatigue symptoms and attention deficit problems decreased dramatically . Noticeably .

What is going on ?
I theorize that the glycorrhizin decreases the enzyme breaking down cortisol , leading to a bit more hardboiled attitude . See Architecture in "Licorice"
This is a very sensitive feedback mechanism .

Overdosage :
Too much licorice will mean too little cortisol .
A person subject to manic/depressive fits .

Underdosage :
Too little licorice will mean too much cortisol .
A pliant person subject to depressive fits .

Now you see why schoolboys self-medicated .

Of course , now caring parents do it for them with Ritalin et al .

Alcohol :
Ouzo etc . Licorice in alcohol .
A hard decrease in cortisol .
About sums up the Greek attitude to women and inferiors .

Was it deliberate ?
Turks meant it to render Greek drinkers depressed and comatose .
Sigh . Many have tried and none have succeeded .

A moderate ingestion of licorice flavoured alcohol is a stimulant . Too much exacerbates both the depressant effects of alcohol and licorice . The Turks did not reckon on the heroic imbibing efforts of the old Greek Heroes .

It is not even endorphins .
Just pure bloody-mindedness .

Oh well .

Cloud Lasers .

Cloud Lasers.
Andre Willers
13 Jan 2011

"Mongols were allowed to be scared by thunder and lightning" Marco Polo .
We can look forward to something a bit more substantial .

Synopsis :
Infrared radiation emitted during the formation stages of water droplet condensation can be stimulated into a infrared laser beam .
Warning : This technology can be assembled from existing bits and pieces within about 5 years .

Discussion :
See NewScientist 27 Nov 2010 p38 " Cloud Power"
Work by Brewster , Tatartchenko et al.

Description :
At the moment a water-cloud molecule joins a droplet , and the droplet is small enough , about 8% of the latent energy is released as infrared radiation .
The size is critical : notice similarity with Hawking radiation .

The direction of release can be skewed by stimulation at the same frequency , hence the "amplification by stimulated emission" tag .

Algorithm :
Take a cumulo-nimbus cloud (or a hurricane if ambitious)
Seeded layers of silver iodide (or something similar) below and above will form a reflective cavity (a few kg) . Then zap the middle with rapid nucleization (another few kg) and infrared guide-lasers from orbital mirror .

Voila ! a megawatt cloud laser .

1.Turned earthward :
A weapon suitable for cooking many a goose .

2.Turned Spaceward :
2.1 Planetary Air-conditioning
Making the upper reflective layer slightly less reflective , means that the infrared laser will beam into space . Hence pumping energy out of the Earth-biosphere without unduly heating the surroundings .

A more attractive and much safer scenario than the ones proposed in "Solar Shields II" et al
Mainly , control will be on the ground and regional .

2.2.Power generation :
No reason to waste all that surplus heat energy . Capture the infrared beam in space and then beam it back to needed receptor sites . Neat .Use the whole Earth as a receptor dish for insolation .

Some Theory :
Tornadoes , Hurricanes and Ball Lightning .
Interesting things happen when the first , small drops spin . The latent heat energy expresses itself in directed infrared , imparting a nett spin to the droplets . Resonances may form .
Important to note that it is a major (8%) route of transformation of dimensionless latent heat energy into angular momentum . This is what gives tornadoes that kick in the pants . Hurricanes as well , to a lesser degree .

Ball Lightning.
If local resonances form , the spin of a droplet may become isolated , ie incoming infrared is directed into the droplet . This is analogeous to an event horizon .
The energy in the droplet increases and forms a plasma . The Electric-field strengths at the boundary (terawatt scale) exceed material electronic field-strengths at a local point of contact . In other words , you have ball lightning , capable of penetrating a conductive metal and maintaining it's integrity .

Stabilized Ball Lightning.
Speculation .
Stable Terawatt electric fields make the ideal construction material .
Simple , ball-bearing size stabilized ball-lightning should be simple to make on industrial scale as a spin-off from planetary air-conditioning .

It is amusing to note that Tornado Alley in the US might become the new Silicon Valley .

Tornado wranglers ahoy!

Andre .

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wind Power.

Wind Power.
Andre Willers
11 Jan 2011

"The flap of a butterfly's wings causes a hurricane" Pop explanation of non-linear effects .

Synopsis :
Wind power is highly pollutant .
The present northern-hemisphere jet-stream abnormalities are due to the wind farms .

Discussion :

Not normally a problem , but back-pressure from La Nina and increased insolation from increased sun-spot activity leads to extreme sensitivity to exhaust-velocities from wind-farms .

Not to put too fine a point on it , large wind-farms on the north-western coast of Germany and Denmark decreased the wind-speed and energy density of the exiting wind-streams so that the normal roiling of the jet-stream did not take place . Wind directions over the entire northern hemisphere reversed .

You know ? The butterflies flapped . Every large wing of them .

Can it be reversed ?
Not as long as the wind farms exist . They will have to be decommissioned .
Or Europe can suffer the climate–destabilization for as long as a new dark age sets in .

Your choice .
Next time , try thinking a little .



Andre Willers
11 Jan 2011

Synopsis :
Fairly precise doses of licorice (glycyrrhizin) can drastically ameliorate Post Traumatic Stress and Hyperactivity Syndromes , both pre-natal and post-natal .
A Comfort-food , within strict boundaries .

Generations of schoolboys salute you .

Discussion :
The intermediary is cortisol , part of the stress-relaxor feedback loop .
The more cortisol and the more cortisol receptors , the faster stress-events return to normal .
But , epigenetic factors decrease the number of cortisol receptors , as this enhances survival rates if parents or grandparents were in stressor situations .

Glycyrrhizin blocks the breakdown of cortisol , both in the placenta and in the organism . The more cortisol , the more sensitive the organism is , both in and over time . A typical evolutionary inhibitor-of-inhibitors mechanism .

Dosages :
1.First iteration :
Simple : no epigenitics are involved . Nice and normal . Too much licorice is contra productive , as fairness is emphasized . Danger of depression if overdosed .

Chtonic , chronic fatigue :
Caused by too low concentrations of cortisol .
"x" too low in architecture below . Mild inhibition of cortisol breakdown called for . 25g of licorice sweets . Increase by 25 g per iteration until discomfort level is reached .

2.Second iteration .
Personal epigenics : personal bad experiences .
Increase licorice dosage until you get the heebie jeebies , then scale down . Don't expect any help from the establishment . Chocolate ! Use theobromine or a beta-blocker as a terminator of the experience .

3. Third iteration :
Bad experiences by previous two generations :
Repeat 2 above .
Preferably under medical supervision . Various beta-blockers (eg propranolol) (as discussed) can be used .

See : "Predator Switch" "Epigenetics and PTSD" previous relevant posts .
NewScientist 27 Nov 2010 p47 .

From "Predator Switch"

Substitute "Nett corticol concentration" for "x" below , and an Optimization can be achieved for any one singular circumstance (though not for an internal quantum system) .

Glycyrrhizin (ie licorice sweets) can change "x" at will , hence the possibility of optimization

A . The Logical Architecture :

1.Attention :
Attention (+x) <…………..> PredatorSwitch <………..>Attention(-x)

Where x is the degree of attention . (+x) would translate in extremes as Aspergers , while (-x) would translate as Attention Deficit Syndrome .

2.Activity :
Activity (+x) <…………..> PredatorSwitch <………..>Activity(-x)

Where x is the degree of attention . (+x) would translate in extremes as hyperactivity , while (-x) would translate as learned helplessness and depression .

MirrorNetwork(+x) <……….> AttentionSwitch <…………….> MirrorNetwork(-x)
Where x is the degree of attention mediated by feedback processes initiated by the PredatorSwitch . (+x) would translate in extremes as Saintliness , while (-x) would translate as Sociopathy .

See how it fits into a related spectrum around the Predator Switch ?

Attention Deficiency , HyperActivity , Aspergers (Hyper Attention) , Learned Helplessness (depression , lethargy) are all related and the system can shift between them with bewildering rapidity . Sociability follows .

Friday, January 07, 2011

The Ugly Ones

The Ugly Ones
Andre Willers
8 Jan 2011

Where are the ugly ones ?
Facebook algorithm .
This throws hundreds of suggested friends at me . All look vaguely similar .
All handsome .
What is going on ?
I have to conclude that there are no Ugly Ones .

Discussion :
1.Data mining :
Facebook datamining hits on blogs .
My blog at present has about 400 hits per month , mainly from the USA , Netherlands , Germany , Brazil , Russia , RSA .
I have no time or interest to trawl through all the availabilities .
So I get all these .

2.People only show their most attractive features .
The bikini effect .

3.With enough communication , the subset "Ugly" becomes very small .
"Ugly" is a description of number of sigmas difference from the norm .
People at the same sigma number usually find each other attractive .
Or they make themselves attractive . They are not robots.

4.Facebook is not only breaking the 150 person ceiling , but also the "Ugly" ceiling .
Redefining attractiveness and beauty . Ref Nietsche.

5. This is happening as we speak .It has not yet percolated through to the Nomenklatura of Fashion .

6.Fashion will fracture .
The center cannot hold .
This has major implications as genetic engineering becomes widespread . There is no widespread fashionable definition of beauty for the genome .Most of the present definitions of genomic beauty are derived from reproductive functionality (ie female hips and breasts , male torso's ) .

All this will evanesce .

7. A sidenote I cannot resist :
Organised religions are attempts to transcend the 150 ceiling . Hence , there are no old churches or cathedrals which seat less than 150 . And very large ones are broken down into units of 150 . (Apses and naves)

Now do you see what is happening ?
Facebook is enforcing interaction between more than 150 people , breaking the ceiling .It is immaterial whether you want to join or not . Peripheral effects means you are tied in . A typical positive feedback reaction .

This was last seen during the early Christian Church or early Islam .

Fiat felicitates lux .



Thank you for feedback and appreciation .
I tried the shotgun approach of
1.Smoking , drinking (temp>107 , dehydration)
2.Steaming (temp>107)
3.Bitters (Angosturas bitters in the steaming)
4.Usual MSM
5.Antibiotics for residual effects .
6.Chicken fat .

Symptoms showed rapid decrease after two days , then slower . 95% relief after 3 days . Much faster than normal . Bronchial symptoms mostly absent .
It seems that the temperature and bitter regimes prevented bronchial build-up .

I was concerned that the bitter chemicals activating the bitter receptors in the lungs might lead to overstimulation and subsequent emphysema . But keeping things on an infrequent basis should be healthy , on the old use-it-or-lose-it principle .

Purging would be better .
Ten inhalations from bitter steam .
Then ten inhalations from a different bowl of steam without bitters .

Should put the bounce back into the old alveoli , what !

Rife miroscope :
I can intuit that the metamaterial processes used in nanometer optical/matter processes can be replicated in ordinary materials . Silver seems to be a candidate . But the maths of twistors and tightly-bound chaotic interfaces needs a bit of work .
But it can be done . Has been done . Only not very reliably .

See Images to one nm.

"Arma virusquo cano"
Roman nanotechnologist .


Sunday, January 02, 2011


Andre Willers
2 Jan 2011

Synopsis :
Why did a really expensive system like homeostasis evolve ?
An arms race between bacteria and multicellular organisms seems to be the answer .

Discussion :
Evolutionary argument :
Multicellular organisms evolved higher temperatures to gain an advantage .
Cross-checking and mass gives an multicellular organism an advantage over a unicellular organism .

Present state of play :
Temperature of 107.6 Fahrenheit (42 Celsius) for 12 hours kills most bacteria or viri in the BX family . See "Rife and the Histone Code"

Historically , multicellular organisms needed bacteria for many fundamental processes , but also needed to keep their exuberance in check
Hence Fevers .
But evolutionary processes would force bacterial mortal temperatures higher .
Also , a steady state temperature would also enhance temporary decreases in temperature . The Dreaded Draught .
A negative fever , enabling an explosion of exploitive bacteria .

What does this mean ?
1.Homeostatic temperature evolved to protect multicellular organisms from unicellular organisms .
2.An Arms race developed . Homeostatic temperatures increased by about 6 degrees Fahrenheit over 100 million years . (Birds vs Mammals)
3.Fever :as discussed .
4.Artificial fevers :
4.1 Smoking . Temperatures in the mouth and lung cavities from hot air from cigarettes exceed 107.6 Fahrenheit .
4.2 Drinking alcohol : dehydration decreases heat sink in cell .
4.3 Steaming : Temperatures in the mouth and lung cavities exceed 107.6 Fahrenheit

Summation :
Continual smoking (over 107 Fahrenheit) for 12 hours and drinking if you have flu is good for you

PS :
Now you see why Birds have a higher body temperature . It is because they are older . Mammalian ages can be typed by homeostatic temperature the same way .

Have fun with the H2S mechanisms with bears , etc .