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Small Gravitational Antennae .

Small Gravitational Antennae .
Andre Willers
6 June 2007


Small (down to nanoscale , but above quantum level) gravitational wave meters are possible using non-linear feedback systems , meta-materials and stochastic resonance.

Discussion :

The problem is that gravitational waves are very long and weak .

The receptor has a finite length , usually very much shorter than the wave-length of the gravitational wave .

A coiled spiral , with precisely calculated feedback springs between the coils (ie a meta-material) can give non-linear feedback to a very specific frequency . (ie like the in-spiralling neutron stars . But even here , the frequency spike will be very sharp , rendering it of limited usefulness .)

But adding precisely defined noise ( stochastic resonance ) , will enable standard statistics packages to change this into a broader receptor .

How to this :
A coiled spiral , with precisely calculated feedback springs between the coils (ie a meta-material) can be evolved using evolutionary computer algorithms . The processes are well-known . The trick is to use these as seed populations for the stochastic resonance resultant populations .

Biological evolution .
The gentle reader will have noticed that spiral springs with multiple feedbacks (ie folds) is simply another way of describing DNA . The stochastic resonance part is supplied by the temperature and magnetic differentials inside the cell .

But why is this so important ?
Certain heavy metals are essential to a cell’s growth . But how is it to find them ?
Certainly , if a population is close to a dense concentration of these metals , they will prosper . But organisms far from this locus will have a distinct advantage if they can sense where they are , and then locomote there , or seize them .

This would require a very , very sensitive ways of sensing mass .

How does a flagellate in the ocean find that single molecule it needs ?

Fast forward this to the descendants in body-cells .

We can manipulate the process in two ways :
Bring heavy metals in close proximity to the body (eg copper in copper bracelets has some biological utility) . Gold and silver has not . But they will increase the variability in stochastic resonance . In a middling-nourished individual this will decrease the probability of disease , as disease organisms are hampered in scavenging for necessary heavy metal trace elements by the uncertainty introduced by nearby heavy metals . Really well-nourished individuals (ie taking supplements) , will not have this protection .

In other words , wearing gold and silver jewelry will make you healthier if you do not take too many supplements .

Directly increase the variability in stochastic resonance.

Induce an electrical or magnetic weak effect in the body at a frequency not higher than 0.5 Herz . This leads to interesting things like the rapid bone-healing (competition in the body for calcium ions is decreased) . This will work at every level of nourishment , as the body always has priority unless bacterial systems have achieved quorum and switched on lethality genes . But notice that this can be significantly delayed by increasing the variability in stochastic resonance .
Trauma necrosis can be significantly delayed by application of a simple variable charge/voltage .

The best is some electronic apparatus .

But metals of different electro-motive capacity on different arms and ankles will be better than nothing . Amber (or something similar that generates a charge via friction) will help . Silk and nylon is healthy . Static electricity is healthy .

Note that NASA has established that varying electro-magnetic fields are essential to astronauts’ health .

As a rule of thumb , wear different metals on different limbs . Do not wear amber next to metal .


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