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Topos 3

Topos 3

Andre Willers
21 Sept 2007

For Ermeine on request .

Sources: The topos articles.

“Physics from Fisher information” by B.R.Frieden ISBN 052163167X
Alternative Topos-type derivation of physical laws . : see in general , or search for “mining the Oort” , “Topos ” , “Topos 2” , Transcendent numbers ,etc.

Zero-point Energy , Zitterbewegung and Postdiction .

How to get macroscale effects from quantum fluctuations .

Zitterbewegung : the electron near lightspeeds jitters around . This is derived from the Dirac equations as interpreted by Schrodinger in the 1930’s . The electron moves near lightspeed within an envelope . Tunneling will take place if the electron is seen as a particle .

Puthoff (1989) interpreted that this jitter can represent energy asymmetrically transferred from quantum foam particles .

Further , that the energy of the electron mass equals this nett energy transference .

Thus , the electron can be thought of as a standing wave maintained by vacuum fluctuations .

This is a YN>0 situation .
But we can make it true by pinching the postdiction in a specific way .
The output is then extra electrons (current) , extra push(EMV) or both in a directly usable form , directly derived from zeropoint energy .

Cheap energy .

But note that there is a hidden cost : Entropy pollution .

Entropy pollution :
By definition , life decreases entropy inside it and increases it outside it .

This causes problems with quantum devices . (Heisenberg’s principle can be seen as a mild form .)

See a borderline nuclear system like Chernobyl at the end of the safety test . Containment systems were at a cusp , but previously found safe . Then the night-shift comes on . They understand less , thus their entropy is greater . The higher entropy means higher uncertainty . This bumps the probability of a fission per atom up over the stability level .

Not “boom” , but “sizzle” .

A classical example .

When the typically human fingerpointing started , some did try to point out that this was a routine performed many times before , but never at the phase change between an old shift and a new shift .

Hoist by Heisenberg !

Hopefully , nuclear weapons are more robust .

Entropy Sinks.

Any zeropoint energy device (and here we include lifeforms) require an entropy sink far away from the action to function at Reality Class 1 and 2 levels .

Ignorance is a reasonable ground-level state , but organized religions are much more efficient entropy sinks .

The mass media are also quite efficient at spreading entropy about .

This is why they evolved .

But high-intensity exploitation of different entropy levels (like zeropoint energy) will require specific designs. It is not too difficult , once it is known .

Note that Electromagnetic Waves of any description that passes through the body (ie low frequencies like radio , TV , Sun spots , etc) , increases the order inside the body (increases entropy .)
This is a Bad Thing unless you have compensatory mechanisms .

Increasing order at DNA/Intron level leads to interference with the quantum-level optimization of pathways .

Luckily , we have a stop-gap mechanism for low intensities :
Heat-shock proteins chaperone and mask small folding irregularities due to heat or small mutations . If they are overwhelmed (like big pulse of low-frequency EMP from meteor strike , large volcanic explosion , close proximity to cell-phone tower ,nuclear explosion) , the genetic and protein changes are suddenly released . A pulse of change ensues in the organism . Some think that this is one of the mechanisms driving punctuated equilibrium in evolution .

Negative Entropy Battery.
It is interesting to note that this mechanism operates as a storage battery of change , then releases it at once or slowly depending on the environment . This ties in with introns and repeated strings of genomes .

As expected from evolutionary theory , this system will operate better by orders of magnitude if it fluctuates . A relaxation of stress will cause an explosion of numbers in the most favourable mutations . An increase in stress will weed out the non-survivors . Repeat .

The social systems of human survivors of hundreds of cycles of this have got ups and downs built in .

Civilizations rise and fall .

But they fall jolly well faster if the internal Entropy inside each individual increases rapidly . I refer here particularly to the well-documented fact that social unrest is closely correlated with EMV activity caused by the sun . (1990’s)

The rapid increase of internal entropy forces a decrease in external entropy . Social disorder increases .

In the absence of extreme point-sources of zeropoint energy , entropy can be taken as fairly uniform over large volumes . (Close to a conservation principle)

So , if internal order per individual increases , the external social order decreases .
The more radio , TV , computers , solar flares , the greater the social unrest .
If the EMV pulse goes over a certain threshold , masked mutations are released and the cancer rate goes up .

The virus is reasonably successful because the mechanisms that would normally choose an optimal pathway to combat it is masked by the increase in entropy .
Their quantum mechanism is disturbed .

Just restoring a Faraday cage is not sufficient , as the balance has already been disturbed .

The internal entropy needs to be increased .

Blasting the organism with really random electromagnetic waves will drastically increase the disorder inside it , in contrast with the ordering waves it is exposed to .
Hopefully , quantum choices of optimal pathways are then made in a MORE noisy environment . Resonance effects come into play .

Really random is extremely difficult .

But how to get really random EM waves economically ?

Applause .

This is the wavefront of thousands of people clapping hands in a semi-random fashion. Fairly random .

Listening to applause for an hour loudly should reset some random counters .


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