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How to Really Drastically Improve your Balance .

How to Really Drastically Improve your Balance .
Andre Willers
22 Feb 2008

Benefits : Drastic balance improvement for
1. Sports : any sport , but especially golf , baseball , cricket , tennis
2. Old age : prevent falls in old age .
3. Peripheral Neuropathy : regain feeling .
4. CNS impairment . Regain motor effect .

Method :
Put a strip of bubblewrap on the ground and place your bare feet on it while you are seated . Your toes and heels must touch the bubblewrap .
Play dancing music .
Tap your fingers together (the best) , or air-tap , or tap against a solid surface .
Notice that your feet start tapping almost irresistibly . It requires an effort of will to stop .
Continue for about 10 minutes at first (fatigue sets in) . Sleep on it (for long term-potentiation to fix . ) Continue for about 3 days , then increase the frequency .
The effect will be very drastic at first ( expect about 20% return of feeling) , then logarithmically growing less .

What is going on ?
See previous posts about the evolutionary history of the sensitivity of fingertips , toetips and soles to vibrations on branches .See

There is a very , very strong synergy between neurological correlations in the brain regarding fingertip and sole-toe tap rhythms . This happens at a very basic levels . The brain learns very quickly using very old mammalian evolutionary pathways . Even your fingertapping gets better .

I was surprised to find that fingertapping became very much better when the bubblewrap foot-tapping was included . An order of magnitude .

Fingers-and-toes learn much , much better and faster than either separately .

The bubblewrap acts like the slightly rough surface of branches or ground , but with a regularity that makes learning easier .

You have to sit , because the bubblewrap is not strong enough to take your full weight without bursting .
In any case , a gentle , rapidly varying , predictable and rhythmic pressure variation on the sole-toes seems to be a better mechanism for learning correlation with fingertaps and musical input .

Even air taps (ie opening the finger(s) to full extent works , because this puts stress on the pressure receptors at the fingertips .

Dancing music is best because this is already optimized for human neurological systems .

Fatigue .
At first , long-term potentiating factors play a role . Do not continue for more than 10 minutes for three successive periods . Leave a day’s gap at first .

Bubblewrap :
Your attention is drawn to numerous balance studies involving studs stimulating the soles . Commercial products (very expensive) are available .

Once again , the synergy between musical fingertapping and rough sole and toe tapping is extremely strong . It is based on survival mechanisms about 30 million years old .

The Ladder Effect .
Your attention is drawn to recent studies that have shown that even interruption of long-nerves (like spinal nerves , foot-nerves) can be compensated for by numerous smaller nerves bypassing the damaged area . The problem is in integrating the signals of the lesser nerves to compensate . This is where the above method works well . Both on afferent and efferent level .

The effect is very rapid , since it is a reorganization in the brain . You are retraining a part of the brain , not the body at first . Regaining 20% of feeling from neuropathy after the first try has been my experience .

Long term effects .
Repair of diabetic or acrylamide nervous damage seems possible once the underlying causative factors have been removed . If sufficient underlying repair factors (like alpha-lipoic acid , essential fatty acids , HGH , etc are present ), the nervous damage is repaired using growth-hormone factors steered from the ladder-neurons .

Scar tissue can be repaired the same way .

Fat tissue repair .
Overloaded fat cells whose cell-walls are not strong enough (due to lack of enough sulfur) , rupture or overflow and merge with their neighbours . The dreaded dimples . Cellulite .

The female body mobilizes resources once a month for the baby , and the chief resource needed is sulfur . The baby initially is just a mass of connective tissue , increasing exponentially .It needs sulfur , and it needs it now! .

Hence the “glowing “ look of pregnant women . The body scavenges sulfur from the biggest organ which can spare sulfur , namely the skin . The skin seems to glow because it is thinner . Note the similar effect with TB , when the patient is spitting out its reserves of sulfur . The fine alveoli needs a lot of sulfur for the scaffolding . This suggests massive doses of sulfur (MSM , or something similar) for XDR-TB .

Cellulite prevention :
Take enough MSM before menstruation .

How to repair Fat cells .
The major culprit is oestrogen . (Some Oestrogen gets worked to testosterone in males) .
Surges in oestrogen (ie sexual activity or menstruation) increases mobilization of sulfur . This reduces sulfur available for bounding fat-cells . Hence cellulite ( external for females , internal for males . Typical internal fat is globulous (ie fat cells that have overflowed) . Males’ cellulite is internal .)

The trick is to train the body . Normally , surplus fat is encapsulated and excreted . The problem is that the capsule requires sulfur , and if that is in short supply , the fat has to be “temporarily”stored in already existing cells .

The body knows that gross excess fat is bad for it’s survival . But it has no choice . Even if there is enough sulfur , the apoptosis mechanism of fat cells has to be trained .
Just pumping in a lot of sulfur is not sufficient . It has to be associated with a rapid-learning mechanism .

The trick:
Use the music-fingertip and toe-tap to reprogram the fat-cell mechanism .
The idea is to establish training at the neural level .
We know that the finger-toe system trains very rapidly at a very basic level . Associate this with oestrogen-production and sulfur intake .
The body wants to lose the excess fat cells , but it cannot use its excretory mechanism unless it is assured of a sufficient sulfur supply .
This is probably tied into some epigenetic control system , that takes about three generations to change .

Hence our need of a fast reprogramming system .

Initially , things are a bit exaggerated to reinforce the learning mechanism .

The Recipe for fat loss :

1. Take a pulse dose of MSM (about 3 gms MSM + 1 gm VitC above your normal dose ) This is to let your body know something is going on .
2. Do the fingertapping , toetapping , bubblewrap music thing . The Method is as described above . (Not more than 10 minutes initially)
3. While doing this , watch a porn show (without sound) to pulse the oestrogen/testosterone . For males , lesbian shows are recommended to reduce testosterone production .
4. Repeat this for at least three days and not more than 2 weeks .
5. Check your body fat .

You should see apoptosis of fat cells , as well as a runny tummy as encapsulated fats are excreted .

Diabetics should watch their sugar levels as insulin resistance decreases with decreasing fat-cell sizes and decreasing number of fat cells .

MSM dosages should be kept high initially to prevent recidivism .

Porn and Fat .
Ho! Ho! Ho!
In the absence of sufficient sulfur , porn and fat is in a positive feedback cycle .

All that sexy advertising stimulates oestrogen production . Without enough sulfur , even normal eating goes into fat . This makes the populace feel unworthy , and go to the super-images of advertising and porn . So they turn into fat , wanking couch potatoes .

Oh no!
Gun Powder war involves pumping large amounts of sulfur into the biosphere , while burial practices sequesters it . Now you know why everybody was so lean after WWI and WWII . They were well fed (especially the Americans) , but they were still lean .
They were normal . Present humans are abnormal , because they suffer from a deficiency disease , namely a lack of sulfur . And some military genius is going to decide to solve this problem with a tried and proven recipe : a war .

And so it goes .

Andre .

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