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Charity and Malice

Charity and Malice
Andre Willers
7 May 2008

Charity is the Immune System of the Rich .

Lies :
We sneak up on Charity by examining lies .

I see you have noticed the problem with lies . The cover-up is more unforgivable than the original sin . Women or voters will forgive nearly anything except an extended period of deception which is unsuccessful.

Cf Nixon . But you don't have to be Jimmy Carter either , to confess every vagrant fancy .

How much to tell the significant other has been a perennial problem since Eve .

It is useful to use Infinite Probes and the concept of Reserves .

Always maintain sufficient reserves of regard , love and trustworthiness to weather random or malicious attacks .

Malice is a continually increasing problem as you grow more successful

Believe it . There are acquaintances who out of jealousy , spite , malice or self-interest will try to break you down . This is usually done in ways in which you cannot defend yourself .

The rumour , the whisper , the snide comment . Outright lies .
Outside of your knowledge where rebuttal is not possible .

Humans usually measure this by reflection from other people . If 37% of people think you are a good guy , your system is internally stable . Only an outside attack (like from the legal system) can broach it , and even then a lot won't believe it as they perpetuate the "good-guy" feedback system amongst themselves . Also known as "The Robin Hood" effect .

This is the real reason why rich and successful people always are seen to give to charity .

Most societies these days include the concept of Law .
This is a framework deliberately outside of being “nice” or a ”good old boy” .

But the Laws are made by the People (ie Lawyers ) .

If you are Rich , but without a protective cladding of seeming like a charitable person , present societies have very efficient mechanisms of mobilizing political support for new laws that attack this wealth .
There is a feeding frenzy and the lawyers grow rich .

Think immune systems .

Note what happened to John D Rockefeller , who thought that he was rich enough to disregard it .
Public opinion and Anti-trust legislation is what happened , significantly reducing his wealth .

Note the heavy involvement of persecuted minorities (Jews ,etc) in charities .

Note the correlation with anti-sumptuary laws in Christianity and Islam.

It is my considered opinion that if you do seem like a good guy to at least 27% of the population , you and your organization is vulnerable to predators that have evolved specifically in this niche in the Legal and Religious systems .
(see “Infinite Probes” and “Infinite
Probes 2” )

This is recursively true down to individual levels .

If malicious lies are being spread about you , your best defense would be to have an existing cloud of antibodies extolling your charities already in existence .

To paraphrase Churchill : “Bodyguard of Charities. ”

This is why , in our societies with a rule of Law , PR is essential .

There are predators lurking to exploit any weakness .

The churches are full because the congregations dare not stay away .
Only the outliers of the truly good or the truly bad are not there . And if they have anything worth having , they are soon forcibly removed of it .

Remember Voltaire about people :
“They forget nothing and remember nothing”

The “Doc Martin” model is bullshit .


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