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Chaperones , Unpacking and Asthma

Chaperones , Unpacking and Asthma
Andre Willers
31 Aug 2008

Essential reading :
“New jobs for ancient chaperones” by P K Srivastava ,
Scientific American July 2008 p32 “Unpacking” , “Orders of Randomness” , “Orders of Randomness 2”

In “Unpacking” , no mechanism was proposed for the unpacking-packing .

No formal proof was given that Higher Orders of Randomness are more likely than lower ones . A quick intuitive proof is that a stab at a numberline will most likely give an irrational number . (There are more aleph(1) irrational numbers than aleph(0) rational ones)

Unpacking is biased along probability lines (ie along orders of randomness) .
This is the basis of quantum and string theory .

Strings of amino acids are initially folded at Beth(0) random .
Higher orders of randomness are strings that guide other strings . Chaperones . Agents, Lobbyists ,Teachers . The DNA coding for these molecules survive at a higher rate because they take a percentage . They partake in the process in a partial way . If they evolve further they become catalysts or hormones .

This does not violate Second Law of Thermodynamics because the complexity is open-ended .
You can always find a Beth(n+1) for any Beth(n) . (True , because A+(~A)
Heat Shock Proteins (HSP)
A well-known class of these molecules are Heat Shock Proteins (HSP) . Initially identified by their role in heat-stress , but now identified as key players in the folding of proteins and the immune system .

The amino-acid chains are delivered by the ribosome factories in tangled , random folded shapes . They are unfolded (unpacked) by the chaperones and nudged (packed) to desired shapes by other chaperones .

The ribosome factories can be likened to steel furnaces , using high-energy ATP to deliver plate steel that must be rolled and punched into shape by the artisans of the chaperones .

Life is thus a co-operative endeavour between a number of agents/teachers (See “Artificial Intelligence” The external database is DNA . The AI(0) is the Chaperone system .)

The ATP manufactory of the mitochondria is essential . Not just because of their energy , but because they use chemicals like oxygen and alcohol used as poisens by other cells . They soak up and use the pathogens .

(Nitrogen will be next . Engineer mitochondria to use N2->oxides of nitrogen . There is a release of energy used by bioprocesses . This is already done by microbes in some plant root-nodules . )

As can be expected , each HSP carries a history : it carries peptides identifying it’s origin . These peptides form the Major Histocompatibility Complex One (MHC I) . They are presented to the immune system via the antigen presenting cells to the T-cells . Can you see how it all fits together ?

Thus , HSP’s are used by the body for zapping haywire self-systems like cancers .

“Every unhappy family is unhappy in it’s own unique way.” Tolstoy

Every body has a narrow sheaf of probabilities of functioning in a happy way , but a number of unhappy ways dependant on it’s Randomness . Can you see the co-ordination between Beth(n) and reality ?

By manipulating Beth , realities are constrained by boundaries of an order of Beth higher .

In any case , immune system activation using HSP therapies are new , but workable therapies . Each body has to be treated as unique . There is no general , specific therapy except a few .

General , non-specific therapy .
Heat is a Beth(0) randomness :
It is , after all , called Heat Shock Proteins . But why heat ?

It is the fluctuation of heat between certain boundaries that matter .
The single most important driver in the evolutionary process is the temperature fluctuation . Note the PCR reaction .

ATP can be seen as a Beth(1) phenomenon .
Zero-point energy can be seen as Beth(2).
Both would have chaperone molecules associated with them .
Mitochondria can accommodate this ,since the synthesis of ATP only involves energy plus recyclable materials . The energy normally comes from glucose+oxygen , but the cell could handle N2->N20 , or zero-point energy .

It would be amusing to see if new Olympic records obey conservation of measurable energy .

Cold-fusion anybody ?
From this viewpoint , Michael Phelps is a cold-fusion machine . And unlocking greater potential is inside everybody .

As everybody think they know , this is over-activation of an immune response . But it is actually just a normal immune response that is not shut off . And the shut-off mechanism is a learned response that is temperature-fluctuation sensitive .

HSP molecules present antigens to the AntigenPresentingCell , which in turn presents it to the T-Cell , simultaneously signaling a inflammatory reaction . HSP ‘s are the middle men , intermediaries ,agents , lobbyists , chaperones .

It is the beat of the heat .

If the heat does not change , there is no beat .

There is nobody to tell the immune system to cool it .

The Major Culprit :
The Asthma Pump .
Not the chemicals .
The temperature .
It is a gas under pressure which is very cold when injected into the mouth-lung system, because of the venturi principle .

It is this cold temperature that does the long-lasting damage .
Heat Shock Proteins are not formed and the system cannot learn that it is wrong , since not enough “wrong” antigens are presented , because not enough HSP’s are formed .

The system then has to unlearn the wrong habits , then learn new ones .
Ho-hum .
Most humans prefer to die , depending on their level of boredom .

Inhaling from a cigarette has temperature differentials from 500 Fahrenheit to 90 in the mouth and lung cavities . This triggers Heat Shock Protein Formation .

The positive effects of smoking goes a long way to explain why this habit has survived so long . It has very little to do with nicotine .

Just Hot Air

Dispense with the chemicals . Just have temperature differentials .

Asthma sufferers should have significant relief be retraining their immune system by having a heater at the throat of their pump .

It is not the dirt , it is the temperature .


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