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PC Specs 2

PC Specs 2
Andre Willers
8 Jan 2009

See "Small PC Specs"
Specs in Appendix A

The fracturing of the PC proceeds apace .
But the cellphone route is still very expensive .

Alternatives :

BugBasic($350) is a basic Linux processor with 4 slots for plug-in modules .
The modules (WiFi etc) are about $60 .

Smart paper or OLED's are still in testing . But you can buy a handheld projector now ($350 Mpro110 at . Or use any old .

Virtual Keyboard :
A virtual keyboard can be assembled from off-the-shelf components and software . Some tweaking might be required .
Camera software recognize hands (gesture recognition) . Fingers intersect a defined keyboard-plane to trigger a key-event . A laser reference grid for the user can be supplied . Wii rings with transponder chips can simplify it further .

Three-dimensional keyboards become possible .

Since every person's hands are unique , security can be built in .

Or use any flap open keyboard .

And there you are .


Appendix A .
Specs for eeePC equivalent .

1.The user must be able to do some simple things in stand-alone mode .(Spreadsheet and wordprocessing in compatible file formats)
2.But surf the Net and transfer results to his PC .
3.Or access the net from his PC via the cellphone .
4 Broadband connection on cellphone .
5.Expandible peripherals (keyboard and screen) for cellphone.
6.Data storage on cellphone(like memory stick)
7.Data transfer to PC or ISP from cellphone via network on demand .
8. Security on wireless data transfers .

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