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Negative Evolution.

Negative Evolution.
Andre Willers
20 Jan 2010

Repeated Negative evolution is one of the most powerful mechanisms for searching information spaces .

See "Prodigies,Primitives and Cancers" et al.
Appended in Appendix A for ease of reference.

A quick and dirty approximation :
Apply the Negative Evolution (NEv) algorithm twice in succession . This leads to an equivalent Positive Evolution(ie pro-survival) position . But you do not end up at the same position you started from . This is because (A plus ~A < Universum) as discussed before .
This end result can also be a position in the information space that could not be reached from a purely Positive Evolutionary (PEv) algorithm .

Designers of catalysts take note .

Primitive Pairs :
NEv(1) + NEv(2) = PEv

But how can threshold energies be lower ?
The trick:
Fluctuations .
PEv fluctuates below the threshold and above the threshold because of beats in NEv(1) + Nev(2) . Reactions take place over the threshold . Some energies are recovered by NEv(1) + Nev(2) . From the outside it looks as if the total is at a lower threshold .

Another favourite is leverage . A trick the system learned from the water molecule . The Y shape is replicated , with suitable embellishments , in reactors like anti-bodies .

Leverage is also applied through folding , a protein favourite . Reactants are trapped in folds and subjected to fluctuating thermal , EM and mechanical pressure . Extremely high short range , short-term forces up to fusion levels are possible .See previous posts about chicken fat and Catastrophe folding .

1.1. Enzymes These show the typical route of their origin : nested and sequential inhibitors of inhibitors . This also has the advantage of sensitive controls .
1.2.Gene inhibition in one of a pair . See how effective this is ?

2.1.The inhibition of vitC production in protohomonins led to obligate hunting .
2.2.The inhibition of amygdala controls led to protohomonin hysteria and ground dwelling (due to fear of falling) . See previous posts on the Hysterical Focus .

A Genetic Algorithm for Catalysts :
See "New Tools" "Reserves"
1.Slice and dice the problem into N pieces .
2.We know that approximately 1/3 is not amenable to manipulation , but we do not know which items .
3.Divide the mess into NVe(0)= 1/3 of items and the remainder into NEv(1)= into 1/3 of 2/3=0.22 and Nev(2) = 2/3 of 2/3 = 0.44 .
4.Write a Genetic Algorithm program that has negative feedback on NEv(1) and NEv(2) , but positive feedback on PEv , where PEv is the output of NEv(1) + NEv(2)
5.After (2^N) / 3 iterations or if system is stuck , pulse NVe(0) data at random into NVe(1) and NVe(2) .
6.The system fluctuates . Monitor fluctuations in PVe . Maximal PVe is your catalyst .
If it remains stable , an optimal has been reached ,

A simultaneous GRRR! And AARGH!

I hope this is not the best possible algorithm .

I trust you have identified NEv(1) and NEv(2) as politicians and shamans (of religious or scientific persuasion) in the above argument .
NVe(0) would translate as reason , real science and the rest of the long suffering slobs..

Negative feedback on these two means exactly that . Their function is to reduce and inhibit .
Dunderheads in charge is optimal for the system as a whole . Even in theory .
Is the best we can do ?

This is not exactly what I had in mind .
Surely there is a better algorithm to search the information spaces for survival paths .
The present one steps over literally trillions of bodies .

Is a better Algorithm possible ?
The above algorithm has been used for the last 4 billion years on earth .
But note that the fluctuations are of a beth(0) order of randomness .
See "Randomness" and "Orders of Randomness 2"
Higher orders of beth(randomness) will shorten the number of iterations to an optimal solution .

So better algorithms are possible .

A teensy , weensy problem . Anybody getting into social power under the present algorithm , turns into a dunderhead . This has been discussed before . It is due to restrictions of information flows in hierarchical systems . The higher you are , the less data you get . At least beth(1) techniques are necessary to get out of this trap .

Now you know why you never got anywhere by being smart .
The algorithm requires stupidity , stupid !



Appendix A

Prodigies , Primitives and Cancers
Andre Willers
9 May 2007

Synopsis :
Prodigies do things we can all do (like calculations , languages , music ) with little seeming effort or tuition , but only much better , faster and at an earlier age .It is often confused with intelligence .

Discussion :

Sources : “Primitives” , “Primitives_1” , “Origins of War” and others. for Zerah Colburn
General sources on prodigies and mind-body interactions .

Dedicated Brain Centers
Two dedicated hardwired neuron complexes are known from experimental evidence :
The language center (usually above the left ear ) and the counting complex . A music complex is very strongly suspected .

Various other emotional centers (amygdala) and memory centers are known . Many others are suspected . (Like eye-body co-ordination )

Please take note of the Neuronal Mirror argument .
These complexes above evolved from primal neuronal mirror set-ups .

A prodigy happens when a hardwired primitive neuronal complex replicates into the neuronal mirror arrangements . Because only non-simple encoding is used , this means a degradation of the functions usually done by these usurped mirror-neurons . This is at the cost of things like modeling other people (ie social skills) . Hence the prevalence of the lower end of the autistic spectrum in prodigies . ( Idiots savant )

As to be expected , there is a link between prodigies in arithmetic , language and music .

Prodigies (like William Hamilton of mathematics fame , or Zerah Colburn )were good at arithmetic and languages . The link between music and arithmetic is well known . Mozart’s linguistic skills are overshadowed by other events .

The problem is that well-known prodigies are the ones that were pushed by their parent(s) into notoriety . The smarter ones like Gauss , Macauly ,Young , etc learned to blend in .

Present day prodigies .
Where are they ?
Why , at the top end of most human endeavours . Top-class tennis players , golfers , chess-players , etc would qualify in earlier times as prodigies . Today they have to train hard 8 hours a day from early youth to be able to compete with the other prodigies . “Ordinary” people do not even get a look in .

Raw Talent .
A lightning calculator , if he survived the school system , might be lucky to get a job as a bookie’s runner or a croupier .

So you learned Greek , Latin , Finnish , Serbo-Croat and Basque at the age of five ? You have an interesting future as an interpreter at the UN .

You have a better chance in music . There are numerous schools for musical prodigies.

Fractal Identity Crises.
The hardwired primitive neuronal complex has an internal coding that is not simple .

It has to compensate for a temporal identity problem .

The complex assembles information very quickly ( some researchers say quantum effects are used , in which case it is instantaneous or from different time-sources ) .

Regardless , this information has to be presented to the rest of the brain in an usable fashion , with sequential markers .

For example , Mozart could comprehend an entire symphony in his overgrown musical complex . This had to be passed to the normal brain with sequential markers , so that he could scribble like mad from his simple memory to get a shadow of it in reproducible form .

Another example is a native speaker of a complicated language like Latin or Finnish . The complicated grammar arrives as an entirety , not worked out piecemeal .

This non-simple coding is very important , since it holds the key to identity markers , not only temporally but over other parameters as well .

As all my gentle readers will know , identity defineability is the key on how we know we are us , how the immune system recognizes our cells , how chromosome clusters are self-recognised , and all those other fractal identity crises .

This begs the question :
If we have identity resolution paradigms good enough to resolve an ID interface between a very fast (or multitemporal) complex , and the normal brain , why is it not used in the immune system ?

The answer is that it is used in this way , but sometimes the controls slip , or is programmed to slip .

The brain evolved from these systems , but we would expect some feedback .

Cancer Cells .
We refer to these bio-hazard labs as cancer cells . It is where evolution is put into fast-forward . ( See Scientific American of May 2007 p35 “ Chromosomal Chaos and Cancer”)

Have you ever wondered how complex organisms can even exist , when there are trillions of tons of bacteria , fungi , viruses ,etc in the world . By sheer numbers and breeding rate , they must outperform any organism’s defence system .

The Trick :
Any centurion will tell you this trick : discipline .

Aneuploidy is the main mechanism . This is a fancy name for shuffling chromosomes (ie the tried and trusted sexual mixer .) Only this mechanism is on steroids .

An unknown molecule is encountered.
The body does not know how it will affect the organism .
There are two ways to test it :
1. Live through it (potentially disasterous)
2. Test it in a fast-forward evolutionary biolab .

The body induces aneuploid cancer in a test cell .
This cell is nurtured by the body , deliberately bypassing all the evolutionary pressures of the environment or the immune system .
The test cell and its daughters have very rapid and semi-random chromosome shuffling . (This is also where all those null codons come into play.)
This cluster of cells forms a bio-hazard lab .

If they find a solution , it is communicated to the immune system and the lab is liquidated by apoptosis using the identity markers .

Can you see how this is more advantageous than living through it ?

If they do not , the cancer expands , resulting in the non-viability of the organism due to resource constraints .

But surely , an off-switch would have evolved ? If it could not find a solution to an unknown after n tries , it stops . Yes , but if the immune system had not recognised it the molecules will keep on arriving , triggering new explorations .

To recognize and “END” codon to a particular try to resolve a “new” molecule previously tried would require a memory of this molecule . Yet this is exactly what the immune system does not have , since it passed this molecule on to the cancer test lab . There does not seem to be a memory of previous cancer-lab experiments (understandably , since the resource requirements would overwhelm any finite system with simple coding .)

Is there a general “END” codon ?
The answer must be yes , since it appears in more evolved brain mechanisms . See also the languages of bacteria . (There is an Ur language , and various dialects .)

The particular information is stored epigenetically . The presence of the problem molecules in the mother’s womb gets tagged with a methylization complex , marking it as solved . Each new generation must resolve it anew .

What a horrible trap . Old age must be programmed in , since only by setting the “END” codon in the mothers womb can rubbishy molecules be prevented from triggering cancers . Mothers get partially reset , which is why they live longer .

Well , it helps to know that there is a single switch that will apoptise some cancer labs . It must be something simple , like the methylization of a geneplex that backpropagates .

Classical music:
Most people who listen to classical music live longer and look younger . This is because of the very recognizable “END” sequence to any symphony . The sequence entrains a neural process in the brain , which generates chemicals which signal “END ALL” sequences to the internal cancer labs .

This is one of the much threatened feedback from more developed parts of the being .
The storm of feedback from the brain creates a non-linear feedback system , with all that it implies .

The Q Trick

For example , Turing ( from Godel’s work ) proved way back in the 1930’s that a linear logic(computing) process cannot know when to stop if it looks only at internal logic . This is exactly what we said above . However , by using quantum processes , the system can know when to slam down an “END” .

This has to be communicated to the cell-complexes concerned . It is not sufficient to have a blanket “END” all the time , since the cancer-labs are vital to the health of the organism . Once a week seems sufficient , judging from the religious observances .

So what does this have to do with prodigies ?

Prodigies are the cancers of the body human .

They pretest which behaviours and talents will be acceptable .

Spiderman , Batman , Superman , etc
The same tired old lot :Hercules , Zeus , all the saints . I can’t remember all their names , or want to .

Bah . Do any of them even straddle the space-time crack ?
Ride t’em ,cowboy


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