Monday, September 06, 2010

Crocodile High .

Crocodile High .
Andre Willers
6 Sep 2010

Your old school about 200 million years ago .
Crocodile fat lowers the threshold of the triggers of THC receptors .
Receptor sites are on the tongue and around jaw hinges .

Discussion :
1. Marijuana effects are amplified by using very small dabs of crocodile fat on the hinges of the jaw and the tongue . (Effective even without Marijuana )
2. See "Crocodiles"
3. The reason is that THC receptors evolved as a priviliged communication channel in early times . Plants evolved THC stimulants as a hijack .
4. The jaw-bone hinges are the most conservative genetical elements of the animal . Gotta eat . Old receptor sites lurk here , well , like crocodiles .
5. Reproduction sites (like the groin) is not nearly as conservative .
6. Music: an even older system lurks here . Rhythmic and percussion elements are inherent in the THC receptor sites , as they interface between pressure and chemical concentration events and the neural system .
7. Ho ! Fishes should see croc fat as a hyper-real stimulant !
8. No wonder crocs survived so long . Crocs would leak croc fat as a lure .Easily tested . The fishes would go mad .

New Teeth :
A dab of croc fat on chewing gum and behind the jaw-hinges should mobilize stem-cells even in humans .

Do crocs get diabetes ? Yes . I refer you to the croc deaths in the northern provinces .Something is blocking the metabolic pathway utilizing fats , allowing the fats to decay .
Crocs from more northern parts have the genes to solve it . Dumping them in the river will solve the problem .This begs the question whether there is a pathogenic signal forcing human fat into pathogenic fat .

The crocs are singing like canaries , but very belatedly .

It seems like a denial-of -service attack
Crocs should have a defense , basically a banding (a simplification ,ie a fluctuation in the amygdala. ) . Them dying is simply the way the croc system works .

Think of them as the macro-antibody .
Them dying is the defense . Watch the small ones .
The number of interactions are not particularly large (15!) , but challenging to human systems without guidelines .

Beware of low-flying crocodiles .

Andre .

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