Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Emperor Zuma .

Emperor Zuma .
Andre Willers.
5 Oct 2010

Predictive synopsis:
RSA revolutionary system will bubble up into an encapsulated African Empire .
Time period :3 years , plus rapid consolidation thereafter .

Discussion :
We look at previous revolutions :
Meta view:
How many revolutions do we have to look at to get a reasonable view ?
From dimensional considerations , four is sufficient , but five + is better .

Chaos mathematics and Reserves (Least Error arguments)
Ignore events in 1/3 of time periods into Revolutionary Capsule .
See http://andreswhy.blogspot.com "NewTools"

Abstraction to general principles only become possible when the system has cooled down enough . Cf Big Bang . Symmetry breaking , etc .

There are two types of revolutions :

1.Encapsulated Revolutions :
The system contains its own excesses . A steady state of some sort is established , many times of a the steady state is of a dynamic nature .

2.Open-Ended Revolutions :
The system's excesses has to be contained by outside forces . This is a polite way of saying wars are necessary .

End-state Civilizations:
Encapsulated Revolutions (like Bronze Age , Roman Empire , British Empire)
Their end-states form and guide attempted Open-Ended Revolutions .

This sums up history for the last 5000 years .

Various recent Revolutions:
1.English Revolution . (Cromwell)
Capsule Period:
1649 (JamesI chopped) to 1688 (Grand Revolution) . 39 years . Ignore the first 13 years unless you are expert in chaos systems and watch the next 26 . (ie up to 1726) This is where the British Empire was coalesced .
Notice the Dutch influence .

2.American Revolution (Washington)
Capsule Period:
1776 to 1865 : 89 years . Ignore the first 30 years (ie up to 1806) unless you are expert in chaos systems .

3.French Revolution : (Napoleon)
Capsule period:
1789 to 1815 . 26 years Ignore the first 26/3 years (ie up to 1797) unless you are expert in chaos systems .

4.Russian Revolution : (Stalin)
Capsule period :
1917 to 1989 : 62 years . Ignore the first 62/3 years (ie up to 1938) unless you are expert in chaos systems

5.German Revolution (Hitler)
Capsule period:
1933 to 1945 : 12 years . Ignore the first 12/3 years (ie up to 1937) unless you are expert in chaos systems

6.Chinese Revolution . (Mao)
Capsule period:
1948 to 1986 : 38 years . Ignore the first 38/3 years (ie up to 1981) unless you are expert in chaos systems

7 South African Revolution .
Capsule period:
1994 to (2008+x) : 18+x years . Ignore the first (18+x)/3 years (ie up to 1999+x/3) unless you are expert in chaos systems
Use Bayesian systems .

What does this mean ?

Notice the aggressive pulse during the last 2/3 of the Revolutionary Capsule .

In the African context , it means an Empire based on SA expansion , allowed into a capsule . The capsule is porous , so actual Singularity bleed-through is allowed .
An Emperor is forced to let his subjects evaporate into the Singularity , or else face immediate revolt .

It is rather amusing to note that the Singularity will initiate in Africa . Has already initiated . Humans will end where they started .

Tojours , mes infants .


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