Friday, October 19, 2012

Conscience and Dopamine

Conscience and Dopamine
Andre Willers
19 Oct 2012
Synopsis :
The concentration and receptor densities for Dopamine is the measure of the difference between a goal and achievement .
Discussion :
In the standard neural network model , this means that dopamine is the feedback mechanism . Low dopamine levels means sociopathy or psychopathy . No conscience .
This can be tested . We have many Dopamine stimulants or agonists .
Some consequences :
1.Parkinson’s disease is associated with sociopathy .
2.Medication : most successful present civilizations use caffeine , alcohol and nicotine to stimulate dopamine production .
3.Learned helplessness and depression .
A result of low dopamine levels . Usually genetic in origin .Easily understood in terms of neural feedback systems , where the feedback from the (Target-Achieved) is hampered .
4.Restless Legs Syndrome
Low dopamine levels force change .
In societies like Islam , where alcohol as self-medication is not allowed , this translates as an imperialist drive . They literally cannot remain still . The same in Buddhist .
This has some practical benefit in that terrorists can be converted by giving them Anti-Parkinson’s disease medication (like Pexole) . Give them a conscience .
I don’t know why I bother any more.

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