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The Mercenary Patriot

The Mercenary Patriot

Andre Willers
31 Aug 2014
Civil conflict , overt or covert , is a precondition for the existence of the Mercenary Patriot .
Discussion :
1.Definitions :
1.1 See Appendix A
Note that a person is either a mercenary or a patriot under normal conditions of a unitary , consensus state .
The two are mutually exclusive .
1.2 If there is serious civil disagreement , you can have Patriot(1) , Patriot(2) , … ,
Although they might label each other traitor or foreigner .

1.3 Mercenary remains unitary to himself .
1.4 Thus , Mercenary Patriot(1)  ,  Mercenary Patriot(2) , etc can exist , all sincerely believing they are patriots even while they are destroying their country .
1.5 There is no size of numbers qualification .
One person can declare himself Patriot(n+1) open to contract work .
A Mercenary Patriot(n+1) hangs up his shingle .
2. The Disaster of combining Mercenary and Patriotic :
Mercenary and Patriotic armies in pure forms have done most of the fighting in history .
2.1 After combining the mercenary usually corrupts the patriot .
A telling example :
“By 1907 Redl had become head of the counter-intelligence branch of the Intelligence Bureau. Promoted to the rank of colonel, Redl greatly improved the methods used by the Austro-Hungarian counter-espionage service,
At the same time he was the Russians’ chief spy .
“Redl was paid well by the Tsarist government for his services,
“his actions were responsible for the deaths of half a million of his countrymen.[6]
Historians of the Habsburg Empire, as well as espionage historians such as CIA's Allen Dulles and Soviet General Mikhail Milstein, agree in calling Redl an arch-traitor.[9]
In the political post-mortem one Hungarian newspaper noted that "the Redl affair cannot be seen as a private matter. Redl is not an individual but a system. Whilst soldiers elsewhere are taught to love their homelands, lack of patriotism is held to be the greatest military virtue in this unfortunate monarchy. With us military education culminates in all national feeling being driven out of our soldiers... In the Redl affair this spirit has had its revenge. The Austrian and the Hungarian soldiers possess no fatherland; they only have a war lord."
2.2 Civil War
The Mercenary meme corrupt patriots into various flavors of patriots .
Present examples are Edward Snowden or any employee who feels justified to sell confidential information “for the good of the country” .
This rapidly escalates . See

2.3 Significant armed forces gravitate to the Private Sector (Contractors)
See Appendix B for the largest US force under unified command outside political control .
Other states show the same tendency .
The Government police and security forces move to the private sector for better pay .
This reduces law enforcement , which leads to more crime .
Politicians don’t want to raise taxes to pay for more police , so more private security is employed at ever higher salaries .
You can see where this goes .
You end up with a small , weak badly trained police and a large , well trained and effective private security apparatus .
Like South Africa .
2.4 Justice .
The same thing . Private Judges (Arbiters) , Imams , Pastors , etc settle disputes quickly and cheaply .

3. The State has lost control of the monopoly on armed force .
4. Mercenary Patriots are forerunners of Revolutionary storms to come .
Windily yours

Appendix A
Definitions :

A professional soldier hired to serve in a foreign army.
soldier of fortune, professional soldier, hired soldier, gunman;
informalhired gun

A person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.
chauvinist, jingoist, flag-waver

What's the difference between a patriot, and a mercenary? Both are fighting for the same cause. On the outside, they look identical. But there's a huge difference on the inside. The patriot is giving all of himself to fight for something he deems more important than his personal comfort. The mercenary is fighting in order to win some personal comfort. He's fighting for whatever the offered 'prize' is, and if the effort exceeds what he deems the prize is worth, he's out of there. 

Appendix B
Biggest Military contractor in the USA is Constellis Holdings .

From the press release (I separated text to show the bosses more clearly ) :

Constellis Holdings, Inc. Acquires Constellis Group, Inc.
RESTON, Va. (June 6, 2014)—Constellis Holdings, Inc. has agreed to acquire Constellis Group, Inc., a leading provider of security, support and advisory services to government, multinational corporations and international organizations operating in challenging environments around the world. Constellis Holdings was formed by the founders of Triple Canopy and the private equity investors who formed ACADEMI.
Operating under the oversight of a distinguished Board and an experienced management team, the combination of these companies will enable a significant expansion of services within the global security market, delivering mission support, integrated security solutions, training and advisory services at home and abroad.
“This move allows us to create a suite of services to better provide critical support capabilities for government and commercial clients and will utilize ACADEMI’s world-class training facility, the largest and most comprehensive private training center in the U.S.” said
The Bosses :
Jason DeYonker, Managing Director of Constellis Holdings, Inc.   

Constellis Holdings’ Board of Directors includes:
Red McCombs (Chairman),
former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft,
former White House Chief Counsel Jack Quinn,
Admiral Bobby Inman (Ret.),
Russ Robinson,
Jason DeYonker,
Dean Bosacki and
Triple Canopy co-founder Tom Katis.
CEO Craig Nixon

“This combination of companies shares our core values of integrity and transparency, ensuring our clients of our ongoing dedication to oversight and good governance through our award-winning compliance practices,” said former U.S. Attorney General and current Board member John Ashcroft.
Board member and Triple Canopy founder Tom Katis reinforces, “This combination will provide our customers with the best possible service at the most competitive price.  We share a commitment to flawless delivery of mission critical services.  We share a bond with our employees, who are mostly decorated veterans who continue to serve their country in the private sector.  We share a willingness to do the toughest jobs in support of the efforts to make our world a better place.” 
The combined ownership group will employ more than 6,000 of the industry’s most experienced and best-trained employees and will be led by CEO Craig Nixon.   
Callie Wang
PR Manager, Constellis Holdings, Inc.
(703) 304-8940


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