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Ancient Egyptian descent model for superconductivity.

1. Ancient Egyptian matrilineal descent as a model for superconductivity.

1.1 The algorithm is :

Use Humans in History as agent-elements for complex feed-back interactions .
Humans are the particles . Define information loss as equivalent to energy loss .

1.2. The human historical reasoning goes as follows :

A civilization stable over a long term means robust information transmission from the previous ruler to the new one .

In the Egyptian case ( and other civilizations prior to the end of the Bronze age ) , the descent was matrilineal .

1.3 Quote:

Ancient Egyptians followed the Neolithic practice of reckoning descent and property inheritance through a woman and her daughters. Although the king was the visible administrator of Egypt, he owed all his power and position to the queen. The throne of the land was inherited by the queen's eldest daughter. The queen's daughter was a king-maker in two ways: while she was unmarried or separated from her husband, her brother could rule with her as regent; when she took a husband, the husband ruled as pharaoh. As Reed explains:

The queen stood between two men, her brother and her husband. Both men, by virtue of their connection to the queen, were kings, but in different ways. The queen's brother was king by right of birth and kinship to the queen, which made him undeposable. The queen's husband. on the other hand, as a commoner, was king only as long as the marriage lasted; he was deposed if it was terminated by the queen.

End quote.

1.4 This is a very stable form of government .
There is continuity of proven competence through the king’s line , but if he proves incompetent the queen could supersede or co-opt any new talent by marrying a new guy from the cloud of eligible courtiers . It means that any talented man in the eligible classes could become pharaoh . There is upward mobility built-in the social system .

Any highly competent non-noble individual or family could quite legitimately work their way to supreme power ( ie Queen’s consort , then Father and Uncles to the Queen’s daughter . ) This was mirrored in the lower strata of society as well .

Compare this to the Patrilineal Western Model , where the killer is inbreeding . There was ( and is ) no way for a Ruler to supplant a disaster of a son with a competent ruler . You are stuck with the primogenitural son , and it takes a war to change him .
Various election systems are just sublimated wars . Winner takes all . Ironically , the latest checks-and-balances like the British Parliament and US Constitution are only approaching the stability of a Matrilineal system .

But a matrilineal system has this unfortunate drawback: it adapts slowly (if at all) to rapidly changing circumstances .

2. Superconductivity .

You might well ask what this has to do with superconductivity .

The analogue definitions :
3.1 Humans are charged particles. (ie Females positive , male negative)
3.2 The time-span is about 10 000 years.
3.3 The research algorithm is Natural Selection (Evolution) on a social scale .
3.4 Define Information-loss as equivalent to energy-loss.

The Goal : to optimize information transmission over a significant time-span with least losses . This means to minimize energy-losses . If the energy loss is below the quantum-threshold for the applicable matrix , there is no energy loss : ie superconductivity .

4. The result:
Triplets of charged particles can configure in ways to limit information-loss .
(cf quarks)

5. A thought-experiment:
5.1 Consider particles A , B and C . A and B occupy quantum states allowed by the Pauli-exclusion principle .
Particle C is close to the energy-state of B . A vacuum fluctuation boosts the energy of particle C .

5.2 If the new energy-state of particle C is less than that of particle B , nothing happens . Particles A,B,C decay according to classical entropy laws .

5.3 If the new energy-state of particle C is the same as that of particle B , particle B is emitted . A and C form a new pair . The process repeats . A, B, and C form a stable interaction . Even if any of the interactions have a short half-life , the process can continue indefinitely . A-B , A-C, B-C combinations can continue indefinitely if not for our friend Entropy .

This means that you have a super-conductor that runs down quickly or a social system that runs down relatively slowly . (Note law of decreasing returns).

5.4 And here is a real kicker!

If the new energy-state of particle C is the greater that of particle B , particle B plus the surplus energy is emitted . A and C form a new pair . The process repeats . A, B, and C form a stable interaction . Even if any of the interactions have a short half-life , the process can continue indefinitely .
If the surplus energy is more than entropy, the system will heat up .

This is an vacuum-energy pump , if you have not noticed
Note that the Cold-Fusion elements are the same as used for high-temperature super-conductors. Cold-Fusion seems to be a vacuum-energy pump .

This argument holds for any system organized or measured in hierarchical ways .

In other words , to progress beyond barbarism ,a social system needs at least three independent legs . (No matter what axes) . This enables that fluctuations of brilliance be utilized .

6. Summation
We seem to have wandered from Egypt to something-for-nothing . Yet the underlying principle is the same . In a dynamic system ,three elements can be stable in a continual dynamic interaction . Two cannot . More than three requires design .
The something-for-nothing is inherent in our Universe . Not only at quantum levels , but at macro-quantum levels. We are the macro-quantum objects in our universe .

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