Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Zen and Accounting.

Zen and Accounting.

Double-bookkeeping Accounting requires delineated events described in delineated units .

Each event’s interaction with similar events can be described from at least two viewpoints : debit or credit .

This is because each event is delineated (ie apart , separate from anything else , individual ) . Separate existence that can be perceived by anything else must be a transaction of some type .(Otherwise it does not exist for anything else outside itself)
Illustration :
1. A <-> B : A and B interact . Our normal universe .
2. A - > B : A causes changes in B , but B does not cause changes in A . A is a singularity in our terms.
3. Neither A or B causes change in each other . They are in separate universes .

Hence the two viewpoints must always exist (ie physical conservation laws case (1) or a virtual conservation law case (2) ) .

In case (1) above ,
the changes caused by A and B must sum to zero (“Emptiness”) , regardless of how many and how varied the intermediary steps . This is the concept of Karma . Trivial .

But this leaves the question of between which boundaries is the measurement made ? Do you balance the accounts from month-to-month , year-to-year , life-to-life , deed-to-deed ?

If the time-loop is circular , the balance must be zero . But any partial-loop measurement inside the loop must leave a balance . This corresponds with the Buddhist concept being caught up in the wheel of life .
Also true for any quid-pro-quo system .

If the time-loop is not circular , the balances can build up and need not fluctuate around zero . But the being is still on the squirrel-cage , only now the diameter of the cage is infinite .

Is there any way out ?
Combining case (1) above with case (2) will still give case (2) . ( Case (3) will need some real force , but then will result in case (2) ) . A case of too many chiefs and too few indians reorganizing itself) .

A fairly continuous universe with some singularities seems to be an end-state . In accounting terms , the singularities are where the balances appear or disappear into virtual accounts .

The easiest way out is through these virtual accounts . Balances are zeroized or adjusted without any affect outside of the singularity .

This is the essence of Christianity : debits or credits are irrelevant . The virtual account is zeroized . It does not matter whether this is real or in the minds of the participants .

This leads to some interesting results : certain quantum-states will only be attainable by CTG scientists with non quod-pro-quo viewpoints . The existence of singularities in the physical universe (ie black holes ) means that a CTG (Christian Type God) exists .

Our universe is biased towards forgiveness.



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