Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Birdflu Survival Update

Birdflu Survival Update

Dated 3/10/2005


“Nature Medicine , DOI : 10.3038 / nm1267 “

“New Scientist 16/07/2005 ‘Halting Meltdown in the Lungs ‘ by E. Mackenzie”

Summary :

ARDS ( Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome ) is the result of a runaway response by the host’s own immune system . The mortality rate is about 50% .

The stronger the host’s immune system , the more lethal it is .

This is the main killer with SARS , the 1918 Flu and H5N1 .

It is triggered by too high concentrations of Angiotensin II .

One of this chemical’s receptor sites can be blocked by the blood-pressure drug Losartan . This apparently also block ARDS .


Remember this!

It might save your life this coming Northern Hemisphere winter . See WHO warning of 29/09/2005 . Estimated fatalities range up to 120 million .

(Note that the only effective treatment – Tamiflu- has not yet been approved in South Africa and only limited supplies in First World countries have been stockpiled .)

Reminder in case of pandemic :

Do not touch your nose , lips , eyes or ears with non-sterile fingers . This is more difficult than it sounds , as self-grooming is deeply-hardwired in the mammalian genes . See how often people on TV touch their noses , etc .
Do not touch possible transmission surfaces with your hands . In SARS it was mostly lift-buttons and door-handles . Tap-handles , toilet-buttons , hand-driers , cutlery and in general , anything handled by anyone else should not be touched with bare hands .
Stay away from airports , shopping malls , libraries , video shops (especially) , pharmacies , hospitals , buses , trains , work until the end of the emergency .
Lay in a supply of Tamiflu , Losartan , MSM , VitC , mult vits , tinned food .
Make sure your affairs are in order .
Have a portable radio(batteries) , torch , emergency cooking stove .
Pray .



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