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A simple cure for AI

A simple cure for AIDS

Andre willers
4 Nov 2006

The take-off point is the congruence between neurons and the immune system . Both evolved from a common ancestor . While the mechanism of data-sampling and killing (using an adaptation of the neurotransmitter docking mechanism to inject lethal apoptosis signals or simply bleach ) has been examined in some detail , the sheath of the neuron has been ignored in the study of the antibody cell .

Evolutionary speaking , one would expect that the myelin sheath around the neuron would evolve to a sheath around the immune cell (ie CD4 cell,etc) . Since evolutionary systems work by small twists of existing systems , one would expect that sheathing of the receptor sites on immune cells would be a major immune system , especially for primitive attacks on the immune system .

Direct attacks on the immune system would evolve first .  The reason is that this has the biggest payoff for the attacker (the easiest things get done first) . The easiest defence would then evolve : ie from myelin sheath to sheathing vulnerable receptor sites on the immune system .

Generalised attacks on the immune system would thus evolve first , and the particular , individualised  attacks after that .

So why should we now have a resurgence of something like HIV/AIDS ? It  recapitulates a really primitive period in microbial predator/prey interactions .

A decrease in the sheath of the immune cells springs to mind . Receptor sites normally covered and thus inactivated , are reactivated and give entrance to old enemies long conquered .

The Cure.

Restore the immune cell’s sheath .

We know the major factors that causes the myelin degradation in the nervous system .  Reversing these should reverse the nudity of the immune system , and thus restore the normal immune system .

The major cause :
It is Acrylamide .

See  for a detailed analysis .

Acrylamide damage:

In long  neurons : damage is usually biggest in the middle of the neuron. The receptor sites in the brain  have feelings of pain , but do not know where they originate . Signals can still be pushed through with less loss of information than the random signals caused by the damage . The system thus tries to hunt for stability by continual activity of the limbs concerned.
This is perceived as hyperactivity , or wandering limbs .

Short neurons (ie the brain) : The same thing  . Maintenance of signal to noise integrity can only be achieved by continuous signaling . This translates as either hyper-concentration (a form of autism) or at the other extreme , attention deficit disorder .
A switch between the two at uncertain intervals is not unusual .

Ultra-short neurons (immune cells)
Damage to the integrity of the sheath will lead to hyper-activity , hyper-concentration or attention deficit .
AIDS is the neuropathy of the immune system .

Medical Translations:
Hyper-activity : HIV/AIDS types
Hyper-concentration : autoimmune types
Attention deficit : the patient swings up or down to no discernable pattern

The Brute Nitty-Gritty Cure .

  1. Reduce acrylamide ingestion to zero .
This means eating nothing heated over 120 celsius at any stage of preparation . ANYTHING . Tins , powders , braais , etc are verboten ! No bread !
     2 Mega-dosages of EPA and DHA initially . No Mercury                                    
     3 . Maintenance of omega3/omega6 at 1:1 forever after.

Do it !

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