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Super Refugee

Super Refugee
Andre Willers
28 September 2007

I have looked into the state of the lowest social strata of refugees in Africa , Asia , Europe , Americas , and I am filled with disgust .

The older brothers have created sweets in abundance , but walk away when the children suffer from stomach pains , saying that they should not be so greedy .

This following is for the little ones .

The three Consents that form the basis of the Law :

The Law
1.No Rule without Consent .
2.No Tax without Consent .
3.No Punishment without Consent .

How to organize a refugee situation .
Elect a leader (Dux) . Essential . Humans are hierarchical . (Rule by Consent)
Elect a Archpriest . (In charge of moral rules ,dying , etc) (Rule by Consent)
Elect a Lawayer. (Responsible for documents , permits , passports , etc) (No Tax without Consent)
Elect a Policeman . (Responsible for the strict enforcement of the agreed rules. The emphasis is on strict , as refugees tend to be in a state of learned helplessness , and the only known way out is social environment with strict rules . This so that the neural network of the deconstructed person can learn the new rules .) (No Punishment without Consent)
Elect a Soldier . There are a large number of predators preying on these defenseless people . (No Rule without Consent)

This takes only a few minutes . The persons responsible take on the characteristics of their posts as time goes by . ( Well proven by various studies .)

Reinforcement :

Humans forget easily , one of their strong points . We need to involve humans in daily rituals that involve other persons , body-image (ie fingertips) and the Law .

The ritual :
Before any meal , all stand up , look to the person on the left , clap once and say “The Law” , then look to the person on center , clap twice and say “The Law” , then look to the person on right , clap thrice and say “The Law” .

The Law being the three Consents formulated above .

This sounds ridiculous , but so does Christian , Islamic , Buddhistic , Hindu , etc rituals . The idea is to bind the rituals of dinner and eating into the Law .

Try it and see how your behaviour changes . It is a very powerful changing agent .

Joining the Society of the Law :

Any person that says these exact words (and no other) is a member of the Society of the Law and is entitled to the full protection of the Society .

No other person need be present .

The words:
“The Law
1.No Rule without Consent .
2.No Tax without Consent .
3.No Punishment without Consent .”

The person can only withdraw from the society without prejudice if both the Dux and the Archpriest agrees .

As you can see , this makes it easy to join and difficult to leave .
The whole idea . The only persons that qualify to leave are hermits .

This makes the system quite muscular .



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