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The synapse seen as a Quantum device

The Synapse seen as a Quantum Device .
Andre Willers
8 Oct 2007

Summary :
The synapse is described in terms of a two-slit quantum device . Some more speculative consequences are derived.

Discussion :

Why have synapses in the first place ?
Most of their supposed functions ( like counting the frequency of pulses ) are in any case done in the receptor neuron . The thresholds are likewise done in the receptor neuron . The splitter effect could be done with direct neuron contact without the expense and sheer bother of finicky synapses .

The answer is , of course , feedback .

The system requires two types of feedback : general (hormones , general neurotransmitters) and specific commands from the brain which have to be amplified and applied in specific ways .

The structure of the synapse :
The emitters and the receptors , within nanometers of each other .
The synaptical fluid between them , consisting of water and folded proteins .

Let us first examine a synapse with just water as a synaptical fluid . From the docking mechanisms involved in getting molecules into cells , we know that water close to the cell-surface form template layers of the receptor site . (We are talking nanometers here) . The efficiency of the docking of the incoming molecule is greatly enhanced by the subtle template layers of the water molecules . (See articles in New Scientist and Scientific American describing this phenomenon .)

Think an aircraft coming in to land on a mist shrouded airport with multiple runways . From far off ,the pilot sees a general blur . As he comes closer , a runway becomes clearer . But a very slight change in incoming direction will have him seeing a different runway . He twists and turns the plane to land .

The layers of water-molecules act like multiple slits , both at the receptor and emitter sites . They also interfere with each other , forming in effect two virtual slits . If the receptor sites are close enough to each other , quantum interference effects can be detected (ie wave interference .)

Docking efficiency is greatly enhanced , since the incoming molecule is oriented in just the right way by the water layers to land correctly . There are three spatial and four spin vectors to align . (Four spin vectors since the molecule might be a toroid.)

(I am following the Copenhagen interpretation here . It might be incomplete , but it is not wrong . )
Of course , evolution could never keep it’s sticky fingers off such a set-up . Water is not the optimal synaptical fluid . Think folded proteins . Think quantum catalysts . Synaptical fluid can be used to program body-stem cells .

This means that the mind (see Topos articles in
can interact with each synapse individually or collectively . The word “can” is used advisedly .

This means that body functions are dependant on mind-image .

Another Ho-ho-ho!
This effect is becoming more pronounced . Humans are changing . Human self-image is having a greater effect on actual body than before .

Quantum diseases .

Obesity and diabetes can be described as quantum diseases .
Old age ?

Another example are eating disorders . Anorexia can be described as a human trying to be an Elf . Try a community of elves as therapy .

Epigenetic effects are quite capable of resurrecting hidden expressions in the human genome . A measurable effect would be on the BMI (Body Mass Index) . This is normalized on the MkIII Human . The index is rapidly becoming meaningless as more and more people are expressing genes of previous racial groups under the influence of body-images formed by previous genes and games .

Are you big , blocky , fatty and strong ?
You would be a freaky MkIII human , but a perfectly normal Homo Erectus . More significantly , if you look around a bit , you will find Ms Erectus (so to speak) .

The same for Neanderthaloids and the other homonin species subsumed by the Matriarchy .

Why now ?
It is a way of saying “Sorry” .

See the “Origins of Peace and War” in

The question always was why there were so few singularities in human history .
The answer , of course , that there was at least one .

The Matriarchy was not killed off by the their rejected sub-humans and mutants . They simply left . Like thistledowns on the winds of space-time , they blew away to other realms . Leaving behind their twisted offspring .

The various homonin species that might have achieved singularity on their own before their germ-plasm was suborned into the Matriarchy’s schemes are now surfacing close to the singularity .

Hey , the Bene-Gesserit had nothing on these dames .

Maybe you will meet the person that rejected your DNA millennia ago .
What will you say ?
There is only one thing that will fit . Not a punishment . A consequence .
“Mummy dearest .”


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