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How to enhance enjoyment of CD music.

Andre Willers
19 Nov 2007

And How to Enhance enjoyment of CD music .
now for something more cheerful!

CD music seems flat because it does not reproduce sound in the 60 kHz + range . This was because knowledge at the time of laying down the standards did not encompass later findings that the higher frequencies were essential to direction location and the richness of music .

Sound waves of these higher frequencies wrap around the head . Our ears and associated neural networks are hardwired to interpret these signals .

But , we can mimic some of these effects .

If the sound waves can’t move around the head , we can move the head .

The built-in neural networks compensate , giving actual distance estimates and the sense of musical richness (ie multi-frequency analysis from distance variant bases).

How to do this :
Look ahead while listening to the CD music .
Move your head to the right about 1 to 2 degrees from center in about one second .
Then Move your head to the left about 1 to 2 degrees from center in about one second
Repeat steadily while concentrating on the music .

You will notice an immediate sense of enrichment of the music .

Try it ! It is the only way .

What happens behind the scenes :
The sweep rate of the head (2 to 4 hz) is close to the brains theta rhythms : the aural input is easily integrated into the general awareness model in the mirror systems .

The brain hears an enhanced version .

You will notice that if you do this at first , while tapping fingers or moving the head or limbs in time to the music , the enrichment effect vanishes . This is because different neural systems are involved . This combination has to be trained in .

The reason for this is that we did not evolve in an environment deficient in 60+kHz soundwaves .

To compensate for this , all we have to do is give our neural networks a chance to learn the association between the new aural input and the already established rhythm pattern recognition systems in the fingers , toes , muscle-memory in upper-thighs and upper-arms .

Did I forget to mention the pattern recognition in the upper thighs or upper arms ?

Oops !

Think sexual excitation . Erogenous zones . Patterns of touches . Sequences .

Sweeping the head side to side over 2 degrees at 3 Hz while tapping with fingers in rhythm on the upper thigh will give an easy bridge between the different pathways .

Children growing up with CD’s .
They develop head-tics of various proportions or hyperactivity (the head is attached to the body) to hear better . The neural networks do what they are supposed to do : optimize .

Hyperactivity is a violent head-tic involving the whole body .

The outside observer sees tics or attention deficit disorder .

Roll-on Ritalin !

How long does it take ? And what does it mean ?
Ask your nearest shaman with the papers and all .


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