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Ball Joints : a Critical Invention

Ball Joints : a Critical Invention
Andre Willers
2 Nov 2008

Summary :
Controllable internal locking of ball-joints combined with low-cost , small-tolerance manufacturing made possible by 3D printers , combined with Velcro-technology makes possible an enormous number of low-cost applications not possible before .

Want a configurable skeleton ? Now you can .

Quote from “Popular Science : Oct 2008 p41 : “Lock and Roll”
Werner O . Merlo’s device (called Robo-Flex) is attracting attention because it solves the classical problem of ball-joints : they swivel easily , but requires constant force to stay in position .
Merlo’s solution was to cover a small titanium ball with nubs . The ball rolls smoothly in a socket lined with retracted stainless-steel pins . Extend the pins and they interlock with the nubs to prevent the ball from moving .
Up to about 500 pounds force .

Titanium steel is too expensive : It is only used because of the mechanical strength . But we have Velcro , where the strength of the nubs will be dependant on the strength of the Velcro-loops . The Velcro-loops can be regenerated by bio means .

The ball joint can then be manufactured in any 3D printer . The critical thing is low tolerances , which 3D printing can do cheaply .
These are now commercially available .
A RepRap 3D printer costs about R6 000 (It can also replicate itself too .)
And you thought interesting times are over . It is only starting .

The backbone of vertebrates is an interesting compromise : there is some flexibility , but the system compromised on high-bandwidth in the internally protected nerves , with a low-bandwidth bypass (the original system) .

But the low-bandwidth bypass has a problem with timing .
In other words , a person paralysed by central spinal injury can rapidly relearn functionality re-establishing timing with the brain , provided allowance is made for the time-difference due to light-speed . The local system is not smart enough to compensate , and the originating brain-timer gets no feedback to learn to compensate . The doctor has to create the time-delay .

The wireless-organism
Imagine a human chassis where all the bones have been replaced by repetitive successions of ball-socket joints which can be locked individually or in any desired sequence .
The internal controls using nerves would be too complex and vulnerable .
If chemical controls(like hormones) are used , the response time would be slow . It is doubtful if a non-designed evolutionary system would get a viable organism .

A designed wireless organism using radio or entangled-pairs is possible . Radio has two problems : a receiver(requires a receiver at each site , and at least light-speed transmission from each receiver to each molecule site ).

Entangled–pairs can be made as small as one atom , and is limited to light-speed .
Ie the recipient can react after enough time has elapsed that a light-speed signal could reach it . But then it reacts as if the signal has reached it .
It makes a magnificent wire-less information channel . It has a tiny problem that entangled-pairs is a limited resource , and has to continually renewed between the brain and the rest of the body .(at least at light speed)

This begs the question of how the immune system regards such entangled pairs being sent through the circulatory system .

It’s own activation is sent through this channel . A good analogue is an information packet . A sender address and receiver address is necessary . If the immune system receives in transit large numbers of entangled pairs without addresses , it treats these as corrupted messages to it . It activates at best guess , but it is not very smart .\
Immune quorum systems spring to mind .

Where is the smarts ?
See : “Artificial Intelligence”
AI(0) is the basic state of the organism , subject to purely Darwinnian processes .
AI(1) is AI(0) plus language .
AI(2) is AI(1) plus writing .
AI(3) is AI(2) plus electronic media .
Visualization is a AI(0) process .

If you are AI(3) , your immune system is bombarded by packages which are not properly addressed . Not only are addresses not right , but the system does not allow for light-speed delays . It is rather embarrassing to the Immune system to mount a response to a threat that did not make it past the first hurdle . The next one gets treated more leniently . The bugs have learned to exploit this .

What to do ?
Visualize it (AI(0) )
Speak it aloud (AI(1))
Write it on paper (AI(2) )
Input it into your computer (AI(3))

This is not trivial .
Each process activates different levels of the mirror-neurons that comprises your mind. You have to do it exactly as prescribed . Intentions are not good enough .

Vizualize it , speak it ,write it , input it .

Programming the Immune system .
Do exactly as above .
This will give about a 0.333 probability of success .
To boost this , use the Wishing Machine .
Prayer is about as good .

This uses Beth(0) random processes to convert 2/3 of probability of failure to 1/3 of a probability of success . The probability of success is then 1/3+2/3x1/3 = 5/9 (slightly more than 54%)
This is actually a beth(1) process . Ie humans are involved .
In other words , being beth(1) positive (Positive Thinking) actually works . To the tune of 4% above beth(0) chance .

We expected something of the sort from the symmetry-breaking as described in previous posts about exchange-rates .

The conclusion is inescapable : Positive Thinking (ie using the Wishing Machine in a primitive form) adds about 2% to the probability of success (ie growth rate.)

Being realistic is less than the 4% of the expected , and is thus interpreted as being negative .

To be seen as realistic , add 4% to your estimates and be hailed as a guru .

Being relentlessly optimistic , pays .
Between 2% to 4% across any society , comprised of any sapients .

How does this translate ?
It is actually a description of beth(1) directed probabilities .
Any society with language and writing will end up here .

And what does this have to do with ball-joints , after all ?
Everything .
The reason why you have ball-joints in your shoulders and hips , but not your elbows and knees .

Why “slap-chips” will describe certain cyborgs in the vernacular ,

Nano-balljoints controlled by entangled pairs will be really interesting.

And so it creeps .


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