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Gold Licks.

Gold Licks.
Andre Willers
26 Feb 2009

Biological need :
Why would a life-form dependant on reactive , water-soluble chemicals need tightly-bound , nearly non-reactive element like gold ?

Answer :
For the same reason we use nano-particles for their disinfectant properties in fridges and air conditioners .

Disruption of those pesky parasites , germs and viruses .

These nitty-gritty nano particles get rubbed between the virus and the cell-wall with considerable force (remember , the fluidic environment at that scale is like a thick glue) .
The virus wall gets punctured , and destruction ensues . The cell-wall is thicker , and can survive it . Ditto for bacteria . At the worst , locking in to the receptor sites are hindered .

Evolutionary path :
The oceans has had appreciable concentrations of gold compounds since the Witwatersrand complexes were laid down at least 1.3 billion years ago .
So , there was plenty of time and materiel to evolve this response .

When the sea-organisms migrated to land , they lost the access to nano-nutrients like gold . But the ones who developed a hunger for it survived better .
They hungered for gold-licks .

Gold-bearing areas always had a richer ecology .
Salmon in the American northwest springs to mind .
One would expect gold deposits in the Scottish highlands .

What about humans ?
Gold nano-particles are administered via jewelry . The continual rubbing causes nano-particles of gold to pass into the bloodstream through the skin .

Hardness :
Nine-carat alloys are harder than 16 , etc to 24 carat (pure soft gold) .
Too much gold , and you get heavy metal poisoning (cell-walls get damaged too) .
Too little , and there is hardly any effect .

Filing .
Roughening the gold surface in contact with the skin with a nail-file will make any low-carat gold yield sufficient nano-gold particles . Rather roughen 9 carat gold than 18 or 24 carat gold .

Wedding rings .
If you wear an old , smooth wedding ring , once or twice a year just run a nail-file lightly around the inner side .
This will revitalize your immune system and libido .

Warriors with golden torcs or chains (like gangsters) have more rapid wound healing and greater resistance to infection . (Greater resistance to addiction ?)

Added fertility and reproductive success . Though the planet does not exactly need this now , gold nano-particles around the edges of the ovum disrupts all but the most successful of sperm , preventing the sperm-fratricidal effect .

Round viruses and bacteria are disrupted at a higher rate than normal .
Note that HIV is a ball .

And the libido ? There is a strong correlation between perceived readiness for conception and urge to sexual activity .

There are other health benefits that you can undoubtedly think of .

"Rough Gold is good for you!"

The Gold Lick .
Gold mining sites to humans are like salt licks to animals .

Scientific Administration of gold Nano-particles .
This can be done better , of course . But by the time the FDA approves it , then we will all be dead .
In the meantime , try roughened jewelry .

Gold Addiction .
Can humans or animals become addicted to gold?
We know that humans can , but ascribe it to social conditions (what the gold may buy).
But what if it is an actual physical , nano-addiction ?
This can be easily tested in experiments . But , sigh , there are very few real scientists around anymore . Anyone who will even entertain the thought , never mind get the funding .

Can babies sense gold?
Tactile exposure , as well as mouthing will play a role . A simple experiment , but do not try it on your babe (unless she is over 18) .

And now for something completely different .
Asteroid mining .
The general concept is that handy chunks of nearly pure metals and minerals sit around waiting for us to exploit them .
Sigh .
Most of the concentrated minerals on Earth are the result of geophysical processes in the presence of a dissolving medium (eg water) and lots of time . We will probably get the same in some of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn .
But the asteroids ?

We know that clumps of heavy metals like iridium , ferronickel , etc fall to earth . But no gold or lead .
But gold and lead are on earth . The conclusion is that in the planetary formation process , these minerals became concentrated in planetary bodies and moons , not small floaters . The mechanism is open to conjecture , but we have to deal with observable fact .

The same is probably true of other solar systems .

The conclusion is that the relative abundance of gold is small , and it has to mined from deep gravitational wells . (Venus probably has a big core of gold , leading to problems with it's magnetic field)

The Tellinger Hypothesis.("Slave species of god")
A small commercial interstellar company sent an expedition about 200 000 years ago to mine gold cheaply using bio-engineered workers . Humans being the workers .
The existing bio-structures were used to create addiction pathways to gold (this can be done today) . When this became commercially unviable (probably because they learned to synthesize elements in their singularity run-up at home) , they simply pulled up stakes and left . The locals collapsed and died in agonies of withdrawal symptoms .
Some remnants of this remain as the frenetic grasp after gold in humans .
This can be tested , as the addiction pathways are well-known .

You can visit the ruins:email
Old Northern Transvaal , on the edge of the plateau .

Occam's Razor .
Like all these hypotheses , it fails Occam's Razor . But , as any evolutionary biologist will tell you , Occam's Razor does not apply to complexities over a certain level .
(complexity > =Beth(1) to be exact .)
See "New Tools : Orders of randomness"

The technology hypothesized here is about 5- 10 years in advance of our own (2009) . In other words , understandable .

Where is the evidence ?
Some high-tech remains must be around , since it seems they simply abandoned the site in haste . Look for anomalous magnetic responses to pings (use a simple microwave magnetron on the water frequency for the pulses on the sequence 1^3 , 3^3, 5^3 ,7^3. This should elicit some response .They were too lazy to reset the default .)

I would certainly like a few words with them about responsibility .
And death or 200 000 years is certainly no barrier .

Hot diggity .


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