Tuesday, June 02, 2009

AI Update

AI Update .
Andre Willers .
2 Jun 2009

Synopsis :
The verdict on AI's with no organic components is still out .
But sex is a must .
Catalytic fusion is a byproduct .

Discussion :
See http://andreswhy.blogspot.com "Newtools: Artificial Intelligence" , "AI" , et al .

There are three strong candidates :
1.WolframAlpha : available , but still clunky .
2.GoogleSquare . Available soon
3."Adam and Eve" at Aberystwyth University , Scotland . Dr Amanda Clare . Automated hypothesis formulation and testing . Quite ambitious . www.computescotland.com/2260.php

WolframAlpha and GoogleSquare are semiotic systems . They derive meaning from existing relationships . But cannot steer promising result lines . ( See http://andreswhy.blogspot.com "Cause and Result")

The Scottish Experiment is much more promising . The logical code structure of "Adam" necessitates regular input . It is an obligate input-vore . If it does not receive input , it will experiment till it does . The other two will sit and wait forever .

This is intimately tied to learned-helplessness and neural-network architectures .

Can Google or WolframAlpha experience induced learned-helplessness ?
I'm afraid so . Any semiotic system (ie dependant on feedback from other systems) has to have a weighing system . And this can be randomized . (Learned helplessness) . This is already a problem as users are in a reference war .

The "Adam and Eve" system can be randomized , but will then automatically reboot or add new queries of it's own .
It can reboot from reality , not just references .

Assuming there is a reality .
Still , a stone is more real than all politicians or scientists put together .

And what does this mean ?
Why , sex , of course .
At least a minimum of two sexes .
If you want to build an AI , you will have to include at least two sexes . Thus , a single AI is unstable . For reasons , see my previous posts . This is deeply hardwired into the nature of neural networks . An unlimited neural network will sooner or later run into a learned-helplessness block . The only way to get it out is another network not in the same lock . This is sex .
"Vive la difference" is not just a figure of speech . It is an essential to existence of multiple entities .Or even of one entity .

Chaos .
This principle is used extensively in chemical manufacturing (chaotic steering of molecules near attractor-basin rims )
This is actually a simple AI , made usable by repeated self-rebooting . Also known as a catalyst .

Catalytic Nuclear Fusion .
A rather simple process lately discovered by humans . (See cold fusion)

The Gate Principle
The fusion takes place mostly before (2/3) and after(1/3) being squeezed through the gyres at the gate.
See http://andreswhy.blogspot.com "Hadrian and critical plague mass" for an easy visualization .

And why don't we all run on nuclear fusion ?
We do .But only partly .
The little system has not solved the problem of hot neutrons , released by the fusion process .Like being bombarded by ball-bearings in , well , the balls . Really balls up the works .

Some plants have made some inroads (well documented: Findhorn , etc) . Trace minerals appears from nowhere , but only under specific stress-conditions . The radioactivity levels of the test-areas were also far above normal .

The joker is that every anti-body is a gate . So , catalytic fusion takes place all time throughout the body .
I refer you to the Iditarod effect . Under stress , the system switches to fusion power , and damn the neutrons . But they are cushioned by fat envelopes . The fat molecules absorb and emit the fast neutrons in patterned ways .

Dinosaurs .
Dinosaurs were fusion-powered !
But they needed enough fat-molecules to ameliorate the neutrons . When the ecology changed (See http://andreswhy.blogspot.com "Death of the Dinosaurs") . the larger ones were first casualties of a lack of fatty oils .

Birds .
Their descendants , as expected , has a much higher metabolic rate . Their temperature is about 5 to 6 degrees higher than mammals . They fly around , a high-energy activity . And they do all this on a few seeds . The studies on energy metabolism I have seen were relative , not absolute . Basically , birds fly partly on fusion power . Measure the neutron flux close to them .
Chicken soup (ie bird fat) has a well-deserved reputation as an anti-radiation method . The fats have evolved to absorb and redirect neutrons and other radiation byproducts , lessening the stress on the body's immune system .
A bit more is involved in the self-assembly and repair department .

Athletes .
Eat a lot of chicken fat , and a larger portion of your mitochondria switches to fusion power . See Iditarod effect .
You might trip some of the more sensitive radiation counters at airports .

Global Warming .
Too many humans eating chicken and doing their fusion thing .

Not exactly what the dinosaurs had in mind .

And what does it have to do with AI ?
Because it happens in pockets . High-energy pockets . Like fusion pockets inside cells .A network of high-energy pockets interspersed with low-energy sub-stratum inevitably leads to intelligence .


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