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Chixilub , Gaia and Chickenfat .

Chixilub , Gaia and Chickenfat .
Andre Willers
5 Jun 2009.

This is very speculative .
See "AI Update" dated 3/6/2009 , "Asteroid Guard" dated 23/5/2009 .
The Chixilub explosion was not caused by a meteor , but by a fusion-fission-fusion reaction .

Discussion .
1.The shallow seas around the Yucatan peninsula was a breeding ground for dinosaurs , with dense nests .Lots of hot neutrons about , moderated by chickenfat into slow neutrons (chickenfat is a better moderator than heavy water) .
2.The area had big deposits of pitchblend (uranium ores) . It is on the same latitude as natural occurring fission reactors in Okra in Nigeria and Congo . The same geological history .
3.The dinosaurs learned to pack their nests with uranium ore . The slow neutrons they emitted led to heat release by fission , keeping the nests and the surrounding seas nice and warm . Also more plankton , hence fish and more dinosaurs . A huge fish-farm . Also more chickenfat .
4. Until one day the system reached a critical threshold and a fission critical mass was reached .
Loose neutrons in sufficient numbers to play a role in fission-fusion reactions are not usually considered , because their numbers are low . But here the numbers were large . So , no matter where in the circle of nests the reaction started , it would have spread in milliseconds into a ring of fission explosions , triggering a big fusion explosion in the compression center .
5.Fratricidal Focus .
The system would be self-focussing , given a large enough number of nests . The ones out of synch would be blown apart , instead of fissioning .
6.At the center , the compression would be sufficient to trigger a massive fusion reaction , "Squeezing the pimple" as described in "Asteroid Guard" dated 23/5/2009 .
A plasma bolt erupted from the planet and re-entered as the well-known Curtain of Fire .
7. Iridium layer
A fission-fusion breakdown product . Nobody has looked , but try for transuranics at longtitudes 120 degrees away from Chixilub .

Even more speculative :
The effect of mass extinctions have been decreasing according to a power-law since the Permian extinction .
The presence of a power-law is very strongly suggestive of a feedback mechanism . Some would say it is proof .

We call this feedback mechanism Gaia , without having much of an idea of what comprises it . But we know that an energy release on the order of Chixilub would cause only a minor hiccup in our present bio-setup .

This raises the interesting speculation that the dinosaurs in Chixilub saw a real large meteor coming , and deliberately sacrificed themselves to zap it .It is an interesting exercise to calculate the effects of a really large meteor strike .
It was a very good shot , given that it would take about three shots to zero in .

The Chixilub strike was anomalous . It should have caused more damage than it did if it was a large meteor or asteroid . Large portions of the crust was left untouched , and the dominant life-form survived (albeit in a slightly different form (birds))

Subsequent strikes caused even less damage .
Eg large strikes in North America circa 12 800 BC , which caused the extinction of numerous large mammals (or their dimunition) . But humans were nearly untouched .
There was a triple strike about 420 AD . One fragment landed in the North Sea and destroyed most of the shipping . But the humans recovered very quickly .

Gaia must be chuffed for inventing humans .
The common human perception is that Gaia is being raped by humans .
Gaia thinks very long term .
Humans are sucking on the tit now , but a chewed nipple is a small price for future gain . They will grow up .
Let us hope they are better than the dinosaurs at averting serious dangers .
At least more than one shot .

All very well , but how can I have fusion powered muscles right now ?
The governor on the system is the hot neutrons released by the fusion process . The only known counteraction at present is chickenfat . This not only soaks up fast neutrons , but also some particle-byproducts of other types of radiation .

The mitochondria in your muscles have evolved to refuse to operate at levels of fast-neutron release that will gum up surrounding mechanisms .

So , two completely separate energy systems have evolved .
1.Our well-known hydro-carbon one
2.The fusion one , with a push-down fat elimination mechanism .

A modified Atkins diet with heavy chicken fat and some chicken protein , with supplements , will , after a purging period , give significantly increased power and endurance .
The muscular mass seems to decrease as the efficiency increases . Surplus fat disappears , as it is flushed away as bearing radioactive particles .(A very old mechanism) . It is a detox regimen .

This means that your muscles will become thinner (arms and legs especially) , but much stronger . The joint attachments of ligaments will become stronger (knobbier) . Like a Pak protector .
Reaction speeds will be faster by orders of magnitude . (signals will be via quantum systems : see previous posts .)

Radiation overdose :
Put the patient on a heavy diet of chickenfat . Even for sunburn .

Longevity .
Over a certain threshold , the usage of fusion–systems will not trigger age apoptosis .

Alcohol and chickenfat .
Just when you thought you could identify immortals by seeing who only eats chicken fats :
Alcohol gets metabolized first . Our immortal can eat anything with the wine . It is what is left over after the alcohol wears off that matters . So don't expect too many immortals in countries that shun alcohol .

Yours with a hiccup

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