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Acropolis and Catastrophe Theory .

Acropolis and Catastrophe Theory .

Andre Willers

24 Aug 2009

Synopsis :

The Acropolis virtual superstructure is an Elliptic Umbilic (bifurcation set only , three control dimensions and two controlled dimensions .)

Discussion :

See "Why is the Parthenon not round"

See "Catastrophe Theory" by D. Postle p25

See Catastrophe Theory by Rene Thom .

Why this shape ?

Because the Greeks were already familiar with it .

There is a surviving chair dating circa 300 BC where the supporting structures are Elliptic Umbilic . It looks hyper-modern even after 2300 years and will always look hypermodern , because it projects the eye and mind into two virtual dimensions .

The three control dimensions can be described in elliptical terms in the normal three dimensions . These would be under the complete control of the builders . See previous discussions about elliptical building technologies .

The virtual two controlled dimensions would be used to describe all sorts of esoteric fancies . Zeus and Hera , male , female , electric charge , magnetism etc ,etc .

Stability .

This is a meta-material .

The structure is two sets of 3 points , each one connected to any other by a portion of an ellipse . Each subset of 3 is connected by a narrow point in the connecting ellipses , the umbilicus .

The material structures (ie control dimensions) would be extremely stable . They are in stable attractor zones .Hence the use as chair legs . Very strong .

Catastrophe Theory enables us to ascribe attractor-basin dimensions . Within the attractor basin , any linear disturbance (ie stress) strengthens the structure . Torque at the umbilicus is a weak point , but is compensated for by bundling the structures .

Note that the structure is closed . Hence crystalloid formations of this configuration are possible . These will also be very stable .

Some Applications:

1.The above structure describes PNA , but this is too stable for life-forms in competition . Hence the less-stable RNA , DNA . All give rise to the familiar helix .

2.Superconductivity :

The stability means that a surplus electron in one set of 3 will pop through the umbilicus to the other set of 3 (where there is a created deficit of one electron) with no measurable resistance .

3.Amplification at the umbilicus :

Electromagnetic waves / charge / magnetics will speed-up or retard electrons at the umbilicus . In a random EM environment , the DNA strands must be coiled to minimize this effect .But we can use it deliberately in amplification and storage devices .

Note the capability of storing magnetic "charge" by using twistor EM waves .

Ie , we can easily and cheaply create magnetic monopoles inside the structure . Whether they will persist outside of it , is another matter . Most likely an EM burst at the boundary , probably non-coherent . Cheap , high-power lighting . With proper timing , maybe even coherent . Omni-directional , high-energy x-ray laser bursts .

4. Umbilical rotors .

By timing the electron surplus/deficit properly , elements of the two sets of 3 can be set to rotating relative to each other , using local energy sources . Cf mitochondria , rotifers .

5. Zero-point energy .

See "The inside of zero"

This is a meta-material .

The inside of the whole set of six points can be described as the inside of zero , with a virtual interface at the umbilical , subject to conditions as described in "The inside of zero" .

The structure will have no metric on the inside , and thus zero energy pressure from the quantum foam inside . It will leach energy from the quantum foam outside . Since it is symmetrical , it normally will be neutral unless we biase it . A voltage differential about the size used in a cathode ray set should be sufficient .

6.Cold-fusion .

While some fusion might occur at the entanglement of the virtual particles at the umbilicus , it is more likely that most of the energy generation is due to Zero-point energy . Hence the low incidence of high-energy neutrons .(Luckily for the experimenters.)

Biological systems have the same problem . See previous posts on chicken fat as moderator of fast neutrons .

7 . Radiation Shield . (Really good stealth)

This is a meta-material .

A Hyperbolic Umbilic(bifurcation set only , three control dimensions and two controlled dimensions .) See "Catastrophe Theory" by D. Postle p25

Energy and energetic particles captured and radiated in all directions . Found on skin surfaces and photosynthesis .

8 . Radiation Trapping and Usage .

This is a meta-material : like Chicken fat .

A Parabolic Umbilic (bifurcation set only , FOUR control dimensions and two controlled dimensions .) See "Catastrophe Theory" by D. Postle p25

Energy and energetic particles captured , cooled and energy used.

Because there are four control dimensions in a three dimensional universe , the molecular structure can capture and release , emitting surplus energy in less harmful ways by flipping the control structure in two ways .

The actual molecular structure can be calculated using present quantum tools and using chicken fat as a basal hint .

Thus , one could probably make a high-energy intensity infrared laser using chicken fat .

But it will also make excellent radiation shielding for nuclear reactors or the Mars mission , as long as excess energy can be used (like in a ion-drive for propulsion.)

The way to the planets is greased with chicken fat .

9. Athletics .

See previous discussions on Biological Fusion Powered Systems .

Note that Usain Bolt trains on chicken nuggets .

I await the first fusion cookbook with eager anticipation .


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