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Swine Flu and Pregnancy Deaths.

Swine Flu and Pregnancy Deaths.

Andre Willers

30 Aug 2009

Synopsis :

Spanish Flu (H1N1) had a higher mortality rate for users of Aspirin .

Swine Flu (H1N1) the same to a higher degree .

Acrylamide poisoning is indicated .

Young fetuses spontaneously abort , but older ones has a more pronounced effect on the mother .

Some possible treatments are discussed .

Discussion :

For Johan , who highlighted the aspirin problem .

Acrylamide is a potent nerve poison .

(See "Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy and Acrylamide" )

Google "acrylamide" for more .

Google "aspirin acrylamide" for the biochemical link .

I do not have access to the articles , but from the precis it seems clear that there is a biochemical pathway between aspirin and acrylamide .

Flu viruses seem to target this . Notice the symptoms of numbness , tingling and tiredness which are common to flu and peripheral neuropathy . (The tingling exacerbates sneezing)

Temperature control goes out of whack and can fluctuate wildly . The nerves sending sensor data to the brain are damaged , usually in the middle of the axon .

In severe cases , the CNS is affected and general systemic collapse follows .

A fetus in the third trimester (when nerve tissue is rapidly developed) is especially vulnerable . The womb-systems might succeed in keeping acrylamide out , in which case the mother suffers . If not , the fetus dies . We would then expect a higher incidence of still births where flu is involved , especially Swine Flu .

A much higher incidence (near sterility) due to spontaneous abortions just after conception due to Swine flu can be expected in survivors .

See general arguments in "Coffee Foam : the Fertility Phene-switch"

Short-term Advantage to the virus :

1.The organism's immune system is placed in disarray by the disorganization of it's nervous system .

2. Other opportunistic organisms take advantage of this , further weakening the immune response by splitting it . Pneumococcia especially . But expect problems with domesticated bacteria who might use the opportunity (sensed via quorum systems) to switch on lethality genes .

Long-term Advantage to the virus :

More of it will be manufactured in the Phene-structures as discussed in "Coffee Foam : the Fertility Phene-switch"

What to do on getting Flu :

1.Do not take any aspirin .

2. From "Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy and Acrylamide" :

Cut down on acrylamide formation .

"Start quote

Asparigine , glucose/fructose , (temp>120 Celsius) are all three necessary to produce Acrylamide . Hence foods low on the first two , or cooked below 120 Celsius are safe

The EU study found that 90% of diet derived acrylamide comes from :

French Fries (slap chips) : 16% – 30%

Potato crisps : 6% - 46%

Coffee (it's always roasted ) : 13% - 39%

Pastries and Sweet biscuits : 10% - 20%

Bread , breadrolls , pizza and toast (especially the crust) : 10% - 30%

In general , avoid anything that used a temperature of 120 Celsius or above in it’s preparation . This includes teas .The effective concentrations of acrylamide needed to trigger the reaction is very low , especially for diabetics already sensitized .

Anything low GI microwaved submerged in water , or cooked without burning or browning should be ok .

End quote"

3. Keep sugar spikes down . The virus might be actively promoting higher sugar levels (diabetes II ) to increase acrylamide production .

4. Evening Primrose Oils (active ingredient Alpha-Lipoic Acid )

This is not indicated for pregnant or breastfeeding women without medical supervision .

Some clinical trials indicate that this is effective in halting or reversing (actually repairing ) nervous system damage .

The road-gang . It facilitates repair of the axon .

From personal experience , this works .

But large doses are needed ( 1500 = 3x500 mg daily) for peripheral neuropathy .

5. Take sulfur supplements (MSM)

Discussed before ad nauseam .

6. In extremis :

6.1 A whiff of H2S (about rotten-egg concentration < 30 ppm) . The idea is that the body's immune system will concentrate it where necessary for a stasis reaction .

6.2 An infusion of infra-red opaque material , by injection if necessary . This will drastically affect phene-switches . Iffy - much more research is needed .

See "Coffee Foam : the Fertility Phene-switch"

Spanish Flu :

Tinned foods (especially bullybeef) were all heated to about 150 degrees centigrade .

These formed the staples of soldiers and a lot of civilians during and after WW I. But note that it is high in acrylamide . Add aspirin and the flu virus and very high mortality rates were reached . The fertility rates also decreased drastically , (as discussed previously ).

Some populations never recovered previous fertility rates (eg Afrikaners in South Africa . Note priming during Boer War .)

Swine Flu Prognosis :

Will it switch to a more lethal form like the Spanish Flu ?

We have had a replay thus far (relatively mild flu with low mortality and world-wide incidence , now apparently wind-borne . Some isolated tribes of central-Brazilian Indians have reported up to 25 % positive tests)

From the viewpoint of the phene-mechanisms , high-mortality diseases are mild corrections . Low fertility is a much more serious correction , which can easily lead to species extinction .

If there is no switch to a more lethal form , it means that fertility rates will plunge and remain low forever (unless there is human intervention) . This will cause all sorts of short term social unrest . (There is not much of a long term)

The Slow Plague .

Alea iacta est : but the dice are still in the air .

And so it spins .

Andre .

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