Friday, July 30, 2010

Souls .

Souls .
Andre Willers
30 Jul 2010

Safety :
This is unsafe at any level .

Synopsis :
Why does a human soul weigh 21 gm ? And an animal soul much less ?

Discussion :
Why should a soul weigh anything ?
Answer : humans are Beth(3) entities . Beth(0) are random in a "Flipping-the-coin" sense .
It is expected that statistical anomalies would occur . This is the definition of life . If this is a scalar function , weight would always increase with Beth(x) : is it is a energy function .
The probability packing packs in energy , increasing the scalar mass .
So , thought has mass .

But 21 gm mass has an energy in this locale of 21x10^(2x10) ergs , which is in the range of a small nuclear device .

Needless to say , when somebody dies , he does not go up in a mushroom cloud in this locale . We also have to ask where the energy came from , originally .

Now you see why there is so little quotable research . The 21 gm is derived from research by MacDougal in the 19th century , when men were men , and bicycles had no gears .

This Locale:
It can be succinctly described as a Zero-sum , Aristotelian Framework .
It is normally inhabited by entities having the following characteristics :
1.Kindergarden (soul < 21 gm) Pin heads
2.Holiday (soul ~ 21 gm) Fart heads
3.Competing (soul > 21 gm) Ass heads
4.Caretakers : (soul > 21 gm) Fatuous heads
5.Inspectors : (soul >> 21 gm) Fat heads

Does the Soul survive physical Death ?
It had better .
Having spontaneous nuclear explosions at every death is a bit of a no-no.

Why Locales ? (ie Universes)
It is easier to break it up in smaller pieces for the small ones .

And so it goes .

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