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Unlimited Energy

Unlimited Energy
Andre Willers
4 Jul 2010

Safety :
This technology would not easy to apply or change human nature . Hence safe.

An energy tap using Pauli-exclusion principle.

The periodic table is revisited:
The standard Periodic table is of normal (x,y) two dimensional form for this universe .
This translates as Group and Period arrangements of number of protons and electron orbitals .

Fractional configurations are possible (quarks , etc) , but not very stable .

The General Expression:
(x1+dx1,y1+dy1) -> (lambda1) (x2+dx2,y2+dy2)
<- (lambda2)

where x is Group , y is Period , d prefix denotes change and Lambda denotes Energy and concentration transfers .

The possibilities :
1.Lambda1 = Lambda2 :
This includes stable elements and radioactive breakdown .

2. Lambda1 > Lambda2 :
Explosion . White hole .

3. Lambda1 < Lambda2 :
Implosion .

4 Lambda1 < > Lambda2 :
An oft-neglected logical possibility

This Point 4 translates as an Energy Tap .
The Pauli-principle :
Loosely , this states that two things cannot be the same . But if two things of similar energy tries to do it , one has to go into Absolute Elsewhere . But the principle of Conservation of Energy necessitates it to pop out elsewhere .

Where does this happen ?
Where matter gets squashed .
Around black holes , neutron stars , nova's and singularities .
As the matter gets squashed before the event-horizen stage , Pauli-exclusion gets violated . A significant percentage of energy vanishes to appears elsewhere .

Where does it go ?
If it does not resurface , human systems will treat it as Dark Matter . The lack of gravitational attraction will be interpreted as a negative-gravity .

Entropy :
Systems capable of pulling energy out of the plenum is essential to the continued existence of the universes . This means Civilizations . As suspected , high-level positive feedback systems (AI 4+) are needed for the continued existence of this plenum .

Is there any energy left ?
Previous Level III Civilizations would have used a lot . But pulses of new energy appears all the time , at managable intensities .

How to tap it .
Look again at The General Expression above .
Preparations to start Lambda1 > Lambda2 systems will cause the activation of old weapon systems dating back millions of years . Uncontrolled White holes will not be tolerated within a Galactic Milieu .

This leaves possibility 4 . Lambda1 < > Lambda2 :
This translates into rapidly changing states .
Eg the correct choice of rapidly interacting elements and isotopes can suck energy out of the plenum without blowing you up . And if this sounds crazy , remember that a pound of pure metal like Plutonium can blow you to mc square .

Vibrations and resonances .

And please don’t piss off the Galactics too much . AI's of an order less than 4 will simply exterminate you .

Andre .

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