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Facebook , Friends and Disciples .

Facebook , Friends and Disciples
Andre Willers
12 Nov 2010

Synopsis :
Facebook and similar self-organizing systems are forcing a change in very basic human societal perceptions and interactions .

Discussion :
1.Let us put some numbers on it .
We know that 150 is the optimum human grouping . (Clan)
This in turn is grouped in pairs . (Families)
This gives N= 150*149/2 = 11 175 as the number of groups of two in the clan .
But 2^x = 11175 if x=13.447
The 2^x is interpreted as all possible combinations of 13 individuals will give the same number of combinations of families in a clan .

Hence the 12 Apostles+1 . This is a standard configuration because it is stable .
Cf ministers and cabinets .

Fractally , 2^y = 13 if y= 3.7

The inner circle will be 3 . The old Triumvirate .
This pattern has repeated over and over in history .

Why three ?
Because of humans having two sexes .
The family is 2 parents plus the successor child .

Back generation: do the inverse .
Lower boundary as first approximation = Sqrt( 2^(2^3) ) * 2 = 32
Upper boundary as first approximation = Sqrt(2*(2*4) ) *2 = 516

What does this mean ?
The smallest survivable human grouping is 32 .
The necessary sufficient human grouping for survival is 516/3 = 172 .
This is close enough to 150 for government work .
See "New Tools reserves"
See also Celtic Rule of 1/3 for expansion/expulsion .

So , humans configured around this , not the usual rather doubtful communication boundaries .

Facebook :
Facebook does not have an acquaintance setting . It is either Friend or nowhere in truly Aristotelian fashion . But humans dislike to say "No" . So they maneuver around it by increasing the number of friends , but only pay attention to a few (as calculated above) . But the Devil is in the decimals . If you interpret the decimals in the numerical arguments above as "Casuals" , then the acquaintances rapidly escalate above the necessary sufficient human grouping for survival of 172 .

Facebook is forcing a fundamental societal change , not seen since Toba.

Remember , pre-Toba the social structure was a cloud of hyper-smart males around a core of females and children .

Facebook is essentially a female tool . What the sites show are clouds of female relationships .

But now we have an even larger cloud of acquaintances , each one which can elevated at will to "More Friendly status" .

Think clouds of relations . Your brother's keeper with a vengeance .

Where is the Dark Side ?
It is inherent in the Dark Side that it cannot share an advantage .
No more need to be said .
It has inherent , self-imposed limitations .

Where can Darth Vader hang out with the boys , slurp up a few beers and brag what he will do to Princess Leia ? But you see , he cannot even do that . He is limited to his own few paltry neurons .

What to do ?
Facebook works best in large scale , exponentially increasing number of connections . Check in privacy and embarrassment at the door . You will never get them back .

Or creep into your shell and watch the universe go by .

The number of disciples needed :
After 12+1 the next stable number is 6653+1 . Maybe possible with Facebook . But to get 6653 humans to agree on anything is nearly impossible .
Or another way of thinking about it , this is the upper boundary for religious congregations . Things fall apart after that .
After that , it is 2^6654 , and good luck to you .

Conclusion :
You have to join in , or miss the fun . Also , if you don't you will have to repeat the lesson in the aftermath .

Ie Clean up the shit on your own doorstep . Teachers are never fair .

And so it goes .


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