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Andre Willers
11 Nov 2010

Synopsis :
Updates of previous posts based on articles in the 14 Aug 2010 NewScientist.
This is a highly interesting edition .

Discussion :
1.This is an interesting edition of NewScientist
Not all editions are equally interesting.
All are equal , but some are more equal than others .
Note that the interesting-article distribution per weekly edition follows a power law (as expected with higher-order randomness)
This is fractal (ie , true regardless of field(s) of interest .
See "New Tools" , "Orders of Randomness" et al .

See "Sunspots" , "Sunspots2" Jan 2008

See 14 Aug 2010 NewScientist p14 "Frozen jet stream,violent weather"
Northern hemisphere Jet stream shows sunspot-induced stasis or accellarated changes near resonance frequencies . Relevance to Global warming .

3. !Click Language
See for !Click references around Oct 2009

See 14 Aug 2010 NewScientist p43 "Ear today , eye tomorrow"
MRI evidence of the neural mechanisms underlying the capability .
General acceptance and increasing research .
Electronic translators greatly speed up the process .
But be careful of TransCranial Magnetic Induction . This can severely disrupt working mechanisms .
Mechanical reading of subsurface rock "sonic paintings" and "sonic inscriptions" now possible . Very interesting . Try Pyramids ?

4.Evolutionary trauma handling .
See "Climate change,heat shock and evolution" and previous posts on the subject (referenced inside the article or Search)
See "Hibernation and Cryogenics" , " Birdflu update-4" Oct 2008

See 14 Aug 2010 NewScientist p46 "Heal thyself"

Very briefly : SIRS is a two-stage process .
(According to Singer , University College , London)
SIRS : Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome .
SIRS(1) : Fight mode . Fever .
SIRS(2) : Decrease metabolism . Switch off major organs .
SIRS(3) : Recovery . Switch everything back on .

(SIRS : a coarse outline according to AW's previous posts)

SIRS(1) : Fight mode . Fever . Switch off lethality genes in body-bacteria . Pasteurise the body . Keep new sources of infection out . Do not use mitochondrial inhibitants . Vit C in megadoses (+- 7gm/day) to mobilize immune system .

SIRS(2) : Decrease metabolism . The body switches off major organs into hibernation
Induction from high fever can be done by H2S (80 ppm) as discussed.
(Interesting aside : are there any old treatments for very high fever involving rotten eggs? )
Melatonin additives ? Sleep .
The immune system is another organ that is put into hibernation . New sources of infection (ie bacteria with lethality genes switched on) must be kept out .

SIRS(3) : Recovery . Switch everything back on , but in stages . Think of an electrical grid coming back up after a blackout .
This process starts with the beginning of SIRS(2)
Essentials :
1.Replace Gut bacteria (to enable nutrient absorbtion . Remember , most gut bacteria have been pasteurized during SIRS(1) to free the immune system guards hanging around on their butts surrounding the gut . See previous posts on "Gut" .(Hence Vit C megadoses) )
2.Raw materials (food) , especially Sulfur and Iron .
3.Mitochondrial stimulants.
4.Graduated Mental stimulation . For evolutionary reasons , brain demands on consumables have overrides on repair processes . The whole system's recovery priorities are governed by the brain . The switching on of various genes and organs are balanced with the switching on of various brain processes . So , do not interfere with the brain processes unless you really know what you are doing .
5.Pure water . Pasteurized at least .
6.Stay out of hospitals and go light on the antibiotics .

"Don't you love it when a plan comes together , especially if it is Plan 9 ." AW Team .


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