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Predator Switch

Predator Switch
Andre Willers
9 Dec 2010

"The Prey is a lonely Hunter" Zen saying .

Synopsis :
A first iteration points out ADHD , Aspergers , Hyperactivity and Learned HelpLessness , with some suggested solutions .

The existence of a Predator Switch delineating chosen prey causes all sorts of consequences in existence or non-existence of delineated neural and psychological effects .

Discussion :

PredatorSwitch :
This is a very old mechanism . Fixation on a designated prey has major advantages for any organism with motility . Probably played a major role in the evolution of mobility and concentration(ie attention) .

Mirror Neuron Networks evolved from these concentrations of Activity and Attention. This led to Fairness (a nice little optimization problem)

Postulate a clump of neurons , which by it’s architecture classifies output as prey or non-prey .

A . The Logical Architecture :

1.Attention :
Attention (+x) <…………..> PredatorSwitch <………..>Attention(-x)

Where x is the degree of attention . (+x) would translate in extremes as Aspergers , while (-x) would translate as Attention Deficit Syndrome .

2.Activity :
Activity (+x) <…………..> PredatorSwitch <………..>Activity(-x)

Where x is the degree of attention . (+x) would translate in extremes as hyperactivity , while (-x) would translate as learned helplessness and depression .

MirrorNetwork(+x) <……….> AttentionSwitch <…………….> MirrorNetwork(-x)
Where x is the degree of attention mediated by feedback processes initiated by the PredatorSwitch . (+x) would translate in extremes as Saintliness , while (-x) would translate as Sociopathy .

See how it fits into a related spectrum around the Predator Switch ?

Attention Deficiency , HyperActivity , Aspergers (Hyper Attention) , Learned Helplessness (depression , lethargy) are all related and the system can shift between them with bewildering rapidity . Sociability follows .

Hunting the PredatorSwitch :
A nice little three-patch problem .
The twists and turns of the arguments are too long to show here (an exercise for the Dear Reader)
The results are simple :

PredatorSwitch is a distributed switch .
1.The Master Switch is the Pituitary . (Note Melatonin)
Subsidiary switches are
2.Hypocampus (neurotransmitters)
3.Amygdala (neurotransmitters and hormones)
4.Visual system (interruptors and glial signals) (Note research on toad-eyes)

These four delineated systems are the minimum necessary sufficient to handle contiguous dimensional transforms of data .
(See "The inside of zero" et al )
This is geek-speak for being able to form a continuous sensorium .With these four centers operational , an entity can make sense of an environment utilizing neural-nets with quantized parameters . (Cf " What it like to be a bat")
It is bounded at first iterations by ever-decreasing observational limits , culminating in the Planck limits of space and time .

Subsequent iterations gives sub-Planck dimensions . Also called Infinitesimal Calculus . Mathematics .

Studying infinities should have observable effects on fMRI .Cf music .

Interventions :
Most human problems can be described by various values of x in the three major parameters shown in A (The Logical Architecture) above . Interventions are individually known , then equally obvious in aggregates of three .
Try thinking a little .

I have thought of many algorithms to ameliorate most conditions covered by variations in the three basic variables in A above .
But who am I to prescribe to you ?
Do it yourself .

These give a 3x1 matrix for an individual and a 3x2 matrix for two individuals . The matrix rules of interaction are derivable .

Virtual individuals : (Children)
The first child slots into the 3x3 matrix willy-nilly . And so forth .It is a pity that sometimes this does not work out .

These calculations are fairly accurate to Beth(1) levels

"The Prey is a lonely Hunter"


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