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Why do they hate Americans ?

Why do they hate Americans ?
Andre Willers .
22 Dec 2010

Synopsis :
Non-Democratic Systems hate Democratic systems .
Why ?
Non-Democratic Systems see Democratic systems as perfidious .
Democratic shifts in interests is seen as betrayals by Non-Democratic systems . Hardwired unfairness memes kick in . Repeated broken promises are seen as belonging to the entire democratic society , instead of just factions .
Americans are just the latest in long series of Democratic systems labeled as treacherous and hated accordingly .

Discussion .
This is an old phenomenon .
Does "Perfidious Albion" ring a bell ?
Old Roman Republic had the same reputation .
Vikings (from whom most modern British institutions derive) had the same reputation for treachery . But , from their viewpoint they were quite law-abiding .
It is just that the laws changed with every Allthing .

1.The Advantage to Democracy :
1.1 Errors can be corrected without too much waste of blood or treasure .
1.2 Flexibility to exploit changes . A human specialty .
See "Megafauna Extinctions"

2.Symbiosis with Technological change .
Democratic societies cause and flourish with technological change , because they can handle the sociological changes . This is a positive feedback system . As seen for the last 400 years .

Democratic systems became dominant .

The Russian experiment in Communism failed .

The verdict is still out on the Chinese experiment . There is an emerging synthesis , but Democracy in this sense means more than just voting with your feet .

Present Democratic societies have at least two parties . What Party A promises is frequently reversed by successor Party B , then reversed again when Party A returns to power . And so forth .
This thoroughly confuses non-democratic systems .
The nation gets a reputation for being perfidious . Betrayal is one of the stronger human memes , fuelled by hardwired fairness concepts .

Sigh .
Most humans would rather be consequent than right .
This sums it up in a nut shell for nuts .

Remember , Non-Democratic Systems is shorthand for a small , dominant population group that can bullshit the majority by manipulating the Unfairness mechanism .

4.Fractal Politics .
New modalities of human interaction bypassing the old 150 person boundary (Facebook) means that political parties will proliferate .
See "Facebook , Friends and disciples" 12 Nov 2010

5.Economic consequences :

General rule of thumb :
Large scale concentrations of economic resources is inversely proportional to the number of political parties .

This means :

Large companies love Emperors .

Fractured political systems means fractured wealth concentrations .
A more effective Democratic system increases the number of alternatives , thereby decreasing the concentration of resources on a single item . Ususally a Good Thing .

Large companies unbound by Reagan-era deregulation will become bound again .
Commercial control of the legislature becomes more fragmented .
The pendulum swings back again .

The Budget Model of allocating resources becomes less relevant as the number of political parties increase . This is independent of regulation .
An emergent self-organization system .

Intriguing reversal to some of the Outpost Models of colonial times as technological differentials increase in the run-up to the Singularity .
See "Fuehrer Prinzip" 5 Oct 2009

Academia :

The success of the present Western Civilization can be largely ascribed to the Universities , which published knowledge freely and was funded from the public purse .

The commercializing and politicizing of Academia has led to the unfortunate compartementalizing of streams of information .Most fundamental research is now being done by companies or defense establishments , which do not share their findings .

This leads to a hatred of democracies , as they profess one thing and commercially do the exact opposite .

The dreaded intellectual property rights , enforced by the Empire's Military and Economic clout .

See what happened to the Spanish Empire vs England and Dutch in an analogue situation .

Do not give an order that you know will not be obeyed .

Can this survive the fragmentation of authority inherent in the increase in the number of political parties caused by Facebook ?

See effects of WikiLeaks . Assenge is like a modern-day Francis Drake . It is only a matter of time before the emphasis changes from political to commercial .

What does this mean ?
Political systems will adapt , but will be much less monolithic .A phase change in economic-political systems from profit to (profit + green profit) becomes more likely ,
where Green profit is in an extra currency . See previous posts .
See carbon trades .

Compliments of the equinox to all .


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